Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Dad Nathan Griffith Splits From Wife & Begs Fans to Let Him Stay With Them; Claims to Have Liver Cancer

“All I need is some compassion— and possibly a blow-up air mattress!”

Things are apparently not going well for Nathan Griffith.

The former Teen Mom 2 dad— and ex-soulmate of Jenelle Evans— made a few alarming posts on Sunday night, telling fans that he has liver cancer after begging his Instagram followers to let him stay at their house after he and his new wife, May Oyola, split.

There is a lot to unpack here, so The Ashley will try her best to break it down for you…

Nathan’s Very Bad Day started when his wife, May– whom he married randomly around late April— apparently kicked him out of the Miami residence they had been living in. Instead of texting a pal (or grabbing his bedroll and shacking up in Jenelle’s she-shed on The Land), Nathan decided to take to Instagram Stories to beg his nearly 42,000 followers for a place to sleep/live/record weird Instagram motivational speeches.

No, seriously…

“Is there anywhere I can stay?” Nathan wrote. “I wanna get out of Miami and I’m in my car with all my stuff! I have no where to stay!”

“My wife makes me feel [like] I’m trapped,” Nathan continued. “I’m reaching out to anyone. Can I stay with you for a couple nights until I can figure out my problems!”

Luckily, Nathan’s son Kaiser (whom he shares with Jenelle) is currently on the The Land and is not living in Casa de Car with Nate.

“I think that’s the first time anyone has eva said that Kaisa’s lucky to be on The Land!”

Shockingly, none of Nathan’s fans were willing to open up their homes (and/or she-sheds) to him, which left him angry. He again took to Instagram Stories to air his frustrations that no one would let him stay with them.

“So, as I expected…no one was up to the challenge,” Nathan wrote. “I am desperate in need. People said I could stay but not tonight. I am sleeping in my car!”

Nathan also revealed that his marriage is not exactly working out.

“And, dear Lord, please send me another soulmate!”

“My wife is completely psycho,” he wrote. “I am trying to leave but no one will help a man in need! This is society!” 

(Nathan did not reveal why he didn’t just go to a hotel to stay.)

Nathan continued to post his frustrations on Instagram, claiming his family is ignoring his calls.

Maybe Doris was scarred for life after this and said Nathan and his Gillette ProGlide razor weren’t welcome in her home anymore?

He also dropped a bombshell, stating that he has hepatocellular carcinoma, which is the most-common type of liver cancer.

“When I’m begging for help! Guess what?!? I have hepatocellular carcinoma…and my family doesn’t answer! So before you judge me…that’s my life!”

Nathan did not provide any more information on his cancer diagnosis, and later deleted all of his posts. It is unknown at this time if Nathan really does have cancer.

The status of Nathan’s marriage is also currently unknown. 

May and Nathan in happier times…

As The Ashley previously reported, Nathan and May (who is originally from Argentina) filed for and were issued a marriage license on April 15, 2022 in Miami-Dade County, where May lives. They were married shortly after.

In the filing paperwork, Nathan also lists his place of residency as Miami. 

After Nathan posted that he has no where to live, many of his followers posted links to organizations and websites that help homeless vets. (Nathan served in the Marine Corps.) He did not respond to those comments that were left on a post made on Sunday.

The Ashley will update this story when more info is available.

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram; Facebook) 


  1. At some point you have to make the decision to help yourself. If he’s willing to make IG posts for attention, why isn’t he willing to address the issues he’s clearly facing in a more productive way?

  2. There’s a lot going on with him and really it’s very sad. But I have to admit I laughed at him wanting to stay somewhere “for a couple nights until I can figure out all my problems” because I’m pretty sure he won’t be figuring out all his problems in TWO DAYS!!

  3. poor Nathan. How does misfortune always sem to find him and his ex-soulmate? I mean, if you have cancer and your spouse of a few months, PLUS your family turn their back on you, you must have awful luck. No way, could this person be the problem or unstable. I feel so bad for him! Nathan, you can’t stay with me though.

  4. I guess his mom is finally sick of his crap too, if he’s asking fans for help.

    So will he finally admit to all the drug use and steroids he’s used to f*king up his liver?!?!

    I think Nathan still receives a pension from the marines because he suffered a TBI in action. And I think it also qualified him for disability as well. So what’s he doing with his money?

    And for everyone out there saying that Kaiser should be with Nathan, just remember he has never taken custody most of his custody visits are at his mom’s house and he doesn’t even show up. Kaiser would be better off being adopted then with any of these people. And Nathan as another kid who he is also a deadbeat too.

  5. It’s hard to laugh at Nathan when I remember that he was discharged from the Marines because of a traumatic brain injury… I’ll never forget the pain on his mom’s face when she talked about it. I wish he would get some real help.

  6. Takes all the fun out of it when they’ve seen combat. God speed Nathan. Go to the VA, and get some help.

    1. You must remember when someone is asking for help: there are two types of people.
      Those willing to work on getting better
      Those who continue to make the same mistakes and expect it to work this time.

      If I couldn’t turn to family and friends I would turn to available veteran options, not strangers in the internet. What kind of crazy will welcome him in? And if he were lucky enough to land someone who is mentally stable, would he actually leave when asked, and how badly would he trash your reputation?

      1. Exactly – the two people I mentioned in my comment below who hit rock bottom and are no longer alive could have received help. Both had family and social services options that could have assisted. Neither wanted help and their lives spun out of control – both deliberately OD’d from fentanyl and each left behind a path of destruction. It was their choice to continue doing what wasn’t working despite good intentions from family and friends that they rejected. And both had kids who no longer have fathers, although they were on-par with Nathan in the parenting department.

    1. You have a point Jenelle really knows how to pick them.

      Like how many of her exes are homeless now?

      1. Well maybe he’s going through some mental breakdown u guys can’t say nothing negative about him have some compassion he clearly sayings he needs help

  7. I can only hope cancer was a wake up call for him to get help for his alcoholism/PTSD. But I highly doubt it. Poor Kaiser… Imagine the bullying he receives for his mom shaking her ass on OF to name one, now his dad’s a newlywed-newly single homeless. That kid’s screwed.

  8. What a fkn headline lol
    I grew up in Florida and it’s honestly one of the easiest places to live in a vehicle. Literally no one down there cares, especially if you’re near a beach. He has so many options from hotels to shelters and he chooses to try to stay with a stranger? That’s sketchy af. He’s shown that he has weird anger issues so it’s no wonder people don’t want him in their house. This whole thing is just wild.

    1. Yeah I live in Sacramento and here it’s easy to be homeless. I lived in Sarasota for a bit in Florida when I was 18 and there are SO many areas he could stay in… He could find a hotel. He could go to one of the VA organizations for help. Hell, he could go to the ER to be checked in to a mental hospital if he’s in THAT much crisis. But you could totally live in a car in Florida- not to mention on the beach- with or without a tent. I think he’s mentally ill and I DO feel bad about that but I think much of his mental illness is self induced.

  9. Luckily he was on the land?? I mean yes Nathan is shitty, but that doesn’t mean jenelle is a better fit. Kaiser literally has no one in his corner.

  10. First of all let’s get some correction here once a Marine always a Marine! So you can easily rewrite that sentence as: Nathan served his country as a Marine at onnathen served his country as a marine at one time,…… Coming from a family of Marine 🇺🇸😈coming from a family of Marines and having a boyfriend Who is also Marine and once served his country you’re a bit of a stickler on this 💁🏼‍♀️🇺🇸🥰
    to address the Nathen issue in itself we all know Nathen is the issue we have watched how Nathan honestly treated Janelle and Babs as well as his mother Doris when he had that competition he would listen he would treat his mother well and he didn’t why would he treat this as a parent wife May like a diamond obviously in my opinion he married her because he needed a place to live in a roof over his head but I understand it’s always a woman’s fault dislike the girlfriend before Janelle that has his daughter she was apparently a psycho too nathen has a pattern….. narcissistic abusive emotional damage behavior I’m sure some of it had to do with what happened when he served white some of that can be controlled to a point….. because you need to take a look at your own behaviors and say how much of this is my fault and how much of this is the brain injury 💁🏼‍♀️

    1. I’m from a Marine family also. I agree. One a Marine always a Marine!! I also believe his cancer is from using anabolic steroids. I will never fault any one for how they got cancer,or doubt anyone that says they have it. The whole situation all around is very sad. Jace hitting Babs. Janelles drug and alcohol abuse. Kiasers whip marks. And it’s far from over.

      1. Interesting point about steroid use and the possible connection to the type of cancer he has.

        Sad situation overall and almost all of the adults involved are mentally unstable in some capacity and now the signs are showing in the kids which isn’t a surprise. Sounds like Nathan’s family has had enough his antics and he might have really hit rock bottom this time. Two people in my life hit rock bottom in the past year and are no longer alive. Nathan can either take advantage of everything the VA has to offer or he’ll continue to spiral further and might not straighten things out in time. He has resources available to him that are not available to everyone – the choice is his.

  11. it’s been clear in the past how mentally unstable nathan is but this is clearly a cry for help and i have nothing else to say besides i hope not just for his children but also for his own good that nathan gets the help that he needs…

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