Jenelle Evans & Deavan Clegg Make Drug Accusations Against Each Other, Threaten to Sue Each Other & More: A Full Recap of the Latest Events

Before the drug accusations, legal threats and general “Girl S**ttery” took place…

The battle over the Girl S**t podcast continues…and this time its two biggest drama queens, Jenelle Evans and Deavan Clegg are going head-to-head on social media about what they say really happened, with lawsuits, Live videos and drug accusations flying every which way!

Since both Jenelle and Deavan have put out literally hours of content about this, with each threatening to take legal action against each other, The Ashley is going to do her best to recap the highlights of this social media [girl] s**t show so you can understand what is going on with these knuckleheads without having to sit through hours of mind-numbing content.

First, The Ashley will recap Jenelle’s latest video, and then go through the highlights of a video Deavan posted (and then deleted) on Monday on Instagram that was directly addressed to Jenelle.

In Jenelle’s video, she threatens to take legal action against Deavan and insinuates that Deavan may have stolen her anxiety medication. In Deavan’s video, she accuses Jenelle and her husband David Eason of drinking and driving with open alcohol containers in their car, while their daughter was in the vehicle. She also accuses them of having a bag of weed.

Let’s get started! 

RIP #GirlS**t…

As you may remember, Jenelle was booted from the Girl S**t cast less than a day after she excitedly announced the project on social media. She was also denied admission into the launch party after she chose to show up , despite being told not to go. She later stated on Instagram that she was the victim of “cancel culture.” Deavan claimed that, after she found out about Jenelle’s past, she had her fired from the project. Jenelle later told her followers that she “can’t be fired” because she is a producer of Girl S**t.

The podcast was torpedoed by the drama before it ever even hit the airwaves and went belly-up. (Surely, a dozen or so people were very disappointed that they never got to listen to the musings of Jenelle and a bunch of other randos who were to “star” on this trash heap.) 

Anyway, that brings us to the present. On Monday, Jenelle posted a YouTube video in which she claimed she would be telling viewers “her truth” about the ill-fated Girl S**t podcast. She promised that she’s brought “receipts” to prove that she’s telling the truth. 

“Well Juh-nelle, ya can have a receipt as long as tha ones ya get from CVS and people still won’t believe ya!”

Recap of Jenelle’s video:

“I will be vindicated!”

Jenelle, who is, for some reason, sitting in front of some weird Moonshine-like bottle in a living room, said that there is a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) in place that all GirlS**tters had to sign, but she’s choosing to ignore it because everyone else did. 

“Things had to be messed up by one certain person. According to all the sources, I heard this person was Deavan Clegg,” Jenelle said. “Deavan has been going Live on other people’s YouTube accounts…she just won’t let this issue go.” (This is the video she’s talking about, by the way.)

Jenelle then tells everyone she has a “folder of receipts,” as well as a bunch of handwritten notes. (We can assume those were written on her Lisa Frank stationary, since it’s “Important Work Stuff”). 

Jenelle then tells everyone she’s going to refer to Deavan as “pregnant girl.” (Deavan was pregnant at the time of the Girl S**t drama. She ended up having a miscarriage shortly after.)

“I’m keepin’ it classy, as per usual…”

Jenelle says the characters in her Tale As Old As Time will be “Pregnant Girl” and “Creepy Man.” 

“You rang?”

“Creepy Man is Pregnant Girl’s best friend,” Jenelle tells us. (If you’re wondering, “Creepy Man” is most likely John Yates, one of the bloggers Jenelle is currently suing over this Girl S**t stuff.) 

Jenelle then recaps one of Deavan’s recent Lives, where Deavan referred to her as “MTV girl.” 

“That’s me suppos-udly,” Jenelle snorts. 

Jenelle says that all the other Girl S**tters refused to stick to the scheduled she made for them for the week of podcasting, but Jenelle held true to it. While she was away, Deavan was showing other S**tters articles about the horrible things Jenelle and David have done in the past. 

Anyway, she dispelled Deavan’s claim that Jenelle told everyone about the miscarriage.

“I think that’s morally unright for anyone to do.” 

“That’s none of my business but you sure have a lot to say about everyone else…I’m just sitting here watching all this happen like, ‘Damn, she doesn’t shut the f**k up,” Jenelle, who keeps addressing the same situation on her social media, says. 

Jenelle then seemed to imply that she was considering suing Deavan.

“I’m still sitting back and watching what you’re doing,” Jenelle said. “If you do not keep my name out of your mouth, I will take you to court and sue you!”

(As The Ashley previously reported, in addition to the lawsuit Jenelle has pending against John Yates and other bloggers, she filed a lawsuit against her ex-friend Katrina Beaumont on Friday.) 

“Lawsuits for everyone!”

Next, Jenelle told her viewers that, when she left Tennessee after the Girl S**t catastrophe, her anxiety medication (“for my esophagus”) was missing. She doesn’t directly accuse Deavan of taking it, but she basically insinuates that Deavan is the only one who could have.

“It’s really sad because I have esophagus problems every day. Like, daily,” Jenelle said. “My food makes me choke. It was gone, at the time I needed it the most!” 

She then gleefully pulls out her laptop, which contains her folder of receipts. The “receipts” are basically messages back and forth between Jenelle and Deavan talking about the trip, and stuff they worked on before the Girl S**t podcast. Moving right along because nobody cares…

“I need them for my MEDICAL ISSUES, dude!”

Jenelle (and her anxious esophagus) get really riled up when she reveals that Deavan deleted old messages from her and others to make it “seem like everyone else is psycho!” 

Jenelle then gives a run-down of the night of the Launch Party event she was told not to attend. She says she told the Creator that she was still attending, since she put a lot of work into the event and brand.

“So, they hired security for me because I was paranoid about crazy haters,” she said. “Then they used it against me [to keep me out of the event].”

She then shows a video of the security guard telling her she and David have to take themselves back to The Land. In the video, Jenelle insists she’s “the producer” but the guard tells her that she and David are not permitted to come in. Jenelle says she yelled to all her “fans” that if they wanted to come out to the parking lot and take pictures by her (by the dumpsters I guess?) then they could. 

I think that’s nice…

She then shows screenshots of texts between her and the creator, who eventually bailed out of trying to keep the podcast together.

“It’s just really disgusting how I get s**ted on so much,” Jenelle said. “Nobody sticks up for me! They tell me they’re going to stick up for me, they text me they’re gonna stick up for me but when they’re in the heat they can’t f**king handle the fire!” 

“‘It was no fair, dude.”

Jenelle then busts out portions of her contract, to prove that she was, indeed, a producer of the brand. 

Later in the video, Jenelle addresses Deavan’s claims that she is considering taking legal action against her.

“Well, I just want to let you know that I have a lawyer that is involved, Pregnant Girl, and [that lawyer] is in Utah [where Deavan lives]. Anytime you want to get your lawyer involved and try to sue me, I’m ready! And if you keep mentioning me and referring to me in your videos, I will take legal action!” 

Recap of Deavan’s video: 

Deavan’s video, which she captioned “Message to Jenelle Evans,” is no longer on her Instagram. However, The Ashley was able to recap some of it before it was taken down.

In the video, Deavan talks directly to Jenelle, making plenty of accusations against Jenelle and her ever-present husband David.

“You and your husband had open containers [of alcohol] in the car with your young child and I had to drive because I was so upset that you guys were even going to drive and so was Gabbie [Egan, another cast member]. Gabbie’s the one who brought it up to everyone that you had open containers and were drinking and driving with your child,” Deavan said. “I was very upset about that. It killed me inside.”

“I know those were not bottles of fancy water, Jenelle!”

Deavan then addressed Jenelle’s claims that her anxiety meds (which is apparently Xanax) were missing after Deavan was near them.

“She accused me of doing Xanax and stealing her Xanax,” Deavan said. “That is a crime Jenelle. You can not accuse someone of that.

“Everyone who is my fan knows that Xanax is what took my aunt’s life. She was hooked on Xanax and she was my best friend and we were the same age. She overtook it and she became addicted to it, which led to her death, ultimately making her commit suicide the day she took a lot of it.

“Everyone knows I do not like Xanax…but I was pregnant. Why on Earth would I be stealing your medicine? You accused me of that. That is illegal. Everything you are saying is a lie.”

Deavan goes on to accuse Jenelle of having a large bag of marijuana (which is not legal in Tennessee.) She stated that Jenelle has a medical marijuana card that’s legal in California but not Tennessee, so her having the weed in Tennessee was illegal. 

“Someone say weed?”

Deavan said that, because Jenelle’s daughter Ensley was present, it made Deavan even more uncomfortable and she reported it to those involved with the podcast, but no one did anything about it so Deavan quit. 

Deavan goes on to say that she is going to sue Jenelle for what she said about her, and that this is unacceptable. 

(The Ashley did not get the whole video so she is unable to recap it all, but that’s the gist of it.) 

As of press time, neither Jenelle nor Deavan had filed a lawsuit.

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  1. I’m still LMAO at “Janelle and her anxious esphagus”…now that was a good one The Ashley!

  2. The Ashley is doing God’s work recapping this s#!% so we can follow along and enjoy the best parts. Thank you for your service!

  3. The number of times Deavan said “un… acceptable” in the video was hilarious! I randomly saw her on an Instagram live and she was actually ok, answering all questions. Jenelle needs to get a proper job and move on

  4. I can damn near 100% guarantee that no one with a medical license wrote a script for that Xanax. Likely she’s pillaging it from the streets.

    Funny enough, the accusations against Jenelle & Lurch are 100% BELIEVABLE. Let this be a lesson for anyone stupid enough to engage with her that this is the bullshit she pulls to stay the teensiest bit relevant. I can’t wait for the day her kids get taken away and her ass gets thrown into jail. Lurch, too.

  5. This is what ppl do who dont want to handle their own shit.

    They find bullshit and nonsense to occupy their time.

    Instead of getting a job or raising her kids, Jenelle is going to keep up this drama malarkey so she doesn’t have to be an adult.

  6. I’m sorry for so many comments!! But why isn’t anyone discussing the Penny girl who was a CO producer with all these young girls who have children and her husband is a current and recently a Registered Sex Offender?

    1. No, sometimes each commenting/ conversation point needs its own slot, you know?

      No this is new info, the sex offender stuff. Doesnt surprise me. Ppl dont get who they work with, especially if they’re desperate for a job.

  7. Anyone else find it hilarious that she says they hired her bodyguards but the bodyguards were placed their to keep THE EASONS OUT?????

  8. Curious question did she happen to mention if they smoked this large bag of weed in front of Ensley?
    Well all know her kids were born positive. Especially Ensley which prompted another CPS investigation for her.

  9. Jenelle is the embodiment of a troll, and if Deavan would have just ignored Jenelle then maybe Jenelle would crawl back into whatever ditch she’s trying to escape from to remain relevant….but Deavan loves attention, and Jenelle is giving her free promo, so here we are…reading about 2 morons beefing.

    1. Really classy call a person Pregnant Girl when this person had a miscarriage.
      I love how JE said SHE made a schedule & no one followed it. So the girls decided to show up & work without you?
      ? And talked about you while you weren’t there?
      Either they were excited to be working on this project or you didn’t have the authority to make a schedule or you were getting busy “NOT WORKING”. Even if they showed up to just talk about you they still managed to get some work done.

  10. The drama loving trash tv watcher in me really wishes this podcast that actually been a show. Lawsuits, bowling alley vip lists, lurch getting fancy to go to the vip bowling alley. Much more fun than watching kail ramble on or watching amber flip a coin to see if she’s talking to friends from her bed or her couch.

  11. Ju-nail may have met her match. Devan & fam are crazy. And I bet her mom is not scared of lurch
    ??????. ?

  12. I feel like this non-stop karma is the world’s way of balancing out where trailer trash Jenelle was meant to really be.
    Like Nathan said, she’s white trash that won the lottery….now life is bringing her back to the gutter and dragging UBT with her.

    She had a miniscule chance to get out & make something of herself but she chose stupid and threw it away.

  13. And on top of that, imagine being a 33 year old healthy male adult (and father of multiple children), doing nothing to support yourself or your family except 1) carving a few little wood gadgets & using your wife’s fame to try to get a few of her dumb tween fangirls as customers, and 2) having your wife use her fame to continually file lawsuits with everyone she comes into contact with in the industry. What an absolute loser.

      1. First off I don’t believe JE that “someone” took her meds that help her from chocking & getting her food unblocked. She just posted a clip of her shoving down a bigger than a normal 4 bites at least, of her sandwich all at one time. Like it was a contest & hello did she not just inhale ribs on a clip too? She didn’t even have a glass of water or Corona near her while she was eating to wash it down. And she definitely did not eat it slow.
        Now I don’t think Devean took her medication to use them.
        But I do hope she took them and threw them away!!

  14. I died at “anxious esophagus”. Your best recaps are always the ones about the most stupid boring shit, and you turn it into gold!

  15. Could y’all imagine being in your late twenties and a mother to multiple children and still having the time and energy for all this random drama? Must be nice! The most drama I can handle after dealing with work, school, and kids is to read The Ashley. These girls need to focus on their kids and getting real jobs and leave this type of BS back-and-forth for the middle schoolers.

    1. Janelle and I are the same age and I would hate my life if it was full of all this constant bullshit. I don’t even entertain drama from my baby daddy.

  16. OMG!
    I just lost several hundred brain cells reading this crap!
    It’s like when you drive by a car accident, you know it’s going to be bad but you keep watching anyway! ?

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