‘Sister Wives’ Star Meri Brown Reveals Where Her Relationships With Her Ex-Husband Kody Brown & Former Sister Wives Stand Today

“…but seeing as how this ‘family’ has since fallen completely apart, I’m more than happy to distance myself from it.”

Since “permanently terminating” her union to Kody Brown, Meri Brown has dabbled in the dating world, launched a very pricey “online mentorship program” and, somehow, found a way to remain “cordial” with Kody and former sister wives, Christine, Janelle and Robyn Brown.  

During a recent interview on the Miss Understood podcast, the Sister Wives star revealed to host Rachel Uchitel that, while she has “cordial conversations” with Kody & Co. whenever she sees them, she admits she doesn’t “seek them out to have a relationship” at this point. 

“I feel like we had a lot of time to be able to do that,” she explained. “ … Since I’ve separated myself– [and since] Kody and I have separated, and we’re done– I have a lot of things that I’m working on myself and I think it’s really important to be surrounded by the people that really encourage that.” 

“Soooo…I guess that means no more Rice Krispies Treats for me, Mer?” 

As fans know, Meri and Kody officially split in January 2023 after more than 33 years together, leaving Robyn as the only remaining Mrs. Kody Brown. (Christine was the first to jump ship in November 2021, while Janelle followed suit in December 2022.) 

“If we knew life without Kody would be THIS great, we would’ve left him even before his hairline did.”

Meri went on to say that she’s “OK” with the fact that she’s no longer close to some of the people who were in her life for many years, though she claims it took her “a little bit” of time to get to that point. 

“Sometimes people are just in your life for a season, you know, and it’s OK to let things go if the relationship is not reciprocal and it’s not building me up or building them up,” she explained. “It’s OK to not force it. That goes for [Kody], that goes for any of my sister wives, that goes for anybody in my life.” 

When you realize you have no sister wives, friends OR porches to sit on…

Meri said she spent years thinking the Browns had to “really stick together” just because they’re family, but she has since changed her mindset. 

“For a lot of years, I was like, ‘Wait a minute, we’re family. We need stick together,'” Meri said. “But then I also look at my own family that I came from.  I have some siblings that I talk to every day, some siblings that I talk to every week, and some siblings that I talk to a funerals and weddings. And that’s OK.” 

Meri also weighed in on how close Janelle and Christine have become since Christine split from Kody, insisting that she doesn’t feel left out that she is not close with them.

“I think it’s awesome that Janelle and Christine are close [now],” Meri said. “They were not when we were all together. They were not [close] for all those years. So whatever’s made them close like that now, I think it’s great.

One thing that did bring the Brown family together in recent months was the tragic death of Kody and Janelle’s son Garrison Brown. As The Ashley previously told you, the 25-year-old took his own life in March. 

Kody and Janelle’s son Garrison…

Meri said she has spoken to both Kody and Janelle in the months following Garrison’s passing, revealing “there are good days and bad days” for the entire family. 

“I don’t know how there couldn’t be,” she said. “There’s still times that I just– like, I’ll see a picture of Garrison or something, and all of a sudden just, like, ‘Oh, I don’t like that this happened.’ It’s really sad, you know? 

“I just feel so much for Janelle,” Meri continued. “I watched my mom lose two of her own kids before she passed … it’s tragic. It’s tragic.”

During the interview, Meri also revealed that having her and Kody’s marriage crash-and-burn has not soured her away from commitment.

“I hope so,” Meri said, when asked by Rachel if she plans to get married again.  “I plan on it. [I believe in marriage], absolutely.” 

Marrying a polygamist, though, is no longer in the cards for Meri, who stated that she will only be in a one-on-one marriage from here on out. (Interestingly, Meri’s former sister wife, Janelle, has stated that she is still open to polygamy, despite her split from Kody.) 

Watch Meri’s full interview on the ‘Miss Understood’ podcast below. 

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  1. Truthfully I would choose never to speak to Kody and Robyn again. He has turned his back on all of the children he had with Meri, Janelle and Christine. And that Meri agreed to divorce him so he could marry Robyn to adopt her kids was just proof that he had no feelings for Meri or their daughter. Robyn and Kody deserve each other. No hearts or empathy of anyone but themselves. I still cannot understand why Meri, Janelle and Christine even wanted to be with him!

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