“90 Day Fiance” Star Deavan Clegg Says She Was “In Tears” When She Learned About Jenelle Evans’ Past; Denies Jenelle’s Claims That She Was Her Producer of Failed Podcast Project

Deavan Clegg is shooting down Jenelle Evans‘ recent claims that Jenelle was her producer on the ill-fated Girl S**t project— and revealing how she helped get the former Teen Mom 2 star booted from the group project after finding out about Jenelle’s unsavory past!

Deavan, Jenelle and about 16 other girls were announced as part of the Girl S**t podcast/lifestyle brand earlier this week. In an interview with The Sun, Deavan said she initially knew nothing of Jenelle and her husband David Eason‘s pasts but, as soon as she found out the Easons had been accused of child and animal abuse, as well as other unsavory actions, she went straight to management and demanded Jenelle be booted. 

“I told the owner I would not be involved in a project that is working with someone with these allegations. It’s everything I’m against,” Deavan said.

On Instagram, Deavan further explained why she agreed to work with Jenelle in the first place, stating that she was “an idiot” who did not look into Jenelle’s backstory before starting on the project with her.

“I have a hard enough time keeping track of my own drama!”

“I want it to be made clear I do not support that kind of behavior and when I read and did my research I was in tears,” she wrote in a comment. “I do not support any type of child abuse– allegations or not— I will not and can not support that. I want to apologize for being an idiot and not doing my research. But I can assure you I will not work with her.”

Some of the Easons’ past actions— such as David shooting and killing Jenelle’s dog Nugget in 2019, and the 2019 CPS court case that temporarily caused them to lose custody of their children— have been brought up by some of the other Girl S**t girls on social media. Deavan told her followers she “saw the videos” and was very upset.

“I’m truly sadden[ed] and disgusted and do not support what they have done in the past,” she wrote. “And I honest to God don’t know anything about ‘Teen Mom’ girls’ drama. I don’t keep up. And I am sadden and dishearten by it. But it is being handled.”

“I understand and I read the CPS report and I was in tears, she later wrote. “I don’t support it.”

As The Ashley previously reported, Jenelle was booted from the Girl S**t cast less than a day after she excitedly announced the project on social media. She was also denied admission into the launch party after she chose to show up (with the ever-present David in tow), despite being told not to go. She later stated on Instagram that she was the victim of “cancel culture.”

She also told her followers that she “can’t be fired” because she is a producer of Girl S**t.

“No, no, no….I am not fired. I prefer the term ’employment-challenged!'”

Deavan stated that Jenelle is just a cast member, and is not anyone’s producer, despite what Jenelle stated on Instagram the morning after her bowling alley VIP room snub.

“So there’s a lot of rumors I woke up to saying that Deavan got me fired from this thing, when I’m her producer,” Jenelle said on Instagram Stories on Thursday. “I actually hand-chose Deavan to join the cast. With that being said, I am not fired. We don’t know what’s going to be happening with the podcast right now..”

In her interview with The Sun, Deavan fired back against Jenelle’s claims.

“That’s not true… She was never a producer when I signed on. She said she knew someone working on a big project and said ‘Jump on a Zoom call if you want to be involved.’

“I went to the meeting and there were several other girls,” Deavan added. “She didn’t hire me and she was never my producer… There were several girls and me and Jenelle were just part of the cast like other girls.”

Some of the “Girl S**t” girls…before things turned s**tty…

Jenelle has yet to publicly respond to Deavan’s comments. 

As for Girl S**t, it appears that all the drama surrounding Jenelle’s firing has caused a delay in the launch. The podcast’s launch date— April 1— came and went, and all of the posts on the official Instagram have been removed. The page’s bio now reads, “Guess y’all want the 411 huh?… As if! Brb, dealing with some girl s**t.”

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31 Responses

  1. IN TEARS??? As if deavan’s demon daughter didn’t THROW her dog on camera, making an awful noise, and deavan LAUGHED and (racistly) said “Koreans eat dog anyway who cares?”

    1. Which episode was that?? I must’ve missed that one! I know her daughter is undisciplined and absolutely NUTS (she’s legit the most misbehaved child I’ve ever seen on TV, and she’s only had a total of maybe 10 minutes air time over the seasons) but when did all THAT happen??

  2. How dramastic. I don’t agree with Deavan’s reasoning on most things (including allegations pending court with Jihoon), but admitting you personally didn’t do research and were an idiot is a start. Gotta give Deavan credit for that as it’s more than Jenelle’s taken accountability for the last 10 years.

  3. Deavan’s young, only 24, and she’s been busy having kids and husbands in foreign countries, so she might not have been aware of Teen Mom drama. A good life lesson about doing your due diligence on anyone you’re going to go into business with! Still, heads up, Deavan! You’ve now earned the wrath of crazy and volatile David Eason. Watch yourself.

    1. Jenelle’s life is national news. Everyone heard about the dog and Jenelle losing her kids. I don’t know who any of the other women are in this scenario, but I don’t believe that they didn’t know about Jenelle’s life choices. They simply underestimated her haters and the backlash they’d receive for working with Jenelle.

      I sincerely hope that Jenelle wakes up and realizes she needs to get a regular job. She will never be an employable celebrity again. It’s over. She lost that lifestyle when she stayed with David after he killed her dog.

      Even if time passes and people forget, she will be forgotten by then. There’s no saving her career at this point. I don’t even know if leaving David now would make a difference. The damage is done. She will have a hard time finding a corporate job too. She’s going to end up working at Walmart, which is fine, because she has no education or skills and is an undesirable candidate for any other job due to her past.

  4. I just… maybe people have more thrilling lives than I do but SURELY you know of Jenelle’s past (and present) issues??? It won’t take a google deep dive.

  5. Why does their Instagram make it sound Girl S**t is some kind of mid-90s parody thing? Why are they going for a Cher from Clueless vibe? It’s 2021… I’m assuming that their target audience wasn’t even alive when Clueless came out.

  6. Everything about Deavan’s daughter Drascilla (the outbursts and running into traffic) screams AUTISM to me, Deavan can deny it all she wants but the proof is in pudding.

    And as far as tossing the dog up in the air, can ANY parent or family member say they’ve never played the I…Got Ya game with a child were they tossed a kid up into the air and caught them when they cane back down and said I…Got Ya just to get a giggle?

    I mean, what is this hurting? She catches the dog. It’s not like she throws it up in the air and let’s it hit the floor.

      1. It depends on how high and whether the person doing the tossing catches them or not.

        Like I said, parents/family members do it to children ALL THE TIME.

        Hell, I did it to my own niece when she was little. I would toss her an inch or two up and catch her when she came down and say, “I…Got Ya” and she would just giggle her adorable little head off.

        If it’s not done in violence then there is NOTHING wrong with it and it’s just innocent fun.

        1. Plus, shes a child. She could see the very action I was talking about above being done by a family member or on tv and shes immulating that by using the dog as “her baby”

          1. I can ask the same thing, what’s wrong with YOU?

            I have NO doubt there is something up with you and I don’t even know ya.

          2. Also, why do you stick up for people who are displaying terrible parenting? Yes, they would do better with help and not being filmed for reality TV but you know sometimes people just make bad choices, you shouldn’t try to enable or excuse them constantly, that’s exactly what causes them to repeat their mistakes.

          1. I’m not saying a violent 1-2 FEET, I’m just saying 1-2 INCH, toss and catch (not throw).

        2. Umm, nope. Animals don’t understand when humans are just ‘playing’ with them, ask poor Nugget RIP.

  7. Her past has been well known for years, so stop with the bs I only just found out about chinnys past.

    RIP nugget.

  8. Silliness.

    This one needs to worry about her own drama with the dude and the out of control child running into traffic.

    Anything to keep yourself relevant instead of looking for a job.

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