‘Sister Wives’ Star Kody Brown Confesses He Didn’t Love His Wife Christine & Was Only Affectionate To Her Because He Had To Be

“You certainly had no problem making six kids with me, you springy-haired simpleton!”

Kody Brown took a few very low blows on Sunday’s explosive episode of Sister Wives.

After an anger-filled conversation with his (now ex) wife Christine (as well as his other three wives, Meri, Robyn and Janelle), Kody dropped a bombshell during one of his on-camera confessionals. He claimed that he didn’t actually love Christine– who was his third wife until she left him in 2021. He also claimed that he was only affectionate with her because he felt he had to be. 

“I just feel like, for the past 14 years, I’ve been sucking it up with her,” Kody said during the episode, after admitting that he is very angry that Christine has chosen to leave him and his polygamous family.

“In our marriage, I was putting in so much effort. I was holding her hand, I was kissing her. I wasn’t in love. I was doing it as my duty as a husband,” Kody reveals, adding that Christine “quit loving me years ago.” 

“Gee, I wonder why?!”

Kody stated that he was being affectionate with Christine all of those years out of obligation, “trying to be a loving husband.” He blamed Christine for the breakup of their 26-year-long marriage. 

“And now that she’s leaving, I just felt like giving her a piece of my mind about leaving…This ain’t my fault!” Kody said.. “[Christine] did this, is what I feel like. I don’t care if that’s not fair. That’s how I feel. She did this.”

During another confessional, Kody angrily accuses Christine of telling the family’s kids that he didn’t love her. (Kody and Christine share six children, and Kody has 12 more kids with his other wives.)

“She’s going to go around telling the kids that I didn’t love her.”

Kody, a man who literally just said on national TV that he didn’t love Christine, is mad because he thinks Christine is telling people he didn’t love her. Make it make sense!

Elsewhere in the episode, Kody thanked Christine for coming into the family, saying it was a “blessing” because it helped him sort out the “mess” he was in (assumingly because Janelle and Meri didn’t get along in the beginning of the relationship).

However, he immediately turned around and thanked her for leaving. He also thanked her for “ripping off the Band-Aid so quickly.”

“You came into our lives, you did us a favor. You’re leaving, and I almost feel it’s a favor too,” he said.

“The true Kody Brown, ladies and gentlemen! I’ll show myself out.”

As ‘Sister Wives’ fans know, Kody and Meri have a very strained, non-romantic relationship now, and Kody admitted that he didn’t love Janelle last season during the Tell-All season finale. Kody was asked point-blank by host Sukanya Krishnan if he loved Janelle, whom he has been married to since 1993. Kody responded that he loves Janelle, but Sukanya quickly pointed out that’s not what she asked him. Finally, Kody admitted that he’s not “in love” with his second wife—with whom he shares six children— but said he considers her a great friend.

After shaking his head ‘no’ when asked if he is in love with Janelle, Kody argued that Janelle feels the same way about him.

“Janelle wouldn’t tell you that she was in that place with me either if she was being honest,” Kody said. 

Just last week, Christine’s daughter Gwendlyn seemed to confirm that Janelle has left Kody. However, Kody and Janelle have remained silent on the topic. 

‘Sister Wives’ airs Sundays on TLC. Click here to read The Ashley’s latest episode recap! 

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43 Responses

  1. You didn’t ever love her, and now your saying it’s not your fault…..Coming from the man that also said he married for love what a bunch of crap. I think she made the right choice in leaving a loveless joke of a marriage to you….Get your ego out of it Mr. Brown.

  2. Kody and Sobbin’ Robyn make a lovely couple. She can lie and tell him his hair looks great and he can tell her that using a brown marker to define her eyebrows was a great idea.

    1. Exactly. And she doesn’t have to tell them, they’ve all witnessed it first hand growing up. He’s such an ass.

  3. I think the reason Noodlehead and Sobyn get along so well are their “beauty nights.” Sobyn gives Noodlehead a perm and he in turn draws her eyebrows on with a thick brown crayon. Then they get in their matching jammies and talk shit about the other wives/suckers.

  4. This is just mean. I actually like Christine the best of the wives. She seemed to smile the most and be the most playful. She also seemed cool enough to have a beer with at the end of a long day. I dunno, Kody is an idiot anyway so I guess this doesn’t surprise me all that much. Glad they are coming to their senses and jumping RV ship 🙂

  5. Did anyone catch the talking head interview with Janelle? Where she stated “I don’t know who this patriarchal guy is, but he isn’t the man I WAS married too”… then catches herself and says “for years”. Maybe I’m looking too deep into it, but her facial expression was telling when she said it.

    1. Yep, I caught that too. The scales have fallen from her eyes and she sees exactly what the situation is. I have never heard Janelle be so honest before. No more defending Kody. She sees exactly where she stands and she is not buying it anymore.

      Good for her.

      1. Yay! Thought I was the only one. It struck something in me. ITA with you, never seen her so honest. If she hasn’t already, I hope she runs to never return.

  6. Awwww, poor whittle Spin-Mop head got his whittle feelings hurt because Christine left his ass high and dry. Boo boo. So in true Grody fashion, he makes his theatrical debut on that porch all about him, him him, and how he was done wrong. Sit the fuck down. Gaslighter!

    1. He was mad because SHE pulled the plug and not him. How dare she do that to him. What a ramen noodle empty head he is. Most vile person on reality TV at this point

  7. If he doesn’t and hasn’t loved Christine in years, why is he so hellbent on keeping her in the relationship? (Rhetorical question of course! It’s because he’s controlling)

  8. Kody is truly the only reality “star” I’ve seen where 100% of the online comments agree he is the problem. It is crystal clear.
    Jenelle Evans has supporters, Farrah has supporters, all the worst ones have at least some supporters. But I haven’t seen ONE person who sides with Kody and thinks Christine is at fault here.
    Which makes sense because all his arguments have literally been proven as lies by things we’ve seen play out.
    And the wild thing is, he will NEVER admit he was wrong. He’ll blame it on the editing, blame it on Christine brainwashing her kids, blame it on Janelle, blame it on Polygamy, blame it on everything except looking at his own words and actions.

    1. You’re absolutely right!!! 1000% Kody can’t admit he was wrong or have any type of accountability because he is the text book definition of a narcissist. Narcissists can never admit they are wrong, nor can they apologize.

    2. Yup text book narcissist. Awful person!! Everyone should walk away from him, and leave him alone with his Toni Home Perm kit.

  9. Kody tells the world that he doesn’t love, or even like, any any of their mothers, except for Robyn. Then he wonders why the kids don’t want a relationship with him. My god he is stupid. The 3 were just a convenient bang, and he rotated nights with them for variety.

  10. He is such a narcissistic asshole. Sociopathic Robyn and Kody should just be by themselves with their chosen children. They both are miserable people.

  11. I totally believe it’s possible to be in love with more than one person at a time. But it’s overwhelmingingly obvious that in this case, when Kody met Robyn, that was the first time he’d ever fallen in love. Every other relationship he’s been in has been born of religious obligation. That’s it.

    1. I think he did love Christine, Meri and Janelle.
      He just loves Robyn more because she cuddles his ego better, she pretends to admire him and that he is the man of the house, the leader.
      She purposely makes the other wives look bad and herself like the better and obedient wife that respects him. She points out their flaws and how things should be.
      Meanwhile, she gets what she wants by presenting ideas to him as what he ought to do and a day later he believes himself it was basically his idea. So no, they don’t disagree a lot.
      She probably pretends to “give in” and “let him decide” a lot.
      Plus, she has all her kids kiss the ground he walks on and obey him, treat him like their leader.

      When Kody thinks what he has with Robyn is real love, he is wrong. It’s manipulation and codependency going both ways and it’s a house of cards.

      Robyn can’t have it that the other wives are leaving cause Kody might start to look at their relationship when they are gone and she can’t point out how much better their relationship is anymore.

      1. This was abundantly evident when he was on his way to the wedding and she made the comment that he says things/has gifts for speaking that others wishes they did. Robyn, you can’t be serious we have ears and eyes to see this moron.

      2. You are so right. She is not interested in any relationship with Christine or her kids. That is not why she is crying. She is losing her foil.

  12. I felt so bad for Meri for YEARS. She seemed like she wanted out but that she just couldn’t bare to do it. She’d always seemed like a good and genuine person and I really felt like she stuck around because that’s what Mariah (Leon) expected her to do. These past two episodes highlight just how wrong I’ve been. I have never completely flipped to totally disliking someone so fast. She is just as horrible as Kody. The BS that she spewed was pathetic and it’s so clear that she’s a hater of anyone who wants actual love and goodness in their lives (not the pathetic #bossbabe #selflove lularoe crap she spews). She was catfished by a woman… if it had actually been a man, she would have been GONE. I hope the rumors are true and that Jenelle really did leave the cult (sorry, I mean “family”). There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be monogamous but at least have the decency to tell the wives around you that this is what you want. Robyn is Kody’s everything (these narcs deserve each other), so it’s so stupid to see them gang up on Christine for wanting to move on from a sh***y marriage. Let Truely go, just like you let all the others go that don’t “fit in” with the family, Kody. SMH.

  13. Christine doesn’t need to tell anyone you don’t love her. Not only did you just admit it on national television for your kids to see, but we’ve all known it’s true for years. What a gaslighting narcissist.

  14. What a fcking loser.. He’s saying this because his ego took a beating. All these women are better off without him..

  15. And what slept her just to get his rocks off….. disgusting. I really can’t stand him….he makes me so sick ??

  16. So if he did not love Christine and showed her affection out of duty, why can’t he show affection to Meri out of the same duty? F you, Cody.

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