Watch Kail Lowry Flip Off ‘Teen Mom 2’ Producers During Argument in Season 11 Finale Sneak Peek

“I learned this trick from Chris ‘2 Middle Fingers’ Lopez!”

Kail Lowry is pissed off at— and flipping off—the producers behind the show that made her famous.

In a sneak peek clip of Tuesday’s Teen Mom 2 Season 11 finale, producers confront Kail about her unwillingness to film about certain events– and people— in her life. 

When producer Anne-Marie Robinson asked Kail what her problems with filming the show are, Kail says she’s tired of producers “hounding” her to talk about her baby daddy drama, and feels that her co-stars aren’t made to talk about their exes the same way she is.

When you’ve literally been hounded the entire series to talk about your baby dads and you hear this statement…

“Where’s Leah [Messer] talking about [her baby dads] Corey [Simms] and Jeremy [Calvert]?” Kail asks. “I don’t want to give you the stuff that I’m doing when I’m not respected in the same way as them.” 

Kail said she doesn’t want to talk about her baby daddies, especially not about the topic of her and second baby dad, Javi Marroquin, possibly giving their relationship another try. 

“MTV’s going to fire me after this,” Kail says glumly. 

Meanwhile you KNOW Vee is over there texting Jo like, ‘OMG boo, wait to you hear this one…'”

Sitting in the next room is trusty Executive Producer Larry Musnik, who joins the conversation with Kail and the other producers. Larry tells Kail he’s not there to deliver a Farrah Abraham-esque firing. He does, however, refute Kail’s statement that the producers don’t make Leah talk about her baby daddies. 

“I do think we’ve watched Leah and the guy thing evolve,” Larry says. “I know you brought that up earlier. Where are Jeremy and Corey?”

“Y’all don’t hound anybody about their baby dads the way that y’all talk to me about mine, pressure me to talk about mine,” Kail shoots back at Larry, who seems surprised by the statement.

“No. Hell no,” Kail said.

“I knew I should have left this Diaper-Genie-of-a-series after Farrah tried to box me…”

Larry explains that because Kail has more kids and more baby daddii (which The Ashley has decided is the plural of “baby daddy”), it’s logical that she would discuss her co-parenting situations more than the girls with less kids/baby daddii.

“You’ve got four boys, three dads and a lot of moving pieces on how to move that life,” Larry says. 

One of the other producers asks Kail if she did her podcasts while she was on hiatus from filming for ‘Teen Mom 2.’

“Yeah. I make more money podcasting than I do on ‘Teen Mom,'” Kail says.

When you realize you should have pursued the career of underaged breeder instead of producer…

Larry looks like he’s had enough and gently reminds Kail that she’s only able to have her platform to do her three podcasts because she became famous from ‘Teen Mom 2.’ 

“I’m proud of all your success, but don’t forget this show made it possible,” he says.

Kail is not happy. She flips Larry and the producers off and says, “Love y’all.”

Narrator: She did not, in fact, love them all…

Naturally, the preview had a lot of ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans voicing their opinions in the comment section of the post. One notable comment came from— you guessed it— Kail’s co-star (and constant nemesis) Briana DeJesus.

“Boooo! Get TF off the show then,” she wrote, while also posting several tomato emojis.

The rest of the comments were a mix of positive and negative remarks about Kail.

“Oh Kail dont forget were you came from…” one person wrote.

“All she does is complain… if she’s doesn’t like it why come back to film if you make more money doing your podcast,” someone else commented.

“Kail needs to go on! She’s turning into a Farrah!” another comment reads. “Like if you don’t like being questioned then don’t be on the show. She treats MTV like ass! Girl bye & they should give that finger back to her.”

Others voiced their support for Kail.

“Kail, I’ve got your back…and hopefully your, um, front tonight at the WaWa…if you know what I mean…”

“Tell them about it Kail,” someone wrote. “Everything isn’t meant for TV. I totally agree with her on this one.”

“If she’s not comfortable with talking or filming certain s**t that’s her decision. Especially when the other girls are not being asked questions that they ask her,” a person wrote. 

You can watch the preview clip of Tuesday’s episode below! 

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(Photos: MTV)


  1. If Kail had class, she would have quit the show like Chelsea or Bristol. If the show no longer aligns with you, just quit. If you don’t want to share your story, then stop burning bridges and just stop signing contracts. This is petty and immature behavior from Kail. She acts like she’s filming against her will. No one gaf what mansion you bought or how you’re decorating it. You’re not on HGTV.

  2. Kail, honey it don’t matter how many fillers you get in your face, those jowls are setting in and you constantly frown-pouting doesn’t help. I know, bc that’s how mine started lol.

    Two- the other girls don’t have the burning trash dumpster of baby daddiii situations like you do so of course they want you to talk about it. The only one on the show that hasn’t matured.

  3. She doesn’t want to talk about the baby daddies because if she does, people see how big of a petty jerk she is. We already see it as it is now. The show would just intensify it. Bye bye, “there’s the door bitch.”

    1. She doesn’t wanna talk about it on teen mom the show that made her famous but she can go on her podcast and trash them constantly🙄. Okayyy

  4. Kail is delusional.

    Leah is in a good place with Corey and Jeremy, so what is there to say about them? She used to have to talk about them all the time. Chelsea left the show because she didn’t like the focus on Aubrey’s personal life and relationship with Adam, so she clearly felt pressure to talk about that. Brianna is constantly talking about Luis even though he is barely even in Stella’s life. Ashley is always talking about Bar. Jade’s issues with Sean are featured every episode.

    Kail has the most baby daddies and is just generally messy as hell. The situation with Chris is about as messy as it gets. Obviously TM wants that in full display. It’s the best drama they have. Maybe, get your shit together and they’ll have less to ask you about.

      1. How are they not? They’re not friends, but they don’t have to be. Their custody is settled and there isn’t constant drama and restraining orders with them.

    1. She only wants to do shit on her terms. That speaks to the fact she’ll never have a real job, as she’ll be unmanageable.

  5. She needs to fire all the lawyers on retainer, and hire therapists for the whole brood. Full-time therapists, live-in.

    1. They hound everyone about anything they can. She just doesn’t watch their segments.

      Guess she never heard that Maci pretty much had Rhyne FIRED so she couldn’t talk about him anymore. But ok.

      1. Maci had to talk about Ryan
        Leah had to talk about Corey and then Jeremy
        Ashley had to talk about Bar
        Catelynn had to relive her adoption repeatedly every season
        Amber had to talk about Gary but legally can’t talk about Andrew
        Cheyenne talks about EVERYTHING
        McKenzie talks about EVERYTHING (with no prompting)

        They always make the girls talk about shit that they don’t want to talk about. She’s not the odd man out. Even the Y&P girls have to sit and talk shit out constantly.

  6. Kail is trash. Always has been, always will be. Period. No one cares about her views or opinions except to make fun of her delusional ass. She is a nobody who would have NOTHING if not for MTV from the start. That is the facts. She also looks disgusting and probably should get some plastic surgery work done on that face that looks more and more like Miss piggy every day. Which is insulting to Miss Piggy because she is actually cute. I can’t wait til she’s dead broke.

  7. Just drop her! She’s a douch! Who thinks she’s better than everyone else. When in reality she can’t keep her legs closed just like Brianna. Leah talks about her baby daddies all the time.

  8. It’s only been the last couple years that they stopped asking Leah about Corey and Jeremy and that’s because they finally seemed to get to a good place, more or less, and she stopped hooking up with Jeremy. Kail said herself that she can’t get along with more than one baby daddy at a time, so why wouldn’t they ask her about it. She’s so unpleasant.

  9. Does…does she not understand that Leah is at a much better place with Jeremy and Corey and isnt constantly starting drama with them, getting arrested, battery etc? Does Kail not get that?

      1. That alone screams selfish to me. She called some of these people her “friends” but didn’t care enough to watch what they were going through to even be able to reach out and check on them like a good friend would. She only watched herself to see how she was portrayed and probably how she looked physically since she’s all about herself. Not for any other reason. And as much as she chooses to watch herself, she learns Nothing from how she rude & entitled she behaves!!

  10. Just cancel this trash already. She really thinks she is something special, doesn’t she? Wow. She needs to take several seats. She better be careful. The pedestal she’s put herself on is going to come crashing down. Once this wreck of a show is cancelled (and it will be; hopefully sooner than later), her stupid pod casts won’t bring in the money and people will quickly forget about her. The girl is so delusional.

  11. Guess Kali’s never heard the saying: “Don’t Bite The Hand That Feeds You!!”. Larry is 100% right, she only has the podcasts because of teen mom. Take a look at where she came from in the beginning to building a huge ass house, that’s ALL thanks to MTV!!!

    1. I love Kail. She doesn’t OWE any of us ANYTHING. Sure, she got where she is from doing the Teen Mom franchise…but you ALL will go on and on about them doing something with their lives and not being on the show forever. She does and y’all lose your minds.

      I am proud of her. She is supporting her boys. She is managing to be on at least decent terms with her baby Dad’s. She lets the kids decide IF they want to film instead of thrusting them into the spotlight instead of exploiting them.

      You want to watch a dumpster fire?? …go watch Bri. She’s still on the show. I hear Jenelle wants any attention she can get. Jade is still out there trying to peddle the same story woe is me everyone is on drugs but me. Let me go get surgery and trust the drug addicts to take care of me.

      And whoever said she is as bad as Farrah… BAHAHAHA!! Kail hasn’t resorted to porn. She doesn’t shit in jars for money. She doesn’t even get drunk in public. Farrah is a breed all her own. No one, and I mean no one has the Farrah mentality.

      1. Kailyn, don’t you have baby daddies to assault/abuse? Irrelevant pod casts to make? Why are you on here? SMH

      2. I mean I don’t respect any woman that is a domestic violence abuse her and her giant Willder beast self has attacked three of her baby daddy’s violently first Joe then javi, And now Chris no matter what the provocation she shouldn’t be attacking people her passive aggressiveness her neediness she’s just a bad person and everyone can tell that and I fully expect her children to grow up sell her out and probably not let their children be around her completing the circle of her own mother

  12. I don’t think they would be going after her about the dads if she was providing interesting content for filming. Watching her pick out wallpaper and design yet another dream home isn’t entertaining. Don’t even get started on the great jacket debacle. She is being paid to show her life, the good and the bad. She can’t save it all for podcasts. We all know that’s what she wants so she can control the narrative.

    1. Right. If she had an interesting life or anything actually going on in her life, they would film that.

      She doesn’t.

      She moves, has babies with a guy that doesn’t want her, she complains..

      Maybe if she voluteered at a charity or was a useful human being at all they would have good footage.

  13. Kail claims to make twice as much on her podcasts as she does on TM but, that would still be a cut in pay regardless and would make a dent in her lifestyle. Especially after that $200K lawsuit. Which could potentially be $320K since we don’t know if that figure includes repayment for Bri’s fees or if she tries to fight the repayment. She is going to be in that ‘dream home’ for a while. And, I’m guessing, one of those podcasts will be dropped eventually. Either Vee will devote time to her own or the Barely Famous will flounder. Even her podcast network could suffer since she seems to fight with half of her clients ie Javi. At least she is doing something with her degree, I guess.

  14. She should be fired asap. Leah doesn’t have all the crap with her baby daddy. Bri talks bout hers. That’s problem with these girls their ego takes off not like they are famous for talent, famous fir not keeping their legs together as a kid. Show needs canceled kids deserve semi normal life and privacy not being paycheck for parents

  15. How does one make a lot of money from their podcasts? Is it from advertises or do listeners pay?

    I don’t hate Kail. I honestly feel sorry for her. I really believe that her general demeanor and lack of empathy are defense mechanisms to protect her heart. She doesn’t have the safety net of parents or siblings or grandparents like so many of us, and so many of the other TM girls. It feels like she has been alone for so much of her life that she doesn’t believe people will stick around when they see the real Kailyn so she pushes them away before they can hurt her deeply. I feel horribly for anyone with that much loneliness in their life.

    Re-watch the early seasons of TM, it became apparent that Kail’s deep insecurity about being unlovable made her feel picked on, and held to a harsher standard than others. When she cheated on Jo, and got caught, she blamed Jo for cheating first. She has played out this impulse countless times over the years. I think this is happening again in this conversation with Larry.

    I really hope that through the help of therapy, she can heal her heart. I think she’s an devoted mom who is trying to raise good men. I hope her boys don’t inherit this personality trait. And I hope she doesn’t regret giving away her steady paycheck on the hopes that her podcasts continue to support her lifestyle.

    1. Nice thoughtful post, although I disagree with your conclusion. Many people come from unstable families and still manage to be decent people, although they may struggle with relationships like you said. IMO, the difference with Kail is her lack of integrity and no amount of therapy will fix that.

  16. Look kids, a star is falling!

    So weird, Kail was probably the Mom that most people were routing for back in the day.

    But she HATES her fans, hates MTV, and hates when she is asked to actually show REALITY on a REALITY show.

    Best of luck. But some would say that those podcasts that keep those five lawyers on retainer, are like supplements to the show, and once your show is over, I can’t see the numbers actually rising.

    Oh well, now we will have someone other than Jenelle to yell at to “get a real job”.

    1. Right. Unless she finds some amazing way to draw attention to herself, with something that goes hugely viral and opens her up to a wider audience, then this is it.

      No one outside of TM knows who she is and she really doesn’t offer a broad opinion on things. Like TM and being a baby mama is her wheelhouse. That’s it.

      She can’t offer fashion or dating advice, or show a skill or gaming or cosplay or whatever else makes money online. Javi. Jo. Chris. Those are her topics. Wow.

  17. she is rich thanks to all the talking about her baby daddies—rich!!! even got a college education!!!! go ahead and bite the hand that feeds you and see what happens!!!

    1. Can’t wait till they cancel these shows, these girls need a realty CHECK!!! and not in the form of money.

  18. sorry–she is way wrong on this–they go for the drama and story–Corey is a good dad living a normal boring life, briannas disaster of a life is all over the show–she needs to realize Larry is right–she has the most baby daddies and most moving pieces and there is always some drama with them–sorry Kail–it is a show and you got lots going on

    1. I find it hilarious 🤣 you all think I’m Kail. That’s funny.

      I’m a nobody in Pennsylvania. I am 41, married with 2 baby Dad’s of my own. I, much like the rest of you get caught up in the drama of other’s lives on TV because I’m a stay at home engineer and I CAN!

      Seriously though, no one can tell me if they were put in Kail’s shoes that they wouldn’t buy their own house, they wouldn’t go on vacation. She takes good care of her kids. They are all happy and healthy. You all try to hate on her so hard. It doesn’t matter what she does everyone comes for her neck. It has to be hard to never have any privacy because people think they are owed her story. I too would ride that train, and NOT talk for as long as they didn’t fire me. That’s extra money for my kids and myself to live off. That might be Barbados or Cancun next year. Hell yeah!!

      Furthermore, I’m not a fan of Javi and Kail rekindling anything. I like them as friends. I like them separate. To me, I don’t think either wants to stay faithful to anyone, including each other. Getting them back together would just lead to toxicity again.

      #justiceforJohnnyDepp #amberheardisafuckingliar

      #kailrules #loveforkail


      1. What’s your definition of ‘healthy’? Like, physically? Sure, they’re physically healthy kids. Mentally? Mom is fucking them up & setting it up for them to have some hard years as kids. It ain’t about the vacations/homes.

  19. What a disastrous human. No one can keep up like this forever. At some point, she is going to completely self-destruct. Or she will say one word too many to the wrong person.

    1. Kail is always so rude. There is not a polite bone in her body.

      And she loves to throw out that she makes more money podcasting. Does she not get that her COMBINED income is what supports her lifestyle? Don’t tell me the loss of 300-400k a year isn’t going to cause a massive downgrade in lifestyle. So much of her content is TM related. And she just dropped 200k on frivolous lawsuit. She also still has Brianna’s bills to pay too.

  20. Karl shoving one of her cloven hooves at the producers is rich. She’d be on food stamps without mtv. She talks and all I hear is Oink Oink.

  21. These checks need to get real jobs. I still can’t believe that there’s a show sensationalizing getting pregnant as a teenager, it’s ridiculous

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