‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Catelynn Lowell Says She’s Making Husband Tyler Baltierra Get a Vasectomy When He Turns 30

“I don’t like this idea guys…”

Catelynn Lowell says she and husband Tyler Baliterra are planning to add more kids to their family, but she’s not willing to go all “Duggar” in order to help her husband achieve his dream of having a son.

“I will not keep trying until I have a boy,” Catelyn recently told Us Weekly. “No, sorry…if we were meant to just have girls then that’s what we were meant to have. I’m not going to have like six or seven kids. I feel like I’m going grey with two.”

The Teen Mom OG stars are already parents to four-year-old Nova and three-month-old Vaeda, as well as birth parents to 10-year-old Carly, whom they placed for adoption back in 2009. Catelynn says that, while she does want at least one more child, she wants to be done having kids by the time she and Tyler turn 30— which is less than three years from now. Once Tyler hits the big 3-0, Catelynn says she’s forcing him to get a vasectomy.

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“By the time we’re 30 we’re done,” she told the magazine. “Like, he’s getting fixed. I already told him he’s getting fixed. Yeah, I told him ‘I carried all three of your kids and birthed them and pushed them out of me. You’re getting snipped. Sorry.’ I think he’s okay with that because he was like, ‘Yeah, you did carry all my kids and had to go through labor. So I’ve got no choice.’”

(If Tyler is a little nervous about getting his, um, “BALtierras” altered, he can always go talk to his fellow ‘Teen Mom OG’ dad, Gary Shirley, who had a vasectomy on-camera during an episode of the show last season.) 

“The best part, Tyler, is they give you these nifty free underwears to wear after they snip you!”

Back in January, Catelynn seemed much more gung-ho about the prospect of making more babies right after Vaeda’s birth, telling Us Weekly that she and Tyler planned to start trying to get her pregnant again about “six months to a year” after Vaeda’s birth.

“Tyler and I both want a boy, so we’re definitely gonna try again,” Catelynn told fans in an Instagram Q&A session the same month. “I think we’re just gonna go right for No. 4 right after this one’s born. We wanna be done before we’re 30, you know?”

In her latest interview with Us Weekly, though, Catelynn says that they won’t try to have another baby until Vaeda turns two. 

Watch Catelynn’s full interview below! 

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40 Responses

  1. She is going to “make” him have a vasectomy? His body, his choice. Doesnt that apply to men as well?

  2. Only by adoption. Cate gave birth to her. The world needs more parents like Cate and Tyler in this. So put that in your mouth and smoke it dumb fuck!!!!

  3. I mean, is having another child so soon REALLY to your best interest?! You struggled with post-partum (and a bad one at that), it’s like me who knows that I have mental health issues would have a baby now even though I am prone to post-partum (my mom had it with me but it wasn’t researched back then). I am actually considering not having children at all because of all the issues I need to resolve BEFORE I have a kid. I would never want another human being to suffer because of me.

  4. Cate you should have Tyler’s sperm tested to see if he can make boys. Why bring another girl in the world? On tv you’ll really showed what you think of girls. Tyler might can only make girls. As much money as you make. I think you’ll can afford that test. We are going to have to watch her sitting on the couch and eating her scabs again. Riveting TV.

  5. It’s just so sad that her self-worth is completely tied into having kids and keeping Ty. She is not thinking clearly at all. What about the thoughts of suicide, the post-partum depression, the complete lack of motivation. These two are completely screwed once the show is done, and with a boat-load of kids, they will only be slightly better off than April and Tyler’s trap-queen sister. They need serious counseling, money-management training and she needs to get some help with her self-esteem issues. Also, are they living in that round house together?

  6. I hate when women say this! If the situation was reversed and a man said he was making his wife/ girlfriend get her tubes tied it would not go over well. Let’s let men have control of their bodies as well!

  7. Maybe she wants him to get “fixed” so that he can’t have babies with someone else. But I don’t think she is actually forcing him. It was a poor choice of words. They probably talked and both agreed. She kinda had a point that her body has been through a lot and maybe it’s his turn.

  8. I think they are both idiots but her demanding he get a vasectomy is complete bs. Saying
    “I’m forcing him to get a vasectomy” vs I’m getting my tubes tied because I’m done is a big difference. If she’s so convinced take care of it yourself. The odds that these two are together for the long term are about 1%. As soon as she is with someone else I’d guarantee she will be popping them out. Besides not wanting to have another baby can change dramatically over the next decade or so regardless of whether they are together or not. Then again she’s not the one locked into that decision-he is.

  9. Tyler pretty much forced cait to give Carly up. He told her he would leave her if she didn’t. So cutting off his balls sound about right.

    1. Yeah because he knew they would not be able to give the child a good life which he was right about.

    2. Legitimate question. Do you think if he wouldn’t have given her that ultimatum she would’ve kept Carly? Because that’s essentially the same as her choosing a man over her child.

  10. And what happens when they have all these kids and TM money stops coming in? Both of them have no education.. Sad actually. Reality.

    1. It is really sad, part of what made people want to see C&T’s life story is that they gave thier child up so that all three of them could have better lives. I’m sure Carly is fine, but I’ll bet Brandon and Teresa really regretted open adoption after TM blew up because Cate’s storyline was all about Carly and giving her up. I almost believe that’s what stunted her and depressed her so long, if things had naturally progressed I’m sure she and Tyler wouldn’t still be together trying to replace the 1st child they “lost”. I had hoped after 10 years they would have at least gotten some degree and maybe not gotten all these animals and had more kids they probably won’t be able to support outside of MTV. I think it’s just more disturbing to us that know better and see that TM is not going to be around in the next 5-10 years (as much as MTV enjoys thier little cash cow)

  11. It’s really confusing and misleading to say “go for #4.” You have 2 kids in your house right now. Just say 3.

    1. I came here to comment the same thing. Especially if she’s doing the lion’s share of the work because they’re not on the best of terms. She’s also only three months postpartum so maybe this attitude will change, but this ^ perspective sounds way more realistic/like someone who’s actually raising kids than the living in the clouds Cate of years past.

  12. I know they act like they’re together, but I’m honestly shocked we haven’t had a divorce announcement. That seemed to be where they were headed before she got pregnant with Vaeda, and Cate could barely handle life then with just Nova. And, while I don’t agree with it, if they really wanted to try for a boy there are genetic stuff they can pay for that all but makes that a guarantee instead of leaving it up to chance and being jerks to thier other kids. Or, I dunno, adopt.

    1. Totally agree! They have enough money to do IVF with PGS so just pay for it and get your boy rather than having these unwanted girls.

        1. Well….they did say shocking comments during both of their girls’ gender reveals. Tyler during Nova’s: “I wanted a boy”. Catelynn during Vaeda’s: “We thought it would be a boy!” I’d understand if they felt this way behind closed doors or just in their own thoughts…but on TV where their girls can see this + tv viewers? YIKES.

  13. I wonder if reality has start to set in or if the public backlash is what made her change her tune. Also, forcing somebody to do something with their body is unacceptable. What if Tyler had gave Cate the same treatment? “You’re getting your tubes tied at 30!” That’s not healthy

    1. Eh. You aren’t wrong that no one should be forced to do something to their body like that, but I don’t think that’s what is happening. It sounds like Cate voiced what she wanted to have happen and he agreed. It’s not as though she had him tied down and he was begging for mercy. Particularly if her pregnancies/post partum have been difficult it’s understandable that she would want to avoid further unintentional pregnancies, and that she might voice that desire strongly.

        1. Because getting your tubes tied involves getting cut open and actual surgery while a vasectomy is a 20 minute out-patient procedure with little to no complications. It’s cheaper and easier.

        2. Getting your tubes tied is major surgery and has a longer recovery time. A vasectomy is like an hr and your recovered in a few days. If you have a c-section getting your tubes tied is easy, but if you have it later it’s more invasive. So generally a man hasn’t a simple vasectomy if the couple decides they’re done.

    2. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
      Jen I have told my husband he is getting the snip after my next. I’ve been responsible for birth control for years, 9 months of pregnancy and labour. After the next it’s his turn to be responsible. He’s down with it though

    3. Jen I have told my husband he is getting the snip after my next. I’ve been responsible for birth control for years, 9 months of pregnancy and labour. After the next it’s his turn to be responsible. He’s down with it though

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