‘Teen Mom 2’ Dad Nathan Griffith Arrested; Hit with Driving While Impaired Charge (Updated!)

“This is not good…”

Nathan Griffith has been arrested in North Carolina for driving while impaired.

The former Teen Mom 2 dad — and baby daddy of Jenelle Evans— was reportedly picked up by Wake County cops on Thursday. He was still sitting behind bars at press time.

Nathan is currently being held on a $10,000 bail, according to court records. He has an “awaiting trial” status, and is set to go before a judge on Friday.

In his latest mugshot, Nathan looks relatively clean cut, mugging for the camera in a collared shirt. 

A fine mugshot offering…

This is not the first time Nathan has been arrested. He has been arrested numerous times (or, as Jenelle would say, “numerous of times”), with the majority of the arrests being alcohol-related. In June 2016, Nate was picked up in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and hauled into jail on original charges of disorderly conduct, public intoxication, impairment and endangering himself and others.

Jenelle’s face when she hears about Nathan’s arrest…probably…

In 2015, he was arrested at the home he was sharing with Jenelle at the time for domestic assault. (This was the infamous “why am I a guy?” arrest.) In September 2013, he was arrested for driving under the influence (his second offense at the time) as well as resisting arrest and other charges.

So far Jenelle and her husband David Eason have not commented on Nate’s arrest but…The Ashley suspects there will be plenty of comment from The Land any time now…

This will no doubt hurt Nathan’s custody case. As The Ashley previously reported, Nathan and Jenelle have been locked in a bitter custody war for their son Kaiser for years, and Nathan has been attempting to fight for full custody of the boy. However, this arrest could spell trouble for his case. 

UPDATE! Radar Online revealed more about the moments leading up to Nathan’s arrest. The father of Kaiser was allegedly found passed out in his car in the parking lot of a North Carolina grocery store. Someone called the police after they saw Nate snoozing in his car.

“I was napping, OK!?”

It was only after the fire department arrived did they realize that Nathan had allegedly also been boozing in his car.

“He was found unconscious in the parking lot of grocery store Harris Teeter,” Sergeant Mike Ring of the Cary Police Department told Radar. “His car was running. The fire department notified us when they realized it wasn’t medical, it was impairment.”

After failing a series of field sobriety tests, and refusing to take a breathalyzer test, Nathan was arrested at 5:56 p.m. on Thursday.

“He was impaired,” the officer told the site. “Empty alcohol containers were found in the car. No drugs were found at the scene.”

Since The Ashley originally posted her story, Nathan has been freed from jail on bond.

Also, Jenelle has commented on Nate’s arrest and— shockingly!—she did not use the situation to gloat. In fact, she handled it quite maturely.

“I’m not a bitch. I’ve changed,” she wrote on social media. “How about that? No comment.”

Even David has managed to stay silent on Nathan’s arrest…so far.

(Photos: MTV; Wake County Sheriff’s Department) 

65 Responses

  1. Bro was blacked out drunk by 5:00 pm. Nice, go hard, get wrecked. This dude wouldn’t last 5 minutes in my old frat house.

  2. No. You’re a bitch. Regardless of comment or not. Had you not said a DAMN THING, then this may be a different comment. Attention whore.

  3. Give poor Kiaser a chance and let grandma Doris raise him with love , stability and visits with parents. Doris is the best option. Jenelle and all her baby daddy’s suck. Give Kaiser to his paternal grandmother PLEASE! Dang Nate you had 1 job and you put drinking and driving above your child? When are these “teens” going to act their actual age. Grow up, mature and take responsibility of your children. They all suck… Poor kids. Maryssa looks the most miserable in ever photo. Its like Jenelle wants to keep her rough looking so she can shine. Jenelle you suck!

  4. If Jenelle truly “changed”, she wouldn’t have said a word. Instead, she used this as an opportunity to try to manipulate people. In situations like this, silence speaks the loudest.

  5. So what! What do they think their famous their a bunch of immature idiots that shouldn’t be raising children. I mean come on their not the best roal model’s. And Barbara isn’t any kind of roal model either those kids have no chance.

  6. Sure Jan! I mean Jenelle.
    Nate, always turn off your car and put the keys in the back seat. Never in the ignition or in your reach and defiantly not with the engine running.
    Poor Kaiser.

  7. Whoa – the update…. Nathan was drunk to the point of being unconscious. And even if Janelle isn’t gloating she still manages to suck by making this about her.

    Poor Kaiser… The kid never had a chance. And he can watch his planned conception documented on TM2. He’ll be sick to his stomach during the scene where Janelle was not sure if she was actually pregnant or if the test was showing positive because of remnants of Courtland’s aborted spawn…

    Kaiser will have to really persevere to overcome his upbringing and be a contributing member of society when he is grown. He has the deck stacked against him – both of his parents have anger problems and substance abuse problems.

  8. Poor Kaiser Roll, he’s going to be stuck on the land with his life in danger every day. Nathan is an alcoholic and little Kaiser Roll would be better off being placed in the care of the first person in the Myrtle Beach, NC phone book than with either Janelle or Nathan.

  9. With ALL the ride options, Uber, taxis & so on, there is absolutely no reason ANYONE should be getting behind a wheel after drinking. Period!

    1. People that are alcoholics do not takes Ubers, taxis, ect… I’m not saying it’s right but there are people out there who have alcohol in their system 24/7. It would get pretty expensive to take Ubers every single day to everywhere you need to go.

  10. Kaiser is the real victim here. That sweet, adorable little guy deserves love and stability. Instead, he’s stuck with parents who prefer drugs, alcohol (and in Junknelle’s case), an abusive spouse/step-father over their own child. I wish that Kaiser could be taken far away and placed with a family who would give him the life he deserves.

    1. Kaiser is such a cute little fella…someone save him! I know Babs has a lot on her hands but her or Doris are his only hope now (some people really REALLY shouldn’t have children).

      I’m sorry but I have given hope for Nathan to change, he will keep on blowing his chances!

      Tbh, with Babs occupied and Doris sadly having not enough money to get him, getting adopted into a loving family would be the best thing for this kid. He is already old enough to realize what is happening, his early childhood was already screwed, he can at least live normally then.

  11. When living with an addiction counselor does not help you to stay sober, maybe it is time for rehab.
    I bet he broke some promisses he made to his fiancee, she should show him she meant what she said and stop enabling him.

  12. I’m so mad at Nathan! Kaiser needs you to rescue him from the swamp and you go and get sh*tfaced! I can’t believe you are giving Jenelle the satisfaction of this. Unless he did is on purpose and he’s sabotaging his chance to be a decent father to Kaiser. Maybe he can’t handle it… I’m so sad for that poor boy…

  13. What exactly is this shitbird smiling about? The fact that his ass will be sitting in a cell for the foreseeable future? The fact that his custody case just went down the shitter? Or that his son will be stuck with his guttermuppet mother in swampland? Keep smiling, asshole!

  14. Ugh! Nathan!!! You couldn’t stay out of trouble??? He’ll never get that little boy now. F*uckin losers all of them

  15. What the heck?? He has completely failed poor little Kaiser. Off topic. Did anyone else watch Dr. Phil interview Lindsie Chrisley yesterday?

  16. Oh, Nathan. You have to get sober if you are ever going to save Kaiser. Honestly, if I were Kaiser’s mother, I’d be trying to cut your visitation after this turn of events. Get the help you need to save your baby. I’m praying for you, and I’m praying for Kaiser.

  17. They are all a bunch of alcoholics. It amazes me that Jenelle can go to court and say she was black out drunk while calling police of domestic abuse but we know she’ll have words about this. They are all always drinking. I was rooting for Nathan.

  18. Has Nathan ever been to rehab, or any kind of inpatient addiction treatment? Because he needs it. A lot of people get a DUI, and clean up their act. Two DUIs is a great reason to quit drinking entirely. Three DUIs tells me you’re not able to quit on your own.

    1. Doesn’t Nathan suffer from PTSD?? I wonder if his excessive drinking is from that. Because he can manage to keep his shit together when he’s training etc but then every now and then he blows out and gets crazy drunk like this. It sounds like he went from the grocery store and his booze purchase to the car and drank. It’s sad.

  19. Nathan needs intense therapy, to help with his alcohol problem, and more importantly to help with his ptsd, which is a huge factor in Nathan’s life.

    I’m not saying this is the only reason, why he drinks so much, but it is partly why he has alcohol issues.

    I’m so sad for kaiser, if Kai isn’t a reason to stop drinking, then you seriously need help, to stop drinking and for your very obvious ptsd.

    But this has disappointed many people, and will effect your court case.

    Come on Nathan, your not a bad guy deep down, I really was rooting for you.

  20. Well poor kaiser, has no chance with these parents.
    Disappointed in you Nathan, I had high hopes for you.

  21. What an idiot. It’s like he doesn’t even want to clean up his act and get custody of Kaiser. Or maybe he wants it, just doesn’t want to put in some actual work towards it. How hard is it to not be drunk behind the wheel?

    1. “ How hard is it to not be drunk behind the wheel?”
      Seriously. Especially in the day and age of Uber.

  22. Kaiser really got the short end of the stick with his “parents”. They both are complete idiots but I feel like there is extreme mental and physical abuse with Janelle AND David. I do not think that Nathan abuses Kaiser in any way but he better grow the f up and put his Dad pants on and be responsible.
    Now we will get to hear Jenelle and David bring up Nathans arrest over and over all while Jenelle & David won’t acknowledge their drug use, abuse of children, killing of animals, repeated arrests, getting their children removed etc. I’m so disappointed in Nathan though. Was the drink really worth it? Poor Kai

  23. Well, there’s all the custody battle money Nathan spent down the drain! I thought he grew up and was more responsible, apparently. Doris is Kaisers only hope!

  24. Idiot!!! He just ruined any chance of getting full custody of Kiser. You can’t fix stupid. I bet Jenelle is loving this.

  25. Just like everyone else’s comments, so disappointed in Nathan. Not surprised though. Hopefully Dorris will still fight for custody of Kaiser. I believe Nathan has several siblings – perhaps one of them has their life together and can fight with Dorris for the safety and happiness of Kaiser before he becomes an angry teenager.

  26. Damn Nathan, you had ONE job. Not to F up anymore so you could rescue Kaiser from that cult. Thanks for nothing

  27. How freakin disappointing. Come on, Nathan! Boy, Kaiser sure hit the jackpot on loser parents. Poor kid.

  28. Poor Kaiser. Still blows my mind that Kaiser was a planned baby. Jenelle and Nathan don’t deserve him and apparently, don’t even want him.

  29. Are you kidding me? Why would he do this, fighting for sole custody has just been demolished because of this dumb move. I would hope anyone, just one of them, around kaiser could maybe think of him as a priority than themselves!!!! Smh ?

  30. Smh
    That kid Kaiser doesn’t stand a chance with such loser parents.
    One drug addict, one alcoholic.
    That poor baby.

  31. What an idiot. There goes custody. And this is his 3rd DUI? He needs to permanently lose his license and sit in prison for a while.

    1. Hopefully he has money for a good lawyer. 3 DUIs in 7 years is not good. Obviously still has a prob w/ alcohol.
      I’m sure Jenelle will b jumping all over this. God help Kaiser.

        1. Ha that’s even worse. With the DV arrests he’s not an angel and to actually have empty alcohol containers in a car that he’s passed out in is just stupifying. He definitely will not get custody of his child. And we all know that Kaiser will def need therapy to deal w/ how his horrible BOTH parents are. Whether it’s substance abuse or mental health issues or whatever it’s him that will suffer

  32. Oh geez…now Drugnelle can comment about how she and her socially-challenged husband are better parents than him. What an idiot.

    1. Jenelle gloating is going to be the worst part of the whole thing. Well actually, Kaiser having two complete idiots for parents is the actual worst part of it. Poor kid. But when Jenelle gets on social media and starts rubbing it in and selling clickbait stories it’s going to be really hard to take.

      Thanks for nothing, Nate!

      1. If she will yes, even though She had nothing to gloat about.

        “ Instagram Refuses To Buy Ex ‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans’ Cosmetics“

      2. Oh she will yes, even though She had nothing to gloat about.

        “ Instagram Refuses To Buy Ex ‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans’ Cosmetics“

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