‘Teen Mom’ News Pile: David Eason Brags About Not Working; Catelynn Lowell Posts Her Most-Shameful Clickbait Ever & More

“But I’m damn good at posting inappropriate and downright offensive clickbait!”

From being jolly about being jobless to posting clickbait that’s absolutely classless, the stars of the Teen Mom franchise (both past and present) have been keeping themselves busy lately! In an effort to keep you up-to-date on the latest Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 news, The Ashley brings you the Teen Mom News Pile.

Here are some of the major (and minor but interesting) ‘Teen Mom’-related things that have happened over the last week or so… 

David Eason brags about not working.

“I ain’t much for the workin’ and such…I’m more of a trophy husband!”

David doesn’t have a job and he’s damn happy about it!

Mr. Jenelle Evans hit his Facebook on Thursday to brag about the fact that he doesn’t work and can, instead, spend his days cleaning the animal guts from his fingernails (probably), raking on The Land and posting vomit-inducing content on OnlyFans.

David also let people know that— before he mooched off of married Jenelle, he did actually have to work for a living. He went into detail about the job he once had– working as a welder at a plant. He also informed everyone that he used to clean sewer pipes and vacuum the crap out of them.

First, he addressed the poor working schmucks who weren’t lucky enough to get their hairy claws on an MTV reality TV star— and their money.

“This one right here is all mines!”

“Honestly I hope y’all have a good day at work bc I know how bad it can suck!” David wrote. “Most of y’all don’t know this but I had what you would call a ‘good job’ as a welder and had just started working on the nuclear side of General Electric, welding pipe for the plant. I hurt my back so bad at work that I had to quit but they gave a lay off so I could at least draw unemployment. I can never get that job back because they know my back is hurt too bad to continue that type of work.”

David– who, in the past, has also used his vitiligo skin condition to explain why he is sans employment— went on to write about another one of his pre-Jenelle jobs.

“I worked for a friend for a few years after that and he has what you call a ‘pipe cleaning company.’ We cleaned sewer pipes and lift stations that are full of poo. Not the worst job but definitely the NASTIEST job you could probably ever do. Short days and good pay were not enough to keep me climbing into those poopy holes, sucking out the sewage with giant vacuum hoses.”

“I wonder if Farrah would want to team up for some sewer pipe OnlyFans content?”

David encouraged other people to not work very much so that they can spend their day showing their kids things.

“I’m so thankful to be where I am at today and can spend time with my family everyday,” he wrote. “…Spending all your time at work is not natural. Kids these days learn more from outside sources than they do from their own parents.”

“These kids ain’t gonna learn how to skin a possum or dig out a sinking trailer by themselves, ya hear?”

“I couldn’t be a stay at home dad without all of you who support us! I am so thankful for every one of you! Every person that does support us and even the haters, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!”

David’s post was not well-received by his Facebook followers.

“You’re a lazy bum who mooched off his wife until you & she had to resort to OnlyFans,” one person wrote in the comment section. “… Jenelle even pays your child support, you low life.”

“Glad you are happy but you still could be working at a real job setting an example that your kids can be proud of instead of living off Jenelle,” another person wrote. “Jenelle could get a real job as well though. At some point your kids will ask how come neither of you have real jobs.”

Bar Smith’s mom Shen Williams accuses Briana DeJesus of lying at the ‘Teen Mom 2’ reunion. 

“I’m free if y’all are lookin’ for a third reunion host! Just pay me with a pack of Virginia Slims and we’re even!”

During the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 11 reunion, viewers saw Briana DeJesus deny sleeping with Kail Lowry’s baby daddy Chris Lopez, despite being called out for sporting a shirt on the show that was formerly worn by Chris, after the two recorded a podcast episode together. 

Briana told hosts Dr. Drew and Nessa that she has a collection of graphic tees, and the Goosebumps T-shirt in question just happened to be one that she and Chris both own. However, Chris later claimed to have given his shirt to Briana, only adding to the confusion. 

“Is it too late to change my answer?”

Fortunately, Bar Smith’s mom, Shen Williams, decided to clear things up for everyone giving her take on The Great Goosebumps Shirt Caper.

In a video reposted to @teenmomshaderoom_ on Instagram, Shen shared with fans what she believes to be the truth behind T-shirt gate, while throwing enough shade at Briana to earn her a permanent spot on the DeJesus s**t list. (Right behind Kail and Luis Hernandez.)  

“Personally, I find Shen to be an absolute delight… cackling and all.”

“So, Briana was on the stage and she said that she didn’t sleep with Chris, they [just] had the same shirt,” Shen said in the clip. “But Chris said he gave her his shirt, so they didn’t have the same story. So you want my opinion on it? YES, THEY F**KED!”

Shen went on to question Chris’ taste in ’Teen Mom 2’ cast members women, comparing a bedroom romp with Briana to playing a game of Russian roulette. 

“ … Chris, why would you hit that? Chris– somebody tag Chris in this– boo, you shouldn’t have hit that,” she said. “You were playin’ Russian roulette, baby. Don’t play Russian roulette with your s**t, baby. I wouldn’t have hit that s**t.” 

According to Shen, it’s too late for that.

Shen made it clear in the comments that she finds the whole situation very amusing, even admitting that she is embarrassed for Briana for getting caught in an alleged lie. 

“ … I feel bad for her,” she replied to one of the comments. “But people coming for me cause she put her poonanie business on TV is crazy.” 

(Even crazier? Typing the phrase “poonanie business” in a story without blinking an eye, because… ‘Teen Mom.’)

Catelynn Lowell posts ridiculously inappropriate elementary school shooting “tribute” using her grinning red carpet photo.

“A national tragedy? There HAS to be a way to make a clickbait article about this!”

Catelynn has worked hard (by posting insanely inappropriate and misleading stories to social media) to earn her nickname of “Clickbait Cate” and, while some of her previous posts have caused controversy (who could forget this gem?), one of her latest posts about the recent Robb Elementary School shooting has been called “downright disgusting” by some of her followers.

Cate recently launched her online magazine/blog/thing, Cate Magazine, and the ‘Teen Mom OG’ star decided to promote it via a “#LinkInBio” post on Instagram. The Instagram post (which was removed after fans pummeled its comment section with remarks about how jaw-droppingly insensitive and inappropriate it was) promoted an “exclusive” story on May 25 (one day after the shooting). It included Catelynn’s quotes about the shooting, which killed 19 kids and two teachers. 

However, whoever created the imagery for the story has obviously taken too many bacon slaps to the head, as they chose to photoshop an image showing a smiling Catelynn at an MTV awards show into a photo of the elementary school’s front yard with its sign.

No, seriously…

The Hollywood Gossip was able to snag a screenshot of the offensive post before it was deleted…

“Dear Children of America, It’s not supposed to be this way,” the headline read.

Catelynn then wrote, “I can’t stop crying #LinkInBio.”

No. Seriously…

While the Instagram post was eventually yanked down, the post on CateMagazine.com remains, with the photo of Catelynn and her grinning mug in front of the Robb Elementary School yard. The following story gives Catelynn’s thoughts on the incident, as well as on her desire for gun reform.

However, her statement was completely overshadowed by the inappropriate photo and #LinkInBio ridiculousness. Fans bashed Catelynn in the post’s comment section (until it was taken down).

“How could she direct readers to an article that makes her money with every click, thereby earning cash off the mass shooting?!” one person asked.

“I was never the hugest fan of Cate’s but I could tolerate her for the most part though I agree with you this is downright disgusting,” someone else commented.

“Can’t stop crying link in bio….. Jesus. And that smile, how can you be so tone-deaf?” another person wrote. 

“Click #LinkInBio to find out my answer to that ‘how can I be so tone deaf?’ question!”

As The Ashley has explained in the past, Catelynn and the other ‘Teen Mom’ stars who take part in clickbait provide the clickbait company with access to their social media accounts. However, Catelynn has the ability to nix a post, or even choose which shows/cast members to post about. 

Chris Lopez admits to nearly signing away his parental rights & almost checking himself into a “mental home.” after son Lux’s birth. 

“Maybe we should leave these details out of the kids’ baby books… “

During an episode of the WeJustTalk’n podcast, ‘Teen Mom 2’ dad Chris Lopez, who shares two children with Kail Lowry (and a third with another woman), admitted he wasn’t quite ready for fatherhood when his oldest son Lux, 4, was born. 

“I ain’t gonna lie, when I first started up, I didn’t really want it because I wasn’t ready for it,” he said. 

“Love you too, dad!”

He went on to admit later in the podcast that he considered legally signing away his rights to Lux, but claims he changed his mind after a judge talked to him privately.

(As The Ashley told you in January 2020, Chris attempted to give up his parenting rights to Lux in court during the fall of 2019 but a judge refused to sign off on his request; this is the first time Chris has confirmed this story.)

He then discussed the couple’s often child support/custody situation. 

“She lied to get me on child support,” Chris alleged of Kail. “I didn’t even know I was on child support though. For like two-three years my s**t’s been building up.”

“What can I say, I’m into building things… legal cases against co-stars/baby daddies, houses, a podcasting empire… “

Chris claims he only learned of the mounting child support after Kail “put it out in court in a custody hearing.” 

Chris went on to blame being “a bad dad at a point” on his relationship with Kail, which he said he allowed to impact his parenting. 

“When you’re in a bad place it really affects everything,” he added. “I was not the best me.” 

“Now I am the best worst person in the world? I have no idea…”

The father of three even revealed that stress and depression almost led him to seek professional help after Lux’s birth. 

“I was so stressed out I almost checked myself into a home, mental home, just to get some peace,” he said. “That’s how bad [it was]. I just wanted peace, for like five minutes.” 

(Photos: MTV; Instagram; TheHollywoodGossip.com


  1. After almost 15 years, Range Rovers, houses, expensive purses…..they have all proven that money can not buy you intelligence or class.

    I think we see the end coming though…..I hope they have all paid those tax bills and learned some kind of skill set.

  2. David doesn’t like to work but he sure is vocal in being against the poor and those receiving government services. Everyone can’t marry an MTV moocher.

    1. What a great father figure for Lux… Jesus. Sounds like Adam, wanting to ‘sign away’their parental rights. It’s just disgusting.

  3. I get a kick out of y’all getting your panties in a bunch over these low life, low intelligence individual’s lives.
    If it weren’t for getting knocked up at 16, and finding the MTV money train, they would all be on welfare sucking up the tax payers dollars like a big gulp at the Circle K. Let’s all be thankful that they found the low life money train, and it’s not costing us a dime. The free ride is on MTV.
    See there are thousands in your own community, living on your dime, laughing at you for going to work everyday. Just like UBT.
    So, thank you MTV for taking a little of the burden off of the backs of the taxpayers. So grateful these idiots just happen to be dumb enough to put it all out there for the world to see. So sit back, enjoy the circus, and let the clowns, be clowns.

  4. If UBT is gonna be a house husband can’t he pretty himself up a bit?

    Jenelle might throw him a tenner for PIN money when she gets in from embarassing herself on Tiktok if he put on a pretty dress and lipstick and was waiting in her with a Bud Lite.
    At least do it properly you doofus.

  5. Cate doesn’t surprise me they been using their own kids for paycheck for years now she using dead kids wheres the limit with these lowlife. David complete scum. Brianna can screw whoever she wants

  6. Too painful. Angry over a shirt, pathetic. Click bait using real tragedy, low lives. Continuing to repeat peoples stupidity to keep them in the limelight, shady AF they all need to get off social media and get a reality check.

  7. Didn’t Kail claim that Lux was a planned pregnancy? Because supposedly a doctor told her she’d have a hard time getting pregnant if she waited much longer, so she and “a friend” (Chris wanted to remain hidden at that point) decided to try for a baby. But now Chris is saying he was so upset over having a child that he nearly checked himself into the psych ward?

    It would be one thing if he agreed to get her pregnant but told her he didn’t want to be a part of the child’s life; though if that was his stance, she clearly chose to ignore that part of their pact. The cast members of TM can never seem to keep their stories straight.

  8. Cate’s article is absolutely disgusting. How lazy can you be when you’d rather use the tragedy of those sweet children as a paycheck, rather than seeking actual employment. Shame on her!

    The mom & daughter, wth! The daughter can’t even spell, be embarrassed about that!

    1. And she waited until everybody clicked on it and she made some serious money.. before she succumbed to the outrage to take it down. Disgusting.. They all know that the MTV money is coming to an end. 🤯🤬🤮

  9. 1) David is pathetic, he’s not a man
    2) we all know Bri f*cked Chris, I don’t understand why they keep denying the obvious
    3) what possessed Cate to share that pic of herself smiling in front of the school? Seriously, if she didn’t do it herself she could’ve deleted it and apologized
    4) if you have a child, you need to pay child support. Period. There’s no “she tricked me into that”. If you didn’t pay it’s your fault. If you impregnated her a second time it’s your fault also. Another pathetic excuse for a man just like David

  10. What the hell is a “mental home”?? This guy’s just as stupid as Bri or David’s lazy ass. Idk why the judge refused to sign off, I didnt even know they could refuse to let you sign your rights away, but I’m not sure the childs better with this “dad.” He had 3 babies basically back to back with a couple different women (so far), strangled the baby’s mother resulting in jail time, and continues to parent shittily (if u can call it parenting). Also fucking his baby mamas co-worker on her reality tv show…real fucking trashy. Imagine how this will all look to 15 yr old Lux who stumbles across it online one day.

  11. why would kail need to “trick” chris into child support when she makes way more money than he does and he was unemployed at the time? they even went to court for the child support and mail said he didn’t even need to pay that much because of his income

    1. I mean, how exactly do you really think she “tricked” him? Even if she promised or said to him that she wouldnt go report him for support, he still would be immediately informed of it. Hed be legally served, then has a month’s time to file an answer back. So it wouldnt just be accumulating without him knowing of it. So I dont know how shed trick him really. On top of that, it doesnt make a difference if she or any other mother is a billionaire, it takes a mom and dad to make a baby and as the dad you’re responsible for helping support and raise the baby. You most def should HAVE to help support it, no matter what you make. And yes you’re right, if hes too lazy to be employed then the court takes that into consideration and gives the dad a smaller amount to pay. The less money you make the less you’re able to pay and legally ordered to pay. So he probably had a tiny amount to pay, and couldnt even do that. I wouldn’t be surprised if the agreement was “if you’re a present father and help raise him I wont need to make you legally help support him,” but he didnt give a shit so she had to do something.
      And I cannot stand kail but hes even shittier, had a baby and didnt help and didnt support it…that’s sorry as fuck. Hes still absent more than he should be.

  12. All of these TM people in the article are just so awful. David is by far the worst, but the rest of them are also low-lifes. A good hate-read with some laughs though.

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