Leah Messer Finally Discusses “Rocky” Friendship with Kail Lowry; Says She’s Tired of Being In the Middle of Her ‘Teen Mom 2′ Co-Stars’ Drama

“I hope y’all brought yer learnin’ brains because I’m fixin’ to give you a lesson you’ll never forget!”

Leah Messer is standing in her power and telling her Teen Mom 2 co-stars to get it together!

After a preview clip of Tuesday’s Season 11 Reunion was posted— showing Leah talking about her now-strained relationship with co-star Kail Lowry, as well as why Kail didn’t want to appear on the Reunion alongside Briana DeJesus and Jade Cline— Leah posted and quickly deleted a statement on Instagram about the situation. Later, though, Leah posted a more-extensive statement, providing the real reason she and Kail are no longer friends. The statement also called out the other girls in the cast for being disrespectful bullies and “mean girls” who have constantly dragged her into their drama.

“…by y’alls constant drama and hate-twerkin’ at parties and whatnot!”

After telling her co-stars that they are free to call or text her privately if they want to discuss her statement in detail, Leah wrote that she is “very disturbed by the clip I saw of the Reunion.”

“Never did I imagine a show that was intended to inspire young women would turn into other women disrespecting, bullying/shaming and devaluing each other,” Leah wrote, adding that she is only on the show for the money and has no interest in being part of the Kail/Briana drama circus, or any other conflicts within the cast.

“My job at the ‘TM2’ Reunion or when I’m shooting for MTV/’Teen Mom 2’/[Teen Mom Family Reunion] is to show up, complete my segments/scenes to collect my money and get back home to my children,” she wrote. “THAT IS exactly what I will continue to do.”

She then addressed fans’ comments that Leah “followed” Ashley Jones off stage because she was afraid of Kail’s reaction. (Kail chose not to attend the Reunion and instead was beamed in via Zoom for her segments.) 

“I’m not being ‘controlled’ by anyone else or following anyone else’s lead,” Leah wrote. “Questions that I am asked during my segments I will always keep it 100 and answer them honestly. I will not tolerate disrespect on stage or ‘mean girl’ behavior, especially when someone being discussed is not present to defend themselves.”

She then confirmed that she and Kail have a “rocky” friendship. (Briana has previously stated that Leah and Kail are no longer friends because Kail got mad at Leah for being friendly with Briana. The blow-up reportedly happened after Leah “liked” one of Briana’s Instagram posts about self-growth.) 

“I thought it was a post encouraging all y’alls to stand in yer power! It was an honest mistake!” 

“To clear it up from my point of view, I went to ‘TMFR’ with the support of everyone around me,” Leah wrote. “After the two weeks of filming and learning a lot about other casts through therapeutic activities and a life coach, I believed we all left on the same page. An unfortunate situation occurred a few weeks after being home when I ‘liked’ an Instagram post of Briana’s–referencing self-growth.”

Leah then clarified the reason Kail got upset with her for that.

“I was unaware at the time that a fat-shaming situation had occurred between Briana and Kail. It should be known that I don’t and will never support fat shaming or bullying in any way, shape or form,” Leah wrote. “This caused tension and hurt feelings that I hope can one day be resolved.” 

“I wonder if she would believe one of my claws accidentally touched the lil heart on Briana’s post?”

Finally, Leah scolded her co-stars for treating other women poorly, and told them that she’s over their constant drama.

“I have three daughters at home where female empowerment is something we believe in, even when you may not see eye-to-eye with another woman,” she wrote. “…I will always empower and support women…

“I’m honestly sick and tired of being brought into this drama, having my kindness taken for weakness or being put in a position to where it seems as though I need to choose someone’s side,” Leah continued. “…I feel like all of it is taking a twisted turn and it saddens me. I’m going to continue to take care of mine and stay out the way.

“…I also wish everyone of my coworkers the best moving forward.”

“Well, have you tried screamin’ ‘MONKEY!’ yet? That always makes the dog-gone drama go away!”

As The Ashley has previously reported, Leah has signed on to be a part of Teen Mom Legacy, the new show that will combine the casts of ‘Teen Mom 2’ and Teen Mom OG. A second season of ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ has also been ordered, although no cast has been contracted for that as of press time, so it’s unknown if Leah will appear on that show again. 

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram)

19 Responses

  1. Leah hit the nail on the head, make that money girl! I never knew she was down though? That kinda makes me sick.

  2. If it wasn’t for ashly standing up and leaving Leah was gonna bash her and she should have been the one to stick by her friend. And after all they supposed made peace but Trust jade started right into Leah. I blame mtv. They provoke that fat shaming on tv Brianna should have been let go. And they should look out for og

    1. Leah is sweet, but terribly boring to watch at this point. I think she handled this in the best way.

      Jade is so messed up that it’s clear she thrives off of conflict.

      Briana is desperate to keep her spot & since she has no personality, this is what she clings to. If they didn’t kick Amber off for her shenanigans, there’s no hope for dumpy bri leaving either.

      1. I totally agree with what u said. Like especially about jade. I never had a problem with her before, but as soon as dr. Drew said “do u have any idea why leah,” & leah OBVI answered in a way as to try and totally avoid the whole bullshit drama, jade totally pulled out the claws. She said that shit to leah immediately and you could hear the attitude and you could see the dirty ass look she gave her. Like, come on jade, grow up. Theres cameras shoved in everyone’s faces and they’re live, some people chose the higher road instead of being a trashy, unprofessional drama queen. She was being professional, mature, and ABOVE IT.

  3. I’m pretty proud of Leah in this situation. I watched about 3 minutes of the reunion last night, and it’s totally not what it used to be. Dr Drew has always been a drew-bag, but used to ask (somewhat) legit questions about the girls’ lives, kids, etc. Now they stirred the damn pot 30 seconds into it. When Ashley walked off, it seemed awkward, same with Leah. But reading this, I totally get Leah’s perspective.

    No shame in keeping on the show if she’s in it for the paycheck, not the drama.

    1. I to think Leah has come along way but I stopped short last night when she admitted that home is solely in her boyfriends name. Stupid stupid stupid you’ll be paying that mortgage, uprooting your kids and when the relationship is over, Have his mortgage will be paid you’ll have to uproot your kids again! How can you spring “a surprise I bought a new house” on a woman with three children without considering them. And Leah is dumbly going along with it. Get your name on the house or don’t move.

      1. I just saw the full portion of her reunion segment. I take back some of my praise for her. You’re totally right. Once she moves in with him, along with her kids, she won’t have a home *of her own* in case things go south. She’s come a long way, but still has quite a ways to go.

  4. Now this is all some hooey.

    Allegedly, Leah and Kail were “sharing boyfriends”, idk the deets if it were at the same tine or separately, but the rumor is they were seeing the same guy and it didn’t work out for the girls.

    Grain of salt but sounds to me mode plausible than “liking a tweet”, although Kail is petty af

  5. Leah over here pretending to be disappointed in how all these girls backstab & act ugly to each other. Girl bye.

  6. When Leah Messer is the stable one and the voice of reason, y’all really do need to get your shit together lol their egos, constant drama and attitude put the “Teen” in Teen Mom and makes it unwatchable.

  7. She’s not lying. Whenever I see conflict between the TM2 girls (and it seems to be the TM2 girls ONLY), I feel like I’m watching a bunch of 6th and 7th graders going at it. These chicks acted more mature on their 16 & pregnant episodes compared to how they’re behaving right now. Briana and Jade are the ring leaders, and if anything they’re helping the show LOSE viewers. Never thought I would NOT watch this show because I’ve been watching for so long, but I can say that I’ve only seen 2 episodes of this season, because I’m not in the mood to watch Jade and Shawn scream at everyone and everything, and I’m sick of seeing Briana being Briana…and I have no plans on watching this combo show. I’ll keep checking The Ashley for updates though…

  8. “ Never did I imagine a show that was intended to inspire young women..”

    Stop it!?This show has never and will never be an inspiration to anyone.?They have only gotten more entitled and more immature each and every year.

  9. Good for Leah for saying that all of this is a job and she’s just there for the paycheck. Kail and Brianna just want to play middle school mean girl drama, and the others are too immature to not get caught up in the games.

  10. Leah seems to be the only one acting adult in this whole story. When you think back to who she was at the start of the franchise, she’s really grown morally.

    I’m not saying she’s perfect, but I think her acting is respectable, in this case.

      1. I agree. The only time I’ve ever seen Leah even remotely cruel was when she was trying to make excuses over her drug addiction.

  11. i love leah but she has definitely already ran her course on this show. production always wants drama and now that they can’t use kail for drama ofc they’re gonna try to drag leah into it and she’s the type of person who stays out of it.they just really need to cancel the entire franchise

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