Briana DeJesus Gets Called Out By ‘Teen Mom 2’ Fans After Slamming Kail Lowry for Taking Antidepressants & Having No Family: “Low Blow!”

“Who do I need to send a treadmill to in order to make this right?”

More than a month after Briana DeJesus was victorious in the defamation suit filed against her by Kail Lowry, drama between the Teen Mom 2 stars continues to unfold on social media. 

While insults, allegations, treadmills, clown costumes and victory parties have been thrown along the way, Briana made two particular digs at her nemesis on Thursday that some fans believe went way too far– making fun of Kail’s current struggle with depression and Kail’s lack of parents/family.

The (latest) drama between the two began after Briana took to social media Wednesday to not so subtly remind everyone she would be receiving her $100,000 payout on Thursday– courtesy of Kail, who was ordered to pay up after her defamation suit against Briana was dismissed by the judge. 

“Tmrw will be a good day and I get to see some of my favorite people,” Briana wrote on her Instagram Story, which was reposted by @teenmomshaderoom_. 

(One of the “favorite people” Briana was referring to was co-star Jade Cline, who was photographed with Briana at the MTV Movie & TV Awards the same day Briana received her check.)


Kail took to Twitter to respond to Briana’s payday post, telling her former co-star to “Enjoy today, it’s the highest point you’ll ever get in your life.”  

After someone on Twitter accused Kail of “still trying to bring Bri down,” Briana chimed in, insisting she was unbothered by Kail’s remarks. 

“Of course she is [trying to bring me down] but that can’t happen, thought she would have learned her lesson by now,” Briana wrote. 

Briana went on to fire off another tweet aimed at Kail, slamming the mom of four’s mental health struggles and lack of family. (As fans know, Kail has only met her father once– during her 16 and Pregnant episode– and her mother, Suzi is an addict whom Kail does not have contact with.) Briana also suggested that Kail uses white privilege (and the United States court system) to get her way.

“Taking anti-depressents once u realized u can’t always use the court room/color of ur skin to shut people up,” the deleted tweet read. “High light of my life= having a loving family which u don’t have so I’ll always be winning.” 

“You don’t even have your own coven! Like, who yanks people’s hair for you or throws their shoes for you?”

Although Bri deleted her tweet, a screenshot of it was posted by @teenmom.tea on Instagram.

Briana’s message was not received well among many ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans on social media, with quite a few comparing the family support Briana has in her mother and sister to Kail’s estranged family. 

“Say that again and see what happens. See what the hell happens!” 

Kail revealed in May 2021 that she is not on speaking terms with her mother, Suzi, or her sister, Mikaila. (In 2020, her long-lost meat-fridge-locking father Raymond surfaced on social media to complain about his “MTV experience,” as did Mikaila.) 

Kail has also opened up over the years about the difficult relationship she has with her mother– whom Kail previously alleged is an alcoholic.

“My refrigerator may have booze in it, but at least I don’t keep a lock on it.”

Other comments on Briana’s page– as well as the official ‘Teen Mom’ Instagram page– called out Briana for seemingly failing to consider Kail’s four children to be part of the “loving family” she claims Kail doesn’t have. Many others took issue with Briana insulting Kail’s struggle with mental health, calling her words “disgusting.” 

“Disgusting shaming someone for the fact their parents abandoned them, their weight or the fact that they take anti-depressants,” someone wrote. “Pure trash.” 

“You are sick!!! As someone who suffers from depression and anxiety this is not okay,” another person wrote. “And to put another human being down and make fun of for not having a family to lean on during difficult times is a very low blow and disgusting. God don’t like ugly and he will humble you in a quick minute.” 

Some fans of the show vowed to stop watching ‘Teen Mom 2’ all together, with a few even calling for Briana to be fired from the show. 

“The fact that [Briana] is still on teen mom after the disgusting things she just tweeted is crazy,” one person commented. “Won’t be watching. This is ugly and sad.” 

“I hope you’re fired from MTV,” another wrote. 

Neither Kail nor Briana have yet to post any additional comments regarding their latest social media scuffle, but stay tuned… it’s inevitable. 

No comment.

UPDATE! Following the backlash from her deleted tweet, Briana clarified her thoughts on using anti-depressants on Friday.

“I never said taking antidepressants was a bad thing. Shit, I have some prescribed to me as well and need them from time to time. I just don’t appreciate ppl playing the victim instead of doing inner healing work.”

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram; Twitter) 


  1. Personally I think Briana is kind of trashy. You spend half the time complaining that none of your baby daddies help you with money and that you’re so broke to be able to do it on your own ✨still lives with mommy at almost 30✨ But you can spend almost 70k on plastic surgery for the grossest looking BBL I’ve seen…. Okay?? Then you trash both your kids dads and never let them see their kids unless it’s at your house only just for you to turn around and say it’s so awkward to have them there. First off. You were a teen mother so you can’t tell me you didn’t learn your lesson on birth control? Or just how to not have sex unless you can be smart about it? The show pays well for drama and having more kids keeps you relevant soooo. Just as nasty as Jenelle honestly. I don’t think Kail is perfect by ANY means but I also don’t think you have room to talk personally. 🤷‍♀️

    1. Briana bought the house they’re all living in so her mama is living with her. And there’s nothing wrong with children living with their parents well into adulthood as long as everyone is contributing and happy with the arrangement. It’s a cultural thing and I find some of the comments regarding it lowkey racist.

  2. I can’t believe MTV is still allowing that DISQUISTING piece of crap on the show after that slander!

  3. I don’t keep up with what these two are doing but I don’t see why Kail and Briana don’t just agree to ignore each other. It must be exhausting to fight so much.

  4. I really dislike Kail, but Briana is messy. How can you possibly make fun of someone for seeking help when they obviously need it? I think Briana should seek out some medication herself. It may stop her from obsessing over Kail 24/7. Kail at least has goals in her life and she doesn’t drop her children off to her sister and mom everytime she meets another man to hang out with. (if you know what I mean). I’m so done with this pathetic show. It should have ended years ago.

  5. I think a lot of people forget Kails early years and how she’s had to do this on her own for so long. Yea she has her annoying ways but she’s done a lot better than a lot of these girls with little to 0 help. I’ve always thought about that

  6. This is beyond, even for the coven. Sweetie, you’re missing one parent and live with your mom and sister and still can hardly manage your 2 kids without whining about how much you need your baby daddies “help” (aka $$). Kail has double the kids, no parental guidance, 3 dads to deal with and has built a whole ass business on her own. Kail has done and said some petty, ridiculous stuff, but the rachet coven has reached a sub-human level of low. Despite having that $100k Bri is writing checks that she can’t back up with that mouth. She’s about as independent as a Duggar woman.

    Also, I’m a nurse, and you can’t just take antidepressants when you feel like it sweetie. Doesn’t work that way.

    1. Kail is a gorilla! She ratchet! If Kail would realize she has been regulated to being a scum dumpster.

  7. I don’t normally mind Briana, but her comments about Kali, who I find extremely frustrating are uncalled for. Kali is a great mother, to her family and rather than it being on her that her parents are so awful maybe Briana could have called out her mother who cares so little for Kali she jumped at the chance to make her, while pregnant leave home as her boyfriend wanted her out and her weird as fuck father who has seen her once, then complained about it. I remember in that episode how desperate Kali was that it would work and he would be a proper parent who loved her, and the sad look on her face when it was clear he was selfish and dysfunctional.
    Briana is so lucky her family is so close and has protected her, it has made her blind to how some parents don’t step up to the mark like her mum does.
    The anti-depression medication comment won’t have gone down well with the rest of the cast as honestly they all seem unhappy apart from Cheyenne.

  8. Definitely won’t be watching any @MTV show after BRIANNA’S awful comments about antidepressants and lack of family. #mtv should fire Brianna over her comments. And saying she gets ahead bc off her skin color. If it was reversed and jail did something about Brianna skin color to get ahead or be relevan; ppl would be waiting for a public apology and fired.

  9. I’m not a fan of Kail’s, she is too much me me. And the fact that she loves drama it’s not my lifestyle, she brings it on herself. But to say something about her not having family and the fact that she’s on and I depressants is her business.That is something that she should have kept to herself. Brianna I really like you but that was a low blow.

  10. Brianna really needs to shut the fuck up, kail is messy, but bubble butt Dejesus is worse.

  11. Cool I think I changed it it’s Brianna OK I think Kayla needs to sit down and relax sub worried about other people. She needs to live her life and my heart business

  12. im sorry briana not everyone can have a mom and sister to drop everything and watch their kids and time they want just so they can go get dicked down by anything that breaths. unfortunately kail may not have family yet she’s still way more successful and respected than briana will ever be

  13. I wish these two would just disappear. They’re beyond annoying at this point. Both at fault. Kail has NO family support because she sucks.

    1. she may not have had any family support yet she’s still more successful than most people and is raising amazing kids on her own

    2. She can’t help that her mom is an alcoholic or the fact her dad abandoned her as a small child. I don’t like her either, but to say that she sucks so thats why she has no family is just low.

  14. Briana has been nothing but trouble since she came on the show. She flits every where, while her mother and sister watch her girls, and constantly complains about her girls dads. Kail is a great mom, and she is always with her boys. Kail has had many obstacles, along the way, but she always makes things right. She has worked hard to make life better, for her and her boys. Now that Kail is no longer on the show, I will not watch. Good luck, Kail, and please clean up your language. I hope you will keep us posted on your boys.

  15. There is no one person that I can’t stand & I haven’t met more than Brianna. She ranks right in there with Jodi Arias, Amber Heard, and Casey Anthony for me.

    Firing her wouldn’t be good enough. Just like Farrah and Jenelle she won’t take accountability for her own actions and for the next obscene amount of time The Ashley’s will report on her for clicks.

  16. Kail finally met her match in Briana. I would feel sorry but the pfa/court Queen is getting a dose of her own medicine. They both equally suck

    1. When it comes to mental health i have a serious problem with people makes jokes about it that’s a low blow. I’ve watched this show from day one and every since Briana and her family has came it’s been nothing but drama. Briana needs to be fired for making jokes about antidepressant it’s not a joke to me. SMDH

  17. Both these ‘women’ need to stfu already and focus on raising their damn kids. Common denominator- neither of them care enough about their kids to do the right by their kids’ mental health. Ffs already.

  18. I don’t even like Kail but Brianna is getting single white female obsessed scary. Does she want to sniff Kail’s dirty drawers? This is beyond petty and looks mentally disturbing.

  19. Team Kail on this one especially. Bri couldn’t do what Kail has done on her own ever. Maybe Bri is secretly jealous of Kail, she takes all of her sloppy seconds. To insult someone who has managed to make a life for themselves and their kids without family any behind them is stupidity. Maybe she is slow. Trash

  20. Kail still pissed Bri slept with Javi. I mean WTH. Once again Kail starts something but everybody jumps on Bri. As many people has come in and out of Kails life you think she would figure out MAYBE SHES THE PROBLEM. Bri being fired from TM. Kail has done way worse on tv. Kail needs attention for her pod cast.

    1. Kail has a right to be mad about her new coworker, Brianna dating her recent ex husband, Javi( and now her other baby daddy, Chris). Her going on secret vacations with not only Lincoln but Isaac as well. Then for her to stand in the hall at the first reunion demanding Javi choose between them. Javi IS part of Kailyns family(she just doesn’t have parents). He is her second child’s father and will always be a stepdad to her oldest and Brianna did everything she could to break that up. It is not solely her fault as Javi is equally to blame for letting it happen but Brianna was the instigator from the beginning. That whole fight at the reunion started because Kail said she didn’t want a baby Lux around a lot of people because he wasn’t vaccinated yet and Brianna took it personally. Kailyn is not perfect and has lots of faults but Brianna is the obsessed one who keeps starting the drama between them. There are unwritten rules of respect and boundaries(e.x. Don’t sleep with or date your coworker, friend or family members ex) especially in a work environment and Brianna doesn’t seem to be aware.

  21. Briana is despicable. I truly want to see her like Jenelle, fired and with an impossibility to ever get a paying gig on tv again. She’s trash and I pity her kids, they deserve better than that Covent of resentful hags

  22. I am not a Kail fan but I think Bri and her family are trash. For Bri to shame anyone for their mental health issues and having to take antidepressants is so messed up. People like Bri are the reason people feel like they can’t talk about their struggles with depression. The entire DeJesus family can go fuck themselves.

  23. Also…how old are these women?! Bri needs to grow up. Why do we keep making trashy losers rich? It’s disgusting.

  24. I’ll take Kail over Brianna any day. Brianna is absolutely vile. Maybe she should try to find meds that would stop her from obsessing over Kail.

    I have never been a big Kail fan but at least I can understand why she is the way she is. Her mother was an alcoholic, doesn’t appear as though she has had much of a support system her whole life. She appears to put up a defense mechanism that I will hurt you before you hurt me.

    Brianna is the biggest petty Betty there is. She on the other hand seems to have always had the support of her mother and her sister. She is a pot stirrer. She wanted Javier, got him, wanted to be on Chris’ podcast, got it.

    Then when the men who she chose, do not step up, she plays victim. News flash, not every child’s father unfortunately is in their life no matter how much whining you do about it. Also, stop talking negatively about your children’s fathers in front of them. It isn’t a good look no matter how bad they are. No wonder Stella wants nothing to do with Louis.

    I just want her to go away. She is such a hater.

    1. Kail would absolutely annihilate Bri if Bri would quit hiding behind her mom and sister and fight like a woman. Kail is a fûcking beast and Bri wouldn’t stand a chance. Bri is a scared little bîtch who hides behind a screen and acts big and bad. Honey Kail might need anti depressants but we all know who’s the one with the rx for valtrex and penicillin. Nasty skank hôe.

  25. I can’t stand Bri or her trashy a$$ sister and mother. Kail isn’t a huge prize winner but if we look all the way back to the start Bri started this by crossing the line of banging Javier…regardless she totally broke girl code. It was wrong but what was mostly wrong is she never womaned up and told Kail up front about banging her ex husband. Can’t stand Bri she is gross.

  26. i’m latina but can briana please stop using the race card??? this type of behavior is why she keeps getting into trouble and it has nothing to do with her being latina or kail being white. and briana would be mad af if someone told her daughters something fucked up like that about their dads so why tf get that low????? at the end of the day briana’s proving to be garbage herself either way bc she won’t stfu about kail

    1. THANK YOU!!!

      When the race card is played in EVERY case it becomes diluted and meaningless … which has unfortunately become the case.
      Save it for when it applies but this is not that!

      When it’s used to be petty like this it takes away from the cases where it is important!

      Bri is disgusting in every way
      I’m not a Kail attitude fan but she is 1000x the woman and mother Bri ever could be!
      She doesn’t have 2 live in nannys to mother her kids unlike Bri and her codependent losers.

      Kail at least has a work ethic and goals in life. Bri just thrives on being petty and pathetic. Once TM is done Bri is going to face the swamp fate and deserves every bit of it!
      Petty smug twat

  27. I am no fan of Kail, but hood rat Briana and her rodent family are tra$h. A house full of women should be strong and not cowardly: All they do is hurl hateful insults when they don’t get their way. Really great role models for the 2 little girls growing up in that nest 🙄🤮

  28. Kail said she would rather die then go on medication because she feels like if you need medication that means you’re not suppose to be here…So let’s not act like she’s a wounded baby bird. They both suck. But if the standards of being on this show is to not suck, there’d be no show.

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