‘Teen Mom OG’ Dad Tyler Baltierra Undergoes Vasectomy; Calls Men Unwilling to Have Procedure “Selfish & Weak”

Tyler, thinking about making even MORE children…

Tyler Baltierra has been snipped of his procreating abilities!

The Teen Mom OG star shared on Instagram that he recently underwent a vasectomy, a procedure he has been planning for a long time. Tyler—who shares four biological daughters with wife Catelynn Lowell— had previously been very vocal about wanting a son, but after the 2021 birth of the couple’s fourth daughter Rya, he and Catelynn stated they were done in the baby-making department, and that it would be Tyler going in for the spawning-stopping surgery.

“[Tyler] took one for the team. #NoMoreBabiesHere,” Catelynn captioned a video showing Tyler icing his man parts, post-snip.


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Tyler endeared himself to the female followers who expressed that they wished their male partners would also get snipped. He stated that the women had already done their part for their families by carrying their children, and that men should be willing to undergo a vasectomy instead of making their women have their tubes tied, which has a higher risk of complications.

“If ANYONE has taken one for the team it’s YOU!” Tyler wrote in the comment section of Catelynn’s post. “Your amazing body has carried & birthed 4 beautiful babies, all I had to do was get a shot & 2 snips!”

Tyler is not the first ‘Teen Mom’ dad to be vocal about undergoing a vasectomy. ‘Teen Mom OG’ dad Gary Shirley had one on-camera during an episode of the show in 2018. 


Teen Mom 2 dad Adam Lind has also stated publicly that he underwent “The Big Snips” years ago. (In another memorable ‘Teen Mom OG’ episode, Taylor McKinney tells his wife Maci Bookout that he was against having a vasectomy.)

Catelynn has been planning for Tyler to get his, um, “BALtierras” altered for years.

“By the time we’re 30 we’re done,” she told Us Weekly in 2019, before their daughter Rya was born. “Like, he’s getting fixed. I already told him he’s getting fixed. Yeah, I told him ‘I carried all three of your kids and birthed them and pushed them out of me. You’re getting snipped. Sorry.’ I think he’s okay with that because he was like, ‘Yeah, you did carry all my kids and had to go through labor. So, I’ve got no choice.’”

In the comment left on Catelynn’s Instagram post, Tyler made it clear that he has no respect for men who will not undergo the procedure.

Tyler, talking about his his semen post-vasectomy…

“I’ve recently been seeing a lot of women saying that their significant others didn’t want to get one. This is WILD to me!” Tyler wrote. “Any man who’s not willing to get a vasectomy so his wife doesn’t have to get her tubes tied is pathetic as hell & I’m sorry that you’re with such a selfish weak man…you deserve better!”

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27 Responses

  1. Didn’t she birth all four his children?? That was a weird way to put it.
    I think the message if it up to your wife getting her tubes tied or are you getting them to vasectomy…it’s much easier to get the Vasectomy. If it’s done right after childbirth then OK but they have the procedure done years later..it’s is much bigger procedure. And it’s a beautiful way to look at it that you birth our children so this is the least I can do. And being on birth control cause it’s all kinds of issues for women. My husband had it done and he was only down for a day With very little discomfort.

  2. Honestly I agree. Getting a vasectomy is way less severe than having your tubes tied and if you’ve already gone through giving birth… you’ve done way more than your share.

    1. Exactly!!

      Women have died due to complications from tubal pregnancies and hysterectomies!!

      How many men have died from a vasectomy…ZERO!!!

  3. I completely respect him for this and what he said about it. it shouldn’t fall on us as women especially if we’ve carried children. But I will say, like females- males should have the right to do whatever they want with their bodies. But on a personal level I think this is great!

  4. There are HUNDREDS of horror stories from men who felt the vasectomy because the numbing agent never kicked in or didn’t work for them. Who are we to judge why someone chooses NOT to get a procedure done? Seems pretty hypocritical for so many women here to say “ALL MEN SHOULD GET VASECTOMIES” while our own rights are being removed as we speak.

    1. The key word here is “SHOULD” get a vasectomy. It’s the right thing to do but we aren’t forcing you to. That is what pro-choice is all about.

    2. And there are lots of women who felt the pain of childbirth. And there are lots of horror child birth stories. Female rights are being removed, but those rights/ decisions were all caused from a penis yet we want to blame females for those decisions.

  5. Women really getting reproductive freedoms taken away right now & the world thinks it’s just fine for men to have no responsibility.

    They’re taking away the choice for abortion. Soon they’ll take away the choice to use IUDs & Plan B. Women will have few options & if people would educate themselves they’d realize birth control pills come with high risk for women who are older.

    Men can definitely start getting snipped. They aren’t superior to women.

  6. I wish more men would follow his example in regards to this. I’m sick of society putting the consequences of pregnancy solely on the woman, when women can’t even get pregnant without men. Men are the ones who cause pregnancy so they should be the ones taking precautions to prevent any unwanted pregnancies, not just the woman.

    1. I absolutely agree more men should be taking precautions and a vasectomy should be just as much of an option as a woman getting her tubes tied. However it equally takes 2 people to cause pregnancy, it isn’t just the man. Sperm can’t do anything without an egg and an egg can’t do anything without sperm, both are required. Every person should take their own precautions and couples should agree on their birth control methods.

  7. Calling people out for choosing what to do with their bodies…. And you were a teen dad….. You made your own choices let others make their own

  8. Might get hate but my husband doesn’t want to get snipped because he read somewhere “he has a greater chance of cancer” or when the “balls go he goes” or something like that *eyeroll* I wish he would so we don’t have to worry about any more babies

  9. I think getting a vasectomy is a man’s choice and it’s his body and life so if he wants one done, good for him. If not, that’s his choice. It’s not selfish at all to not want to do it! You can use other forms of birth control to avoid having more children. I don’t want my partner to get one done as I don’t like the idea of it taking away our choice to maybe reconsider having another child in the future. But we have been together for 13 years and have 2 kids (both which were planned) because we know how to use birth control. Go to itsyoursexlife.com ??

  10. Tyler, you want to know what’s really ‘selfish and weak’? Two adults who continue to bring children into the world when their second born clearly has issues due to both you and your wife. Go smoke another joint and do your ketamine ‘therapy’. You and your wife will be fine escaping reality and leaving those girls holding the bag.

  11. Honestly I don’t know why more men don’t do this just to not have to worry. A Vasectomy can be reversed and a much *easier* procedure overall compared to what a woman might have to do to avoid pregnancy

  12. My husband had one done a few years ago. We were told a pregnancy could kill me, here is the best part… the Dr’s wouldnt allow for my tubes to be tied because what if I changed my mind. I was 40.

  13. Telling people you are made of nothing but soy without telling people you are made of nothing but soy.

  14. Glad they are done. Cute kids for sure, but 3 girls, oh my stress. Good for him for taking that burden off of Cate.

  15. he’s not wrong at all, it’s much more simpler and easier for the man to get snipped and go on with their day but with a woman it’s more complicated than that and have already been through a lot with their bodies carrying and pushing out babies. very responsible thing mr.BAL(less)tierra did

  16. He’s not wrong…. I can not believe the number of men who think it’s reasonable to make their partners stay on birth control for the rest of their lives or get an invasive and dangerous procedure because they don’t want to get a quick snip.

      1. You’re “right” to murder another human aren’t being taken away (even though they absolutely should) it’s up to the states now.

        1. First of all it is “your”. “You’re” means YOU ARE which nullifies your whole post. All Abortions are caused by a penis and men need to take responsibility for that. Thank God I live in a blue state where old white men and women who are beyond their reproductive years are not controlling my uterus.

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