EXCLUSIVE! Jenelle Evans Arrives At Court to Battle Mom Barbara & Gets Mad Because She Wasn’t Given Privacy: See Photos & Get Details On What Happened (Updated)

Jenelle making her way to court on Wednesday…

Jenelle Evans was seen walking into the Columbus County, North Carolina, courthouse on Wednesday afternoon— and the ex Teen Mom 2 star was not happy about it!

In photos exclusively obtained by The Ashley, Jenelle can be seen rolling up to the courthouse solo. As The Ashley previously told you, Jenelle was required to attend court on Wednesday for her ongoing custody battle with her mom, Barbara for Jenelle’s son Jace. (The main purpose of the hearing will be to do a check-in on Jace, who has been living with Barbara for the last week or so.) 

Jenelle— who asked for “privacy” in a recent interview with DailyMail— was “very angry” when she saw paparazzi photographers and news cameras set up in front of the courthouse.

“She used a side entrance and screamed, ‘Thanks for respecting my privacy!’ as she was walking up to the courthouse,” the source said. “She was flipping off everyone outside.” 

The source stated that Jenelle was about 10 minutes late for court. 

“Well Juh-nelle, we see ya wif ya middle finga up!”

“Jace and Barbara were there but were not anywhere near Jenelle,” the source added.

The Ashley is told that, although Jenelle’s ever-present husband David Eason wasn’t allowed to attend the court hearing (and was removed from the custody court hearing on October 12), he was present outside the courthouse after Jenelle went in.

David— who was charged on Tuesday with child abuse— has not been arrested and has not turned himself in as of press time, according to a Columbus County court clerk on Wednesday. 

Jenelle looking a lot like her mom, Barbara, in this pic…

On Tuesday, Jenelle stated on Instagram that she was ready for court.

“Let’s go to court. I’ve been waiting on our day. I feel so violated by the system. Wait until the day you hear the truth…” she wrote. 

She then told DailyMail that the cops should be investigating someone else and not David. (She insinuated in further comments that the person who should be investigated is actually her son Jace. In the past, she has stated on social media that Barbara should also be investigated.) 

‘The police are looking into the wrong person right now,” Jenelle told the site. “There is a vile situation going on and it’s not pertaining my husband. This story is one-sided and no interviews were conducted asking what happened when the ‘incident’ occurred.

“I cannot say any details at this time because this is about my son’s mental health, not about my husband and I cannot stress that enough,” she continued. “Our time will come in court and we will have our day to present the evidence that has been adding up since 2017, and again it doesn’t have anything to do with my husband.”

UPDATE! The Sun is reporting that a judge ruled that Jace would be staying in the care of Barbara for the time being. (The Ashley can confirm this.) 

The case is being continued and there will be another court date soon.

“This was a quick hearing– the judge just wanted to make sure everything was going smoothly at Barbara’s with Jace,” The Sun reported on Wednesday. “The judge heard Jace is enrolled in school and everything was going well, so things will continue as they have been and he will for now remain with her.”

“It’s no fair, dude!”

After the court hearing, Jace left the courthouse with Barbara.

As The Ashley previously stated, this court hearing had nothing to do with David or his charge.

UPDATE 2: After arriving back on The Land after court, Jenelle posted a TikTok in which she complained about the paparazzi being at the hearing, as well as about being “lied to” by CPS and the detective working her case. 

“The whole point you’re missing with this whole case is it’s about my son’s mental health,” she said in the TikTok. “And I will continue to say that. No matter what you guys say, this is about my son’s mental health, that’s it. Y’all can hate me as much as you want. It’s not going to stop me from posting content. It’s not going to stop me from being the best mother I can be! And it’s not gonna cause me to get into the depression where I just run and hide in a hole!

“…I’m gonna make sure that I’m taking care of my mental health and that I’m completely fine, and so are my kids,” she continued. “…I’m gonna stand strong and I’m gonna support my husband, because I know the truth, God knows the truth. And YOU don’t!”

“It’s fine! Everything is FINE!”

She then blasted the cops and CPS.

“At this point, you’ve got the Columbus County Sheriff’s Department lying to me. I have CPS that’s kinda acting like they’re on my side, but not really. I don’t know who to trust in that situation, because they’re saying it’s about my son’s mental health as well,” Jenelle said. “They’re like, ‘You’re not in trouble.’ But I feel like I’m punished…. I don’t know who to believe or trust right now.”

Jenelle went on to slam the detective on her case, whom she feels lied to her. She stated that she has been waiting to present her “evidence” (which we can assume she feels shows that Barb is not a fit parent for Jace and/or that Jace is the true danger) but that no judge has allowed her to show it.

“I’m like, ‘Y’all, I got a slew of evidence to show you, please can I present it?’ and no one will let me present it,” she said. “No one will let me talk about it! So this s**t keeps getting continued but I am ready so, yes, I am prepared like I’ve always been my whole life! 

“You won’t catch me slippin’!” Jenelle added gleefully. 

You can watch her full TikTok below! 

(Please note these photos are the property of The Ashley and can not be reposted.) 

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  1. Oh my God Janelle is a horrible parent. How could her kids have anything to do with this I mean her husband killed their dog and emotionally and physically beats on Janelle. The hell is she saying that this is all Jace fault? This is not right she needs to go to jail and so is her husband and I believe she’s still using illegal substances.

  2. She probably is the best mother she can be. Her best is just kind of the worst in the normal world.

    Prayers for Jace!

  3. Screaming for privacy is just her saying “look at me!!” She needs to just STFU and lay low. I’m surprised her attorney hadn’t suggested that yet. I feel sorry for whomever is representing her. There needs to be a gag order. Or just a gag? ??

  4. Girl you have been slippin since 2009.

    Do your mom and kid a favour and just stay away. No one believed you, everyone knows and you have been singing the same song for a decade, just go away already

  5. There is a literal video of UBT physically assaulting Jace, so of course Jenelle wants to focus on mental health because his physical health is obviously less important.

    Jenelle talks about CPS like they were supposed to be on her side, like dude their on the child’s side. Don’t you get it?

    The only thing I’m mad about is NC lax “child discipline” laws, which is why UBT isn’t rotting in a jail cell. It’s a goddamn misdemeanor.





  7. This is from chinelles own mouth.

    Jenelle then focused her ire on her mother Barbara – who she has had a mercurial relationship with over the years – saying she has broken the ‘generational curse’ in her family.

    ‘I think what hurts me the most is that my own parent would do this to me, my own parent caused this whole storm, s*** storm – it just hurts because I would never treat my children that way,’ she said.

    Jenelle continued, ‘I know that I will treat my children with love and respect and if they need my help, I will give them my help without making them feel like a burden.’……..

    Yet shes doing the oppisite to poor jace and throwing him under the bus.

    1. Omgosh. I was fuming when i heard her say all that. I don’t use social media, and after watching this post, I’m sticking by it.

  8. Well, good luck Jenelle trying to prove Barbara is unfit. She raised Jace from infant to now and Jace has never been out of control until a few months in the care of Jenelle. While Jenelle’s life story is always the same, court cases after court cases… either drugs or custody issues for being unfit as a parent. Barbara has maintained some level of stability for Jace.
    Maybe Jace does have some mental health problems, so what? It doesn’t justify abuse, Jenelle.
    Stay with your husband, give up your children and leave this woman alone. She has done more than what she should have by taking in your son as her own child as old as she is. I believe everyone around you would benefit if you simply stay away, for good. Forever.

    1. I don’t think that’s entirely accurate. Jace ran away from Barbara’s as well. He sat fire to her stuff and was enough of a handful that she eventually gave jenelle custody of him. Barbara literally said she couldn’t handle Jace anymore. Jace obviously has issues, one of the times he ran away during jenelle’s care wasn’t from her house, it was from his school after he got into an argument with teachers. I think everyone failed Jace. He grew up with a grandma that now can’t control him even with medications and therapy and he was given to jenelle without preparing her or him for that transition and how to deal with his problems. Plus, Jace would now have a man in his life and could discipline him for the first time ever and that had to be a huge thing to adjust to especially since that man was someone like David. I find it a little weird that Jace never ran away or seemed to have problems about being at jenelle’s before custody was given to her. He was spending more and more time there before the switch. I’d like to know what changed. Maybe the change of him being not medicated and no therapy? I don’t like David. I believe he’s someone who thinks spanking or hitting your child is legit discipline and that’s his go to form to discipline. I would like to see the ring footage to see what happened. All those kids need to be given to good homes and let jenelle, David and Barbara be without children to raise

      1. If you pay any attention at all, you’ll note that MOST of Jace’s bad behaviors were shortly after (sometimes right after) visitation to the land. In almost every case, Barbara and Jace (along with his caseworkers and medical professionals, who he was seeing the whole time) had then then work out what was going on and figure out how to deal with it.

        Yes, there came a point where Barbara had said “I can’t deal with this”, and do you blame her? It got worse and worse the more often he visited them, to the point there was almost no break in between episodes of bad behavior. Allowing people, including Jace and Jenelle, see where the problem actually sit, as bad of an idea as it sounds on paper, was the right thing to do. Giving Jenelle full custody wasn’t the right thing to do, but that’s just how some courts handle things (it needs changed).

        Now look at what happened, almost immediately when he started living there full time. Those behaviors got worse and worse. There was no treatment at all going on. He was forced to stop seeing a therapist AND his medication which helped regulate him during times of great stress. Just look at what happened.

        It literally ALL stems from Jenelle and David, period. When they had little to no visitation, Jace had very little behavioral problems. Some of the, minor, issues he had were very easy to deal with and manage, until those dumbasses got more involved. That’s when his life went topsy turvy and him being a child, had no way to regulate any of it. So he did exactly as most adults wish they could do, and just leaned into it (leaned into the bad behaviors). Some adults do the same, leaning into similar things, when they can’t figure out, or have no way, to regulate things in their life.

        NONE of this would have ever been a problem if Jenelle and David had been cut completely from Jace and Barbara’s lives, period. Barbara and Jace would’ve been able to work through every issue they encountered. Barbara didn’t fail him at all, she saved him. She has had her own issues and a fair amount of them while raising her own children, but since Jace came along, absolutely not. She was doing right by that boy, always has. She disciplined him plenty when and where needed. She knew what was a product of his mental health issues and what was a product of him being subjected to Jenelle and David.

  9. I feel so bad for Jace. That poor kid is growing up basically being told its all his fault that he got hit. Hitting a kid never changes the kid it just teaches them when someone does something wrong hit them. We are not legally able to assault each other as adults why should it every be omay to assault your own child? He has a crap real dad. He has a stepmonster that hits on a kid that is 10 times smaller than him. Janelle is lucky she isnt charged yet as she knew and saw her her husband hit him and didnt report it to the cops. You can get charged with being a caretaker and not reporting violence. Do i think there is a backstory to all this like Jace was having other issues normal teens have and thats why he was running away..of course i do. He may have gotten mouthy with David but that still doent give a grown a$$ man the right to physically harm him. Janelle needs to shut up and keep her head down and if her and the slothmonster really did no wrong they would fight this out in court the right was and not behave the way they are. People forget that sometimes when your saying soo much your also covering sooo much. The therapy that kid is going to need with all the crap he has seen and been through is going to be outrageous. I dont ask why Jace is acting out the way he is I ask how could he not? What a messed up house those other sweet little ones have to live in. CPS is a broken backward system and so many kids fall through the cracks and dont get the help and safety they need.

  10. I can’t with this girl. She deleted the TikTok. So much for being MIA and keeping her content away from the drama.

    All this will turn into is “My mom is the one that raised him for 13 years. She’s to blame for his mental health issues”. You screaming at your mom on the phone in front of him, constantly asking him where he wanted to live, and choosing ex-boyfriends and your husband over him? The road rage incident? Taking him off his medication and out of therapy? You think all of that didn’t affect him? Take some accountability for once.

  11. Her world is crumbling before her eyes.
    Now she finds out that her Neanderthal husband that she has been defending still has the hots for his ex.
    Must be a little tense at the land tonight.
    And I love every second of her misery!

      1. Don’t worry, guarantee she’ll be locked in her room on her phone 24/7. They will barely see her all week. They’ll be on their own even more than usual.

  12. ‘The best mother I can be’ ????

    Jenelle, you not being part of the lives of those kids would be the biggest solid you can give ‘em.

    1. Lol. AGREED!
      Yeah and sometimes the best mother you can be is still terrible, who should never see your kids again.

  13. The same person who tried to get a restraining order against Barbara for comments she made a month or two ago, is now blaming her minor sons mental health for her husband’s abuse. Just when you think she can’t get any lower.

  14. What Jenelle fails to recognize is that CPS is also looking out for Jace’s mental health. Being hit, yelled at, living in a tense home where parents don’t get along.. all cause mental health issues in children.

    I’m curious what this evidence is though. Is she trying to say that because Jace has mental health issues, it’s ok for David to hit him? Cause if it’s on video, which I 100% believe, there’s no defense.

    And why tf is child abuse a misdemeanor!?

    1. Sadly like most states its a misdemeanor which is beyond vile to me. He is a big tall thug hitting on a little skinny kid. I wish whomever gave the video to the police would release it to public. What do you bet janelle tries to make these court records sealed from the public. Why is she still drinking? I thought she was sick with some awful disease or something a while back.

    2. Because conservatives are hypocrites who push this pro-life agenda. But also believe the only way to raise a child is to “discipline”.

      The only reason UBT got charged is because he left marks, and that’s the line in NC on child abuse. Hit your kid is totally fine as long as you don’t leave marks. But leave a mark, okay small slap on the wrist, NBD.

      The evidence is the neighbor’s ring camera footage. UBT chance Jace around the property and then beat him on the edge of their property so the neighbor’s ring camera caught it. And then Jace was taken to the hospital where photos were taken. He had bruising and cuts from UBT attacking him.

      1. You just had to bring up politics in your comment didn’t you? Go do this on political web sites as this is not the place. You people are all the same.

    3. That’s why I wanted to see or at least read what happened in that video because they did charge him but only a misdemeanor. It’s confusing.

      1. Like I said in another post, the vast majority of child abuse charges are misdemeanor, very few cases will ever be considered felony. It doesn’t necessarily mean no jail time, but even the most serious misdemeanor only carries a max of 151 days (which is almost never given). This is the same in most states, and plenty of other countries.

        Child abuse is rarely taken as seriously as it should be-anywhere in the world, even when it’s severe (with ample evidence). Ongoing child abuse is taken even less seriously as they, mostly, only take current events into account. He could’ve previously broken Jace’s arm and it would not be allowed as evidence on this case or used as evidence of a pattern, but it can be merely mentioned in passing.

        It’s really asinine, honestly. You’re more likely to get a more severe punishment for beating the shit out of a grown adult (often a felony, although not a major one) than you will a child (almost always a misdemeanor charge)

  15. No matter WHAT Jace said or did, that does not give David the right to hit him!! What does she not understand. God she is so effing stupid.

    And her talking about the poor kid like that all over the internet is the WORST thing she could be doing for his mental health. What a terrible person.

    Every single time they’re in trouble, it’s “Wait til the truth comes out” LOL but there has never once been any “truth” that came out…yet she still says it the next time and the next time. She’s the worst liar ever. No one believes that Barb got everyone at CPS, the police, the hospital, Jace, the detectives, and the Judge to all lie in some big conspiracy to hurt you & David, Jenelle. Dumbest lies ever.

  16. Now you’re so concerned about his mental health? Now? How about when you refused to give him his meds, and stopped his counseling appointments? Come on, girl, you aren’t fooling anyone. Especially the Court.

  17. wow ~ that smug, delusional post-court tik tok (in theashley’s update) really makes one want to smack that disgusting smirk off swamp queen’s ?‍♀️ fug face, doesn’t it? ?

  18. This idiot needs to get her story straight and stick to it. Either Jace is entirely out of control or he isn’t. According to her logic, Jace’s mental health issues only exist when it fits her narrative or serves her needs. Meanwhile we’ve all seen footage of that swamp monster abusing the children, now imagine how much worse he is without the cameras rolling. At the end of the day, children should always come first and if they don’t, she has no business having custody of any of them because the ones she still has are destined for even worse outcomes if they remain in a home where their mother allows them to be abused by her “saint” of a husband.

  19. Why hasn’t David been arrested yet?!

    This dumb b**** keeps talking about how she wants her privacy yet she keeps posting videos on social Media.

    She needs to stop talking about her son’s mental health issues when her and her husband are sick people.

    I doubt Jace will speak to her ever again.

  20. Ok so if you have all this proof and the judge isn’t listening, post it. Simple as that. It’s weird that you want privacy, but you keep posting. I heard there’s a warrant out for UBT. Maybe a couple nights apart will do you some good.

  21. It’s scary that she doesn’t see the connection between Jace’s mental health and living with her and being abused by David…

  22. Saw your deadbeats apps to Marryssas mom Juhnelle! But guess what…she is going to rat at you any day now!!

  23. Gee…the white?️NON mother didn’t seem particularly concerned about Jaces mental health when she looked him in the eye and called him a LIAR to his face when she pulled her white?️GUN on another driver on the road!!! COMPLETE GARBAGE HUMAN! Wild ANIMALS are better Mothers than this filthy POS?

    1. No wonder poor Jace mental health is in question. Per Jenelle Look at what this precious child had to endure so far in his life .. His little mind is scarred from the screaming, terror, abuse he has endured since he was a baby… Shame on you Jenelle. YOU!!!! DO NOT!!!! Deserve Jace or any of your kids!!

  24. I hope CPS is paying attention to her behaviour and taking notes. I’d also like to point out that if she wants to be taken seriously she’s talking to the wrong publication. Over here where I live we tend to refer to the Daily Mail as the Daily Fail. It’s an unreliable rag that makes people who give interviews to it look very bad…not that Swamp Queen needs help with that. That’s the rag the D-Listers run to because no other publication will interview them. ?

  25. 1) THAT’S what swamp queen ?‍♀️ chose to wear to court?!?!
    2) no surprise that swamp king ?‍♂️ was lurking outside the courthouse like the disgusting f*cking ogre ? that he is.

  26. You know what’s funny? Jenelle never won custody of Jace from Barb. Barb fought her for years and won. No court would have taken Jace from the only home he knew. I have said many times before that I feel like Jenelle & David bribed Jace with extravagant vacations and other items and told him to “act out” so Barb would feel overwhelmed and give custody of Jace to them. I don’t know who Jenelle thinks she is fooling. So Jenelle has ran her mouth on social media constantly while asking people to respect “her privacy” and “Jace’s mental health”. But now we are supposed to not watch the trainwreck that is her life? Right back atcha, Jenelle????????

  27. Privacy NEVER ! Jace didn’t get any & stop with the alcohol and drugs because the truth is FINALLY being told and not by you. A child’s well being is first & foremost but that is something you have yet to learn. You deserve ZERO of your children.

    1. How the fuck can you be late? 10 mins at that. Oh but let’s make a tik tok before going in. Those kids would do better in foster care, damn

  28. Wants her privacy, but she literally just posted on Tik Tok wearing the same shirt as in those photos. She’s like leave me alone, but watch me lip sync. She’s a joke.

  29. She wants privacy but posts every detail of her life on SM. Can’t have it both ways swamp creature. I’m sure it will make a good impression w/ the court that she was 10 minutes late to a case involving the child she says she loves so much.

    What a complete and total loser she is. Demonstrably stupid, a proven liar, child abuser. The only ones I feel sorry for are the kids. Being raised by these two, not much hope for their futures tbh

  30. How about this trick support her son instead of that POS ?? husband of her’s and quit blaming her family and law enforcement. CPS please take the rest of these poor kids away.

  31. If David was there today and has a warrant for what he did to Jace why wasn’t he arrested there today? Easier to arrest him there a safer for law enforcement than having to to the land. The sooner they get the other kids out of there the better before he hurts them or worse!

    1. @gaga ~ i too was wondering why they didn’t nab swamp king ?‍♂️ while he was lurking outside the courthouse. seems like it would be the most efficient and least dangerous. ??‍♀️

  32. She wants her privacy, but simultaneously has been posting all of her son’s private business on social media 24/7 since this mess started.

    Including implying that HE is the aggressor, not David. Who is 5 times the size of Jace. She’s lucky I am not in charge of CPS down there.

  33. She couldn’t even bother to get to court on time, she’s ?️
    And no, you don’t deserve ?. You are allowing your POS husband to abuse your kids and you are even defending him.

  34. This bitch.
    Late to court for the “truth” to come out.

    She has no bond with Jace. She will lie for her husband because she doesn’t care about Jace. She only wanted him back for television and to prove the hatters wrong. It was never about her son.

    This is a new low for Jenelle. To blame her child and side with her husband when she was witness to the event. Appalling.

    1. I mean she pulled out a gun a foot from the kid & chased someone down the. Gaslit the fucckkkk out of him when he repeated exactly what went down. Poor kids prob confused af. jenelle royally screwed him up for life. I hope hes able to recover from having this as a “parent”

  35. The audacity to show up late to court in a hearing that’s about your own troubled teenage boy who just spent weeks in a hospital.

    She doesn’t care about that boy one bit. She doesn’t care how he’s doing.

  36. This bitch will NEVER have her son’s back. All the other stuff is just noise.

    It all comes down to that.

  37. Trust me, if Jace was the problem, he would not have been released from the facility he was in. They can’t discharge you without determining that you’re not a danger to yourself and others. So weird that she wants privacy yet she CONTINUES to run her mouth. Absolutely incredible

    1. But, but there is nothing wrong with your son. He doesn’t need medication. He doesn’t need therapy. It’s all in Barbs head. She has munchhausen. You told us that several times. So how can there be a problem with Jaces mental health? Dumbass.

    1. I mean, Farrah is not in any sense a GOOD mom, but this isn’t entirely untrue- I cringe giving Farrah any credit but at least she’s not allowing a man to rule her life and beat on her child, nor is Farrah physically abusing Sophia, and Debz didn’t raise Sophia just to have Farrah step back in like she cares whatsoever. At least Farrah has been a mom- albeit, a deranged mom but yeah. Man- that is sad Juh-nelle! Truth hurts!

    1. That’s what I was thinking when I saw the picture. She’s been to the courthouse so many times that she has her favorite parking spot and bathroom stall at this point.

      1. The workers probably dread seeing her come in..

        Either that or they get a huge laugh out of watching her stumble in every few months with some wild accusations.

        She’s literally the town loon.

  38. How can you be 10 minutes late for court when you don’t have any other responsibilities?! This clown continues to show the legal system she doesn’t care one bit about Jace.

        1. I don’t have tic tok but this made me curious. I’m glad i don’t follow her social because the two tic toms i watched made me so mad.

          Jace, you are so brave and courageous to stand up to the bullies. So many people support you and have your back.

    1. UBT was probably driving around the parking lot for a strategic location as not to get arrested. You know he wouldn’t let her out of the car. Plus, it’s more classier to be fashionably late, babe. Post that tiktok!

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