Cast of ‘Teen Mom 2’ Argues on Instagram After Clip of Reunion Shows Leah Messer Talking About Kail Lowry & Ashley Jones Walking Off (Recap)

The cast of Teen Mom 2 continues to be a trainwreck, right up until the very end.

On Monday, MTV released a clip of the Season 11 Reunion that caused quite the ruckus on social media, with nearly all the cast members taking to Instagram defend their friends on the cast– and call out their enemies.

Leah Messer ended up in the hot seat after co-host Dr. Drew Pinsky asked her about her seemingly strained friendship with Kail Lowry (who chose not to attend the Reunion and instead appeared virtually). Leah started to join in with Jade Cline and Briana DeJesus to discuss why Kail wouldn’t want to be at the Reunion, only to have Ashley Jones become uncomfortable and walk off the stage.

Let’s begin wading through this Tub ‘o’ Trashy Drama, shall we?

The clip begins with Dr. Drew asking the girls— Leah in particular— why they think Kail wouldn’t want to attend the Reunion. Leah plays dumb, only to have Jade get snappy with her, saying they all know Kail refused to attend because she doesn’t get along with Briana. Dr. Drew– that rascally pot-stirring silver fox— then takes the opportunity to ask Leah about why she and Kail are no longer close.

Drew, to himself…possibly?

“She stopped filming right? I really haven’t been talking to her very much…” Leah says as she trails off. 

Dr. Drew mentions that Leah and Kail used to be close, to which Leah replies sadly, “we were pretty close.” 

Leah started saying that their friendship may have become strained because she chose to appear on Teen Mom Family Reunion (a show Kail declined to be on). Leah then states that she “liked” a “self-growth post” (that was posted by Briana on Instagram) that Kail “was upset about.” Meanwhile, Ashley shimmies herself out of her chair and quietly starts to walk  off stage. Drew, who is practically salivating at all this girl drama, asks Ashley why she’s leaving.

“I’m gonna take my Fashion-Nova-clad butt out of here, thanks!”

Ashley tells the gang that she’s not down to sit around while they Kail-bash, as she’s close to Kail. Leah seems to realize that she is going to look really bad if she stays so she, too, gets up and leaves the stage. Briana and Jade continue to talk about Kail with Dr. Drew and Nessa as the clip trails off. 

After the clip went live, Kail took to Instagram to clarify a few things, and to praise Ashley for having her back. The fact that she did not also praise Leah was quite telling as well.

“I have never been upset with Leah for going on ‘TMFR,’ Kail wrote. “In fact, I supported her and told her to go & collect her check…Jade why are you commenting?”

“I was never upset about anyone going to ‘TMFR,'” Kail continued, adding, “Ashley is a real one.” 

Ashley then jumped on Instagram to add her comments in.

“Let me make something extremely clear,” she wrote. “I would never sit in a room and be silent while my friend is being chopped. For that purpose, I removed myself.”

She went on to state that she did it because she felt Dr. Drew and/or MTV was being shady by not including Kail via videochat in the segment.

When you remember you used to be a respectable doctor but now you’re the mediator between squabbling D-list reality stars…

“It’s not about loyalty. Kail was there via Zoom. Why wasn’t she present for this segment?” Ashley wrote. “It’s messy. Period. And the next time you ask me why I’m in it or making a comment, refer to this video. It’s always 2 against 1 [Jade and Briana against Kail]. And respectfully, Kail got friends too.”

In the comment section of the post on Instagram, Ashley made it clear that the truce that she and the other ‘Teen Mom 2’ girls made on ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ is now null and void.

“I been trynna keep the peace since ‘TMFR.’ I’m done with that,” Ashley wrote. 

Next up to post on Instagram was Leah. She addressed the situation and the events shown in the clip. However, she quickly deleted the statement she posted to Instagram. (Luckily, The Ashley screenshotted it for all of you nosy folk.) 

“This segment wasn’t supposed to be anything about Kail,” Leah wrote in the deleted post. “I can only speak for myself and my personal experience but the level of disrespect, bullying/[shaming], and mean girl attitudes is disgusting. I’d be ashamed of myself!

“I showed up, completed my segments, collect my money & rolled out. That’s what I will continue to do but don’t take my kindness and support for all women growing as a sign of weakness or being gullible. 

“We are grown-ass women with children watching our lives,” Leah wrote. “We should have enough dignity and self-respect to act as such!” 

Later, Leah reposted a longer, more in-depth statement regarding her strained friendship with Kail, as well as how tired she is of all of the ‘Teen Mom 2’ cast drama. (You can read Leah’s full, “stand in your power” statement by clicking here!

Finally, it was Jade’s turn to chime in on the hijinks. First, she responded to claims that she was being snotty to Leah when she responded to her in the clip.

“The way it was edited made it seem like it was more negative or coming off condescending when I was just trying to lighten the mood. LOL it was all weird and awkward…” Jade wrote on Instagram Stories, denying she has any issues with Leah.

She agreed that it would be easier if all of the ‘Teen Mom 2’ cast members got along, but stated that, even if some of the girls don’t get along, “we can still[do] things like ‘TMFR’ and the reunions and get the job done and coexist.

Jade also defended Dr. Drew’s tendency to poke and prod drama out of the girls.

“It’s TV. TV makes a lot of situations different,” she wrote. “And the network will always want to bring up things that will spark interests in people.” 

The ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 11 Reunion airs Tuesday night on MTV. You can watch the clip that caused all the drama below! (The scene in question starts at the 5:07 mark, by the way.)

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram)

15 Responses

  1. No one is commenting on Jade and Sean. Dr. Drew or Nessa asked Sean what his drug of choice was. Jade shut that down immediately. Can’t the people at MTV see that if Sean says his drug of choice is heroin (or whatever) every enterprising heroin dealer around will put him on speed dial, offer him free drugs, hook him up with their buddies, etc and get him back on drugs? MTV really plays the Devil’s advocate while professing to be a show that helps teen moms.

  2. Why do these girls wear the sluttiest clothes they can find. Jeez, any minute Jade or Bri is going to have a nip slip. They would look so much better if they dressed a bit classier.

  3. Yo… Girls, this shit isn’t new. If you don’t like what MtV is doing, has done, be the bigger person and walk away. You’re only there because you WERE teen moms. If it wasn’t because of that you guys would be nobody so…. Maybe step up and show your kids the real world and value by stepping out of a fucking bad situation if MTV, the staff, and other moms continue to dog shit on you. This has been old wayy too many years ago and make them look worse by grasping on to the whole franchise. Be something other than known as “teen mom” for the sake of your friggin kids and actually make something out of your lives since you were blessed enough to make this money that could put you in a better situation without relying on the franchise.

    So sad to not really see any of the teen moms make something with their lives except drag the franchise to the grave.

  4. Dr Drew, I use to like you, Since your fucking covid stance, I ca no longer support you. You definitely stir the pot for ratings. You have lost all perspective when it comes to why this show started. It’s your sex should disown you. You encourage and promote these so called teen moms to go out, get knocked up, and exploit the situation for ratings. You turn a blinds eye to the moms that need guidance. I am so sorry to see you lost your way, and your role in these girls lives. You favor the girls that need your guidance the most. Shame on you…The children will be the ones to suffer. You had a chance to make a change, but you chose to make money instead.

  5. Bri is so incredibly fake and juvenile there. Are they teens or moms?

    I think I respect Ashley for walking off and I think it was real. Integrity, not something you see a lot on TM.

  6. Jade and Briana got matching botched asses, and all of a sudden dunno how to act. This mean girl culture they’re trying to push on the show gives me 2nd hand embarrassment. These are almost 30 year old mother’s acting like this. It’s pathetic.

  7. KAIL is garbage and frankly needs to be mentally evaluated before she messes up more mens lives as well as those of her children. I can’t wait for their tell alls in 15 years about her and her psycho behavior. She’s a nasty piece of work and needs to be off TV and onto a 9-5 where she can be paid for working not shorting out kids with baby daddy #7

  8. I chaperoned an end of the year dance, for 8th grade
    They acted just like the “ teen moms”

  9. whether or not you like ashley, you can’t deny that she was definitely the most mature one on that stage. and why is jade acting all tough in front of briana for??? briana’s the same one who acts like a scared little girl until her crew comes in and switches up like she’s hard ?

    1. And she made a solid point. They had Kail on zoom so why didn’t they loop her in so she could hear what they say and defend herself! MTV and Dr. Drew is the shadiest

  10. Cheap drama to try and boost ratings. It won’t work.
    Why didn’t Ashley stay and defend Kail? Why did she have to leave? To draw attention to herself.
    End this crap already and let those women get real jobs

    1. just for her to get ganged up on by jade and briana and another on stage fight get started? no thank you

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