‘Teen Mom’ Star Leah Messer Says She’s “Going Through A Lot Right Now” During Drunken Instagram Live Session Following Her Split From Jaylan Mobley


Leah Messer turned to her friends— a lot of liquor— to get through the first night following the announcement that she has ended her engagement to Jaylan Mobley.

The Teen Mom: The Next Chapter star— who, along with Jaylan, announced via Instagram on Tuesday that they were breaking up after about 14 months together— hit the bar with her friends on Tuesday night— and brought her fans (and ‘Next Chapter’ co-stars) along for the boozy ride.

Leah— who is generally one of the more-reserved ‘Teen Mom’ cast members—and her friends were shown slurping drinks and doing shots on Instagram Live and, eventually, Leah went Live with co-stars Briana DeJesus and Maci Bookout (after they first denied her request to join their Live session.)

“Feelin’ cute…may go call Jeremy Lynn and say sexy things later…”

“I’m going through a lot right now,” Leah told Briana during their online conversation. “As you know, I’ve kept it kind of under wraps…for good reason.”

During another part of the Live, Leah said, “I’m good” when asked how she is handling the breakup. 

“This here alcohol is makin’ things real dern good!”

Leah also told Bri and Maci Bookout that some of the cast members confronted her at Cheyenne Floyd‘s wedding two weeks ago about Leah talking to Ashley Jones about what some of the other cast members had said about Ashley.

“I don’t even want in the middle of some crazy ass drama that’s going [on]…” Leah said. 

Afterward, fans on the Live were “treated” to some very bad rapping courtesy of Leah and her random friends, as well as some awkward twerking by Leah.

There’s only one phrase appropriate here…

Leah mentioned several times that her daughters were not currently in her care, and that she didn’t get them back until Friday. 

While many fans commented that Leah’s drunken antics were “cringy” and “embarrassing,” they also tried to get the ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’ star to reveal why she and Jaylan broke up so suddenly. Leah, however, remained tight-lipped on that topic.

Jaylan has yet to speak out about what caused the breakup. 

You can watch Leah “let loose” in the video below!

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(Photos: YouTube, MTV)


  1. I wonder if Jeremy had anything to do with it. Leah cheated on both husbands and other boyfriends. This being so sudden and her not saying anything makes me think she cheated.

  2. That’s to bad you really looked happy. I hope you and the girls are OK
    Take care of yourself!! Keep smiling! Stay Happy! Long fan of your from maine

  3. Leah and her family has always been my favorite since the beginning.all I got to say is if your happy than I’m happy for ya..sending you much love from an ohio fan

  4. She just moves too fast from one relationship to another and she’s not being a good example of how adult relationships should be to her girls..you don’t marry or get engaged to every other guy you date, especially so dang soon AND I don’t think she’s over Jeremy at all..why does she always have booty calls with him? Literally needs to grow up

  5. Maybe Jaylan traded up from a D-List “celebrity” to a C-list “celebrity” to boost his cringey brand?

    Even though she ignored the red flags, I hope Leah wasn’t too hurt emotionally or financially.
    The only thing more questionable than his fashion choices were his motives that were overtly questionable to all outside observers.

  6. And yet no one is suprised. I said they will break up before. The dude also sounded fishy. Leah CLEARLY has some maturing to do and stop hopping into relationships. Be single for your girlses and don’t get engaged to the first guy who looks at you nicely. You’re not your sister (hopefully).

  7. You don’t get engaged four months ago, Buy a house… Then broke up and say it’s amicable. Some shit went DOWN!

    1. Wouldn’t surprise none if Aleeah Grace had her preppy little hand in driving him away with all her “Gonna get married soon and give us a sibling?” talk!!

  8. I had hoped that Jaylan was a good guy and good for Leah but now he just seems like a user/loser who took advantage of Leah and her family.

    What a douche.

    1. He’s far from a loser, he works in cybersecurity in the us military. That’s.not an easy job to get. I’m betting he realized having a reality’ star’ as a wife don’t look too good on a job application and job review.

      1. His numerous photo shoots indicate he doesn’t care much about his job reviews. Dude loved the spotlight.

    2. I’m going with #2.

      And that’s not a diss. Some guys like guys. That’s a deal breaker for many women. Very legit reason to suddenly break up.

      1. Well hopefully the truth will come out sooner then later of what happened to this so called relationship I taught everything was going to quick with them they seemed rushed to meet up with some agenda or something, who knows let us know whats going on!!!!!

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