‘The Challenge’ Vet Mark Long Says His Ex Robin Hibbard Is “In A Bad Place”; Her Recent Facebook Posts Show She’s Homeless & Struggling with Addiction

Robin and Mark on ‘The Challenge’…

It’s been 10 years since Robin Hibbard has appeared on a season of The Challenge and earlier this month her ex, ‘Challenge’ vet Mark Long, gave a sad update on her life today.

During an appearance on Johnny Bananas‘ podcast Death, Taxes and Bananas, Mark opened up about Robin, whom he began dating on 2004’s “Battle of the Sexes II” and partnered with on 2014’s “Battle of the Exes.” He admitted that Robin is currently struggling with a nasty drug addiction.

“I wanna say this because it’s sad, I’ve been getting a lot of messages about Robin and I wanted to speak on that a little bit,” Mark said. “She’s in a bad place; I think the addiction has really taken a hold of her in a terrible way. I know a lot of people have tried to reach out, including her parents and her husband.

“I hope someone can get to her and convince her to get help. I know deep down she probably wants it but it breaks my heart knowing that she’s in such a bad place,” he added.

“She was hilarious,” Johnny said of Robyn. “She did not have an evil bone in her body.” 

“She was always such a character, man,” Mark added.

Robin and Mark on ‘Battle of the Exes’…

Robin– whom we first met on The Real World: San Diego in 2004–is now 41 years old. She married Brian Coulter and had two children– son Ethan and daughter Raina–but it appears that Robin and Brian lost temporarily custody of their children to a Robin’s family members in 2019.

According to her recent Facebook posts, Robin is currently homeless and living on the streets of Tampa, Florida. She continues to ask her Facebook friends for help; however, judging by their responses, it appears that the nine-time ‘Challenge’ star is unwilling to accept their offers of help.

In one Facebook thread, Robin asks for a place to stay and says she is trying to stay off of drugs. In another, Robin again asks for help and one of her loved ones comments that many people have tried to get the former MTV star help.

“Believe me, we have all tried,” one of Robin’s loved ones wrote in a Facebook comment earlier this month. “She is unresponsive to our willingness to help. She has an abundance of support from her family and friends.” 

During his interview on Johnny’s podcast, Mark stated that Jisela Delgado — who appeared on three seasons of ‘The Challenge’—saw Robin while she was in Tampa and tried to get her help, but it appears nothing ended up coming from the encounter.

“I think she saw her one day and talked to her, offered some help,” Mark said. “I’m hoping that she can come out of this dark place, not only for herself but for her kids and her husband and her family.”

Recent selfies posted by Robin show the effect life on the streets and addiction have had on her appearance.

A photo posted by Robyn in November 2021…

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  1. Huge love.. I’m here In Michigan dear friend . I don’t care about the other comments written about you. The biggest battle In life is with one’s self. I have a beautiful flat available for you overlooking the lake . If you ever need a place to start a new life, We can do this !! Women are strong and so is Love . We all have to start a new every day
    Don’t Tupac the rear view and not understand the words .. true deep. It’s gonna be hard but starting with a new friend and one whom believes and doesn’t mind the deep wounds there are places we can go and apply a mental health reboot,we all struggle in life don’t loose the youth In bloom that is you Robin …
    , Change is a chameleon.. we all shed the not needed weight of life stuff this includes the HURT !!. There are programs and friend connections and energy you have to move to a new groove .. it’s at this point my friend when those footprints in the sand are your truth.. a higher power is available and you are loved ! The option is available. In OUR thoughts . Be blessed my friend .. for even at this moment you are Blessed to read this if by chance it gets to you . Erik my husband and I will only provide the needs to benefit options.. you need a home how about trying this for the year . God speed .. women and friendship power .. Lori Lee Adams

  2. She probably only wants a place to shower, eat All the food and steal stuff to buy drugs. Unfortunately. Plus she’s riding a bike now? Typical meth addict

  3. I hope she can get the help that she needs. I remember her season on the real world with Cameran, Brad, Frankie, Jamie, and the other 2 guys…it was one of my favorite seasons. The episode that her and Brad had to spend the night in jail was one of the most memorable/funniest episodes of the series.

  4. I hope she does get help. MTV could sponsor her recovery. She always seemed strong….maybe she just needs an open door. With so many steadfast Challenge fans it would be a great way to show how you can turn your life around from addiction.

  5. How sad… these are never the updates you want to hear. I always liked Robin, hope she finally gets the help she needs.

  6. She looks terrible but it honestly sounds like she doesn’t want real help to get off drugs. I always liked her, she seemed like a good person that battled mental health issues. For her children’s sake, I truly hope that she can accept help and get clean.

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