Kail Lowry Declares She’s “Done” With ‘Teen Mom’ For Good After Season 11 Finale

How fast did you say no to doing more ‘Teen Mom,’ Kail? 

The Teen Mom franchise appears to be unsinkable, but Kail Lowry is jumping ship!

The Teen Mom 2 star— who got into an argument with the show’s producers (and flipped them off) during the Season 11 finale— recently made it clear on Facebook that her time on the long-in-the-tooth reality show is finally over.

On Wednesday, The Ashley released new info on the upcoming ‘Teen Mom 2’/Teen Mom OG combo show— which The Ashley revealed will be called Teen Mom Legacy. Kail had already confirmed that she would not appear on that show; however, her recent Facebook post marks the first time she’s confirmed she’s through with the entire ‘Teen Mom’ franchise.

On the Facebook fan group for Kail’s Barely Famous podcast, Kail responded to a fans’ statement.

“If Kail is done with ‘Teen Mom,’ I will never watch ‘TM2’ again,” the fan wrote. “Literally only watched that franchise for Kail.”

“I am done!” Kail— who is an admin on the page— stated. “I declined the new show, [Teen Mom Family Reunion][Teen Mom] Girls Night In.” 

During a recent episode of her Barely Famous podcast, Kail revealed that part of the reason she turned down the offer to appear on ‘Teen Mom Legacy’ was because the pay wasn’t very good. (As The Ashley stated previously, ‘Teen Mom Legacy’ will only feature some girls each episode. Only the girls featured in the episode will be paid, so it will be a pay cut for the cast members who are used to being paid for every episode.) 

“Not interested. But keep asking, I like it when people beg. Just ask Javi!”

She did acknowledge that she is where she is today, career-wise, because of the show.

“I am lucky to have gotten that spot [on the show]. But I also think that I wouldn’t be where I am now without the hard work that I put in to further my brand,” Kail said on the podcast.

After a sneak peek clip of Kail flipping off producers was posted to the official ‘Teen Mom’ Instagram page on Monday, some fans called Kail “ungrateful” and accused her of forgetting that she is famous for being on ‘Teen Mom.’ (Kail’s ever-present nemesis and co-star Briana DeJesus had also commented on the clip.) 

Kail later took to the comment section of the Instagram post to address what fans had been writing. Her comment further confirmed that she’s done with the franchise.

“I wish I could lint-roll the past 12 years of ‘Teen Mom’ off me!”

“Thankful for the opportunities & never discredit that I was able to branch out bc of [‘Teen Mom’],” she wrote. “Thank you to everyone who has supported me on this journey! Can’t wait to watch everyone’s stories unfold in future episodes!”

On Tuesday’s episode, Kail explained why she had a problem continuing to film for ‘Teen Mom 2.’ When producer Anne-Marie Robinson asked Kail what her problems with filming the show are, Kail says she’s tired of producers “hounding” her to talk about her baby daddy drama, and feels that her co-stars aren’t made to talk about their exes the same way she is.

“Y’all don’t hound anybody about their baby dads the way that y’all talk to me about mine, pressure me to talk about mine,” Kail told Executive Producer Larry Musnik, before mentioning that she makes more money doing her three podcasts than she does filming ‘Teen Mom 2.’

“Um…can I have some? My last bonus was a hug.”

“I’m proud of all your success, but don’t forget this show made it possible,” Larry responded, prompting Kail to get mad and flip him off. 

While Kail (as well as former ‘Teen Mom OG’ mom Mackenzie McKee) won’t be appearing on ‘Teen Mom Legacy,’ the rest of the ‘TM2’/’OG’ cast members have signed on. You can get all the details about the new show here

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(Photos: MTV; Facebook)

37 Responses

  1. That is great news. Kail is stupid and delusional. I guess it sucks too always getting referred to as the chunky girl on the cast too.

  2. LMAO @ her “hard work” she put in. She got pregnant in high school, applied to be on a reality show about it, and they filmed her being a witch for 10+ years. Hard work my ass.

  3. Who are these fans?? Amber heard supporters?? Amber portwood supporters… All these people mass either be delusional or completely stupid all of them have been violent towards other people and are the poorest excuse for women I can think of sad just very sad

  4. Kail is just mad she can’t hold a relationship with any man. I don’t think the men are the problem I think she’s the problem..

  5. They’re beating a dead horse with a stick at this point. Never thought I’d see the day when I would stop watching, but I have only seen the first 2 episodes of this season. The show is trash, it’s quite boring, and really fake. Those girls better start stacking those checks because I give it 1 maybe 2 more seasons.

  6. K bye Hulk (Kail)! No one cares. You only have what you have because of the show. No one likes you- good riddance

    1. Kail quit Because they didn’t get rid of Breonna or Chris …she thought she had that kind of power. Which was Jenelle and Farrah’s downfall too. She’s gonna learn today.

  7. Kail I think herself was a lot of drama besides her baby daddy’s!! Maybe teen mom 2 should of gave her,her own show titled kail and all her drama! People don’t realize that with an education does not come maturity,she as I see still has many issues in her own personal life that she has yet to deal with. I wish her well and hope she does seek some self help to.

  8. Better give this a little more thought, Kail. If you lose this big paycheck, how in the world will you ever be able to build yourself yet another “dream house” every two years or so?!?

  9. I listen to her podcasts. I don’t care if you all hate that or not. Her podcasts are NOTHING like the show! She’s not winey or dramatic. Kail is a whole different person on her podcasts. She’s not forced to talk about herself or her baby Dad’s and for the most part she doesn’t. If you’ve never listened to her and Vee talk about motherhood or her and Lyndsey Chrisley talk about true crime, and current events you are missing out! I personally like that she is putting her degree to work and making something to support her and her boys. I’m glad she’s jumping ship. It’s the smartest move out of all of them IMO.

    1. Yes!! I did not like her on the show but after listening to her podcasts I am like she is so relatable!! The show has definitely made her a villain

    2. I agree, she just gets dragged and it’s kind of tiring to always read it. People talk about positivity and lifting up women and all this bs but then are so quick to rip her apart with the names. How many people on here have already called her Hulk? Like, how rude is that… you don’t have to like her, but she’s made a foundation for herself and her family, and that’s admirable. She made more of her opportunity on the show than most. The way the show has gone at this point I think she made the right choice to exit. I like Kail, I’ll get downvoted like hell for saying it. I don’t agree with some of the things she does, but that’s her life and her business, the same way everyone else has theirs. Good for her, and wish her good luck. I’ll still be listening to her podcast every week with Lindsie.

  10. Am I the only one who is shocked she’s making money off her stupid podcasts?! Like….. what? How?! Who is paying for that crap?!

  11. “My brand” your brand is drama. Now no one will care because you’ll try to hyper control everything like you always do. This is too funny. Made my whole day and I haven’t watched this show in years! I’m sick of reading about her. Put on your Clown Suit and gtfoh

  12. Thank the MTV GODS! Don’t let the trailer park door hit you on the ass when you have to move back in after failing at everything you attempt. She fails to realize the only people that give a shit about her are MTV and her 6 fans that will give us all thumbs down comments. She sucks. Inside and out. She’s awful and I hope her kids spend more time with their dads than what is shown or else they’re gonna have a rough life with Swamp Thing as their role model.

  13. Bish the only reason you got internet ‘famous’ is because you’re immature & have baby daddiii you constantly bully. Gtfo thinkin your podcast is that good.

  14. You are an ungrateful spoiled brat who would be nothing without being on teen mom. You were trash when they picked you for the show, and have sunk even lower since. You have no morals or class, and are a horrible example for your many children with many men. You leaving the show is no great loss. Go get knocked up again by another loser . Maybe you can go on Maury,

  15. i’m a kail fan and understand why she’s been such a butthole to the producers but i’m glad she’ll be off the teen mom franchise. other girls have stated that production has made them do uncomfortable things and editing plays a factor in things as well. hopefully she finds peace in her life and starts getting her shit together. wish briana was getting the boot though

  16. Glad that gorilla won’t be on the show. Now if we can get rid of Ashley and Bar, they make me sick.

  17. Well… Good.

    We wanted her to go, she’s gone. Until she needs attention, a la Farrah and Jenelle style, that is.

    1. i don’t think kail will get to that level since she’s more likable than farrah and jenelle and already has a strong brand and fanbase. she also comes off as more put together than farrah and especially jenelle ever will be

      1. Oh but she is just like Farrah and Jenelle. All 3 think the world owes them something. All 3 can NEVER admit they are wrong, all 3 refust to take responsibility for anything and blame everyone else why things dont work out.

        Yeah ppl want to split hairs over the porn and the David thing but marrying a lowlife is a possibility for Kail as is porn. She’s not “above” any of it, not in the least.

        The ONLY thing she has on them is she’s not a lifelong drug addict.

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