Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans & “90 Day Fiance” Star Andrew Kenton & Others Sue YouTubers John Yates & Sharrell Lloyd for Slander, Etc: (Exclusive Details)

It’s getting legal!

Jenelle EvansAndrew Kenton and a variety of others are teaming up against several YouTube bloggers in a class action lawsuit filed earlier this month in court.

The former Teen Mom 2 star and Andrew— who appeared on the eighth season of 90 Day Fiance— as well as Joseph Alamilla, an attorney for “90 Day Fiance” star Jihoon Lee, and others are suing blogger John Yates and YouTubers Sharrell and William Lloyd of Sharrell’s World in the lawsuit, which was filed in Utah’s District Court on May 18. Jenelle, Andrew and the other Plaintiffs having designated the case a “320,” which is the code for an assault, libel and slander case. 

Court documents obtained exclusively by The Ashley state that the Plaintiffs are “alleging intentional acts of assault, libel, trade libel or slander by a private party.” The demand is listed as $75,000-plus. The Defendants were issued an electronic court summons on May 27.

Jenelle is stating that Jon Yates  ruined her future business opportunities when he accused her of being fired from her failed-before-it-started podcast project Girl S**t earlier this year. John did a series of YouTube Lives in which he spoke to fellow “Girl S**t”ter Deavan Clegg about what allegedly went down behind the scenes of the project.

RIP #GirlS**t…

“On or about March 31, 2021, Defendant Yates posted a YouTube Live video that…talked about [Jenelle]’s dismissal from her new podcast,” the court documents obtained by The Ashley state.

“Defendant Yates stated that it was brought up to the management team and that was
enough for [Jenelle] to be fired, which was untrue and affected [Jenelle] and her
business opportunities because Defendant Yates made a false statement about Jenelle’s business and prospective business.”

In addition to Jenelle, Andrew and Joseph, there are five other Plaintiffs listed. They are:

Amber Cherrington: The legal assistant of Joseph Alamilla who has reportedly had run-ins with Jihoon’s ex-wife Deavan Clegg and her mother Elicia in the past. She helped with a GoFundMe created for Jihoon to raise funds to fight for custody of the son he shares with Deavan.

Young One University: A daycare owned by Andrew and his mother that has been the subject of many rumors, as well as accusations made by John Yates regarding a loan Andrew got and was allegedly accused by John and others of misusing. 

Jennifer Koczur Richardon: a former associate of John Yates who allowed him to move in with her for a period of time. She claims John told her he would “file a false report to Child Protective Services (“CPS”)” against her and her husband and “he would make a false claim of abuse and neglect against her children.” In the court docs, she claims he followed through with the threat.

Amanda Grayce Crosby: A “90 Day Fiance” fan who originally started the GoFundMe for Jihoon. 

Fritz Drexler: In the court docs, he claims that John doxed his wife, posted where she works online, and made claims that Fritz and her wife were racists. Fritz also claims that John posted photos of him, his wife and their child.

All of the Plaintiffs have retained the same attorney, Rex L. Bray.

According to the court documents obtained by The Ashley, Jenelle, Andrew and the rest of the Plaintiffs stated that John, Sharrell and William received cease and desist letters but did not stop the alleged behaviors.

“Plaintiffs are seeking injunctive relief against the Defendants for persistent and dilatory actions and statements made against the Plaintiffs and the Defendants have refused to curtail their activities and statements despite having received a cease-and-desist letter from the Plaintiffs,” the court documents read.

Jenelle, Andrew and the rest of the gang are asking that the case go to a jury trial, with the amount of damages, court costs and attorney fees be determined at the trial to be paid by the Defendants.

Back on May 5, a “mystery website” heavily promoted by Jenelle basically revealed that all of this was going to happen. (which many have accused Jenelle as being behind and/or part of), published a poorly written article that warned “‘Teen Mom’ and ’90 Day Fiance’ haters” that a lawsuit was coming. The article (which reads like a diary entry written by a teenager, in The Ashley’s opinion) contained plenty of hilariously written threats.

“I thought it was extremely well-written…dude.”

“Watch out TROLLS! Watch out HATERS! And watch out BLOGGERS! Looks like these cast members have been having secret meetings all along with Lawyers to come and get you and time to pay up!” the site claimed. “Your mission is to expose them, and its time to get a little taste of your own medicine. From Lawsuits in Federal Court, to Criminal charges being filed and even Employers being called! No one is safe!”

In another part of the Slappies article, the writer (who randomly switches to first-person narrative) states that it’s unfair that reality TV stars can have their business opportunities ruined by those who don’t like them.

“I know if someone played with my kids, family or money I’d have your ass served and criminal charges filed so quickly you wouldn’t see it coming!” the article states. “And that’s pretty much what’s coming to these trolls, haters, bloggers, YouTubers, and Media Outlets. Looks like ALOT of material has been gathered and collected over time and they’ve just been getting geared up with some Ammo! Good for you!

“We shouldn’t live in a world where random people could secretly help destroy your future, families, marriages, career and finances just because there bored, crazy, lonely, desperate, and or evil!”

“I’ll be busting out my more-classier court heels for this one!”

The Ashley will update this article when more info is available…

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(Photos: Instagram; MTV)


    1. WHAT?!?! Is this for real?!?

      Great parenting, Jenelle, David, and Nathan. You guys are really killing it

      1. 💯. Kaiser was born June 2014. Jenelle put on social media he just graduated kindergarten. Why isn’t anyone helping this child?

    2. Hasn’t that kid been in “school” or combined daycare/preschool since he was a baby? How is he just now graduating kindergarten?

  1. Oh, Jenelle. Just shut your face, stay off social media and try to raise your kids. Getting rid of David would be a plus. YOU DO ALL OF THIS TO YOURSELF!

  2. So now she’s suing someone for slander when it is her husband who has single handily ruined her career. She got away with EVERYTHING until David murdered her dog, but of course her misfortunes are never her or David’s fault, they’re just forever the victims…and honestly those 90 day people are weird, they make for great entertainment, but they are down right weird. Didn’t that Andrew guy leave his (now ex) girlfriend stranded while she got detained in a Mexican jail on her way to meet him for vacation, then he went on the vacation without her, then storm off set because his ex wouldn’t let him talk to her, because she didn’t want him to manipulate her anymore? Yea, he’s nutty too and honestly slandered himself doing that to that lady.

  3. If JE is suing for “ruining her reputation”(🤣), why isn’t HER name in the “defendant” column??

  4. Wait didnt kourtney Kardashian try this and lost? I could ne wrong. The word allegedly is very important to say even if it’s the truth.

  5. I love that her & UBT try to pull off these ‘news’ sites as being legit…I know of another site she was posting articles about how great UBT was to his ex & how she was a biotch and being unreasonable.

    Such 3rd grade crap that they’re pulling; found some dodgy lawyer to take them on consignment to sue others and writing such uneducated, cringeworthy, unbelievable articles…who’s parenting ya kids, Jenelle?

    1. Judging by the way they (dont) speak, eat, lack manners, dont know ABCs or even difference between when and where (for real!)…no one!
      But JE is a “great mom”…in her own delusions ONLY!

  6. so i’m assuming jenelle is finally making money again if she’s able to sue people again for the dumbest reasons

  7. Oh yeah, its the fault of a couple of bloggers that you are unemployable, Jenelle. This is such classic Jenelle behavior—blaming everyone else for your current situation. The only people responsible for the money running dry and employment being non-existent are Jenelle and David.

    Jenelle, you alone have sabotaged any chance of employment in any sort of “fame” based business. You put your life up for public consumption. That was a choice. It was an action. You cannot choose the consequences for your bad behavior. The internet will never ever forget the things YOU have posted. Stop giving the “haters” ammunition. Every time you post one of your ridiculous sob story videos, or IG live stream, you are literally handing every person on the internet ammunition to use against you. If you want people to stop talking about you STOP POSTING VIDEOS!!! Stay off social media and podcasts.

    I find it amusing that the lawsuit filed by multiple people is suing for $75, 000+. I’m not a legal expert so maybe the plaintiffs will be awarded more than $75K, but at that amount, the attorney will take 33%-40%, which leaves $50,000 to be split among 9 plantiffs. This is a whopping $5,583 a piece. But I could be wrong. I also think that in the US, for a “public figure” (actor, politician, professional athlete, reality tv “stars”), all that has to be proved in a libel/slander case is that the person or entity spreading the information knew that the information was in fact false. That’s why tabloids could print basically whatever they wanted—National Enquirer didn’t know that Elvis didn’t have 71 children.

  8. Oh what a shock. The biggest loser from 90 Day Fiance and the biggest loser from Teen Mom join together to try to make quick money at someone else’s expense. These two will be in their 50s, Jenelle still trying to be an influencer and Andrew still babysitting his mom’s daycare kids in his dress-up costumes. Eww. Best of luck to John and Sharrell – I hope they get this tossed out asap.

    1. JU-nail, will be 50+ trying to dance on tictoc
      Get A Job
      Remember JUnail is in the medical field ( stop to laugh)
      Savin’ people

    1. Sure Jan, I mean Jenelle. No one likes you because of a random YouTuber. It has nothing to do with your dog killing, child abusing, mother abusing, uneducated, heroin using, credit card stealing, child abandoning self.

    2. Wouldn’t Jihoon Lees lawsuit be separate since its discussing the drama with the Go Fund Me account?

  9. Umm but is Jenelle part of this thing anymore??… No?? Ok then what slander did JY do??

    I’m not a fan of JY or Sharrell but they definitely did not slander Jenelle. And I still cannot believe Leida was granted an RO when she’s just as bad as JY

  10. “I know if someone played with my kids, family or money I’d have your ass served and criminal charges filed so quickly you wouldn’t see it coming!” Oh honey. David beats your kids, shot and killed your dog, spent all of your money… Where’s his lawsuit then?
    Bunch of losers hoping to earn money by suing people. Go get a job.

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