‘The Challenge’ Star Robin Hibbard Arrested in Florida; Still Struggling With Addiction & Homelessness (Exclusive)

Robin during her ‘Challenge’ days…

Trigger Warning: This article contains descriptions of drug use.

Former The Challenge and The Real World star Robin Hibbard is behind bars in Florida, after getting arrested August 2 near Tampa. Robin— whom we first met on The Real World: San Diego in 2004–– was picked up for Resisting Arrest (without violence) and providing a false name to law enforcement. Her arrest happened around 7:30 a.m. 

According to court records obtained by The Ashley, Robin was assigned a public defender and will remain in jail until her arraignment on Tuesday. Her intake form lists her as “unemployed” and gives her address as “homeless.”

Robin’s latest mugshot…

As The Ashley has previously reported, Robin has been homeless and living near Tampa, Florida, for several years. During an appearance on Johnny Bananas‘ podcast in January, Robin’s ex-boyfriend Mark Long opened up about Robin’s post-‘Challenge’ struggles, stating that she is currently battling drug addiction.

“I wanna say this because it’s sad, I’ve been getting a lot of messages about Robin and I wanted to speak on that a little bit,” Mark– who began dating Robin on 2004’s ‘Battle of the Sexes II’ and partnered with her on 2012’s ‘Battle of the Exes’– said. “She’s in a bad place; I think the addiction has really taken a hold of her in a terrible way. I know a lot of people have tried to reach out, including her parents and her husband.

“I hope someone can get to her and convince her to get help. I know deep down she probably wants it but it breaks my heart knowing that she’s in such a bad place,” he said of the nine-time ‘Challenge’ star.

Robin and Mark on ‘Battle of the Exes’…

This is Robin’s second arrest this year. Back in April she was arrested for Domestic Violence against a family member. Shortly after, the family member was granted a temporary injunction for protection against domestic violence against Robin.

According to a report by The Sun in April, Robin’s family claimed that Robin jumped the gate and let herself into their property, where she was seen allegedly injecting herself with drugs.

“[We] watched her inject something in her arm with a needle. She was told multiple times to leave and not use drugs on our property, but did not leave and threatened us repeatedly,” Robin’s family member wrote in the protection order paperwork. “Finally she became irate on 3/31/2022 and caused such a loud commotion on the carport and front yard screaming loudly and destroying [land]scaping that the neighbors called the police.

“[Robin] has been using drugs and stealing money and other pawnable items from us for the last five or six years,” her family member wrote. “She has broken windows, screens and destroyed landscaping. She threatened us with physical harm several times. She has struck and pushed me on several occasions when asked not to use illegal drugs and to leave our property.”

Robin’s family claimed that she is suffering from mental illness as well, and has not been taking her medication. The family asked that Robin be ordered into rehab or treatment, but it does not appear that was done. 

A photo posted by Robyn in November 2021…

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(Photos: MTV; Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office; Facebook) 


  1. Why didn’t the court order her into rehab? She’ll be on the street and doing drugs again by the weekend. I feel awful for her children and hope she will get help before she ends up dead!

  2. This was painful to read. I am in recovery and I’ll hit 16 months tomorrow. Luckily I never got into anything crazy hard- alcohol and pills (opiates)- but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t have. A lot of opiate users go to heroin because it’s cheaper. To me, though, it looks like she’s possibly on meth. Just judging from how she looks and her behavior. I am not counting out that heroin could make her this way but I’ve seen heavy heroin users that didn’t have their face look like that and age 20+ years so quickly… Anyway- She used to be such a beautiful girl. I hope she reaches her bottom soon and goes to get some help.

      1. How do they treat the addicted in jail? Was she forced to suffer withdrawals? That will just guarantee she goes right back to using on the 12th. Maybe she should go straight to rehab?

        1. They don’t. Where I live, they’ll only take opiate addicted women to the Methadone clinic, mainly for the safety of the baby. Withdrawals on a fetus can cause a miscarriage. But as soon as that baby’s born, (if you’re still in jail,) they’ll rapidly taper you off the Methadone.

  3. As someone who lost a sibling due to drug addiction, reading this is heart wrenching. These damn drugs suck the life out of you. I pray she can get the help she needs before its too late.

  4. I use to think Robin was so beautiful.

    A picture is worth a thousand words.

    Her before and after speak millions.

    Such a sad situation.

  5. This is so sad to see. I remember first seeing her on The Real World and later on the Challenge. It always seemed like she was dealing with some inner trauma. I believe she is also the mother of two children, I pray that she gets help before it’s too late.

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