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“We’re kind of over it…”

The Ashley does her best to bring you all the latest news on reality TV shows and their stars. The Roundup can’t cover every reality TV show and event, though, so here’s a listing of some reality TV stories that haven’t been covered by The Ashley this week!

Saying Goodbye? The Hollywood Gossip: Tori Roloff Says Their Time on ‘Little People Big World’ Is “Coming To a Close”

New Man for Mack! Heavy: Former ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Mackenzie McKee Introduces New Boyfriend On Her Social Media 

Kardashi-Dresses! Starcasm: Kendall & Kylie Jenner Announce Bridesmaid Dress Collaboration with Azazie

A Baby For Brody! Page Six: ‘The Hills’ Star Brody Jenner Expecting First Child with Girlfriend Tia Blanco 

Debt Free for Tori! The Sun: Tori Spelling Finally Settles $87k Credit Card Debt After Bank Requests LA Sherriff’s Office Force Her To Pay 

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  1. I really don’t think that Mac intended to insult anyone. She didn’t realize what she was saying was racist. She was seeing many posts from people saying persons of color and said colored person. She is not well educated and when she realized her mistake, she apologized profusely. She was educated in that moment. She realized that what she said was ignorant and racist. I really don’t think her intent was to insult anyone and she was happy that a POC was elected to VP if you read the full comment. Yes her response was racist but she learned from this experience.

  2. I understand the confusion here, because I have made the same mistake myself before in the past and had to be corrected. “Colored/coloured” is considered inappropriate, as opposed to “person of color/colour.” This goes back to segregation days, when things like drinking fountains were considered a “colored/coloured drinking fountain” or a “white drinking fountain.” “Colored/coloured” was code for “black,” “negro,” or “n*****.”
    The phrase “person of color/colour” is meant to focus on the person themselves as opposed to their skin color, and also includes people of other non-white races (Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans, etc.) who also frequently face discrimination based on their skin color.

    In simplest terms…

    “colored” = racist = not PC = bad
    “coloured” = racist = not PC = bad
    “person of color” = not racist = PC = good
    “person of colour” = not racist = PC = good

    I hope that I have been able to help out anyone who is confused by the terminology! It can be complicated, especially when certain terms and phrases are similar but have different historical backgrounds.

  3. The issue is not color versus colour, it is “colored” versus “person of color.” Calling someone “colored” is ignorant and racist.

    1. It’s actually called being PC, if this lady was completely African American then she would be referred to as a black lady but with her mixed heritages you refer to them as colored or a person of color.

      She’s not a fan of her (and neither am i) but there are far more racist words she could have used but didn’t, she chose to use the word “colored” because like I said it’s PC and she’s not racist but people that are fans of that woman (Kamala Harris) are gonna label her (MacKenzie) racist…and quite frankly it’s wrong.

      Now if she’d said the word “nigger” or “monkey”, then yeah that’s racist….but she didn’t.

      1. As always, you have no goddamn idea what you’re talking about. It’s racist AF to refer to someone as “colored,” no matter how you spell it, and it is NOT interchangeable with the term “a person of color.” It’s also not about being “PC,” but of course you’re going to dismiss it as such. It’s about being respectful, something your Dunning-Kruger ass knows fuck all about. And since I have NO respect for you, I’m happy join in the chorus of all the other people here and tell you that you’re absolutely fucking vile.

  4. Im quite honestly happy for MacKenzie McKee, she may not be the sharpest tool in the shed (case and point, getting knocked up and still marrying Josh even though she knew how he was), she does deserve happiness.

    But in her defense, her parents (especially her mom, may she rest in peace) were influencing her to stick it out and not give up.

    MacKenzie even said she wishes she’d have parted ways with him way back when Gannon was first born.

    I’m sure her parents thought they were doing what was best but I thought it was kind of selfish of them (just because their marriage lasted 32 years doesn’t mean that is what is best for everyone).

    I honestly think Broncs was seeing and feeling the stress of all this and that’s why he was acting up. Maybe now that the atmosphere around him isn’t toxic he’ll get better?

    And as far as her comment about Kamala Harris, the lady is half African American and half Asian American so she’s not exactly a black woman. I believe I’ve even heard her refer to herself as “a proud woman of color”, she embraces both her heritages, not just the African American side.

    1. Mackenzie referred to her as “coloured” and that’s ignorant and racist. Maybe she didn’t mean to but it’s still ignorant in this century. It doesn’t matter if she’s half Asian or whatever, she is a woman/person of color, not “coloured”

      1. Colored can be spelled two ways Mick…it can be spelled colored and colored, just like the word favor or favorite…it can be spelled favor and favour…favorite or favorite. And several other words as well.

        Is that the problem? She spelled it differently…omg, get a life!!

          1. Sounds like that’s the issue to Mick and that’s dumb!!!

            This is EXACTLY what he said “Mackenzie referred to her as “coloured” and that’s ignorant and racist.” Then he goes on to say “she is a woman/person of color, not “coloured”, so if the spelling isn’t the issue I honestly don’t know is in his eyes.

            But like i said, people who don’t like MacKenzie but like Kamala Harris are gonna jump on this comment like a pirahna in a fish tank.

            Mrs Harris is a colored lady or a woman of color so there was nothing wrong with what Mack said.

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