Zach Roloff Says He’s “Not Okay” With His Feud With Father Matt Roloff Being Aired on ‘Little People Big World’

“Sure, we could pull the family drama off the air, Zach, but then we’d have to get jobs…”

The feud between Zach Roloff and his father Matt has been the focus of nearly two seasons of the family’s reality show, Little People, Big World, and, apparently Zach isn’t happy about it.

On Sunday, Zach revealed his feelings about his very public family feud in the comment section of his post on Instagram. He asked his Instagram followers to comment on whatever they wanted to, and, naturally, many had questions about Zach and Matt’s feud over the family farm situation

“How comfortable are you having to air the disagreement with your dad with all of America?” one person asked Zach.

Zach revealed that he’s not happy about the feud being so public. 

“Not okay with it,” Zach answered, adding that having the feud air on TV has had an effect on his relationship with his dad .

“It’s definitely expedited some things,” Zach said. 


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Zach’s statement elicited a mixed response, with some people expressing sympathy for Zach. 

“I feel bad for all y’all’s dirty laundry aired everywhere,” one person wrote. “I know you now chose to be on ‘LPBW,’ but as a kid you had no say so. I’m sorry your family has to go through so much crap that the world sees.”

Others, however, pointed out that Zach and his family are paid very well to put their personal lives on TV. 

“Don’t forget at the end of the day, it’s all about ratings and putting money in their pockets and drama brings good ratings!” someone else wrote. “I don’t think he or his wife works so they count on this show for income! [Zach’s] other siblings left the show.”

As fans saw throughout last season (and during this current season) of the show, Matt and Zach were at odds over the sale of a portion of Roloff Farm. The two parties were unable to come to an agreement, leading Matt to put the disputed acres on the market. He later insinuated that Zach and his twin Jeremy were to blame for the sale, causing Zach to take to Instagram to call his father “manipulative” and other choice words.

During the most-recent episode of ‘Little People, Big World,’ Matt spoke to his friend about what happened while he and Zach were negotiating Zach and his wife Tori buying part of Roloff Farms.

“I think Zach’s very upset but he sat down, one conversation, and came in with demands that went beyond price,” Matt told his friend, adding that Zach’s demands included a bunch of other “guarantees” he wanted from Matt regarding the farm, which Matt stated he “couldn’t accommodate.” 

(Matt stated last season that he was somewhat glad that his sons didn’t get the farm. In one conversation, he said that, “if the kids had gotten it, I would be stuck maintaining it, maybe even harder than I do now,” implying that Zach had wanted Matt to continue to do  work at the farm, even if Zach was an owner.) 

“My assumption was that the kids were going to work together as a team and share in the business but everybody had different dreams, and aspirations and goals for their own individual lives…you can’t blame them for that,” Matt said last episode. “But I cannot keep an expectation that no longer is valid.”

Well, yeah, basically…

One comment that seemed to strike a chord with viewers was when Matt told his friend, “Have you ever heard the phrase I created a monster? I created a bunch of little monsters.”

While Zach has yet to comment on being called a “little monster” on TV by his dad, he has made several public comments about the farm feud.

“How ya gonna do me like that, Pops?!”

Back in May, Zach told Entertainment Weekly that there are “a lot of hurt feelings” within the Roloff family.

“We’re not innocent in all this either. But it is what it is. It’s not our call,” Zach said of the sale of the farm. “The whole family built the equity of that place and built it to what it is. But it’s not any of our calls but my dad’s. That’s his call, which is fine.

“I wish it maybe was played out a little bit more honest leading up to it,” he continued. “I have my own family to focus on… “ … I’m a dad with three kids, and a husband. I’m not crying over my childhood house being sold. I do wish if it was going to get sold, it was done in a better way, but it wasn’t, which is fine.”

Matt recently announced that he plans to turn the family’s former home on the farm into a vacation rental property. Last month, Zach’s mother (and Matt’s ex-wife) Amy Roloff expressed her desire for her family— and their reality show– to “move on” from the farm drama.

“Even I’m tired of talking about the damn farm!”

“Matt owns all the property,….you guys have seen what he’s doing with it now…” Amy said. “It’s time for us to move on with our own lives…my hope and goal is always to, eventually, maybe we can get together more than just birthdays, maybe a holiday. It takes time for that to happen. It’s easier for some and takes a little longer for others.

…If there is another season after that, I’m going to try to make it into a season where you actually get to see a little more of us and what we’re doing in our lives…maybe getting together with everybody. We’re moving forward from this [farm sale stuff].”

‘Little People Big World’ airs Sundays on TLC.

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18 Responses

  1. Amy is right. The family needs to move on and stop wallowing in what didn’t happen. Matt gave his children a wonderful childhood and he doesn’t owe them anything else. It was his dreams and imagination that made the farm what it was and they need to give him credit and respect for that instead of whining and complaining. Tori says the farm isn’t a place of joy for her anymore. So who cares?

  2. Life is to short. Make sure you kiss your love ones and tell them you love them.Before they leave home everyday. CAUSE YOU DON’T KNOW IF THEIR COMING BACK HOME. THE WAY ALL THE SHOOTING AND KILLING GOING ON NOW.l wish l had a father like Matt.My father didn’t give two cents about his five daughters.So Zach please get your family back together. It’s going to hurt your children.Don’t listen to other people go by your feelings.

  3. I don’t like Matt. I don’t feel sorry for him. He made his bed and now he has to lie in it. The fact is as I see it is that he tried to make money off of Zach and that is wrong. Zach offered his dad what he could afford and Matt turned him down. Not only that but, and this is where Matt turns it around and makes himself look bad, he not Zach made demands. He wanted Zach to buy the farm and still do things his (Matt’s) way.

  4. Amy sold her interest in the “farm” to Matt. She really doesn’t have any reason to make comments now. Matt should be able to do “whatever” he wants with his property.✊?

  5. Matt worked so hard on the upkeep of the farm. Zach seems lazy, Tori and Amy are drama queens. Btw, Zach and his Mom have disgusting eating habits.

    1. Matt is the one who always said the farm would go to Jeremy actually for years only Jeremy was interested. Then Zack threw his hat in. Amy took less money in buy-out from Matt so that kids could afford to buy it. Amy received under $900,000 for the last 30 acres with farmhouse. Then Matt offers kids 15 acres for over 2 million. Like everything Matt does he screws everyone. Now farmhouse rental is almost $2,000 per night. Caryn put her nose it where it didn’t belong (there not even married) Chris NEVER OVERSTEPS WITH KIDS. It’s sad when Matt cheated on Amy for years with Caryn – Tori and Zack still formed bond with Caryn. The kids even complained Amy wasn’t moving off farm fast enough because they wanted it. Truth is during divorce kids really didn’t take Amy side because Matt controlled farm. Amy said over and over Matt couldn’t be trusted no one listened to her. Now Matt screws his own kids over money and kids don’t like it??? This is how Amy was treated for years. Her own kids didn’t care Matt was sleeping with Caryn all over Hillsboro.

  6. I’ve been Team Matt from the start but still hoping they reconcile regardless of what happens with the beautiful farm that MATT created.

    I gotta say that Tori is getting on my nerves. I’ve always been a fan and I think she’s a wonderful mother, but I find it sad that she is denying her kids the farm, their grandfather, and Cha-Cha who is absolutely ADORED (and not forgotten) by Jackson. With Zach, I can understand that he feels slighted, whether he really was or if he just had unrealistic expectations.

    1. How can you be team Matt when he cheated on Amy for years. He lied to Amy about selling farm to kids so he could give her less money? Amy wanted the farm to be affordable for kids so she took ALLOT LESS money. then Matt and Caryn go for broke with kids with number they couldn’t afford. Matt had Jackson bury the time capsule and all that crap- it was all lies! However, bottom line none of the kids cared when Matt was having a public affair with Caryn because they wanted the farm. Zack and Jeremy said on camera many times Amy needed to move on and it was annoying them. If my Dad cheated on my Mom he would be dirt to me. Kids don’t like it when Matt treats them like dirt. they are spoiled beyond belief.

  7. They all just need to get over themselves. Family infighting is not cool. Expected better from Tori. Depriving your children from relationships they have cherished in the past is childish. Too invested in wanting to be right instead of doing the right thing.

    1. Yes, exactly! I remember last season when they were having Jackson’s birthday party and Zach asked him who he wanted to invite and he said instantly responded “Cha-Cha!”

  8. I agree with Amy it’s time to move on But I really think think Caryn had something to do with Matt not letting His Sons Purchasing the Farm that the Roloff Family Built together.

  9. Sigh…here we go again….
    Whiny babies Zach and Tori with the same old, same old.
    What was even worse was the dialogue between the two. Overgrown teenagers who incessantly use the word “like,” because they cannot frame a coherent sentence WITHOUT using it…
    Zach: Ummm…like…Tori…what’s for…like…dinner? Hope it’s…like…spaghetti…like…it’s so good…like…yeah?
    Tori: Yeah…like…it’s spaghetti with…like…meatballs…and like…can you…like…change…ummm…like…Josiaha’s like, diaper?

    I nearly slipped into a coma listening to this. Meanwhile, back at the ranch (so to speak) Matt seems to be making a stronger and stronger case as to why he didn’t give in to their unrealistic demands and sell it to Zach and Jeremy. They wanted all of the glory but NONE of the actual WORK of running a successful business enterprise.

    1. Thank you thank you thank you! It’s good to know someone other than myself is bothered by all the “likes.” Have they never watched themselves and heard how they sound? I miss half of what they are saying because I am so distracted by every other word being “like.” It’s “like” annoying!

      1. You are most welcome, Janette! I, like, so appreciate your, like, kind remarks! Hee hee…
        Joking aside, may you live long and prosper! XXOO

    2. Thank you for making me laugh harder than I have in a long time. Your example of Tori and Zack’s conversation “like this, like that” was perfect and has me in stitches! You are dead on!!!?

  10. I’ll say it once again for the kids in the back, “You are not entitled to anything your parents own. It is not yours, it’s theirs.”

  11. Don’t you like your dirty laundry in public? Fine, quit the show and be a private person like everybody else. Easy peasy

  12. I absolutely agree with Amy. It’s time for everyone to move on. I’m tired of Zach and Tori whining about the farm. The show isn’t nearly as interesting now because Matt made it good with all of his ideas and projects and now nothing is going on any more. The children are cute for about five minutes but watching Jackson ride his scooter for an hour is boring.

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