‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Nathan Griffith Arrested: More Details

"Try to get my cool ponytail in the mugshot, bro!"
“Try to get my cool ponytail in the mugshot, bro!”

Teen Mom 2 star spent time behind bars this weekend– but this time it wasn’t the show’s resident jailbird Jenelle Evans!

Jenelle’s ex-soulmate, Nathan Griffith, was picked up by cops on Saturday in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and hauled into jail on original charges of disorderly conduct, public intoxication, impairment and endangering himself and others. In Touch Weekly was the first to break the story.

The Ashley was able to locate a little more information on Nathan’s arrest. According to online records, Nathan was arrested somewhere along the main drag of Myrtle Beach’s Ocean Blvd., an area full of restaurants and hotels, around 5:30 p.m.Online records state that Nathan was eventually charged with disorderly conduct (for using lewd, obscene or profane language), and for resisting arrest. (The original charge was as In Touch listed, but it appears that charge was eventually changed.) Both charges are misdemeanors.

His girlfriend, Jessica Henry, bonded him out of the clink on Sunday for $469 and $262 (two bonds for two charges). His pal later posted a video to Twitter that showed Nathan being filmed by what we can assume is a ‘Teen Mom 2’ camera crew.

According to court record, Nate is due in court on Tuesday to face both charges. He will be back in court on June 23 to face charges he incurred in May for driving without a license or registration.

This is certainly not Nathan’s first arrest. He has been arrested on an assortment of charges in recent years, including larceny, domestic violence and DUI. To see the full “Nathan Griffith Mugshot Collection,” click here!

His ex seemed to take pride in the fact that, this time, it was Nathan behind bars instead of herself.

“At least I can say I’m staying out of trouble,” Jenelle tweeted on Monday.

UPDATE! According to Horry County court records, Nathan’s charges were reduced on Tuesday to  “Disorderly Conduct/Loudly Breaching Peace.” It appears that all of the other charges were dropped. The case is currently pending.

(Photo: Horry County PD)


  1. Go and save your son.
    He isn’t safe with lurch around, I fear for your son, shame you don’t care enough to fight for him

  2. Poor poor Kaiser
    Jenelle wants jace back but when she had both kids at once, she stated she was overwhelmed and couldn’t cope, then fucked off outside to take the for herself! This bitch needs the kids and animals removed fro her property and she needs hard jail time

  3. @TheAshleigh
    There are rumors that people who were in the audience when MTV filmed the after show that Jenelle told Babs she should die so she could have Jace back.
    Also, the good doctor asked her some tough questions regarding her mystery illness. But all that was edited out. (So far for Jenelle’s claims she is getting bad edit, MTV is giving her the good edit!)
    What do your sources say?

  4. What a stupid loser. Him and Janelle almost deserve each other to spare the rest of the world from themselves. Let Babs raise the kids and have them both pay reparations for all of the city/county/state money they have wasted with their stupid drama. Hope everyone puts them on twitter blast and make them completely spin out of control.
    Dude needs to lay off the ‘roids and ditch that stupid “I am in sixth grade growing my hair out but it is only six inches ponytail” lol. He is not a man. A man can control himself and takes care of his obligations. These are all hot-headed punks that should be forced into military service until they can get their chemicals under control. Drop em into a triple canopy jungle with nothing but their own tiny amount of ballsweat to drink. The supposed ‘problems’ of having multiple vehicles, having rims and custom paintjobs for those vehicles, clothes, and court will all melt away. They would finally be able to put things into perspective and realize that buying pampers isn’t so bad…

    1. Her luck at being let off time after time, will fast run out.

      I see jail for her in the future ( a long spell in a cell)

      Kaiser will be fostered out and lurch if he hasn’t killed them before the jail and fostering will have harmed them or worse

      1. I hope she winds up doing something a judge cannot ignore.
        She gets off the hook with everything and never pays the price.

  5. Even though I can’t stand Jenelle she clowned his ass on the reunion, and made him look just as dumb as he really is! I couldn’t stop laughing at him!

    1. she clowned him BIG TIME! it speaks a lot about someone’s intelligence when JENELLE EVANS is able to leave you looking dumber than she is…and Nathan is so dense that he had to revert to grade school name calling. He knew he just got owned by Jenelle on national TV, so he attacked her weight.

  6. I cannot stand Nathan. He is the biggest imbecile on the show, and possibly the planet. There goes your chance at getting custody you big dummy! Poor Kaiser….he is about to be raised by the psychotic duo that is David and Jenelle….plus his father is the village idiot.

    1. I feel it will end in tragedy for poor Kaiser with Lurch, chinelle and tori around him.

      Chinelle doesn’t give a shit about the kids she was just a womb for these Sperm donors

      Giving birth doesn’t make you a good mom chinelle.

      Her and Leah make me sick

        1. I think most of us, with an IQ over dirt, fear for them, us, and their futures. This is how serial killers are made…

  7. Don’t jump to conclusions, you don’t know the full story! Nathan was not drunk! Nathan jas been doing great lately. He was just trying to break up a domestic dispute! This will all be cleared up.

    … Jk. He’s a loser, but I suspect he or his gf will tweet something delusionally similar.

  8. Poor Kaiser stands no chance at a decent up bringing.

    This child would be better off adopted out to a good kind caring family.

    Jenelle and Nathan are a pair of losers.

    As much as I like babs she to is not a good Role model for Jace, all that shouting and screening, the child is terrified of lurch as well.

    Neither kids have any chance

  9. I was routing for nathan. Nit bc I like him, but because I felt he was the lesser of 2 evils. Sad day. And jenelle is staying out of trouble, for NOW

    1. Agreed…You would think that he would be the more fit parent, seeing that he isn’t dating a woman who is an abuser, or would call his child a “whiny little bitch” or some other obscenity…but this is like pick your poison type of situation, because having Jenelle or Nathan as parents, this isn’t going to end well.

      1. last night’s reunion further solidified that nathan’s every bit as unfit as jenelle too. he’s wasted and slitting her windows to climb in at 4am?! what the WHAT?! and he was just like, my name was still on the lease! didn’t deny or see anything wrong, despite the fact that a, he did some fucked up shit like that, wasted, and b, that he had moved out months before and was living with jessica. does she not care? all he said was yeah, and when i got in, you were asleep with kieffer! and jenelle said he choked kieffer etc, and nathan was like oh, and weren’t you talking to david too? big fight when they got home lol. babs also said nathan would start shooting vodka at 10am and now he gets arrested at 5:30pm, so that’s backed up. hopefully kai makes his way to nathan’s mother permanently soon, i think her other kids turned out well smh

        1. oh it definitely did! I just watched it. Nathan is a horrible human being…I dunno who is worse?? Him or David?? Did you notice anytime Jenelle made him look stupid (the license thing, his living situation, ect), Nathans face transformed into this like demon looking thing?? Like it was taking everything in his power not to beat the breaks off her.

          Nathan is the definition of the baby daddy from HELL. He is verbally and physically abusive, a raging alcoholic…Breaking into Jenelle’s house and justifying it saying that his names on the house…Not denying slapping her in the face, or choking her out while pregnant…then he beat Kieffer so badly, Babs was like “we never seen Kieffah again”.

          You’re absolutely right, somebody needs to intervene with Kaiser. Jenelle nor Nathan are fit parents, and only God knows what traits either of them may have passed down to him! As for Jessica, she’s an idiot…she’s not wound too tight…she’s missing a lot of screws.

          1. I dont understand why people aren’t calling CPS on these people… they had no problem doing it when it was amber and gary? Kaiser by all evidence is legitimately in an unsafe situation.

          2. freals because at this point, the state would do a better job with Kaiser than those 2…Nathan was pretty brutal last night…seeing those 2 go tit for tat on TV was intense, could you imagine what that’s like in real life? sheesh! I totally believe Babs when she said he drank vodka from sun up to sun down…him being arrested months after the fact she said that, during the day, only proves she’s telling the truth!

          3. she’s had cps called on her, both in sc and nc. when she was with nathan and they were fighting so bad, cps looked into it. and just recently, when jenelle went on a trip and left kai with tori, nathan called cps. they dropped in, noted house and kid were relatively clean, food was around etc, case closed. they did speak with jenelle when she got back but that’s it. it takes ALOT to even force a drug test, cps can be avoided by simply not answering the door. and they see the worst of the worst, kids being molested and living with a million roaches, bare cabinets, locked in closets. when my husband’s cousin 1st reported my sister in law, the caseworker straight told me, if we don’t see mice and roaches everywhere, and there’s food in the cabinets, and the kids aren’t visibly harmed, there’s nothing they can do. that house was a wreck, and had several roaches in the cabinet, and she was like, i saw a few, i’ve seen places crawling with them. it’s SO frustrating. it took her 4th baby being born with drugs in him for them to be removed and she was given chance after chance, extension after extension, to take parenting classes, pass drug tests, get a job, etc. i’m just thinking them both being so vain as to think they can fool the courts and accusing each other will finally get them both to take drug tests and hopefully both fail and kai goes to nathan’s mom, i know he’d be removed during the investigation.

    2. Just because she hasn’t been constantly arrested recently does not mean she is staying out of trouble. Only in Jenelle’s world are those two things the same.

  10. The poor kids of these rejects will be so impressed that this is the crap legacy their parents have left for them… a plethora of mugshots.

    Yup, I’ll say it a 100 times. Asshats like Jenelle, Nathan (who I’d hoped might end up giving a frosty shit for his kid for all his babble this past season) and Leah reinforce my belief that people like this who show such abysmal ‘parenting technique’ time and again should be forcibly sterilized to save the taxpayers the burden of eventually having to raise their children for them when they’re in jail or when they just lose custody to the State for neglect. Either way, these rejects have tainted the gene pool enough, imo.

    1. I could t agree more!!! I think if you loose custody of one child you shouldn’t be allowed to have anymore.

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