EXCLUSIVE DETAILS! Court Documents State Jenelle Evans’ Husband David Eason Allegedly “Inflicted Injury” On Jenelle’s Son Jace’s Arm & Neck: Get Details on How David Was Served & More

David’s face when he saw he was actually being charged…probably.

More information has been released explaining why David Eason— husband of fired Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans— was charged with child abuse earlier this week.

Court documents (which were first obtained by The Sun) confirm that David has been accused of inflicting injury on Jenelle’s son Jace’s arm and neck.

In additional documents obtained by The Ashley, more details about how David was served are provided.

As The Ashley previously told you, David has received a misdemeanor charge of child abuse stemming from an incident on September 28 in which Jenelle’s 14-year-old son Jace told authorities he was allegedly assaulted by David.  Jenelle and David have continued to maintain that David never hurt Jace.

According to the criminal summons obtained from the Columbus County, North Carolina, courthouse, David was served on Wednesday at 4:31 p.m., which would have been shortly after Jenelle’s court date with her mom Barbara. (He was not served at the courthouse, though, The Ashley can confirm.) 

David was not arrested and no mugshot was taken. Instead, the court used a previous mugshot for David’s criminal summons. It appears to be a photo taken years ago, as David is not sporting his signature scruffy beard and/or mullet braids.)

The old mugshot used on David’s criminal summons from this week…

Other facts revealed by the court paperwork obtained by The Ashley include that, as of Wednesday, David has no defense attorney. He will need to be fingerprinted at some point, though, according to the summons.

On the criminal summons, it is noted that David is not employed.

Apparently “International Rap Superstar” doesn’t count as a legitimate occupation?

David has been ordered to appear in court on November 29 at 9:30 a.m. He was notified that, if he fails to show up for the court date, an order of arrest may be issued and he can be held in contempt of court.

It is at that court date that David will enter his plea to the charge.

The official court summons issued on Tuesday claims that David “willingly” harmed Jace during the September incident. (The Sun was the first to report the details in the report.)

“[David] unlawfully and willingly did, being the parents of Jace V Evans, who was a child, less than 16 years of age, inflict physical injury on that child,” the court document states. “The physical injury inflicted caused marks on [Jace’s] right arm, and left and right side of the neck, and was inflicted by other than accidental means.” 

According to North Carolina law, misdemeanor child abuse– Class A1— is described as the following: “Any parent of a child less than 16 years of age, or any other person providing care to or supervision of such child, who inflicts physical injury, or who allows physical injury to be inflicted, or who creates or allows to be created a substantial risk of physical injury, upon or to such child by other than accidental means.” 

It is unknown if Jenelle will be charged for the incident as well. (As The Ashley previously told you, Jenelle was present during the incident between David and Jace.)

“I didn’t see nuthin’…except molecules of course.”

As of press time, no charges have been filed against Jenelle. After her court date on Wednesday, Jenelle posted (and then deleted) a TikTok video talking about the case and how she is not in any kind of trouble.

“At this point, you’ve got the Columbus County Sheriff’s Department lying to me. I have CPS that’s kinda acting like they’re on my side, but not really. I don’t know who to trust in that situation, because they’re saying it’s about my son’s mental health as well,” Jenelle said. “They’re like, ‘You’re not in trouble.’ But I feel like I’m punished…. I don’t know who to believe or trust right now.”

As The Ashley previously stated, Jace was hospitalized after the September “incident” and then moved to a facility for a few weeks while his care situation was figured out. He has not been back to Jenelle and David’s home on The Land and is currently in the care of his grandma, Barbara Evans. However, he is officially in the custody of CPS at this time. 

The alleged assault on Jace was reportedly captured in some form on a neighbor’s Ring camera. That footage was turned over to authorities shortly after the incident. Jenelle and David continue to deny that any footage exists, however.

According to David’s criminal summons obtained by The Ashley (which was issued by the County Sheriff’s Department), the case is flagged as being part of the Victim’s Rights legislation. That states that, basically, Jace (as the alleged victim) will be given certain rights to know what’s going on with the case, and to participate, etc.  

The criminal summons confirms that David did not use or display a firearm during the alleged incident. 

The Ashley will update this story when more information is available.

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(Photos: Instagram; MTV; YouTube) 

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  1. Can anyone explain where Maryssa is currently living please? Is she still permanently stuck with these butt wipes?
    And I’ve seen a couple of comments about Whitney spilling secrets. What’s going on there?
    I’m in the UK so can’t always get access to stuff.
    We have VERY different gun laws here & it always blows my mind how that idiot has any dangerous weapons. I wouldn’t give him a water pistol.
    What we see is bad enough. I can’t stand to think how the kids & animals suffer when we don’t see.
    This disgusting excuse for a human has shown time & time again what a violent thug he is & yet he still is not locked up. How long before we read, “this must not happen again, lessons will be learnt”. Jenelle is a lost cause at this point. Tik tokking like a teenager….it’s embarrassing.

    1. I came here just to ask this…let’s just hope one or both of the twins are girls so the factory can get shut down.

  2. Just watched an old episode of Oprah with Diane Downs. Once again reminded of how much they have in common besides just looking like one another.

  3. If I’m not mistaken it was 3 days after he ran away that he contacted his Grandmother for help. So 3 days after the fact, he still had the marks on him.

  4. Pooooooooooor duhnelle. The whooooollllleeee world is against her. She’s a SAINT dontcha know! Not like Caveman Bob has ANY history of domestic violence (that YOU YOURSELF HAVE POSTED ABOUT ON SOCIAL MEDIA), or a history of being a shit dad (Poor Maryssa). Not like he goes out and buys bullet proof vests! NOTHING IS WRONG HERE! They are INNOCENT OF ALL CHARGES ACCORDING TO………. Jenelle’s Tik Tok followers.

  5. This has been the most amazing week following all these updates. I am over the moon?
    Thank you Miss Ashley for keeping us updated.
    How is your week going Duhnelle?
    You lost, the world hates you, your own child won’t speak to you. Tell me again what a great mother you are. LOL
    And now we find out David hates you too, Hi Whitney! Keep spilling that tea to save these kids!
    Amazing this bitch hasn’t commented on Neanderthal texting his true love.
    Would love to be a fly on the wall at the swamp!
    I can only guess how much liquor and Ganga. Are being used to ease your pain and guilty conscience.
    I laugh at your situation, you caused it, you deserve every bit of it! I only pray next week will be as gratifying!,

  6. Here’s my guess:

    David was loosing his temper and can now be proven that it was escalating because of everything this transpired to, but David’s pissed cuz he can’t control jace by instilling fear in everyone else that he has.

    They better remove those other kids. This is Nathan’s time to step up and get himself right. I prat he finds it in him to get sober and start recovery so he can get Kaiser. It’s only going to get bad. Where does he have to go?

    Why hasn’t Nathan’s mom tried to get him? I feel the judge would ever give his sister custody at this point. Sp crazy.

    I think jenell was telling everyone these lies because the cops and cops were telling her those things, so she thought it was safe to make those claims. All while they were building a case about her, letting her stick foot in mouth.

    1. By Jenells actions, she shows she is no mother. It was always about proving to other people she was a mother because “jace was stolen” as she thinks anyway.

      She stands by her man because her kids don’t mean anything to her. She’s even allowed abuse to Ensly

    2. Someone who had custody of her grandson (short version, parents were on drugs) was explaining to me that if it wasn’t a situation where the parents are agreeing to it (like Jenelle was with Barbara) it’s almost treated like a complete third party is going in to try to get custody (because it kind of is).

      The opposite of Barbara and Jenelle in that 5-10 years on the mom agreed it was a better environment.
      She’d clean up and then relapse. Kind of depressing.

    3. Nathan does not stand a chance in getting custody of Kaiser. He literally came how to killing multiple people by strangling them… it would take years before Nathan is in ANY position to be even a part time father

    4. I wouldn’t trust Nathan with a child, he has a habit of strangling people, including his own sister, those kids need far far away from their entire family. They are all screwed up.

    5. Hopefully Doris can get Kaiser out of there. Nathan will never be a dad to Kaiser, but maybe his grandma can step up & help him.

  7. “or who allows physical injury to be inflicted”

    So why is jenelle not being charged?

    Jace is not going to be safe until these two are locked up. Bottom line. Somehow, I still think they will get a slap on the wrist.

    So sad altogether.

  8. I just remember Jace as that utterly adorable baby all those years ago. So sweet, completely innocent, and 100% undeserving of the inevitable shitstorm in front of him. Barbara saved him from a Jenelle for a long time, but to be honest, that entire family is not fit to raise children as they are all damaged in their own ways.

    I hate this whole thing so much, and if there was one wish I could ever have for the human race, is for children to never be harmed or abused in any way. These stories never get easier to hear about. ?

  9. Why isn’t Keiser in any of the pictures of their trip to the mountain? Hopefully he was with his grandparents (who love him). I feel bad for all of Jenelles children but especially for Kieser.

    The Ashley, what’s with the texts David sent his ex wife Whitney?

  10. Such a big man putting hands on a 14 year old boy. And how is there NO ONE in Andrew’s family who cares even a little? If someone hurt my niece or nephew, I’m coming for them.

  11. Why are they charging him using the wording as though he’s a parent? UBT is no more related to Jace than I am as far as that goes. I understand he’s a stepparent but that doesn’t give him any rights, especially not to lay hands on him. What would the charges be if some other random man just grabbed Jace up by his neck & throttled him? I feel like they would be more serious & that’s exactly what should take place here. Not under some misdemeanor bullshit about a parent. SHE needs the charges relating to that, HE needs to be treated as any other unrelated male. Fucking stupid “justice system”.

  12. Um, Jenelle? Of course CPS isn’t on your side; it’s on the CHILD’S side (or should be). Which is why Jace isn’t with you anymore. And certainly Kaiser shouldn’t be either, and Maryssa should be allowed to choose where she lives (she’s obviously terrified of her dad), even if that means you lose your baby sitter.

    I hope Jace is acting better at Barbara’s; I wonder if some of the problems she had with him before was the “You’re not my mom–I’m going to go live with her! It’ll be better there!” crap. If so, I suspect he’s not doing that anymore.

    I’m not understanding how behavior that leaves marks on his neck would be a misdemeanor–I’ll bet David hauled him around by his neck, which might not technically be “strangulation”, but still is dangerous.

    1. Imagine all the gaslighting Jace has had to endure his entire life too! There is no way I would ever believe that Janelle didn’t trash talk Barb to Jace, heck, she’s still doing it publicly when Barb has only ever supported her even when she doesn’t deserve it.
      I wouldn’t even be shocked if Janelle and David encouraged jace to act out so they could get his trust fund – uh I mean custody from barb – uh I mean jace to live with them. We have seen jenelle gaslight that poor kid since birth and it would be foolish to think it didn’t happen every time he stepped foot on the swamp. Hopefully now he realizes what massive “pieces of sh!t” they really are!

    1. I think David has remained silent because of an attorney telling not to say a single word. We all know he’s guilty!

    1. According to Jenelle, it is Jaces fault, it’s Barbara’s fault, it’s the police, CPS, Grace Report, Elle Bee, the Ashley, the local bakery, Biden. Everyone is at fault, except David the man who beat her, beat Kaiser, killed Nugget and assaulted Jace. Makes perfect sence.

    1. How scary is that ?! the little ones were there when it happened too ? how can she just stand there? I’d rather get in the way then let a man choke me tell my kids to run and call police but she doesn’t seem to have a maternal bone in her body so when her and her rep say she is a momma bear I get aggravated because a momma bear wouldn’t have ever let that happen.

  13. Its Jaces fault. Its Barbaras fault. Its Nuggets fault. Its the Polices fault. Its MTVs fault. I think its Davids fault. David will hopefully get whats coming to him in jail. What a big ass ?

  14. “… or allows to be created a substantial risk of physical injury…”
    This is important. They can slap Jenelle with this charge as well because she said she was there and there’s no proof she did anything to stop whatever happened.

      1. I am guessing she could still say she felt too threathened by David to act. I’d say the court will have to verify that. But that would mean throwing David under the bus which she will not do.

      2. My GUESS is that they are waiting until David is convicted because if he is “not guilty” (except we all know that he is – so do authorities) there is nothing to charge her with. I predict (and HOPE) that once he is FORMALLY convicted her time is coming. Without a conviction for “the incident” (which JE hasn’t denied happened and she even references it) there is no abuse to charge HER with (except once again we all know there is – and way more than is on that Ring video)

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