Jenelle Evans Claims Police Are “Looking Into the Wrong Person” After Husband David Eason Is Charged with Child Abuse; Insinuates Son Jace’s “Mental Health” Is To Blame

“Dude, the only thing David is guilty of is being a good huzzben! Well, that and not showering regularly.”

Jenelle Evans is standing by her man and pointing her finger at another family member for all their recent troubles. 

After TMZ broke the news that Jenelle’s husband David Eason had received a misdemeanor charge of child abuse stemming from an incident in September in which Jenelle’s 14-year-old son Jace told authorities he was allegedly assaulted by David, the fired Teen Mom 2 star is claiming that her husband is an innocent man and that the problem is actually her son Jace.

Jenelle told DailyMail on Tuesday that the charge against her fellow swamp-dwelling spouse “doesn’t have anything to do with” David and that “police are looking into the wrong person right now.” 

In follow-up comments, Jenelle insinuated that David was charged due to something related to Jace’s “mental health” instead of David’s actions. (David and Jenelle have always maintained that David did not assault Jace and that it was Jace, her mom Barbara and/or the cops who have been lying and leaking stories to launch a “smearing campaign” against David.) 

“Damn that Barbara…I mean Jace…I mean the cops…I mean the detective! They’re all out to get us!”

“There is a vile situation going on and it’s not pertaining my husband,” she continued. “This story is one-sided and no interviews were conducted asking what happened when the ‘incident’ occurred.” 

As The Ashley previously stated, Jace was hospitalized after the “incident” and then moved to a facility for a few weeks while his care situation was figured out. He has not been back to Jenelle and David’s home on The Land and is currently in the care of his grandma, Barbara Evans. However, he is officially in the custody of CPS at this time. 

Jace was, indeed, interviewed by CPS and in court on October 12.

Jenelle went on to tell DailyMail that she couldn’t offer any additional details about what she claims is going on at the moment, “because this is about my son’s mental health, not about my husband and I cannot stress that enough.” 

The general public whenever Jenelle starts using her talkin’ words.

“Our time will come in court and we will have our day to present the evidence that has been adding up since 2017, and again it doesn’t have anything to do with my husband,” she added. “I would love privacy at this time for my own mental health and my family’s wellbeing.” 

Jenelle took to social media on Tuesday to air her grievances following the news of David’s child abuse charge going public, during which she accused the Columbus County Sheriff’s Department of conducting a “one-sided investigation” and running a “smearing campaign” against David. 

Jenelle and Barbara had court on Wednesday. Click here to see photos and get details.

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(Photos: Instagram; MTV) 

38 Responses

  1. Wasn’t it like, 2 weeks ago when she asked all of us for privacy about the situation to protect her child, and now she’s shoving his business in front of the world to protect herself?
    Said it before, I’ll say it again…you deserve all the vitriol you’re gonna get girl.

  2. So Jenelle is blaming Jace’s mental health? Seriously? But didn’t she stop him from taking medication?
    Or did she know he struggles but took the meds anyway??
    She just says what she needs to say in the moment. She’s not trying at all. She’s not taking care of her children and is contradicting herself.
    Is she this dumb? And is she too dumb to realize that she prob should not say anything? Her supporting her husband at expense of Jace, shows how unfit she is. She’s not trying to solve the situation. She wants a scape goat. And blamed the son that she let down all his life.

  3. breaks my heart to hear a “parent” side with their spouse over their abused child. Girl, did you forget that there was video evidence of what took place? Are you lying so David doesn’t beat you, or the other kids? Are you afraid he’s going to use one of his new guns to kill your or one of your children?

    I will hope that David doesn’t murder anyone and that Jenelle will decide to be a better mother to the other children than she’s been to Jace.

  4. Yes she monster there is a vile situation going on here and that is you has a mother not protecting your child and blaming him rather than the real guilty party that is you and your husband.
    You’re blaming Jaces mental health but When he moved in with you, you thought he was ok enough to take him off his medication and stop him seeing a therapist.
    So if Jace has in fact misbehaved as You’ve accused him, did you ever think that you by taking away his medication and therapy was the course of this? Of course not as you never do anything wrong do you?
    Has a mother and grandma myself I find your behaviour, actions, denial, misdirected blame disgusting and you are a despicable human being. There are people out there that can’t have children and then there’s scum like you that can birth them and abuse them, people like you should never be allowed children.
    Barb if your reading this from another mother and grandma for the sake of your grandchildren cut off all ties with the she monster it might sound bad coming from another mother but sometimes you have to choose tough love but always choose the safety of your grandchildren. You’ve done all you can for her and all she’s ever done is steal from you, abused you, used you and accused you cut the ties.
    Jace you’re a real strong young man keep this fight and success in you and your future will be bright.

  5. I actually did have mental health struggles as a teenager and my mum NEVER in a million years would have blamed me like this. I also feel the strong urge to go over to my dad’s house and hug the hell out of my step-mum for never acting like David. That poor boy. He’s surrounded by bleeding psychopaths save for his gran. Why are those other kids still in their custody? Doesn’t CPS know that an abuser is never just one and done? If he’s been charged with abusing Jace, he’s abused the others. This just makes my heart hurt.

  6. This absolute dumpster fire of a person is once again claiming Jace is lying even when there is video evidence. She did this with the gun even though we all saw her pull the gun out. To act (again) as if Jace is lying and crazy isn’t surprising, but it’s utterly disgusting.

  7. My heart hurts for Jace. I hope he knows there are a lot of people out there who would love be his family and treat him right. He deserves to know real love. I’m thankful he has Barbara.

  8. They don’t need to conduct a fucking interview with you, you dumb bitch. The evidence was on that camera recording, the evidence was on the marks, in the truth of your sons words. Now, YET AGAIN, you are turning your back on the one child you so desperately wanted back in your custody. I don’t condone violence, but you Duhnelle, deserve to get your ass beat. You are a pathetic excuse for a mother. Actually scratch that because you aren’t a mother, you’re just an egg donor. You are a pathetic excuse of a person.

  9. It’s everyone else’s fault
    Not David’s he has always been such a great guy

    It’s a conspiracy, Barbara, the police & the CIA all forced Jace to runaway & blame this upstanding citizen

  10. Wait, didn’t she abruptly stop his medication and remove him from therapy?? But this is about his mental health??? I know what it’s like to have a mom who always put others before her kid. Im sorry Jace is going through this and being blasted online by his own mother. Jenelle is literally doing to him what she is accusing Barbara of doing to her. So sad.

  11. So Jace grabbed David’s hand and hit himself on camera, making it look like David hit him??? Jace mouthed David off so somehow that it’s OK to hit Jace??

    It’s mind blowing to me that child abuse is somehow a misdemeanor. Anything involving victimizing a minor should be a felony.

  12. “This has been adding up since 2017, and it’s not about my husband.”

    Girl… didn’t you and your husband get married in 2017?!?!

    That’s some crazy coincidence huh?

  13. I hope the judge laughs in her face for bringing in evidence from 2017. Six years later and you’re choosing to bring this up now?

  14. The reason Jace has mental health problems IS BECAUSE OF YOU, JENELLE.

    I thought I’ve seen it all, but now she’s actually throwing her first born traumatized child under the bus.
    I just can’t

    1. Disagree.. there’s a lot of mental health issues in that family. Mental health can be hereditary. Granted, the whole situation with Jenelle hasn’t helped and can create mental health issues on it’s own

  15. How fun would it be if they were waiting for the court date to arrest them both. David isn’t allowed in so he will no doubt be lurking outside waiting for her to coming out, but she doesn’t, They cart her off then arrest him out the front. He obviously puts up a fight,causing a major scene and resists arrest which only then adds to his charges. That would be the way yo get them both, while they’re apart and away from the land where all the guns are. Ahh, one can only dream that’s how it will go today.

  16. This woman is so sick in the head. One minute she’s like we took Jace off his medication because my mom is a liar and he doesn’t have mental health issues and doesn’t need to be medicated, and NOW she’s trying to weaponize that against him. I hope she never sees Jace again. She doesn’t deserve him. She has never deserved that boy, and he sure as hell doesn’t deserve her as a mother, either do Kaiser and Ensly. Throwing your kids under the bus for David Eason, unbelievable…but it’s really not that unbelievable because it’s Jenelle.

  17. David to whitney.

    In the messages- which have been verified as coming from David’s cell phone to Whitney on her birthday in May of last year- he told his ex:

    “You were perfect. You just deserve so much better than everything you’ve been through. That’s why it makes me so sad. I think about it so much.”

    “And I dream about you all the time. I don’t know how I ended up here instead of where I wanted to be. I don’t know how WE ended up here instead of where I wanted US to be.”

    David then added: “I’m just so upset right now. And I wish I could turn back the clock.”

    1. And Jenelle’s out here lookin like Boo Boo the Fool defending this clown. Dude straight up said he dreams about his ex and pretty much doesn’t like Jenelle or their situation, and Jenelle’s out here going on and on about what an amazing husband he is. He cheats, is unemployed, murders family pets, beats and strangles children, beats his wives, and she’s out here like he’s the most patient and loving man. HA!

      1. Yea! Some of his texts to his ex (Maryssas mom!) got leaked. I guess he was texting her on the side about a year ago? and he was basically confessing his love for the ex and how he misses her and how he doesn’t know how he ended up where he is now and wishes he could turn back the clock and be with her, and blah blah blahhhhhh…and Jenelles out here lookin like a clown defending him, meanwhile he’s reminiscing about the good ole days with his ex behind her back. Jenelle is a fool.

  18. If the issue is Jace’s mental health, then Jenelle is to blame since she took him off meds asserting he didn’t need them.

    That MIA didn’t last long. She must be off her meds!

  19. It was ‘give my son privacy’ a couple of weeks ago, now it’s ‘calling my son a mentally unstable lunatic who ruined my husband’s impeccable reputation’. Smh clown ass bitch. I so very much hope that they both have to face real consequences this time.

  20. What a bitch, throwing her innocent minor child under the bus, putting that childs private struggles out there, so morons like her will judge this poor kid, and stigmatise him in the process, ffs chinelle you have proven to the world that your flesh and blood mean nothing to you, the reason he may have MH issues, is because if you, you are 98% the reason for this, i pray with all my heart, all the kids get removed and you and that cnut you married go to jail, for a very long time.
    Poor Jace.

  21. It’s on camera again Jan.
    Just like when she said Jace lied about her pulling a gun.
    We’re ready for her apologies.

  22. Media won’t let me breath. You begged for years for the media attention. Hell you thrived on it.
    Now you got your wish. All eyes are on you, and your local law enforcement agency. Waiting to see how this plays out. I do believe that the public will hold your local cps and law enforcement accountable this time.. The world is watching, do right by these children!

  23. She is partially correct. They should be looking at him AND her. Any woman who can watch a man abuse her child doesn’t deserve the title of mother. Please get the other kids out of that house of horrors.

  24. I will up front day my post is hypocritical because obviously I’m reading and commenting on these stories too. But the one semi-rational thing she said was “because this is about my son’s mental health, not about my husband and I cannot stress that enough.” My heart breaks for Jace. Imagine having to go through what he is going through and then having all your friends and teachers and everyone reading about it in the media. I hope whoever he lands with keeps him way out of the public eye and that Jenelle stops talking about him.

    1. She is truly sick. Even if Jace was having a mental health crisis your ogre of a husband still had no right to put his hands on your child Jenelle!!! She must have forgot the many times she has outed that piece of crap husband of hers for being abusive. The whole situation is sad for Jace and confirms his “mom” will never chose him.

  25. So much for going MIA, that didn’t last long did it! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha
    Maybe you should be more worried about David’s ex-wife, and him pining away for her not you bitch. I hope it was worth it to lose your son for someone who doesn’t even give a shit about you. He’d rather be with his ex-wife I guess anything is better than you. At least she’s smart enough not to care about a child abuser.
    Maybe you should try going MIA again and shutting your fucking mouth. Every time you open it it just proves how stupid you are. I only wish you would’ve beaten your ass, instead of Jaces. I wish the two of you nothing but misery For the rest of your miserable lives. Can’t wait to see how court turned out today. Fuck you Jenelle

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