Viewers Launch Online Petition to Have Jason Korpi Removed From TLC’s ‘Unexpected’ Due to His Abusive Treatment of Girlfriend Kylen Smith

Raise your hand if you’re no longer wanted here…

In a somewhat expected move, fans of Unexpected have launched an online petition asking TLC to remove Jason Korpi from the reality series. 

Jason, who appears on the show with his baby mama Kylen Smith, has been criticized by viewers for controlling Kylen and keeping her away from her family. However, things escalated to alarming new levels during the May 8 episode, when viewers watched as Jason became verbally abusive to Kylen while she was in labor. His behavior ultimately ended up getting him kicked out of the hospital.

An actual quote from Jason, the teen equivalent of a pus-filled boil…

“Why is TLC okay with showing this abusive relationship? It’s hard for me to watch knowing that he is getting paid for this,” a petition started by Justin Myers last month reads.

The petition was started before the May 8 episode aired but has gained 4,000 new signatures in recent days. As of press time, the online campaign has reached 4,591 signatures. (The original goal was set at 1,000 signatures.)  

“Jason is an abuser,” one signer wrote in the petition’s comment section. “TLC is allowing a victim of domestic abuse to be filmed and doing nothing about it.” 

“This has been broadcast as [domestic violence] at its finest,” another person wrote. “And to know the abuser will get paid for his actions is disgusting. I think TLC will get shut down for not helping [Kylen].” 

In case you missed the May 8 episode, allow The Ashley to break down the awfulness for you.

The awfulness…

Jason had demanded Kylen have a drug-free home birth instead of a hospital delivery, claiming he felt he wouldn’t have as much access to Kylen in a hospital. Jason went on to refuse to take Kylen to a hospital when her birthing center midwife instructed him to do so immediately due to her high vitals. They left the birthing center, with Jason proclaiming that the midwives “suck,” the birthing center “sucks”… but that hospitals, doctors and nurses also “suck.” 

“The hospital sucks because they don’t treat me good,” Jason says. “Everything’s about Kylen. They don’t care what I have to think.” 

No uterus, no opinion, Jason.

Jason finally took his laboring girlfriend to the hospital, where the medical staff recommended she get an epidural due to her exhaustion level. Kylen clearly wanted the epidural but wouldn’t consent because she didn’t want to anger Jason further. (At that point he was already calling her a drug addict, a “p**sy” and other terrible names.) 

I like that the nurse on the left is slyly rolling up her sleeves and taking off her jewelry…

Finally, Kylen could take the pain no longer and asked for an epidural, which made Jason extremely angry. He began yelling at Kylen, continued calling her names and telling her she was going to become addicted to the drugs in the epidural. When the nurses and anesthesiologist (or “geneatologist” as Jason called him) saw how much Jason was upsetting an already stressed Kylen, they kicked him out of the hospital.

As if viewers didn’t already have enough reasons to be alarmed by Jason’s behavior, he ended up getting arrested right as Kylen was about to give birth to their son, Xavier, in August 2021. 

According to Starcasm, police responded to a disturbance call at 5 a.m. on the same street as the hospital Kylen would give birth in (and where Jason would ultimately be arrested). While the cops didn’t arrest Jason for his behavior at the hospital, they did discover that he had an outstanding warrant from a May 2019 reckless driving arrest. The charge was later reduced to negligent driving and he was found guilty in November 2019. 

You sure are…

Fines related to the incident were not cleared until August 2021, meanwhile, Jason was arrested a month prior for driving with a revoked or suspended license. He was found guilty and fined an undisclosed amount in November 2021. A default notice was filed in March, Starcasm reports, and a bench warrant was issued, too. As of April 19, the case was still listed as “warrant.” 

Jason also faces 11 charges related to a March arrest from an incident that occurred on February 26, 2022.

As of press time, Kylen and Jason are still together.

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(Photos: TLC; Instagram)

66 Responses

  1. I am just floored !!! I can not believe that TLC is keeping this complete family on there show !! If this family come back on this show next season I will not be watching TLC EVER AGAIN !! THIS is showing me that Jason and his family are abuser and TLC is promoting that and we should boycott TLC.JUST LOOK AT THIS FAMILY, THE MOTHER IS SCARED TO TALK TO. That father and son is CRAZY !!!

  2. Come on TLC. You got other young girls watching Jason be abusive to Kylen. You are saying it’s ok for it to be happening which will make others girls her age think it’s ok. And you guys keep him on the payroll. Please let them go they can heal.

  3. Who is going to help this girl. Her parents walk on egg shell. His dad is just as bad. HIS WIFE HAS NOT SAID MUCH. Is anybody wondering. His dad is a scum bag.. she needs 2 put her baby 1st. He never will.

  4. This little ugly boy with the worst hairdo thinks people like him LOL. His parents are WORTHLESS, same there, mom scared staying quiet,dad don’t beat his sons ass dad and Jason need pounded into the ground. Then his ugly ass kept saying “you didn’t stick up for me”… “i don’t wanna be with you cause you aren’t sticking up for me” you fairy little brainless idiot. Does this dumbass even know what an epidural is?? Tbis stupid ass thinks it has a feel good drug in it to hook moms LMAO what a loser someone school him please. He really thinks he knows more than the doc. His dad is a pathetic poor excuse for a man sticking up for Jason instead of sticking a foot up his ass. That baby don’t stand a chance with the brain cells in Jason & his dad

  5. Yes. Can not stand him!!! “ he’s” one useless sorry excuse. Unless your guys real intentions is to piss people off by trying to watch your show I see no other reason to show his face or have his name spoken on the show. That sorry excuse was nothing but a mistake that never should have been made.

  6. Do not like the way Jason talks to his own Mother let alone his baby Mom.first off you see a guy disrespect his own parents that should tell you he isn’t gonna treat his baby mom any better .I worry how is he gonna treat the Lil son of his .he keeps her from her parents I feel bad for her she is being abused on TV…So Sad

  7. Take him off the show and she’s ridiculous receive that much in love with him to allow him to speak to her that when she’s got a kid now so now she’s going to have to stick up for herself and that baby but he’s very abusive and he’s an idiot and I don’t understand why his parents didn’t raise him better
    This kid is a real idiot very immature to have a child and TLC glorifies them and pays the money to be on the show that’s a shame when people that have cancer kids that have cancer and are are going through so much they deserve monies not these jerks

  8. I signed the petition being a survivor of domestic abuse… TLC fired that couple from 90 Day fiance for old racist posts. We as a society are feeling this poor girl on an unbelievable level it’s all over the TV screen like a train wreck maybe that makes for good TV but you can see the life enjoy that should be celebrated when a baby is born being crushed bye a boy not a man a boy being allowed to abuse his girlfriend mentally and breaking her down in every way by alienating her from friends and family her poor father is dying!!! We should be ashamed of ourselves for watching this on Sundays and not helping this poor little hurt girl that’s just become a mother and needs support love and a lot of help

  9. Kylen needs to wake up and grow up. If she thinks Jason’s behavior is ok, then she’s an uneducated moron. Dysfunction will continue with each generation.

  10. I for the life of me can’t understand why TLC has not kicked him off this show. He is pure evil and cares for nobody but himself and the pay he is receiving from them. I absolutely hate watching that part he is on because I want to go through the TV myself. She is blind and stupid for putting up with him at such a young age. How does she think her son is going to treat girl’s when he’s olde? The same exact way she is being treated smdh.

  11. WTF are they continuing to air episodes involving Jason? What kind of message are we telling teens and preteens watching this show? Yes it increases ratings, everyone is watching to see what happens next with Kyle and Jason but TLC has a responsibility to its viewership to air appropriate content. Enough of Jason’s controlling, inappropriate and abusive behavior! It’s time he’s deleted from the show!!!!!

  12. I don’t understand why tlc aired such a vile person. They are basically condoning abuse. Totally unacceptable imagine what the child is going to go through somebody needs to contact DHS to ensure both mom and baby are safe from that litte asshole Jason. I can’t believe his parents let him act like that also. The only people that stepped up was hospital staff. Come on TLC I thought you was better thanthat

  13. He is an AS$!! TLC should do something. To have the horrid abuse going on right in front of them, as adults, it disgusts me! Noone set the idiot straight about his ridiculous accusations about the epidural. She should have been adequately counseled before that trash got let in that room. She is young and clueless

  14. Just terrible the way he has treated her
    I’m finding it hard to watch this show anymore – due to this situation

  15. I think he’s an asshole but I think it’s her fault for putting up with it. She’s ignorant and needs help

  16. Why isn’t TLC fined or shut down for encouraging this stuff? And who is supporting these kids with parents who are also kids? Or does TLC cash in on this? They lost me as a viewer a long time ago. There are so many better things on tv. This is the worst of the worst.

  17. My husband and I were shook it made us very upset that he was still airing for as long as he did. He needs to be off the show and be giving a reality check. We’re parents ourselves to a little girl if Kylen was our daughter she probably would not be in the situation she’s in her parents need to take control his parents on the other hand need to stop babying him and knock some serious since into him

  18. I feel like the moral responsibility lies with Kylen’s parents and not TLC. She’s a child so which of her parents signed on for her to do the show? Which parent allowed their minor to move in with a man? Which parent allowed her to drop out of school? If there is t a major awakening in Kylen’s life, I see a life of abuse and low paying jobs for her.

  19. I think it’s Discusting the way he has treat the mother of his child he needs took of the show and she needs to go home to her parents best place for her I have never saw a person treat a human being like the way he has

  20. Jason needs help as he’s a controlling abuser. He will only get worse when he’s not being filmed. Please get him help with his mental controlling and abusing self. This is so heartbreaking to watch. Omg

    1. Oh my word I can’t stand Jason or his parents for raising such an idiot!
      Kaylen needs counseling,as to why she puts up with him.
      He is a woose that probably wouldn’t last an hour enduring the pain of labor. He jepordized Kaylen’s and and his son’s life being a jerk and not listening to the medical staff.

  21. This punks OWN PARENTS don’t even seem to like him and know that he’s a disrespectful shithead.

  22. I understand why ppl complain about TLC recording this kind of stuff….BUT it’s because they record it that we even know about it!! So even though I see both sides, I’m glad TLC brought this to the publics attention. Hopefully the backlash will cause real life changes…either Kylen leaving his abusive a$$, and/or Jason realizing he needs professional help and then trying to become a better man/father/lover.
    Coming from a real man, this boy-child disgusts me.

  23. I’am so glad I’m not the only one that feel like he should be pulled off the show. And that he is keeping this young girl from her family while she is staying with his parents. Mental abuse. I pray she find the c courage to leave him before it gets in worse. I was in tears watching her in pain because she wanted to please him, she is too young to have to deal with a person like that. Love him from a distance until he realizes life does not revolve around him alone. Again I pray for her mental health as well as his.

  24. I signed too. I hope that TLC is able to relocate her and her family far away from him. …or better yet…put him in jail where he can’t touch her or blame her for it!! He will never understand it’s HIS actions that got them here. It’s sad that she’s currently under this spell of him. Verbal abuse is still abuse. Witholding drugs that are a necessity IS a form of abuse. I was literally yelling at the screen in anger. You can tell he’s on something… for him to say she’s going to get addicted to something from a form of medicine that gets given to literally millions of women who give birth to perfectly healthy babies on a daily basis is him trying to show his control. I so badly wanted someone to put him on one of those pregnancy simulators and zapp the living shit out of him! Take it! Take the pain and don’t you dare ask for meds you POS!! Poor Kylen and poor baby. I wish the best for them.

  25. First off, this kid is SO weird looking. From his sideshow Bob hair to just his face- he’s… strange. Second, he’s a complete loser. They need to kick him off and not glorify his stupid “raw dog” comment that many of us have likely said years ago (eyeroll). Being controlling at such a young age and all of those charges… keeping the mother of his child and potentially his child in an unsafe situation when she was about to give birth is disgusting too. I don’t even watch the show anymore but Get rid of him

    1. He looks like side show bob and the green power ranger Tommy- an ugly version of green ranger. I signed the petition- I literally sent The Ashely an email on that episode yesterday because it was beyond concerning.

  26. I cant wait until kylens dad sees the footage of how jason is treating his daughter. She is only 17 and if jason is 18 why arent statutory rape charges filed? Kylen please get out from under this bastard before he ruins your life! He is not normal and how he treats you is not normal. Anyone who will sit and watch someone in that kind of painand not allow you medical care is a sadist. And to keep you away from your family? I hope someone teaches that punk a lesson. SOON.

    1. Kylen’s dad is also allegedly an alcoholic and an abuser. He has nothing to say to Jason. And Kylen’s dad is probably also the reason why Kylen is ok with this situation. Sorry but most girls Kylen’s age would at least have a best friend or something for support. Kylen is 17 and she already looks about 35 in the face. Smh

  27. I don’t watch this show but after reading this I watched this episode specifically and OMG as a mother, I cannot imagine my daughter being treated this way. They way she acts during the interviews breaks my heart. She is broken, he broke her! In what world does this POS think he gets to make the decisions for her body?! I was so infuriated and heart broken to see her go through this. I was so happy to hear the nurses stand up to him and tell him how awful he was being and eventually kicking him out. This little girl fought to keep him in the room, she has issues already. He is awful and I HOPE they fire him. The episode at the beginning had a disclaimer, I hope TLC chose to air that footage to show what a monster he is and in the end fire him. After seeing how his parents acted after hearing how he was behaving explains a lot as to why is the way he is. They’re slow or something! They didn’t even act like they cared!

  28. He looks so much like Jenelle Evans…’s uncanny. Kind of has the same parenting skills too.

  29. Jason is an EVIL Sadistic Worthless human being. Kaylen better run as fast as she can!! paying him money for this abuse is heartbreaking!~!~!~
    ASShole should be in prison!!!

    His Parents should DO SOMETHING about him!

  30. I would love to sign the petition for Jason to be removed. He put his girlfriend and baby at high risk for not allowing her to have an epidural for his ridiculous reasons which were so wrong and uneducated. This kid is so controlling and Karen should have had her mother with her instead of that obnoxious boyfriend who is uneducated and very immature. It was disgusting and scary for her to watch. I wish her pa Would take her away from him and move as far away as possible from the POS.

  31. I TOTALLY disagree with banning him. If left to his own devices, his abuse is only going to get worse. At least on camera there is evidence of what he’s doing and her parents get to see her. That poor girl and her baby need the money. I say keep him on and let the public excoriate him – maybe he’ll learn something. There is NO CHANCE he will improve or change if allowed to completely isolate his girlfriend and child.

    1. Didi, I respectfully disagree, keeping him or banning him isn’t gonna make a bit of difference about the severity of how controlling he is, it’s already bad and he’s on the camera.

      Yes, having visible proof is a good idea if Kylen ever needs to fight him but she has had enough…WE have had enough.

      If anything he more than likely will escalate his behavior as a show of “manhood” (look at half the TM and TM2 cast). Jenelle, Amber, Kail, Bri, Jade/Sean, Ashley/Bar…hell that’s practically the whole damn bunch have all showed themselves ON CAMERA!!!

      At least if he’s removed WE don’t have to see it!!!

      1. And I have to respectfully disagree with you, as I mostly agree with Didi.
        I understand your side too, I really do. But you said “At least if he’s removed WE don’t have to see it!!!”…
        Well…you don’t have to see it….You choose to. You can stop at any time.
        With this kind of attention on his awful abusive behavior, real changes might take place. Maybe others seeing this may even help them take action in their own abusive relationships! It may help others who are blinded by “love” realize they need to get out before it’s too late. Who knows, but it’s definitely a big possibility.

        1. True but why should I have to see him to see segments on Tyra and fam or Lilly and Lawrence?

          If he’s gone, I don’t have to see it and neither does anyone else.

          Maybe it would change his behavior but it’s also possible that it wouldn’t and that he’d continue because “he’s getting paid for it”, I honestly feel “cut him off and what happens happens”.

    2. He’s a narcissist and abusive narcissist at that, sociopathic tendencies–rewarding him with time, attention, and actual money is not going to change him. he’s needs actual structure and court ordered therapy, anger management, etc. He absolutely should not be getting paid and/or TV time for being an abusive pos. I know as soon as I saw him, I started tweeting and messaging TLC along with everyone else & it was that last episode they finally put up that weak disclaimer…I’m done looking at him

    3. So he should be paid to be on this show and act abusive towards her? He needs to be dropped from the show asap and she needs to smarten up and leave him

  32. I absolutely LOATHE this little punk. And the parents of both of these kids have failed miserably. His, for raising such a repulsive, self-centered jerk. And hers, for not instilling a stronger sense of confidence and self-worth in their daughter. This won’t end well.

  33. It is very disturbing to watch Jason K verbally abuse his baby Momma. He parents need to kick his dumb a** out. He is disgusting mean rude and acts like a spoiled 2 year old. He as no empathy and I would love to see him go through as much pain as Kylan. I pray she opens her eyes and leaves him. I hope they lock him up and throw the key away. He doesn’t need to be around a baby.

    1. Seriously, I came here to say the same thing. That dude is a fucking joke. A boastfully ignorant embarrassment. I want to bust him in the fucking mouth, ugh!

  34. He is a complete ass hole!! If she can’t see that she will never, she is so immature to even have a baby, both of them!! Needs to b off the show for sure. The parents need to take the baby from them, God, knows they will be providing for him!! Poor Baby!!!

  35. I agree with Magan, I have to stop watching sometimes and get myself together. My ex-husband did some very similar things and watching this malignant narcissist kid triggers my anxiety. Kylen is being devalued and torn down to nothing by Jason. She is in danger whether she thinks so or not. She defends him because she’s scared, anything that happens to him will ultimately be “her fault” and he will take it out on her in the end. I feel for Kylen because she most likely doesn’t know what’s going on after all the brainwashing she’s endured. It’s not that she’s weak, like some say, it’s just the fact that the narcissist will always be stronger. She needs help to escape Jason and the grip he has on her, it will only get worse. She will get hurt – mentally, physically or both. My heart breaks for this young lady and her baby. Sad that this abuse is being allowed on TLC but also could be used to show other people that this type of behavior is NOT OK and NOT NORMAL. Maybe it will show them they are not alone and help them to break free from the narcissistic abuse they are enduring.

    1. It’s straight up flashbacks sometimes. I can remember being in Kylen’s shoes and knowing I was being treated bad by a selfish idiot, being embarrassed by his behavior, but also defending him tooth and nail because I loved him and because I wanted our kids to have their father around. Even after he tried to kill me while pregnant with our third and I had to leave, I was still holding out hope and giving him a chance to “change.” Plot twist, he only got worse. The sad thing is that I know (as you probably do too) that nobody will be able to talk sense into her, we’ve just got to hope that she sees the light before it’s too late.

      I also totally agree with what upu said about how he’ll take getting fired as “her fault.” He’ll say it’s because she overreacted or made him look bad or whatever, and all of their money struggles from here on out will be 100% her fault.

  36. He reminds me so much of my ex-husband (an abusive methhead) that I had to keep pausing the show to get myself together. I feel horribly for Kylen. He’s going to end up putting hands on her, if he hasn’t already.

    That being said, I feel safer with the camera crew sticking around. I don’t think TLC is paying MTV kind of money anyways.

  37. What is Jason’s diagnosis because their is something clinically wrong with him. He looks like he had fetal alcohol syndrome. ?

    1. I don’t watch the show, just reason the Ashley’s glorious posts, but there seems to be something very off about the guy. I’m not sure how old this guy is, but he seems extremely immature (as an understatement). Even teenage boys understand giving birth as a big deal, right?!

      Also, as a person who wore the shirt, “If you didn’t put it in there, don’t touch it” shirt while pregnant… the “Profesional Rawdogger” on a baby is pretty gross.

  38. He doesn’t want an IV or epidural in his baby’s system but it’s fine to vape around him? Awful to watch. The poor girl is going to end up a mess with him

    1. This kids behavior is some of the worst I’ve ever seen on one of these trashy reality shows, an I’ve seen a lot of them. When he told her they should just go home and give birth tomorrow I was so disgusted.

    2. I’ve never seen this show. But tf? Haha

      If my childrens father ever told me I couldn’t have an epidural while pushing a human out of me, he’d be gone

  39. Signed it. This kid makes my blood boil. He had ZERO concern for his gf or baby. All he cared about was getting his way masked by fake concern that the epidural was “drugs”. I don’t know what I would do if my daughter was attached to such a hideous excuse for a human being. I hope Kylen can be strong and extricate herself from him as much as she can since he is Xavier’s father. His parents need to do SOMETHING about this spoiled little piece of crap!

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