New TLC Series ‘Forbidden Love’ Will Feature Couples With Opposite Religions & Opposing Families: Meet the Cast & Watch the First Trailer

“…and where better to work through these challenges than on a reality TV show?!”

Forbidden Love, a new series coming to TLC this summer, will follow four couples with opposite faiths and opposing families as they put their differences– and in some cases, their religion– aside, and their love to the test. 

“Their religions, traditions, and beliefs all differ, but love and connection brought them together,” TLC’s announcement for the upcoming series states. “Will these couples be able to find common ground and take their relationships to the next level– or will their families and pressures to convert to one faith over another be too much for them to handle?” 

Meet the couples of ‘Forbidden Love’ below! 

Eli & Laurie

Eli, 36, is an Orthodox Jew and Laurie, 32, was raised a devout Catholic, but abandoned her religion after her father’s untimely death. When the couple met, Laurie decided to convert to Eli’s religion in order to solidify their future together. However, converting proves to be no small feat for Laurie, who finds herself giving up her clothes, changing her hair, taking classes, studying and preparing to change her lifestyle, while questioning if she’s giving up too much in order to be with the man she loves.  

Lensa & Kris

After 37-year-old Pentecostal preacher’s son Kris falls in love with 32-year-old Lensa, a Muslim woman who has already been in two arranged marriages, his father is left “dismayed.” Lensa and Kris want each other to convert to their respective religions, leaving both them and their families at odds. 

“Will one of them leave their religion entirely, even if it means never speaking to their family again?” Kris and Lensa’s ‘Forbidden Love’ bio reads. “Or will the pressure be too much for the relationship to handle?” 

Elmer & Lindsey

Elmer left his Amish community to marry 34-year-old Lindsey, but the 23-year-old– who has been disowned by his family– finds it difficult to adapt to the “English” world. Meanwhile, Lindsey believed Elmer would be a “wholesome” husband who would never have a wandering eye, though she soon realizes that being with someone who was raised Amish “is more complicated than she predicted.” 

Oh, and the pair are expecting a baby together, so there’s that. 

Ashley & Mohammad

Ashley, 31, was raised in a conservative Catholic family and is now married to 31-year-old Mohammad, a Muslim man. The couple are parents to a three-year-old daughter named Rozie. When Ashley and Mohammad fell in love, Mohammad’s twin brother didn’t approve of the couple’s relationship, as he preferred his twin to marry a Muslim woman. 

In addition to family criticism (on both sides), Mohammad wants Ashley to convert to his religion in order for their daughter to be raised Muslim, though Ashley is “conflicted about living by strict Muslim laws.” 

‘Forbidden Love’ premieres Sunday, July 21 on TLC. Watch the Season 1 trailer below! 

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(Photos: TLC; YouTube) 

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  1. Just from reading the bios I can tell TLC has done its usual great job in lining up some dreadful people.

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