Kail Lowry Says It’s “Sickening” How Her Ex Chris Lopez Downplayed His Alleged Assault on Her; Will Be Discussing It With Dr. Drew On Her Podcast

“As per usual, I’m right in the middle of the drama!”

Kail Lowry says she’s ready to open up about the night her baby daddy Chris Lopez allegedly almost killed her. 

The Teen Mom 2 star told fans during a Q&A session on Instagram on Tuesday that she will finally be speaking about the incident— which allegedly happened in October 2019— during an upcoming episode of her Barely Famous podcast. She also revealed that her guest for that episode will be Dr. Drew Pinsky, who hosts the ‘Teen Mom’ Reunions.

During the same Q&A session, Kail stated that she is very upset by how Chris spoke about the incident when he was asked about it by Dr. Drew during the recent ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 11 Reunion.

“It’s actually really sickening,” she told a fan who asked how she feels about Chris “minimizing” what he did. “That night changed my life.” 

During the Season 11 Reunion, Kail spoke publicly for the first time about the incident. Before that, she had only mentioned publicly that she had suffered a serious domestic violence situation with Chris.

Back in July 2020, Kail accused Chris during his Instagram Live of choking her. During her February 2022 deposition for her defamation lawsuit with Briana DeJesus, Kail told the attorneys that “Chris almost killed me in October of 2019.” Later in the deposition, she confirmed that Chris was charged with a crime for what he did that night, and that he spent time in jail for it. 

During the Reunion, Kail began to open up about the incident with Chris after being asked why she started going to therapy. 

“We would have surely tried to get you to use this as a storyline!”

“In October 2019, someone almost took my life, and that was the pivotal moment in my life where I was like, ‘I need help,'” Kail stated during the Reunion episode that aired last week. “And so I’ve been in therapy since then.”

She later told Dr. Drew and co-host Nessa that it was Chris who assaulted her.

“Chris almost killed me in October 2019 by domestic violence,” she said. “I just haven’t figured out the right time or way to, you know, tell my whole story… I don’t think it’s something that people just openly talk about.”

I mean…

Kail noted that she has never spoken in detail about what happened that night, but that “people know that something happened that changed my life.

“I’ve never told the story. I’ve never talked about it. I’ve never gone into detail,” she said.

Kail encouraged Dr. Drew and Nessa to question Chris about the incident, noting “I think he knows what he did.”

Later, Dr. Drew and Nessa spoke to Chris via video chat about the incident, where he stated that he and Kail abused each other.

That’s the mumbled understatement of the century…

“It’s been abuse on both sides,” he told Dr. Drew, denying that he ever injured Kail.

“She’s making it seem like I really beat her. That’s the story going around, that I actually beat her. I never beat her. Did I threaten? I might have said some things out of anger…I’m not gonna stand here and act like I’m innocent. I’ve done things. And I served [time in jail] for that. I got handed my punishment. I’m not about to let y’all keep punishing me for something I did three or four years ago.”

Kail has not yet revealed when Dr. Drew will be coming on her podcast to talk about the incident.

“Of COURSE I’m gonna go on the podcast. What else am I gonna do with my time? Be a doctor?!”

“I think I’m going to finally talk about it and see if [Dr. Drew] has any advice,” Kail told the fan, later adding that she has been struggling with her depression.

“This is a battle I truly wish on NO ONE,” she wrote. “Even on my OK days life is so heavy for me lately. I am hoping it gets better over the summer.” 

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39 Responses

  1. I’m not sure who abused who, but they obviously had a very toxic relationship. And like everyone mentioned, she got pregnant after the “night he almost killed her.”

  2. This whole thing is just giving off Amber Heard vibes…just such a toxic situation…she can beat Chris and cry victim, and apparently he does the same thing…I do believe he has manhandled her at some point, but her hands aren’t clean either.

  3. I though it came out that she got pregnant like a month after she filed the restraining order against him? I don’t know why anybody would bother listening to her podcasts when its been proven she’s lied multiple times!

  4. Not condoning violence period. Buttt it’s ok she hits and buses others? Because she gets angry and riled up and OTHERS are supposed to know how she is and not provoke her? When the shoe is on the other foot she’s still completely unaware. Self absorbed cow

  5. She didn’t report it because she knew she was just as guilty as he was. They’re both abusers, but she just prefers to skim over the fact she’s done it to her baby daddiii. Entitled brat who needs to stfu, fade into the shadows & focus on her kids.

  6. The majority of comments here are really gross and clearly most of you don’t listen to her podcast where she explains all of it.

    1. I don’t listen but the fact that he did jail time kind of says it for me. Also, how messy are Brianna and him for their little shenanigans?

      I am not saying Kail is an angel by any means, there are times she infuriates me but I do not condone Chris and Brianna’s actions either.

      I think Kail needs a lot of counseling because I think she has suffered a lot of abuse by her mother and that is not making an excuse by any means. I just do not think Chris is telling the truth as to what was actually done.

      I also think domestic violence is very ugly. I wonder if those who despise her so much would feel the same way if Louis did the same thing to Brianna? Would that be rooting for him?

      Sad sad world we live in when women hate on women.

      My two cents for the day.

  7. So I’m confused, is her story (lie) that after Chris tried to kill her, on a later date, she physically assaulted this same man that had tried to kill her?

    Sure Jan.

    1. I swear I just saw on one of the TM fan accounts on Instgram that she got pregnant after he did this! So she wasn’t that scared of him was she?!

  8. Karl.
    You too have minimised the abuse you’ve served others.
    And what about the mental abuse to your boys who also have endured your bed sharing with multiple different men coming and going. Imagine if this was Jo or Javi? She would be back in court demanding full custody again.
    Karl decides what suits her and when.
    She even said recently she also considered trying to make the relationship work with Chris. Is therapy doing anything for her?
    Chris has more brains to keep refusing her attempts at reconciliation because he knows it’s toxic.
    So many affected here. Yet Karl still thinks about just herself.

  9. “I just haven’t figured out the right time or way to, you know, tell my whole story… I don’t think it’s something that people just openly talk about.” Hmm, how about I tell it on MY podcast where I can give MY opinion and can control the narrative!

  10. It’s also sickening how she downplays her assault on him, Jo & Javi. And seeing how she has a habit of abuse, I’m sure they aren’t the only ex’s she’s been physical abusive with.

  11. Wow. Downplay abuse some more. I can’t stand Kail but there’s no such thing as “not that bad” when it comes to DV. You’re disgusting!!! A lot of women, myself included once upon a time, stay and “sleep” with our abusers. You’re a HORRIBLE human being and another example of why this site needs better blocking options for users. Hope it never happens to you…and I HONESTLY mean that. Women shouldn’t support other women being abused…and that is just what you did with your comment. Step up @TheAshley and actually remove vile comments for once. Take some accountability for the content on YOUR site. Don’t just block the users that call YOU out.

    1. Kail has been abusive to multiple partners including Chris, going as far as to break into his home to assault him. The only difference is he dropped the charges. It’s very hard to see her as a victim & feel sympathy when she has been the abuser, multiple times.

  12. I don’t like Kail but your treatment of her is absurd. He admitted to commiting a crime and serving time in jail for it so obviously she told the truth and a judge and/or jury found that there was enough evidence to support her claims. He says “I never beat her” but she didn’t accuse him of beating her but of chocking her and it’s very convenient that he didn’t say a word about that. He’s a violent criminal, that’s a fact.

    1. Yet Kail assaulted Chris too, there were witnesses apparently. I think Kail and Chris have both assaulted each other. Neither is right and both have downplayed it. Nodoubt their children have suffered in the chaos and abuse.

    2. He admitted to them being abusive, TO EACH OTHER. Kail has physically assaulted multiple partners, including him. She often gets away with a slap on the wrist because nobody pursues charges, like she does. She abuses the legal systems & uses her gender to her advantage, as well as her mental health because according to her being bipolar justifies her physical violence. You can’t attack people physically then when they react or it happens back to you, play the victim when they’re real victims out here. It’s not okay.

  13. No one should ever be abused. Kail has a tendency to lie. If she was really abused. Why did she sue Bri? Kail just wanted to know if Bri slept with Chris. Kail seems obsessed with Chris. Seems like Fatal Attraction to me.

    1. What in the world does kail being abused by chris have to do with suing brianna? She sued bri bc she claimed she was slandering her name, yet lost because it WAS public info and already published online as well by the time bri talked about it. But regardless, one has nothing to do with the other except for the fact that chris was in both situations. She assaulted him, but he didnt choose to pursue charges. He apparently severely assaulted her, which I’m basing on his conviction and jail time, not kails word, and shes just now ready to talk about it. Both people are toxic as kail has been showed to be abusive a few times before, but it doesnt have shit to do with bris lawsuit. I just dont understand the logic in your question at all.

    2. I think you are giving Bri more meaning to Kail than she actually has. In reality it seems like its Bri who has a strange obsession with Kail …

      I like neither of them, but DV is a serious matter – and Kail has 4 boys who could’ve lost their mom because of a trashbag babydaddy – yes she chose him, it does not make it less tragic. You just dont downplay DV.

  14. The person who was arrested for domestic violence but claimed she really wasn’t truly arrested because ‘it wasn’t like I was put in handcuffs or anything’ finds ‘minimizing’ domestic violence upsetting…lolz

  15. comments like these are why women don’t report abuse they endure. just because y’all don’t like kail doesn’t mean she deserves this and y’all have clearly never been in an abusive relationship or even know anything about it if y’all are commenting like this

      1. He was born around his due date at the end of July 2020, which means he was conceived at the end of October 2019.

  16. Was she abused though?

    Abused? Really? Or did she start a fight with him?

    Cant be the victim and the bully at the sane time.

    1. She’s not my favorite person but that comment is ridiculous.
      Many women stay with an abuser.
      It’s very hard for some to leave when they think they’re “in love”
      And no matter what happens between a man & woman, no matter how much you like/dislike the woman, that man should NEVER put hands on her!
      You can dislike Kail but no wowan ever deserves to be abused.

    2. I am no Kail fan, but there’s two things that are big factors here. The first is that Kail had a terrible childhood and didn’t have anyone modeling a healthy relationship for her. Is a neglectful childhood an excuse for domestic violence? No, but it also leaves a person pretty confused about what love looks like. The second issue is that an abusive relationship (even a mutually abusive one) does a number on a person’s psyche. You can have good times and everything is going well, but then the smallest thing can happen and it touches off a huge storm.

      I have no doubt that Kail has been abusive to Chris, too (she didn’t get arrested for no reason), but breaking out of that cycle of abuse is so, so hard and I don’t think a person can fully appreciate that difficulty until they’ve been there. Chris needed to break out of it too and be done for good, so I’ll say the same for him – it’s tough to choose to walk away, and I’m glad he got out of it, also. They’re not good together and definitely should have stayed out of each other’s beds, but mostly they should have learned a long time ago to keep their hands to themselves. Poor choices have been made on each side from day one, it seems. The saddest part about the whole thing is the kids involved, both their shared kids and Isaac and Lincoln (and now Chris’s new child, as well). I hope they all receive therapy too, to realize what they’ve seen should not be the norm for a healthy, adult relationship.

      1. Very thoughtful comment…I’d just like to add that this is not the first time Kail has been violent with a partner. We’ve seen her physically abuse prior partners on camera, and have not seen mutual physical abuse. That doesn’t mean mutual abuse hasn’t happened, of course, but Kail appears to have a propensity for fits of rage and physical violence. I think that is why many people here probably feel frustrated that Kail seems to be trying to portray herself as a victim, when she has more often been a perpetrator.

        One doesn’t negate the other, but it’s understandable that people respond differently to abuse allegations when a known abuser is being abused.

        1. I absolutely agree with you. She’s been on camera hitting Javi and she downplayed that later, she’s minimized her arrest for hitting Chris, and she’s taken out PFAs that she didn’t need. I know that’s why people see her story differently. Kail is no angel, she’s at least partially to blame for a lot of this mess, and I am 100 percent aware of that. I do think she’s playing this story a bit for publicity, too. BUT I do know is how hard it is to let go of a toxic relationship and I had a very solid support system holding me up. I can’t imagine how difficult it is when she has barely anyone to tell her she’s worthy of better and that this isn’t normal in any way (yes, some of that is her fault because she’s driven away people who would help her). Both she AND Chris deserve better than each other, and all of their kids certainly deserve much better than this.

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