Former “90 Day Fiance” Star Deavan Clegg is Expecting Her Third Child, First With Boyfriend Topher Park

“I’m knocked up!”

Deavan Clegg will soon be a mother of three. 

The former 90 Day Fiance star announced the news Saturday on Instagram with a family photo featuring her boyfriend, Topher Park, and well as her two children from previous relationships. 

A pregnant Deavan clutches her baby bump in the Instagram announcement photos. 

“We are happy to announce baby Park will be arriving Fall 2022,” Deavan wrote. 

In the second photo, Deavan and Topher hold a baby onesie and smile at each other. 

As “90 Day Fiance” fans may recall, Deavan is already a mom to daughter Drascilla from a previous relationship, and son Taeyang, whom she shares with ex-husband and former co-star, Jihoon Lee. 

“Good luck, pal.”

Deavan sang Topher’s graces-– while slamming Jihoon–- back in December 2020 while promoting a confusing documentary project she and Topher released together. During the teaser for the film, Deavan commended Topher for loving and being “kind” to her children. 

“I have someone that I’m in love with that I’m with because we love each other, not for any other reason,” she said. “And it’s someone who is kind to my children who deeply care[s] for my children and that’s all I ever wanted my children to have was someone to love them as much as I do.” 

As you may remember, Deavan was briefly involved in the failed Girl S#!t Podcast back in 2021 with former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans, TikToker Gabbie Egan and others. 


After the project crashed and burned, Gabbie took to social media to give her version of what happened behind-the-scenes of the ill-fated podcast, and also exposed that Deavan was pregnant when the podcast debacle occurred in March 2021. Deavan’s publicist claimed in June that Deavan was no longer pregnant, as she suffered a miscarriage shortly after the Girl S#!t drama went down. 

Anyway, Deavan also announced on Sunday that she and Topher will be doing another online “series” about her being pregnant.

“Also would love to announce our new YouTube series will be airing soon following our pregnancy journey,” she wrote. She immediately followed up that announcement by doing an ad to hock pregnancy tea…or something.

Is a reality TV pregnancy even official if you don’t use it to sell crap in online ads?

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(Photos: Instagram; TLC) 


  1. Saw this coming a long time ago. I am actually shocked it took this long. LOL. I’m sure once the reality of three kids hits them, she will be saying he abuses her and blames her kids behavior on said “abuse”

  2. This girl gets knocked up by everyone she comes in contact. Have you ever heard about birth control? Don’t look like it

  3. Chill with the filters and facetune girl.

    Also, “Topher’s graces”? Nice.

    Whoa. Dude is a semi famous actor in South Korea. Good god dude. How bad is life that you end up with this broad?

  4. Not shocked, betting that within 6 months of this birth she will be screaming from the rooftops that Topher is an abuser and a horrible father and jump to the next man.

    1. 3 kids no da
      Daddy she loves drama she falls in love like I. Wash my face everyday. Her daughter is so bad omg

  5. Drascilla was a brat because her mother never bothered to parent her. I don’t get the impression that Deavan is a responsible mother. She seems to think that she needs to get pregnant with every guy she meets. Hopefully Topher has common sense because this girl does not.

    1. Topher already showed he doesn’t have common sense being with her. She probably does the bare minimum with her children and then blames her life on the father of her children. Maybe this guy is different. I mean she sadly is probably making her income on taking pics and what other social media and such she does, so nit nuch effort there thanks to 90 day. Maybe topher makes some income which would set her off better than what she had before with driscillas father and jihoon. She probably hasn’t been well off on her own yet and now she is. Doesn’t excuse her past behavior and way she acts with the men and her children. He is stupid for getting with her. She isn’t the worst but the same lazy mother as other reality stars. I doubt the relationship will last years.

  6. Call me old fashioned, but three kids by three different guys is not something to brag about on Instagram.

    1. I feel the same. But I was married once and had two kids, that ended in divorce and now I have my new little girl with my fiancé and I struggled so bad with the fact I had two fathers in my life lol. After the shock wore off I’ve become a little more accepting that it happened but in Deavans case, these are souvenirs for her lol.

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