Mackenzie McKee is (Sort Of) Joining ‘Teen Mom OG’– Get the Details!

“I FINALLY made it, guys!”

Radar Online shook up the Teen Mom World on Monday when it announced that former Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie McKee would be joining the cast of Teen Mom OG next season, replacing Bristol Palin, who left the show after last season.

According to The Ashley‘s sources, this is true; Mackenzie will be appearing on ‘Teen Mom OG’ but she will not be joining as a regular cast member…at least, not yet.

“Mackenzie has been filming for several months, but she is not going to be on the show until the last few episodes, most likely not until the third-to-last or so of the season,” one behind-the-scenes source tells The Ashley. “This has been kept totally on the down-low. Most of the producers and crew who weren’t working directly with Mackenzie didn’t even know it was happening.”

The Ashley’s sources tell her that Mackenzie will be more like a “guest star” on the season than a cast member, and that the majority of her scenes will be about her mother, Angie Douthit‘s battle with cancer. (As The Ashley previously reported, Angie recently received the devastating news that her cancer has spread.)

“Once they air the episodes with Mackenzie, they will analyze how viewers take to her and how well she fits in with the show. If she fits, they will make her an official cast member for ‘OG’ for the ‘B’ part of this season,” the source said. “At least, that’s what [the crew] has been told.

“At first, [the producers] were just going to do a follow-up special to her mom’s first one [that aired in 2018], but they decided to push it a bit more,” the source added.

While the show’s producers have kept the fact that Mackenzie has been shooting on the down-low, Mackenzie herself has made some not-so-subtle comments and posts to let people know she has been filming with MTV. On May 22, she posted a photo of her husband, Josh McKee, to her Snapchat account…and the photo just happened to show a cameraman in the background. (The Ashley recognized as a guy named Evan who works on many of the ‘Teen Mom’ girls’ shoots.)

Mackenzie “accidentally” posted this photo of an MTV cameraman in the background…oops!

“The show’s big producers were telling everyone [associated with the franchise] different stories about what was going on with Mackenzie,” another source said.

Mackenzie has been close to snagging a spot on a ‘Teen Mom’ show several times. After Teen Mom 3 went off the air, Mack was up for a spot on Teen Mom 2. Producers had narrowed it down to Mackenzie and Briana DeJesus, but eventually gave the spot to Briana. Mackenzie found out she didn’t get the job by reading The Ashley’s story that broke the news that Briana had been cast. She was angry and shocked, and let everyone know how she felt, via a series of interviews.

“I have worked very hard for where I am. I’m working on all this stuff and what has she done? She’s not working on anything,” Mackenzie said at the time. “It sucks the one who has been working harder didn’t get it.”

She was once again considered for a role, this time on ‘Teen Mom OG,’ after Farrah Abraham was booted from the show (for showing her booty and other assorted body parts on p0rn sites, among other things). Mackenzie basically had the job, but MTV pulled a fast one on her again and gave the spot to Cheyenne Floyd instead.

“There’s only room for ONE Mackenzie on this show, girl!”

Catelynn Lowell made it no secret that she was not happy about the addition.

“If it’s not broke don’t fix it! #TeenMomOG #JustSaying” she tweeted on Monday after the news broke.

Mackenzie was not happy that Catelynn spoke out.

In a follow-up tweet hours later, Cate explained that her anger was directed at MTV for not informing them of Mackenzie’s inclusion.

“It has NOTHING to do with Mackenzie at all!” she tweeted. “It’s with the ppl that don’t explain what’s happening. I welcome anyone just think MTV would tell us not find out online.”

The new season of ‘Teen Mom OG’ premieres on MTV on June 10, but you’ll have to wait a while before seeing Mackenzie’s mug on the show! 

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram; Snapchat)


  1. These OG girls need to get over themselves. My employer does not have to tell me if I get a new co-worker and I actually really work, not just have my life taped for hundreds of thousand of dollars. MTV does not owe them this information. They get paid A LOT to do essentially nothing and they get tons of perks too. The lack of thankfulness bothers me.

  2. She has been trying for years to get on this show she thinks she is so special and shes not. Now shes going to exploit her moms illness to get on the show that is pathetic. I record this show on DVR and only watch the original girls but if they really put her on I will definitely delete it off my DVR she is a joke and all she cares about is being famous watch her milk her moms illness and put her family on the back burner for her own greed!!

  3. Why do these people think their bosses need to tell them they’re getting a new co-worker. Cate is such a liar, yeah that tweet was about not being told. Why do they care who or how many teen moms there are? They get the same paycheck if there’s 3 segments or 11. Did they not learn from Dumbbell and Fatrah? though difficult, not impossible to be fired. Shut your entitled mouth. Though NONE of the new girls have been a good addition for me, the old ones ARE getting stale, I don’t blame mtv for trying new cast members. But Mtv has considered and cut McKenzie several times, they already know she’s not going to go over well.

  4. Oh good! Another loving dog neglector! Why MTV do you choose these horrible red necks, that treat their dogs like crap.

  5. Oh God Please Noooooooooo!!! Why won’t this girl go away???? She was annoying on Teen Mom 3, now she’s going to annoy us on OG!!! NO.ONE.WANTS.TO.SEE.HER.

  6. MTV keeps doing Mackenzie dirty they know damn well we want her idk why they’re being difficult

  7. Kail running her mouth, per-usual. All of em are unappreciative B——es. Shut up!!! All you did was get pregnant as a teen. Your not a rocket scientist. Get over yourself!! Your not special.

  8. Jenelle and David are probably going to rant and threatened to sue MTV. Anyone remember the Cheyenne Floyd incident and David and Jenelle said it wasn’t fair after he was fired. Now with this, oh boy what will Uncle Dave and Jenelle say now about this and MTV 🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿☕☕☕☕☕☕

    On a side note, since MTV is just letting these shows go on does that mean we might see the teen moms experience their kids first day of high school, getting married, and see the mom’s become grandparents. I’m just curious cause these women are approaching 30 (in the next 2-3 years).

  9. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    I’ll watch if they put her In an outside cage and let the dog go on a vacation. Otherwise there are enough stupid abusive people in real life, I don’t have to watch them on MTV. This is a big mistake. This idiot makes Jenelle Evens look like a College professor.

  10. She is another animal abuser, she just had another incident with her Great Dane. She left him in a cage that was to small and muddy with no where to get out of the mud. With no dog house and piles of crap everywhere while she went to the Bahamas. The neighbors took the crying dog a board so he could get out of the mud and poop. Animal control eventfully came and took him. And she complained it was going to cost her more money. There was also a incident of her kids letting a ferret loose and almost killing it a couple of months ago. She Tweets and deletes this stuff like it never happened after she get backlash.

    1. Is this not the girl who went on holidays to the bahamas leaving her kids with her terminally ill mother and her dog alone in a pen outside? Why are mtv enabling animal abusers?

  11. Great another animal abuser self entitled wench who doesn’t take care of her house or her children. Who goes on vacation and leaves her children with her dying mother to watch, when she should be home spending all the time she has left with her. MTV you freaking disgust me.

  12. I don’t know anything about this chick cause I never wasted my time watching tm3. However…. they want to ease her in and see how the fans respond before they decide to keep her….? That makes no damn sense since they threw Brianna Bristol, and Cheyenne into the mix without caring what the viewers thought. Why do they care now?

    They must really hate this girl 😂

    1. Why MTV? Are you kidding me? Another animal abuser? You can’t find a teen? That doesn’t abuse animals?

  13. Why do all the original girls freak out and act like they need to make executive decisions when adding new cast members? As long as your face is shown on each episode for 2 seconds you’ll still get paid so why does it matter? All these girls demanding “respect” and acting like they’re being treated poorly is so ridiculous. You get paid hundreds of THOUSANDS of dollars to simply LIVE your life. You have SO MANY opportunities people would give anything for and you squander them.
    Honestly feeling so f*cking over everyone on this show. Have some gratitude and do something positive with your time and money.

  14. What is with the original girls being so mad about adding new moms to the show?! They act like their shit don’t stink. The show is adding more moms because the show is starting to tank. Give them more airtime? You can only film so much of Maci doing nothing, amber doing nothing. Not that I even like Mackenzie, but these girls act like they are irreplaceable.

    1. Yes!! Everyone please stop watching so this entitled spoiled bunch of people can get real jobs like the rest of us!

  15. Thats not going to help ratings. I’ll be happy when they shut it all down. Now they want ratings from a cancer patient. MTV will do anything for money. MTV will sit back and watch abuse of children and animals. All for $$$$$$$$

  16. I really REALLY think Mack is using her mother’s illness to milk MTV dry. And that is NOT OKAY! Imagine Angie dying and Mackenzie won’t even care because she will be “filming” and saying how hard it is for her…….ugh.

  17. Wow how lucky that she finally gets her wish by getting to exploit her mother’s illness on TV!

    I stopped watching OG when they brought in Bristol and Cheyenne. The actual “OG” girls have all gotten super annoying, I never liked Bristol in any of her other public endeavors and Cheyenne has absolutely no business being on this show. Definitely not coming back for Mackenzie.

  18. On a totally different subject does The Ashley know if david eason was in court today for the towing incident?

      1. She’s nowhere near as annoying as Maci. I mean really, who wants (or cares) for hearing about Ryan over…and over…and over again!!!! I think they need to dump Maci and rest of those “Pro Ryan” losers and bring Mackenzie McKee on FULL TIME!!!!

  19. WOW
    You people (MTV) have no shame.
    They are basically saying we don’t want you but we want the tragic story line about your mom dying of Cancer.

    Is she that bad? I dont know much about her other than her mom & MTV stringing her along for years

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