Deavan Clegg Planning to File Lawsuit Against Jenelle Evans For Defamation &Cyberstalking; May Also Take Legal Action Against Gabbie Egan For Violating “Girl S**t” Podcast NDA

If this is some weird attempt to get your own reality TV show, we’re not into it.

The Girl S**t continues to hit the fan…and legal threats are flying every which way!

Days after Deavan Clegg and Jenelle Evans took to social media throwing accusations and threatening to take legal action against one another, TMZ reports that Devan is officially lawyering up.

According to Deavan’s publicist, Lindsay Feldman, the former 90 Day Fiancé star is planning to file suit against the former Teen Mom 2 star for defamation and cyberstalking, due to Jenelle’s actions following the implosion of the podcast project Deavan, Jenelle and other girls were working on earlier this year. 

Yet somehow not a single person is being sued for these awkward photos and videos…

While Jenelle and Deavan have been at odds since this literal S**t show imploded three months ago, things escalated recently after Jenelle posted a lengthy video to YouTube in which she threatened to take legal action against Deavan and insinuated that Deavan may have stolen her anxiety medication. Deavan denies this, though it’s evidently one of the main reasons she’s threatening to sue Jenelle.  

Deavan has accused Jenelle and Gabbie Egan – another individual involved in the now flushed failed Girl S**t podcast – of bullying and ganging up on her.  

As you may remember, Gabbie exposed Deavan’s pregnancy earlier this month in a video talking about the failed podcast. When giving her version of what happened behind-the-scenes, Gabbie revealed Deavan was pregnant during the podcast debacle in March. However, according to her publicist, Deavan is no longer pregnant, as she suffered a miscarriage shortly after the Girl S**t drama went down.

According to TMZ, Deavan is considering taking legal action against Gabbie for allegedly violating an NDA related to the podcast. 

Deavan’s publicist said the former TLC star “feels attacked and plans to hold everyone legally accountable.” 

As for Gabbie, she’s handling the S**tty drama in the best way she can— by laughing at the ridiculousness of it all, as seen in her recent TikTok post.

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12 Responses

  1. My first question is why is Jenelle being prescribed anxiety medication? Isn’t she not allowed to take it because of her abuse history?

  2. Why is it out of 18 other GS girls the only ones making drama is these 3?
    I honestly believe Deavan would STFU if Gabby & JE wouldn’t have started all this crap. It would have ended with JY 1 video. And why is JE suing JY & not DC? That whole part was fishy.

  3. Oh, these two! My advice to them remains the same— you need to spend every minute of your time parenting your young children! And Deavan, if you feel the need to go after Jenelle’s non-existent assets, do it through lawyers and not on SM! Mind your business, and take care of your kids!

    1. I pronounce it Devin, but I’ve heard people say it how Brianna pronounces Devoin on TM2…but from what I remember on 90 day fiancé, her mom and now ex husband pronounced it Devin.

  4. I’m not that big of a fan of Deavan, and this entire thing is so petty IMO, but I hope Deavan follows through with this lawsuit and wins. Jenelle has been trolling and attempting to bully people in what seems to be a pathetic attempt to stay relevant ever since she got kicked off TM2. It is HIGH TIME that Jenelle has some consquences, and be held accountable for being TRASH.

    1. Gabby is trash too & I’m not a fan of Deavan either. But Gabby there’s a old saying even The Easons are aware of.
      If you lie down with dogs you will get fleas.
      The Easons are not worth defending Gabby you are looking like a child & trash.
      Do they realize this isn’t JR High?
      These women are close to 30 right?

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