Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Dad Nathan Griffith Goes to Court for Stalking; His Ex Jenelle Evans Wrongly Accuses Him on Social Media of Being Arrested (Exclusive Details)

“Stop sharing dramastically wrong info about me, Jenelle!”

Nathan Griffith was back in court on Tuesday, but this time he wasn’t battling his ex Jenelle Evans over custody of their son Kaiser.

The former Teen Mom 2 dad appeared in a Florida courtroom for a hearing after a former female friend of his accused him of stalking. The woman— who also lives in Florida and is not Nate’s longtime girlfriend Ashley Lanhardt— requested a protective order against Nathan, claiming he had been contacting her in March and April of this year,despite her telling him not to. The female filed her case in court on July 2, asking for a protective order. (The Sun has more details about the female’s claims about Nathan.) 

Once the story started circulating, Nathan’s baby mama Jenelle quickly shared it on all her social media platforms. However, the story she shared to her 1 million-plus followers inaccurately accused Nathan of being arrested for stalking.

The article, which appears on the Celebernation site favored by Jenelle, is truly a treasure trove of “dramastic” fun…as well as inaccurate information.

The Ashley confirmed with the Sarasota County Clerk of Courts on Tuesday that Nathan was never arrested for stalking. (He has no arrest record in the county at all, according to records provided to The Ashley by the Sarasota County Sheriff.) The Ashley can also confirm that the judge placed a gag order on both the female and Nathan, ordering them not to discuss the hearing, even on social media.

The Ashley can confirm that a protective order was also issued to both parties, preventing the female and Nathan from contacting the other. 

No further court date has been scheduled, as of press time, and the case has been closed with no further action needed.

The article shared by Jenelle, however, claims that “Teen Mom Nathan Griffith is in deep water.”

“So apparently Nathan’s a Teen Mom according to tha article? What about his ti-tostrone?!”

The article continues:

“I guess karma does exist! Recently Nathan who was drunk ranting on twitter claiming baby momma Jenelle Evans abuses their child ( obviously a lie ) got a little payback because Nathan was just arrested for stalking! Seems like he has a history of invading people’s privacy and creating drama.”

(The article is referring to a series of tweets recently posted by Nathan in which he asked for help getting Kaiser, the son Nathan shares with Jenelle, away from Jenelle’s husband David Eason.) 

The Celebernation article continues with this jewel: 

“I mean Jenelle and kids are literally on social media daily having fun and enjoying there lives. Kids are always happy and smiling, look well-tooken care of to me!”

“Siri, ‘tooken’ is a word, right?”

As The Ashley has previously reported, Jenelle and Nathan have been embattled in a bitter custody battle over Kaiser for years, with Nathan claiming that his son isn’t “well-tooken care of” by Jenelle and David. The Ashley can confirm that the custody case is open and ongoing. 

Nathan has yet to publicly comment on the hearing or Celebernation‘s claims that he was arrested.

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(Photos: Instagram, MTV)

25 Responses

  1. I see dumbass jenelle is allowed to write her own articles for that celeb site.

  2. IF Nathan was serious about rescuing his son from the Swamp Creatures, he would get HIS shit together, but he seems to be just continuing to screw up, without regard to Kaiser. Words are CHEAP, Nathan!

  3. Wow, looks like his #1 priority is trying to keep his son safe by being a responsible person so he has a fighting chance at seeking custody for his poor son

  4. Nathan, Jenelle and David are all Alcoholics. Anyone who has to constantly get into fights , go on rants and get into trouble when they’re drinking has a problem.
    Nathan has always turned to texting all kinds of bullshit when he’s drunk, this is nothing new.
    For any of you that thinks Kaiser is ANY priority in Nathan’s life… watch his being Nathan special. The only thing he cared about was his body building competition and going out after to drink and find a one night stand , he treated his mother and Kaiser TERRIBLE. They only had Kaiser for the weekend and Nathan shared no time with him at all. This guy is nothing but a whining , lying, drunken fool, and an asshole!

  5. If you ever wondered how a child can be raised around such a toxic environment and end up with issues, we are all watching the story unfold of Kaiser’s life.

    Why is he still with unstable/drug abuser Jenelle?

    Why is codependent/ unstable/drug abuser Jenelle still with violent and unhinged drug/child abuser David (answer: both are pieces of s*it).

    Why didnt alcoholic, woman abuser dad, Nathan, step in (answer: hes still an addict & too busy stalking)?

    Wheres his maternal grandma (answer is raising other grandchildren)?

    Why didn’t CPS take the kids (they did for a month).

    Where is Doris (partnal grandma) in this custody case (answer: we dont know).

    Why is Ashley still dating Nathan (answer: we also dont know).

    1. When is Nathan going to realize that his childish, alcohol fueled behavior is not helping him get his son back?! There’s a reason that it’s been 6 years and Nathan is no closer to getting custody of Kaiser than he was when he was born!! You would think this would be a cut&dry case. Mom is a drug addict who puts abusive men and drugs before her kids. Stepfather is a psychopathic, dog killing abuser. Custody should not be hard to determine. However, when you throw in a father who’s an alcoholic stalker, things get a little sketchy!! I was rooting for Nathan and thought, as long as he got it together and kept it that way, he’d have no issues raising Kaiser and do a way better job at it than Jenelle ever could but that just isn’t happening and it’s so sad for Kaiser!!!

    2. Well Kaiser’s idiot parents gave as much thought to conceiving him as they would to picking out a pair of shoes. They probably give more thought to where to go on vacation. When Jenelle first found out she was preggers, there was the awful cringey scene where she’s saying to Tori that she wasn’t sure if she was actually pregnant from Nathan or if the test was positive because of leftovers from the abortion she had with Courtland.

      That poor kid was doomed from the start. Babs had a pretty classic reaction when Jenelle and Nathan announced the pregnancy.

  6. Does Farrah run the Celeb Nation mag website? Considering she’s one of the Nation’s top celebs I think it’s likely.

  7. Oh as soon as I read the phrase “tooken care of” I knew that was the work of trash bag tori

  8. Why does Jenelle like to gloat so much, especially about Nathan?! Don’t forget how she says “he wants her back” and how he’s “obsessed with her” when I believe it’s the other way around! I don’t know specific details about their relationship but someone said hhe is her only ex who broke up with her and that’s why she isn’t over the whole situation because NO ONE breaks up with Jenelle! I do think she still wants him but he wants nothing to do with her. Still sh*tty of Nathan to do this, no doubt but Jenelle always likes to point out other people’s mistakes the most!

    Also Jenelley, just yesterday I saw my ex while driving (he didn’t see me). You know what I did? I let him walk away because apart from occasionally talking to him I don’t care the slightest about his private life now, you should do the same!

  9. Nathan will never get custody of Kaiser. SMH. He will forever claim to want Kaiser and fighting for custody. While Kaiser is on the land being abused.

  10. I really wanted to believe that Nathan was going to pull his head out of his ass and get Kaiser away from Lunatic Lurch and Janky Jenelle. It’s been SIX YEARS! That’s a long ass time to get your shit together when you know you need to rescue your son from a highly abusive & toxic situation. Damn, if you KNOW you are going to court, why would you do stupid shit that can be used against you? Geez…Nathan is giving them the ammunition to keep Kaiser. I just wish to God that somebody-ANYBODY had enough love for this child to put him above all else & protect him at all costs.

    1. I was too
      His mom Doris was trying to get custody but it is an uphill battle trying to take a child from a parent & awarding a grandparent custody. They know they have a better shot of taking from a parent & awarding to the other parent but with Nathan being selfish & not worried about his son it just wont happen.

      Only thing we can do is hope someone is watching over that poor kid.

  11. Dammit Nathan! Focus on the task at hand, which is rescuing your little son from HELL! Why do you have so much time to get yourself into so much time-wasting trouble?? Be a grown-ass man and go save Kaiser!!!

  12. I’ve heard rumours Jenelle or a friend of hers run the ‘Celeb’ website….anyone know if this’s true?

    I mean, the lie about the kids not being abused is a dead giveaway.

      1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
        Dont understand what this has to do with Jenelle? She didnt make any statements or give Celebernation an exclusive- the writer obviously is non bias bcus he probably is not a fan nor can care less. He just writes for the site and it looks like they write about EVERYTHING. Like TMZ – you on the other hand literally are completely obsessed with Teen Moms and there lives weirdo ?… Im trying to re read and figure out how and why and where Jenelle comes into it? Just because the writer didnt hate Jenelle has something to do with it? Not everyone is a disgusting human being like you Ashley. People actually speak fairly and have there own opinions lol. Im done with your stupid hateful site ?

  13. These dumbasses make me lose hope for human kind. I feel bad for those poor kids stuck in this vicious cycle of idiocy and sadly will end up repeating the cycle. Jenelle needs to stay off social media, eat another donut and start trying to become a better person for the sake for those kids.

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