Kody Brown Issues Apology to His Estranged Sons During ‘Sister Wives’ Finale Special; Claims He Was Only “Trying To Protect [His] Family”

“…who has a bunch of kids who hate him…”

During Sunday’s “One-on-One” special, Sister Wives star Kody Brown issued an apology to sons Gabe and Garrison after admitting to host Sukanya Krishnan that he is not on speaking terms with either due to a disagreement that started over COVID-19 protocols and the way the boys felt Kody was treating their mother, Janelle. 

As fans of ‘Sister Wives’ may recall, Kody and wife Robyn Brown enforced strict COVID-19 rules at the height of the pandemic, despite some of the other wives and children in the Brown family (including Gabe and Garrison) opting not to do the same.

As if being one of Kody Brown’s wives wasn’t hard enough already…

Kody’s treatment of others during the time left some in the family feeling “rejected,” including Gabe and Garrison. During Sunday’s “One-on-One” finale, Janelle spoke about the estrangement between her sons and their father, noting that Kody gave Gabe and Garrison an “ultimatum” to apologize to both him and Robyn, despite “not [having] made any effort” to meet the boys in the middle.

“He still is acting like they need to come to him,” Janelle said. 

Kody, reminding everyone who he thinks is in the wrong here.

Kody admitted during Sunday’s episode that since being estranged from his sons, he “can’t even have conversations with them anymore,” calling the situation “very sad.” In an attempt to mend the relationship, Kody delivered an on-air apology into the camera. 

“Boys, I’m sorry,” he said. “I was trying to protect my family. Next time, I’d manage it differently and I’m sorry.” 

“Yeah, next time he’ll probably make us sleep outside in tents.”

Moments before apologizing, however, Kody went off on one of his infamous rants about how angry he was over Gabe and Garrison’s refusal to follow his COVID-19 protocols.

“If one of my little children had to die because someone had to get his pencil wet, that made me so mad,” Kody said, obviously referring to the fact that his sons refused to stop seeing their girlfriends during the pandemic, as Kody instructed.

“Do you understand? If one of my children die, how hard it would be to ever forgive the guy who was bringing it home to us?” Kody explained.

While Kody and Janelle are currently separated, Kody said he still believes he and Janelle “could probably reconcile,” but only if he receives a certain level of respect. 

Other things Janelle would rather have around than Kody: killer bees, a pack of rabid dogs, incurable chicken pox, ghosts…

“But you have to understand, this is how plural marriage is a real struggle, if I have a relationship with a wife where I have deep trust and we get along really well, that’s because that relationship communicated and worked on things and did the right things in the relationship,” he said. “Robyn brought her kids who were in our home with two adults, ages of Garrison and Gabriel, into full compliance on our COVID agreement. And when they didn’t, they got to be out of the home. 

“That right there is just an expression of how respect was given,” he added. 

As The Ashley previously told you, Janelle admitted during the episode that her respect for Kody continues to wane, largely due to “what’s happened with our kids.” 

“I’ve never felt like Kody deserved that receding hairline so much in my life.”

“I think if he had truly been watching out for me and my children he would have figured out a way to make it work for the whole family, instead of having his rules and hanging out with the wife and staying where he was ‘respected and obeyed,'” she said. 

Kody’s relationship with his sons has not changed much since last season. During the Season 16 finale, Kody stated that he, Garrison and Gabe were in need of therapy.

“I need to sit down with my boys and get something straight because I’ve gotten to the point where I’m so angry about what happened that we’re not communicating and I think they are too,” he said.

Gabe, Garrison and Janelle have yet to publicly comment on Kody’s on-air apology to them.

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  1. Again,I say this man has daddy issues. Why else would he have so many children, etc. He didn’t raise them. Why else would he have 4 wives, other than to get in daddy’s face and show daddy what a “real man” he is supposed to be…oh, by the way he has been talking about no longer being in a multiple marriage before he even talked about building one house. He started talking about being in a monogamous relationship soon after he married Robyn. Why do you think she wanted more babies, because she knew she needed to have his children, to stay at the forefront of his Kingship, because Mr. Kody does have a built-in need to fulfill his obligation to be responsible for his offspring while they are small, especially Robyn’s, because she has taught them to bow down to him and kiss his feet. Kody Brown has a God complex, and everyone has to bow down and kiss his feet, or they are not going to be included in his personal life. COVID in Robyn and his family was a joke. I’ve lost friends and relatives. He and Robyn played the parts of being genuine in their sickness, but neither are good actors. From the get-go he and Robyn used COVID to separate themselves from their obligation to the other wives and children. Why did he not go to hospital with Christine’s daughter for her surgery. She could have died or have severe damage to her spine. Very complicated surgery. Oh, and what about their move from Las Vegas, “God was leading them out of Las Vegas”. Robyn again, and Cody taking sides. He will answer for all of this and so will she. The reason for him being so upset about Christine, is she openly exposed him for what he is, whether she meant to or not. He talks about her playing games, that is like the kettle calling the pot black. They will definitely answer to The Lord, whether they answer to me or any viewers for the lies, the games, the dishonesty, their arrogance in trying to make The Lord part of this debacle on National TV. I hope their money rots in hell where it belongs.

  2. The problem is Kody, it’s really hard to respect a man who has 3 wives and dozens of children. You’re not a respectable person.

  3. How about how, in his apology, Kody’s says to Gabe and Garrison that he’s sorry, he was only trying to protect his family, not the least bit aware that he’s speaking to them as if they are NOT family members. What a jackass!

  4. His apology was so disingenuous. You could see it in his eyes….he does not give 2 hoots about anyone else but himself and Sobyn.

  5. I think his statement of, “I was trying to protect my family,” says everything you need to know about Kody’s favoritism amongst the family. He wasn’t concerned about Gabe or Garrison getting Covid, it was the fact that if they did get Covid, they would spread it amongst him and Robyn’s family. His only REAL concern was about them. He could care less if anyone else got it, he just didn’t want Robyn’s family infected. And yet regardless of his obnoxious Covid rules, he and Robyn, (and the nanny, of course), STILL caught it! I think if he was truly concerned about the ENTIRE family, he would have found a way to make it work amongst everybody. Kody doesn’t understand the simple rule of respect being earned. You have to show respect in order to receive respect. Kody is the father!! No matter how old his children are, it is still his responsibility to fix whatever issues there are amongst him and his kids. He acts like a 5 year old spoiled brat, refusing to say they are sorry. I’ve never witnessed such blatant narcissism.

    1. He also wasn’t concerned if Ysabel was going to be ok. Something awful could have happened and she could have passed….but I guess that doesn’t matter because she’s not Sobyns kids

  6. Despite of everything, Kody wants to still have a relationship with Janelle? We all watched those last episodes of him not wanting to help her with the trailer. He was literally vile acting! I think he is seeing that he had more debt than he can pay now that the 3 main incomes in the family are now no longer. He was hoping Mary would Stat vested so they could use her income to help pay the land off. He made that statement in one of the episodes while looking at the land again. Now he thinks if he can rope Janelle back in, on his terms only, she can live in her little trailer and help him and Robyn pay off the land and her million dollar home! He has to be sweating on how he is going to pay everything he owes on an income of selling guns at gun shows! God forgive Robyn gets pregnant again! It wasn’t long ago when she was wanting another child and was trying to make that decision. It was obvious Kody didn’t want anymore! I couldn’t help but think she couldn’t take care of the kids she had and she didn’t even work but she wanted another kid for the other wives to have to support! She is something else. And Kody? He is just crazy to think Janelle would go back to the same old crap and be talked to and treated like she is nobody! He is already putting it out there that she us friends with Christine. Damn right! The whole point is to separate the two of them and end their friendship. He does not want them together! If Janelle came back he would demand she not be friends with Christine. Stay where you are Janelle! He’s not a nice and loyal person. You deserve better!!

  7. Too Bad Grody didn’t keep that same energy when the nanny brought COVID into his and Robyn layer. To quote Christine , “what does the nanny do ?”

    Takes care of the Robyn’s crotch goblins and gives the family COVID evidently.

  8. Kody wasn’t worried about protecting his family when he almost let Truely die of renal failure. Fucking douche.

  9. I noticed he hasnt missed a highlight appointment with his hairdresser throughout covid. The way this man loves his hair, he should make IT a sister-wife.

  10. But, he sends his *little children* to school. Who will he ostracize and belittle if they get sick from school? Oh, wait. They DID get sick. He is so disgusting. I feel so bad for Gabe and Garrison. If what we see is 1/10th of what really happens, he is a horrible father, except to Robyn’s kids.

  11. Other things Janelle would rather have around than Kody: killer bees, a pack of rabid dogs, incurable chicken pox, ghosts…

    Nail on the head. ?

  12. Come on Kodylocks! “Protect my family” which really means Sobbin and her kids, which is now “your family.” The only reason you gave that pathetic excuse of an apology was because there has been so much backlash on you regarding how you have treated all your other kids that MONTHS later you gave your whiny apology. And do you really think that nobody notices the big bald bare spots between your Kodylocks? Cut that stuff off.

  13. That was after uttering that all they wanted to do was go out and “get their pencil wet”! How disgusting to say that about your children on TV. I’m not stupid we were all teenagers at one point but come on man…..have a little respect for your children & yourself!!!

  14. Kody and Robyn are beyond disgusting! Robyn said the other wives didn’t want to have sex with Kody because of stretch marks and weight gain and they didn’t like it! What a horrible, disgusting thing to say. How would Robyn know anything about the other wives and what goes on in their bedrooms unless Kody told her. Kody makes a remark about his own sons wanting to get their pencils wet? How disrespectful can one human be? Janelle and Christine raised those kids (not Kody) those young men appear to have great respect for women and apparently are very in love with their girlfriends. Kody has no idea what their doing and it was horrifying to hear him speak that way. I hope Janelle let’s him have it and never goes back. As far as Robyn the tell-All sucked Robyn and Kody we asked softball questions and are both liars. Looking forward to a Janelle and Christine spin-off let’s pray there is one. Kody your a PIG!

    1. Sobbyn, you f**king bitch, we ALL saw YOUR stretch marks and big belly when you were pregnant with your youngest crotch goblin! So shove it up your BIG ASS! Tell that shithead you’re married to that he is a shit father and doesn’t deserve one iota of the respect he’s always demanding. F**k the both of you!

  15. Of course he was trying to protect his family… Robyn, her kids and himself. I don’t believe Kody cares too much for anyone else.

    Anyone else ever notice Kody calls Robyn’s kids “our kids” but if they’re any of the other wives’ kids then they are hers alone.. as if Kody didn’t father any of them but fathered all of Robyn’s.if

    1. Yes he only refers to Robyn’s kids as my kids,and my family.

      He acts like none of the others are his kids. He has completely disconnected from all of them. He doesn’t even treat them like friends. They are just people he doesn’t even like.

      It was not Covid that did that. Covid is his excuse.

      He and Robyn are despicable people.

  16. New book coming out The Epitome Of A Narcissistic And Other Abusive Behaviors…by Kody Brown

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