Weekend Link-a-Polooza! Other Reality TV News From Around the Web

“‘Member when we liked each other?”

The Ashley does her best to bring you all the latest news on reality TV shows and their stars. The Roundup can’t cover every reality TV show and event, though, so here’s a listing of some reality TV stories that haven’t been covered by The Ashley this weekend!

Former Friends! Heavy: Kail Lowry Weighs In On Her Fall-Out With Former Pal & ‘Teen Mom 2’ Co-Star Leah Messer

It’s Over (Again!) The Hollywood Gossip: Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Have Reportedly Broken Up Again 

RIP. Starcasm: Jenelle Evans Responds After Her Pal (and Courtland Roger’s Baby Mama) Taylor Lewis Passes Away 

Celebrate! Monsters & Critics: ‘Below Deck’ Alum Ashton Pienaar Celebrates Three Years Sober & Announces Upcoming Book 

(Photo: MTV) 


  1. I think Kail has had falling out with every single friend she’s ever had. I think it’s time she came to the realization that she is the problem.

  2. Duhnelle is TRASH for that last line. Don’t comment on her life if you didn’t keep in touch with her. You didn’t know her. Attention seeking s1utbag

  3. I saw the baby swing too, maybe she’s babysitting for income now and that’s where the swing, diapers and bottles came from?

    Lord knows she ain’t using her college degree and I doubt her podcasts are enough to create substantial means for herself, 4 kids and that massive house since all they are is a platforms for her to bitch about her baby daddies and she no longer has MTV to keep her afloat!!!

    But if she does have a 5th kid, I REALLY hope it’s a boy and not a girl!! I’d hate like everything to see her get what she wants!!!

      1. Jealous?!!

        Um no, she was a pos mom from the word jump, 4 kids 3 different baby daddies (maybe 5 kids who knows)

        Talk about daddy issues, she looks for attention in all the wrong places, has kids and can’t take care of them (something she knew at 16 when she had Isaac), that’s why she jumped on the MTV bandwagon but she realized even that wasn’t enough so now she has what 4 podcasts to supplement her income to raise her gaggle of kids (all of which are nothing but platforms to bash her baby daddies) when she picked them (I doubt they picked her), Jo and Javi may not be the best guys in the world but I think those two have her beat in the parent department.

    1. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with babysitting for income. That being said, Kail is worth over 7 million dollars, so if she is babysitting, I’m sure it’s because she enjoys it and not because she needs the money.

      Kail’s house is paid off.

      65% of people don’t “use” their college degree for their career, so that argument means absolutely nothing.

      Kail’s podcast is quite successful, especially within its genre.

      Your last paragraph especially, shows your character, not Kail’s. I’ve seen your posts lately and I truly hope you can get some help. I don’t know if you’re manic, unhinged, or just angry about something, but your comments are not healthy. For yourself I mean. Honestly. Life is too short to be this upset about random people who don’t know who you are and you will never meet. I wish you well, truly.

      1. Never said there was anything wrong with babysitting for income, I just said that maybe she was babysitting for income which would explain the swing, diapers and bottles.

        And why get a college degree if you don’t plan to use it? It truly seems like a waste of time, money and energy… she needs to focus her energy on having a legitimate income (babysitting, making use of her college degree, etc) instead of hopping from guy to guy, getting knocked up and settling for whatever she can do to bring in the money to take care of the brood shes creating.

        1. Why get a degree and not use it?

          Are you aware of the world around you? Are you aware that although there are jobs available, not all, or even most, will be in the field for which you’ve obtained a degree.

          I have multiple degrees, and not all of them are useful in my line of work, currently, simply because the world has changed in recent years. That doesn’t mean it was a waste of time to get them, or money, or energy. Even if it was, it would’ve been MY waste of time, and not yours, so why would you care one iota?

          She has a legitimate form of income or she wouldn’t be worth what she is. You may not like her, which is perfectly fine, but you take that hatred to a whole new level. You do it for every person on this site that you don’t like, an unhealthy level at that. It’s very weird just how far you take your commentary, while also claiming to be some kind of christian.

          She does take care of her kids, always has, despite the fact that she’s definitely made a lot of choices that a lot of people won’t and don’t agree with. Her kids have always been very well taken care of. They want for nothing and have a large family surrounding them as well.

          You really need to get offline and go get some help.

          1. But at least you’re making use of your time and your probably using miniscule elements of your education but don’t realize it?

            Hell, I’d rather go flip burgers than to sit on my ass and bitch because things don’t go my way like she does.

            And she may FINANCIALLY take care of her kids but she’s always sending them outside, to their rooms or with there fathers, thats NOT taking care of your kid!! It seriously seems like she doesn’t want to be bothered with being a mom!!

            There’s more to it than finances, she needs to physically be there for her children, I get that she has boys and it’s hard for a MOTHER to find a level playing field with a BOY but she needs to put forth the effort to find something they can do together, and she DEFINITELY needs to cease with bashing their fathers in front of them like she has done SO MANY TIMES.

          2. You are not in a position to judge others’ parenting like this. You have no idea what even being a parent entails. She clearly loves her children, spends time with them, and takes care of them.

            I don’t like the way she talks down about them, or argues with them, either. I think there are things she could do better and improve upon. But you’re the person that thinks Jenelle is a good mom, so your opinion on anything parenting related is absolute bullshit.

          3. I never said Jenelle was a good mom, quite the opposite…I think she’s a horrible mom.

            And when has Kail EVER spent quality time with any of her kids? Spending 5 minutes laughing with them on camera to save face does not a good mom make. She is constantly telling them “go outside and play”, “go upstairs and play, or saying “boys, your dads are here”.

            Have you ever seen her spending time doing something with them that THEY enjoy???

            And yes, financially speaking she’s a wonderful mom but not physically speaking.

          4. Omg I could not stop laughing at your replies to Pearl and how she not once called you out of your name. Thank you for calling her out. You’re right no one here likes her. She is a loose cannon and can never let us have a thread going without her bombarding it with pure hate. She is miserable we all know it. I cannot believe their laziness and arrogance, she’s loving being a mooch of the system and blaming her disability. They clearly can type like a manic and reply coherently so why doesn’t she get a job!? She would rather collect that monthly paycheck and take from us that work everyday to support our families. I hope she stays off our forums, I once asked Ashley to please review comments because she was literally harassing everyone and Ashley removed them it was such a blessing. Pearl spends HOURS online harassing everyone for having an opinion that’s different from hers. It’s wild!

        2. Kail is using her college degree…she has 2 or 3 podcasts. Her degree was in mass communication. I’m not a fan of Kail in general, she’s petty af, but I think there’s a reason why her podcasts have lasted. I don’t listen to then personally, just read this site.

          I’m assuming she had a baby, but she could also be babysitting. She seems like a caring mom that genuinely likes kids and babies so I don’t think it’s an extreme possibility for her to be potentially watching another’s kids for income.

          1. Isaac and Lincoln births were both aired, when she had Isaac she said “Ugh a boy?!!” while Jo is screaming “I SEE A PENIS!!” And when she had Lincoln she said “oh god another boy?!!”. They didn’t show Javi too much during the birth so I don’t remember his reaction. So if she likes kids she must not like boys?

            I personally think her reaction (as well as Cate and Ty’s) to having the gender they have is why they keep having that gender, God don’t like ugly and there reactions are rather ugly so God keeps giving Cate and Ty girls and Kail keeps having boys.

            And doesnt her degree have something to do with film editing? So how are podcasts a full use of that, they’re live so there’s no editing to be done. That being said, she might be using tiny parts of her degree but it doesn’t seem she’s using her degree fully.

            That’s my point, not that she isn’t using it AT ALL (because she very well might be) but shouldn’t a degree be used fully, if it’s not then the degree is kinda pointless, I get that its HER waste of time and money but wasn’t she on financial aid? If she was then it’s a waste of others money.

            Yeah it’s her time, but it’s mostly other people’s money.

      2. Ugh, Kail is worth $7 million?! She still seems dysfunctional, angry and miserable – exhibit A that money can’t buy happiness. Or class!

        I’d rather have my privacy than $7 million for what Kail does. Not worth the constant airing of dirty laundry which understandably upsets the kids and the baby daddii.

        1. $7M lol According to Celebrity Net Worth, the mother of four has a net worth of $25,000. Based on these comments seems like we have Kaitlyn & Brianna on this site about to sue each other AGAIN! 🤣

      3. YOUR LAST PARAGRAPH l. Everything I’ve ever said about this person commenting. Completely unhinged. Her excuse, a 35 paraplegic coming to be a superhero for every D list celebrity who gets negative comments. No point in arguing or even giving them attention, it fuels that fire burning in their head. They are the ultimate keyboard warrior.

        1. Totally agree front door, I too tried to reach out to Miss Ashley In my comments, and was disappointed to see My posts removed. Hope others are encouraged to speak up if you are offended.

    2. I don’t know how much she makes, but she has said before that she makes way more $$ doing podcasting than she did doing teen mom.

      1. She probably does make more with the podcasts but don’t you think that since those are her main source of income that she should stop bashing her baby daddies (guys she chose to lay down and make babies with), if she ain’t careful those podcasts will become as repetitious as TM did, people will stop tuning in and they’ll come to an end also.

        She needs to focus on legit income and not easy money.

        If she wants to babysit, she should babysit, open her own daycare…that’s money well made. Or maybe she could use her college degree to do something productive?

      2. “No point arguing”, but yet you won’t stfu.

        I’ll stop arguing when everyone else stops arguingwithme, but I will NOT stop voicing my opinions!! Idc how many people disagree with them.

        They’re my opinions and I’m not gonna change them for the likes of you or anyone else!!

  4. For those out there who are constantly wondering if Kail had a 5th baby…..look at her necklace. She has the first initial of her kids on it and there is a fifth charm….an R.

    1. That’s actually the chain clasp, there’s only only 4 charms, I for Isaac, L for Lincoln, L for Lux and the R I’m guessing is for Creed’s middle name Romello. I thought I saw 5 charms too until I took a second look.

      But I hope that if she had a 5th that it’s a boy because I know how much she wants a girl and I want NOTHING but the worst for that chick!!!

      5 boys…payback’s a bitch!!! And she is definitely a bitch with a capital B.

        1. I may not make even a fraction of what they make but I receive disability.

          It’s not by choice but at least I have an excuse for making money without doing anything. The majority of these girls CAN do something, choice not to and still make MILLIONS.

          And trust me, I don’t wish I could make their type of money, im perfectly happy not making anywhere near as much as them because at least I come by mine honestly, however I would dearly love to get out here and legitimately make money and not have to take something without earning it!!

          1. I have absolutely nothing against people getting disability, but you do realize that you are reliant on the money others make in order to provide you with the life you have, right? People like Kail, and others, who likely make choices you wouldn’t, and don’t.

            Every person I know that receives some kind of disability is actually thankful for that, and realizes that without every other person around them who works and pays taxes, they would have nothing. You don’t “earn” what you get, either, others earn it, in order for you to have it. You don’t seem very grateful for the fact that other people keep a roof over your head, your belly full and your bills paid.

            There are a lot of jobs one can do without ever even having to leave the house, or even doing jobs outside of the house which don’t require physical work. Plenty of people with varying disabilities have gainful employment. That doesn’t mean they don’t still need disability and benefits, of course. I work with several, actually, and they are all absolutely wonderful, doing different kinds of work that help get them out of the house without putting their health (physical or mental) at jeopardy.

            You just sit at home, bash people and go into weird manic spirals online. You have no business judging others for their employment when you are making the conscious choice to not have any yourself. Hell even state agencies can help you find some type of work you can do, if you put in the effort to try (and yes, you will still receive the benefits you need to live).

          2. I am grateful, extremely grateful.

            And I know there’s gainful employment where I wouldn’t have to leave home, but a person can only make so much without losing the disability, and what if god forbid I lose the disability because i make too much then lose the job that I came so used to relying on, what would I have…NOTHING…no disability, no job, no income whatsoever.

            The majority of these girls can do something productive but choose not to.

          3. Based on your comments, you are perfectly unhappy. Every comment here is hateful and this community clearly doesn’t like you. Do you enjoy being down voted? Are you so desperate for attention that you crave all the negative attention you are getting?

          4. Pearl, that is a bunch of horseshit. You would not lose your benefits by having employment. The state agencies literally have lists and lists of employment opportunities you can do and KEEP benefits.

            You’re just miserable

          5. No, I don’t enjoy getting downvoted, I think those that downvote me truly are shit for brains that think their opinions are the only ones that matter.

            If people took the time read the comments I make solely based on my opinion then they might see that I do have a modicum of common sense, but people see the name Pearl and give an automatic downvote because they’re to stupid to take what anyone else says into consideration unless it is EXACTLY what they wanna hear!!

          6. No Peanut Gallery, I wouldn’t lose benefits solely for having employment, it’s how much INCOME I make from that employment that counts, if I were to make TOO MUCH then my disability would get cut off.

            You would know that if you had to juggle the burden if disability vs employment, im sure if you ask the many disabled employees that you claim to work with about this then you’d see that I know what I’m talking about.

          7. Actually I don’t just “claim” to work with them. Not only do I hire them, I also work with the state on their requirements, I am close friends with most of the people I work with, and I was on disability myself for about 5 1/2 years after a terrible accident.

            I know exactly how it works. I know the requirements, including income and work hour levels that can affect disability and other benefits. I know what they go through, I know what I went through too. I know the processes very well. I also know that some people who get disability could work, but CHOOSE not to, and you’re one of them, clearly. I’m not judging the need for disability, as it has its place and is a godsend to those who need it. I am so glad we have it in place, really, because we would have far more problems on our hands without it. Some take advantage, though, and in some states it’s extremely easy to take advantage of an already overwhelmed system.

            You’re just looking for excuses to sit on your ass and be a terrible human being all the time, to everyone. You literally never have a kind word to say to or about anyone or anything. Cool if that’s what you want to do, but don’t expect the rest of the world to be kosher with it. I know we all make our comments here and we all have people that get talked about here we don’t like, but you *always* take it to an extreme, always. You need help!

          8. The rules for Temporary disability vs Permanent disability must be different or perhaps they’ve changed over the years but from what I’ve learned through my disability is that if I work more hours than the government likes or make more than government deems feasible to still receive disability benefits then they do get cut off.

            It’s how the blessed US government keeps their hooks in you so they can control a person’s every move.

            I’ve applied for jobs but they always asked for more than I am able to give while still receiving disability and I WILL NOT lose my benefits, in this economy it is way to risky to chance working too much and losing what I need.

            And I’ve said nice things about people, and I really could care less if someone disagrees with my opinion but the second someone insults me as a person for having that opinion then the gloves come off and I WILL insult back, if someone wants respect from me then they better show me respect otherwise you really are of NO USE to me!!

        2. And I know I don’t technically earn what I get but figuratively I do earn it because I’m like I am and have no choice to do what I have to do to get by.

          I would love to actually earn what I get but unfortunately I can’t

          1. No, you do not figuratively earn it. Everyone else earns it for you. Yes, you do have to do what is necessary to live, and I totally get that, but do not ever claim it’s because you earned it. This is where you and MOST people who get disability will completely disagree. Most realize the absolute gift that such benefits truly are, and are appreciative. They don’t claim that just because they exist, they’re entitled to it.

            You are the type of person that makes it hard for others to get help when they need it, because you make people doubt the need for such systems and assistance when it’s very clear you truly don’t appreciate the magnitude or that without everyone else around you, you would have to find some other way. Gratitude goes a long way. I don’t know a single person who has received benefits, of any sort, and actually need them, who has taken the “I deserve this because I am who I am” stance and actually deserved them. That’s an entitled attitude if ever there was one.

            I was so damn grateful to have people willing to put into a system that could help me out in my time of need. Even though I myself had already been in the workforce for a while and also paid into that same system. I can’t even imagine taking the stance you are and expecting people to agree with it.

            Arrogance breeds ignorance, but at least now I understand better why you’re such a damn curmudgeon about literally everything, and why you need to always be controversial. You’re utterly miserable and need the attention! I hope someday you’re willing and able to put in the effort to get the help you need to be a better human being. All humans deserve to be the best them they can be. Maybe someday you’ll get there and then you can rely on more positive means of living life and getting attention.

          2. Well, i was born this way and have to get by the best i know how, so yeah i kinda do earn what i get, not literally but like i said i would dearly LOVE to be able to actually earn what i get but i cant.

            Im not miserable in the least, I love my life, yes its hard but at least I’m still here when others are unfortunately not as lucky.

            And I have attention from the people in my life that matter, and if you think for one second that YOUR attention is needed…well believe me when I say it is NOT!!!

            And when you have tiptoe and do everything to the letter or suffer consequences then I have every right to doubt the system. If others like the way the disability system works then good for them but I think it needs some serious work!!!

            I am VERY grateful for what I have but I feel like if I was able to actually earn a decent living AND receive benefits (even if they were decreased a small amount) then I’d have more respect for the system than I do.

    2. I believe this was the live that someone noticed a baby swing in the background. Another person said something about a bottle and diapers.

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