Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra Are Moving From Their Octagon-Shaped Home to Larger House Despite Their Massive Tax Debt

“Adios, octagon!”

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra are saying goodbye to their eight-sided home after nearly six years. 

According to The Sun, the Teen Mom: The Next Chapter stars will be staying in Michigan, but relocating to a $435,000 4,296-square-foot home located on six acres of farmland, perfect for the family of five and their collection of assorted animals–- therapy and otherwise. 

Cate confirmed the news on Instagram Live, telling fans she and Tyler would be moving as soon as their new home is painted and the floors are finished. 

Catelynn, dreaming about her new home and all the therapy horses she’ll be able to fill it with.

“Yes we are moving,” she said. “I need some more usable space. The new house has a fully furnished basement, which will be great as the kids get older.” 

The Baltierras’ new four-bedroom, four-bathroom abode also features high ceilings, a “huge” laundry room, second kitchen (located in the basement), as well as a barn, cabin and pond.

“I’ve got dibs on the cabin!”

The house was reportedly purchased on January 9 and Tyler’s is the only name listed on the deed. 

Cate and Tyler purchased their octagon-shaped home in May 2017 for $220,000, and while the couple will soon be moving out, their current home has yet to hit the market. 

Let’s just hope they don’t leave any used Tupperware or unsold boxes of Tierra Reign clothing behind…

Despite Cate and Tyler’s decision to move to a larger home, the couple is still buried in tax debt. Although they made a large payment to the IRS in 2021, Cate and Tyler still owe more than $321,000 to the federal government. (They originally owed more than $856,800.)  

“But I can still post selfies on the reg, right?”

Cate and Ty were hit with the first of two federal tax liens in November 2019 (for the tax years 2016 and 2017) in the amount of $535,010.97. The pair received the second federal tax lien the following month (for the tax year of 2018) in the amount of $321,789,06. In 2021, the Baltierras’ debt increased again when almost $7,000 in property taxes for the two Michigan homes they own were added to their tax bill. 

While they haven’t commented on their looming debt, Cate and Tyler have quite a few revenue streams going at the moment in addition to their gigs within the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise. In the past, Tyler has earned a profit flipping homes owned by him and Cate and the two also earn an income from social media via ads/partnerships, and in the past, completely shameless clickbait articles

As fans previously saw on Teen Mom OG, Cate trained to become a “semi-permanent makeup artist,” and she reportedly continues to offer her microblading services. Though it felt (and continues to feel) like some sort of fever dream, Cate announced the launch of Cate Magazine in April of last year, featuring “lifestyle, parenting, and news content.” (The online “magazine” also features the occasional controversial post, because…Cate.) 

Farewell Octagon ‘o’ Triggers. We will miss you.

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(Photos: Instagram; MTV) 

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  1. I have been watching Teen Mom since the BEGINNING, even though life gets in the way I always catch up with the TMOG moms every year. Most of the Moms have turned into AMAZING PARENTS, of course some people never learn from their mistakes!! Always trying to be positive and help people where I can I know this show has helped many women/girls and their choices of weather or not to have sex, So THANK YOU OG MOMs for ALL YOU guys have done for the younger generation.. ALL THE BEST TO YOU ALL!! GOD BLESS

    1. It was from Cate and Ty’s original house that they rented out to Ty’s sister Amber and But was staying there for a bit. The electricity went off (probably because Amber didn’t bother to pay the bill) so Butch had the candelabra for light.

      But I agree that image is scary.

  2. they all should sue THERE PARENTS…..leave MTV out of it ..they paid enough for a bunch of teens that are JUST RIGHT DOWN THE STREET….a dime a dozen..SUE YOUR OWN PARENTS that made money off of you..

    1. That’s actually what I was just sitting here thinking, the majority of these teen moms were under the age of 18 when they originally entered the world of celebrity via MTV, so the parents had to sign for them. So the parents are responsible, not MTV.

      I mean MTV had a hand in it, they shouldn’t have continued this road past the 16 & Pregnant episodes but they did.

      But it was originally the parents’ faults.

    2. I both agree and disagree with what Nefff has said, while the parents are responsible for getting them mixed up in the whole MTV mess to begin with (regarding their appearances on 16&P), MTV sought them out again for TM and TM2 (after they became adults) so in that regard MTV is 100% responsible

      I wholeheartedly think that if MTV had left well enough alone after 16&P then the livelihood of most of these girls (minus Jenelle and Kail) would have turned our differently.

      1. Okay Pearl, who the fuck are you and why did you practically say the same thing I said?

        I agree with the last paragraph but damn, that first one was almost verbatim of what I said.

  3. These two are just stupid. Cate could also take a few riding lessons or that horse will be the one needing therapy.

  4. I remember when created a college fund for these two, and they were so grateful for it. So much for that.

      1. Wow – that was a blast from the past and even back then April’s ciggies were included in the story. @Jen in the comments below stated C&T’s outcome perfectly. Disappointing for those of us who followed their story over the years that they didn’t achieve their goals. Despite their shortcomings, they still turned out better than April and Butch. At their core C&T seem to be good people, they just need to leave the Brandon’n’Teresa Whitebread alone and let Carly liver her life.

  5. When you say “semi-professional make up artist” all I hear is that line from Ricky Bobby “I am a semi-professional racecar driver and an amateur tattoo artist”

  6. This doesn’t involve me in the slightest and just looking at those numbers stresses me out! How can you live your life like nothing is wrong while that’s looming over your head? Pay off ALL of your debts before worrying about upgrading.

  7. I saw some old episodes the other day which were around the time these two graduated high school.
    Tyler was saying he wanted to become an EMT and Cate an ultrasound technician.
    Few episodes later Cate said actually she was going to be either a pregnancy counsellor or a school teacher..
    that went well

  8. I had such high hopes for these two after their first was born! They had goals, dreams, degrees in mind…I guess the MTV / social media money is an easier way out? Sad!! Still wishing the best for them, though. They have their hearts in the right place, just not their future?

    1. I remember crying during their 16 & Pregnant episode! I hoped they would do all the things they wanted to do, but neither of them did except for finishing high school & Cate barely did that.

    2. If MTV wasn’t there, I wonder if they would have ended up with those careers? For a bit I really thought they would change the narrative on their lives. In a way they have, but how does that continue once the MTV money stops?

      1. I agree, I to have often wondered if their lives would have been different career wise had MTV not been in the picture?

  9. Good luck selling the octagon- they won’t be able to close the sale with any remaining liens on the property. They’ll have to be cleared (usually accomplished by paying…) before closing and title transfer can occur.

  10. I followed this series since the beginning. Cate and Ty has really shown me that these “open adaptions” don’t always work out. This is one of their “MTV hooks” of a story to continue on the show. Now I see Macy and Ryan son is in serious therapy. MTV should be held liable for some of this bull$hit.

    1. Bentley is in therapy because he has a father who is an addict. That could’ve been the case with or without MTV. Good for Maci for stepping up and getting him professional help before it became a crisis.

      1. Eventually, in therapy, Bentley is going to have to confront his mother for exploiting him. I’m just a dude trying to give my “two cents”.

  11. The entire cast of TM tend to be horrible with money and make the most finacially impulsive decisions at the worst time. The show is doing a death kneel and these 2 along with Brianna are still in buying new houses mode. At least the other TM have stopped. Maybe they are smart enough to see the writing on the wall that the gravy train is coming to it last stop.

    1. I think most are naive enough to think the money will continue by allowing crazy stories / advertisements in SM to fill their bank accounts. It is sad with the money they have been paid.

    2. I said that before, that the gravy train would stop. Multiple cast members were making vague posts about changes and the future and the show was boring and hated for Farrah and Jenelle.
      Had to eat my words.

      Looking at who isn’t a fan favorite and stops people from watching, Bri might be the next to leave the show. Good riddance.

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