Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Reveals Why She’s Still With David Eason & How She’s Currently Making Money

“Shout out to all of my Jenelle’s World subscribers! Love ya both!”

Former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans took to Instagram on Sunday to share what she’s been doing on The Land, how she’s making money now that she’s not getting an MTV paycheck, and why she decided to get back together with David Eason (for the 592nd time) after declaring she was officially done with him last month. 

One fan questioned the current status of Jenelle’s relationship with David, given the couple’s turbulent past. Jenelle admitted that, although she thought she was “done with him,” she changed her mind. She attempted to provide some insight as to why she changed her mind when answering another fan’s question.

“I love David and if the issue is something we can workout as a family then I’m going to do so,” Jenelle wrote. “There’s two sides to every story. Both parties were in the wrong, in my opinion.” 

Jenelle was then asked (sarcastically?) if she would ever work a 9-to-5 job, to which she said, “maybe one day, but not right now.”

“There’s simply no time for a regular job! Look at my TikTok video-making schedule!”

She was also asked if she planned to enter the medical field some day; however, Jenelle made it clear that she’s pulling in enough cash to sit comfortably while her home sinks beneath her.

“Maybe one day in the future,” Jenelle responded. “Right now I am financially stable being self-employed from home.” 

When probed on the specifics of her at-home earnings, Jenelle’s answer was a lot like her TikTok videos: weird.

“Just know I am financially stable,” she said. “There’s a lot of diff ways to make money online from home these days.” 

While Jenelle and her sad dance moves seem to be content hanging out with David on The Land, she told fans she plans to return to TV “soon” and even (kind of) admitted to missing getting paid for filming  ‘Teen Mom 2.’ 

“Yes, to continue to share my story with everyone,” she said when asked if she missed being on the show. “Everything just stopped. But also NO, because of the drama that came along with some of the people I had to work with.” 

One positive takeaway from the Q&A is that things between Jenelle and her mom Barbara Evans seem to be going well at the moment. 

Jenelle told a fan that things have been “a lot better” since being off of ‘Teen Mom 2.’ 

“Well Juh-nelle, it’s not like ya had a choice in the matta!”

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(Photos: YouTube; Instagram; MTV) 


  1. I don’t believe it! Jenelle is just getting by. She used to have all kinds of cosmetic treatments even lip injections and now her lips are the same as when she started on 16 and pregnant. If she was making good money she most definitely would continue with at least her lip injections.
    Don’t believe she is getting along with Barbara better then when she was onTM. Their relationship have been toxic for years and just now that she isn’t showing her life she is pretending everything is perfect. Has plenty money. Has a better than ever relationship with Barbara. David don’t abuse her or her kids and the patter we saw for years on tv was just edited by mtv to great drama. Jenelle is a lier. Very sick individual.

  2. Surviving the Swamp: a Survivor xxx parody

    Mr. & Mrs. Moneyhole: the spy movie that was never released

    What happened in the She Shed
    Starring “rakin'” David

  3. Did I recently read about them owing the IRS a large amount? Genuinely curious what her WFH job is that can pay that much.

  4. Throughout all of these “Look at me, I’m doing just great!” posts popping up everywhere by Jenelle, one thing always seems to remain constant:

    Never once is there any mention about what D.A.V.I.D. is doing to bring in any income.


    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
      Jenelle is still where she is because she is stuck on stupid and waiting for dumb PERIOD!!!

  5. When Dumbnelle says everything is fine, they’re only a few days away from something dramastic happening. She says they’re financially stable and comfortable, but she’ll probably file for bankruptcy by the end of the week.

  6. So him killing your dog, being abusive to your son, attacking your best friend etc. etc. is just “something we can work on”. So…you’re just gonna tell him “Please don’t do these things?” You are more than delusional, Jenelley, if you think this guy will ever change! I’m not being scared for you at this point anymore, you’re stupid enough if he does something to you, I’m more scared for your kids (and Maryssa), they have no choice but to live in this madhouse! Poor Kaiser, poor Ensley and poor Maryssa.

  7. Between her & David, they have one brain cell split unevenly. Financially stable! Kind of like how her tik toks are wildly successful, her brow kits are flying of the shelves? 😂

  8. She’s only using Barbara (again) I’m sure she’s the one who paid Davids bail. I’m sur Jenelle is “financially stable” probably BECAUSE of Barb. Barb made a pretty good penny being on the show. She probably has most of it saved.We didn’t see her going on vacations and buying expensive cars and “toys”

  9. I hope that anyone that tries to help this asshole out the next time she and Lurch have a knock down drag out, just observe that she basically said it was cool that Lurch pistol whipped her friend because “there are two sides to every story”. Also, asshole, if you owe Uncle Sam hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes and can expect thousands of dollars worth of lawyer bills because of the innumerable court cases ahead of both of you, you are not financially stable. Asshole.

    1. Funny she weas trying to leave 2 weeks ago and now “she loves David”, smh they are SO UNSTABLE!!!! Poor kids living in that mess of marriage!!

    1. Sexy Swamp Love
      Steamy Swamp Love
      Hot and Sexy Hillbillies
      Roast Beef in the Swamp
      Swamp Orgy

  10. I call BULL that Jenelle is “financially stable”. Neither her nor David do anything that will keep them “comfortable” for more than a year, if that. Everything she tries to do is unsuccessful because everyone hates her and we all want to see her fail. Can’t wait for their downfall

  11. Financially stable being Self employed from home???? I guess the eyebrow kits really took off!! 😂😭

      1. Any news on Nathan’s stalking case in Florida?

        If Jenelle thinks her podcast and celebrity gossip site are going to take off shes delusional.

        1. If Farrah can still bring in money without a known stable job, I guess Jenelle could too. Doesn’t mean they are by any means financially stable though especially Jenelle.

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