‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 10B Ratings Continue to Sink, Despite Addition of Ashley Jones: A Look at the Latest Numbers

“If we ain’t got no viewers, we ain’t go no show…right? Where’s a deer cam scandal when ya need it!?”

The Teen Mom 2 ratings are sinking faster than Jenelle Evans‘ house on The Land!

The long-running MTV show– which saw its ratings take a dip after Jenelle was let go in 2019— has once again had its number of viewers plummet, despite the addition of Ashley Jones and her four-eyebrowed baby daddy Bar Smith. 

‘Teen Mom 2’ was once a ratings powerhouse for MTV that consistently brought in more than 1 million viewers each week. (It was also the highest-overall-rated show in the ‘Teen Mom’ Franchise.) However, Season 10B’s ratings have been in toilet driveway Port-a-Potty, with the latest episodes being the lowest-rated ever.

In addition to Ashley, the current ‘Teen Mom 2’ cast lineup features original girls Kail Lowry and Leah Messer, as well as latecomers Jade Cline and Briana DeJesus.

The Ashley has gathered up the ratings from 10B so far and things are “not well” in ‘Teen Mom’ Ratings Land. 

The episode that aired on June 1 is the lowest-rated episode in ‘Teen Mom 2’ history, as of press time. It brought in a sad 500,000 viewers. (Again, this is a show that, even two years ago, was bringing in an average of 900,000 viewers an episode.) 

The other most-recent episodes barely creeped above the 500k mark, with the episode that aired on May 25 (which, as you may remember, featured riveting storylines, such as Kail’s son helping her pick out kitchen tile), coming in at just 520,000 viewers.

The May 11 episode garnered a measly 510,000 viewers. 

“Please Jesus keep this show goin’ a few more years. It keeps Leah busy and outta my face and I don’t have to hear about her ding-dang addictions anymore. Amen.”

The 10B episodes are the first ones to air without original cast member Chelsea Houska, who left the show last year in order to give her oldest daughter Aubree more privacy. While many accused Chelsea of being “boring” when she was on ‘Teen Mom 2,’ it seems that many are missing her this season, based on tweets posted by fans this month.

“Teen mom is so boring nowadays…I wish they would start a whole new teen moms …Chelsea was my fav,” one person wrote.

“I kind of don’t wanna watch @TeenMom any more since Chelsea left,” another wrote.

“I just checked and, yep, the ratings are in the crapper!”

However, the ratings for the Season 10A episodes (which included Chelsea), were low as well, just not as low as 10B. The 10A episodes averaged 660,000 viewers.

If you’d like to read The Ashley’s recaps from Season 10B, click here

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  1. MTV needs to change. These girls are no longer “Teen Moms”. They believe they are on the Kardashians or Botched. All you hear anymore is “I’m not filming this or that”. At the reunions all you hear is “I’m not talking about this or that”. The ratings are showing that the audience has had enough and turning the channel off or to another station. I miss the old days when they filmed warts and all. They need to change.

  2. Die, die, die! That’s what I yelled as I beat the rattle snake to death with my hula hoe.

    I wish the same for this crap franchise.

  3. I can’t believe that the addition of Ashley and 4 brows didn’t jack the ratings said no one ever.

    stay lit

  4. Filming during the pandemic doesn’t help either, I would assume. They can’t really go anywhere or do anything exciting. We can only watch so many scenes of Leah at the park. And even then, she’s not really doing anything, she’s just talking to her kids. I feel like a lot of Teen Mom is now just talking about stuff, rather than actually doing stuff. Maci talking to her kid about his dad and therapy and what he wants to do with that and how that relationship should look. Leah talking to her girls about the pandemic and whether school will be happening in person or not. Chelsea and Kail now both doing a lot of talking about cell phones for their kids/with their kids. Briana talking about whichever baby daddy she’s currently mad at. So much talking about either really boring stuff or semi-interesting stuff that we don’t actually get to see because it all happened off camera.

    1. The characters will still be doing ridiculous stuff for years to come that The Ashley can report. Kail will have two or three more kids with Chris and move a dozen more times, Briana will get another STD from a bathroom bang with Luis, Leah and Janelle will be 30-something grandmas. But none of them (maybe with the exception of Briana) will ever get a normal job with required hours, a manager and a regular paycheck. They’re all to good for that now.

      Janelle and Farrah have been off the show for awhile but The Ashley still supplies us with plenty of snark because of their ongoing shenanigans. So have no fear…

  5. This show could be called the lottery money change my life. Because it’s not a true picture of how a teen mom would struggle, and get to her 30s. 🤮

  6. My 30s wasn’t that interesting and neither are these losers.
    I thought last week’s Jade debacle was interesting, and then I though, I’m watching some fat ass add more to her fat ass and then causes her own drama by having her addict mother pick up her scripts. Any idiot could guess how that would work out. This show needs to die a quicker death. And knowing that this idiots get paid so much that they can remodel their bathroom makes me want to puke. These people don’t deserve that kind of pay for doing nothing but spreading their legs.

  7. These girls HAVE NOT CHANGED. At least on bravo the drama changes time to time. I can dictate each girls issues every season.

  8. There are a whole slew of reasons the ratings are down, it’s not mainly because of Jenelle leaving. First and foremost, the girls are almost 30, they’re more settled and stable, the baby daddy drama has died down, the kids are older so there’s less of the baby cuteness, Leah is off drugs with no boyfriend, Major fan favorite Chelsea is gone, etc. If someone just tuned in for pure trash, sure maybe they stopped watching when Jenelle left, but most of us have barely noticed. It’s just the girls all being settled and everything leaves less room for good storylines. Not to mention that they’ve gotten smarter on what they let get on film. When they do have something juicy going on in their lives, they hide it from MTV, whereas when they were 16 it was all out there to catch on film.

    1. And they need to realize that adding these new girls is never going to work, no matter what their storylines are. Because we don’t KNOW them. We haven’t watched them grow up. We aren’t invested in how things turn out for them. Sure maybe some people are if they watched allll the MTV shows like Young & Pregnant, etc. But most of the viewers only care about seeing how things turn out for Amber, Maci, Caitlyn, Farrah, Jenelle, Chelsea, Leah, and Kail. Period.

  9. At what point do they call it a day?

    From TeenmomFandom.com re: TM3

    > The first season finale brought in 1.24 million viewers. Due to the low viewers count and ratings MTV cancelled Teen Mom 3.

    When TM3 was cancelled, it was bringing in over twice as many viewers as TM2/TMOG is.

    These shows are dead in the water.

  10. They made the wrong choice bringing Ashley on…nothing against with her, she seems like a decent person, but her and Jade remind me why I never got into Y&P. It seems like these additions from Y&P and TM3 should have just stayed where they were…cancelled or on Y&P (I cannot stand McKee or Briana. McKee is absolutely useless, but if anything at least Briana keeps people talking). I would have preferred to see one of the girls from the new 16&P, or even someone from a different show like the Challenge or Are You The One, because Cheyenne was a pretty good addition to TMOG, and honestly so was Bristol IMO.

    These girls better get a backup plan together soon. I can see TMOG and TM2 not being around much longer. Chelsea left at the right time.

    1. Hi Lexi

      your comments are ALWAYS spot on!!!! Here is what I don’t understand though, how could the show still be on??? I have said for a few years now that it would be cancelled and TMOG or TM2 is still on. For what reason? Everyone knows they are fake and rich and not struggling but yet it still stays on?? I haven’t watched any of these shows in years, I just come here to Ashley to see what’s up, I can’t believe that many people still watch this garbage a half million people that is crazy. I don’t think it will be canceled. I think it would have been already if that was in the cards.

  11. MTV should just show reruns of “Ridiculousness” 24 hours a day! (They ALMOST do now!). Think of the benefits— no filming, no casts, no geriatric Teen Moms, better ratings! Win, win, win, win!!

  12. lol i stopped watching in the middle of last season because briana was so annoying about not wanting to use condoms and being a c u next tuesday to devoin

  13. of course people are gonna stop watching it’s not even just because of the girls or that the show ran it’s course, it’s also mtv’s fault. kail doesn’t even wanna share a lot of her life anymore mainly because of how much mtv pushes her to do uncomfortable things for the show and how they always antagonize her. they’re also always reaching in the reunions when there’s just nothing there. like why do we need 3 parts of the reunion when most of the girls don’t even wanna be around each other because of the producers

    1. Kail is a mess and that is without MTV. Do you want to know why she wasn’t in the last episode? She went and hit Chris for cutting his sons hair. She didn’t want MTV filming her domestic violence arrest. That’s uncomfortable? Maybe she shouldn’t go around continuously hitting her baby daddies.

  14. PSA’s from Leah
    Kail building a dream house and refusing to film her actual life
    What’s her name without Shen (who’s here for a birthday party!)
    Devoin was late…. again

    Who wants to watch anymore?

    I just read The Ashley

  15. Personally I’m about 3 episodes behind…it’s just not that interesting anymore…it’s the same storylines every week.

  16. Buying homes, going on vacation, new dogs, new men, another STD, more kids, new baby daddy’s….wash rinse repeat.

    Be done with it all already and pull the plug MTV!

  17. I’m sure that Jenelle will claim the sinking ratings are because she isn’t on the show.🙄The facts are the facts, viewers are tired of these full grown women who are no longer Teen Mom’s. I have no idea why they thought bringing Ashley and her dumbass “not my fiancé, now he is my fiancé and he is perfect” Bar was going to change anything. I didn’t like them on Y&P either! They need to scrap the women on both Teen Mom shows, either bring in new moms or call it a day already.

    1. As much as people hate jenelle and refuse to watch the show because she is on it, without a doubt the show will get many more viewers if she was on. It is for entertainment, the drama, jenelle brings that.

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