“90 Day Fiance: Caribbean Love” Season 2 Set to Premiere in June on Discovery+: Watch the First Trailer & Meet the Cast

Things are getting tropical this summer with Season 2 of 90 Day Fiance: Caribbean Love set to premiere in June. 

As viewers saw in Season 1, “Caribbean Love” will follow relationships in various phases, with the tropics providing the backdrop.

This season’s crop of lovers include two returning couples, a weird throuple and a long-distance same sex couple. 

Meet the Season 2 couples below!

Aryanna and Sherlon

Returning for Season 2 are Aryanna and Sherlon. After meeting on vacation, Aryanna and Sherlon went on to have a child together. Their son, Odin, is now a year old, though Aryanna and Sherlon have not decided where they will settle down to raise him.

“I got pregnant in paradise and now I’m back to see if we can be a family,” Aryanna says. 

Well, I think we all know how Odin feels about this situation.

In the Season 2 trailer, we see Aryanna grilling Sherlon about his wandering eye, with Sherlon even admitting that he has “little friends,” who appear to be exclusively female (and bikini-clad).

Amber and Daniel

Amber and Daniel are another couple returning from Season 1. The two have tied the knot and are currently living with Amber’s sister, years after meeting each other in Costa Rica.

“It’s easy to fall in love when you’re on vacation,” Amber says. “But in real life, there’s nothing magical about it.” 

Yeah, nothing magical about this.

The two are getting a huge dose of reality in Season 2, with Daniel arguing that he has sacrificed a lot to make their relationship work.

“I leave my whole life in Costa Rica to start from zero,” Daniel says. “Don’t tell me I haven’t sacrificed.”

Frankie and Abby…and Gaby

Frankie and Abby are a couple of new faces this season and in the trailer, Frankie shares his plans to propose, along with a minor detail about Abby’s current relationship status.

“I’m going to Mexico to propose to my girlfriend,” Frankie says. “The only problem is, my girlfriend has a girlfriend.” 

Frankie, mistakenly believing he’s getting two fiancés…

Frankie’s relationship with Abby appears to cause some issues between Abby’s relationship with Gaby, which viewers will watch unfold this season. 

Valentine and Carlos

Also new this season are Valentine and Carlos, who dated for more than a year before finally meeting in person. 

“After dating online for a year and a half, we are experiencing a lot of growing pains,” Valentine reveals in the trailer. 

Valentine also tells Carlos he feels as if he’s losing his independence.” Meanwhile, Carlos expresses concern for Valentine’s behavior in public, claiming that being gay in his county “is not one hundred percent accepted.” Valentine is mad that he can’t be who he is.

“I came out of the closet a long time ago and I ain’t going back in,” he tells the camera.

Daniele and Yohan

Daniel and Yohan are the final couple rounding out the Season 2 cast. 

“On a trip to the Dominican Republic, I met the love of my life,” Daniele says of Yohah, whom she goes on to compare to “the Incredible Hulk.”

As “incredible” as Yohan may be, Daniele still admits that she’s experiencing some culture shock after seeing Yohan’s “barebones” way of living. She also begins to suspect Yohan is only with her to come to the United States and send money back to his family.

Season 2 of “90 Day Fiance: Caribbean Love” premieres June 10 on Discovery+. 

Watch the first trailer below! 

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(Photos: Instagram; Discovery+)

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    1. I was just thinking that when I saw the couple from Costa Rica. I wonder how many women from the USA get pregnant while they’re on vacation. I mean, if a woman has the means and the $$ to travel overseas, you’d think she’d be with it enough to wear protection if she found it necessary to bang a total stranger (or white water rafting tour guide.)

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