Jenelle Evans Says She’s Distraught Over Losing Major Influencer Deal; Makes Video About How Her Haters Are Ruining Her Career (Full Recap!)

Poor Jenelle…both literally and figuratively, apparently….

Earlier this week, Jenelle Evans posted a series of Instagram Stories, letting her fans know that “she’s been very upset,” due to her haters having “a huge deal cancel on me.” 

Jenelle went on to say that it was worth a lot of money and would have been “security” for her family, which, as Teen Mom 2 fans know, includes her employment-challenged husband David Eason, daughter Ensley and son Kaiser, who all dwell on The Land with Jenelle. 

Jenelle did not go into specifics on the deal in question, but The Ashley can reveal that it was Jenelle’s months-long deal with the cell phone case company Casetify. The company works with “Influencers” to create special cases for their fans, customized to the influencers’ fan bases and tastes, and had planned an extensive campaign with Jenelle.

Jenelle did one video to promote the company about a week ago, but the company has since erased any and all references to Jenelle on their social media and website. (Several of their other influencers with case lines remain on the website, though.) 

Not going to lie; if this was a Barbara face phone case, The Ashley would be rush-ordering it!

“This was one of the biggest deals Jenelle had gotten in a long time,” one source tells The Ashley. “It was worth a lot of money, and it was going to be consistent money, because they had ordered a consistent stream of videos from Jenelle that would have paid out for months. They cancelled it all after Jenelle’s first video caused them to get so much hate online. They even unfollowed her on Instagram because they don’t want to have association with her.

“She will get paid for that video but will not be getting any future work with the company,” the source added.


“At least you’ve still got me, babycakes!”

Jenelle posted a short video to her YouTube channel, griping and groaning about those damn haters who she says ruin every attempt she makes to become a social media influencer.

The Ashley will go ahead and recap that knee-slapper of a video now…

Jenelle’s latest video– simply titled “depressed”— starts out in Jenelle’s She-Shed ‘o’ Horrors. A rough-looking Jenelle is sitting there like Linus after he missed The Great Pumpkin, in front of a neon sign of her name… as you do. She’s wearing large sunglasses, despite the fact that she’s inside. 

“Who would have thought that being on TV for having a baby shoot out of my underage cooter would have been my peak!?”

Jenelle makes sure to tell us that there’s a reason she’s wearing her Terminator sunglasses.

“Sorry, I have my sunglasses on because I’ve been crying,” Jenelle tells us, being careful to add a few strategically timed sniffles for good measure. 

“I don’t want anyone to see my tears,” Jenelle— who literally chose to make a video and post it while she was crying– says, acknowledging that if she were to go sunglasses-less, her haters would probably just turn her into a crying meme.

Well, I mean…yeah, that’s fair…

There is nothing meme-able about this, guys. 

Jenelle launches into a tirade about why she’s so sad, telling us that, once again, it’s those pesky haters that keep messing up her life (and definitely not her unemployed, racially insensitive, uneducated swamp dweller of a husband…definitely not…) 

“I’m trying to, like, move on and, like, focus on the positive in life and not focus on the negative,” Jenelle says. 

Jenelle says that there’s a “group of haters” that have a “hate campaign” against her. Jenelle says that every time she manages to find a company who hires her, this gaggle of career-crushing haters ruins it for her.

Jenelle then breaks down in tears as she says she can’t make money anymore by modeling period blood panties or weird weight loss belts or whatever the hell she was hocking in order to save herself from having to get a real job. 

“It was really nice to get that security,” Jenelle says of the recent promo deal gone bad. 

Jenelle assures us, though, that there are still some companies who will still work with her.

“If I can keep David from killing and eating any of the family pets for the next month or so, I’ll be in the money!”

“They don’t care about the haters, which is awesome,” Jenelle says. 

(We have no idea where David is during this confessional, but we can assume he’s out skinning roadkill or driving his riding lawnmower to the local bar or something.) 

Jenelle tearfully declares that she wants to succeed in life and do “bigger and better things”… and stuff.

A few days later, Jenelle is out of her shanty town shed. Oddly, she is not wearing her cool shades, despite the fact that she’s actually outside in the fresh swamp air now. (She is, however, wearing the same T-shirt as the footage filmed days before.)

She says that she was so upset she can’t “even describe the feeling.” I know if I found out that my days of pitching period panties were limited, I’d be upset too.

Jenelle then explains her version of what happened with the company, which, as The Ashley stated, is Casetify.

“I was workin’ with a big brand, and we both agreed upon like a six-month brand deal and I worked sooo hard on the first video and posted it,” Jenelle— who hasn’t worked “so hard” on anything since she was expelling The Spawn ‘o’ David from her loins— said.

Here’s the video that was “worked sooo hard on,” by the way…

@jenellelevans Feeling so fancy with this new Mirror Case AND 15% OFF 😍✨ @CASETiFY never lets me down #casetify ♬ Say So (Instrumental Version) [Originally Performed by Doja Cat] – Elliot Van Coup

Unfortunately, after Jenelle posted it, that ding-dang cornucopia of haters went to work, getting the company to drop Jenelle from the deal. 

“That was job security and security for my family and income,” Jenelle says. 

Well…thank goodness they have David’s income to fall back on!


Jenelle then gives us some of that “Jenelle Speak” that surely makes her irresistible to future employers.

“It was another side income that was promised upon for the next six months!” Jenelle— who probably won’t be purchasing any “dramastic” or “electronical” items now. 


Jenelle says it’s no fair that she keeps getting cancelled because she’s not the same person she used to be and she’s way better now…and stuff. She says she’s been keeping to herself, staying in her swamp and hasn’t even had any mugshots in a long time! 

“When things like this happen, my mind gets so clouded,” she says.

She says the company still has to shell out for her first video, but they’ve cancelled all of the other videos she was going to do for them. Jenelle assures us again, though, that she has “other brand deals” in the pipeline.

“So that’s not a problem,” she says.

“I mean, there’s always Netflix and Amazon, too!”

Jenelle says that, for some reasons, other brands and the general public just don’t take her seriously. (I mean, the fact that she’s been legit wearing the same oversized pot dispensary T-shirt for the last three days may be a good reason…) 

Jenelle says that her name has “been so tarnished from being on MTV.” 


The fact that she’s legally bound and supportive of this dude has nothing to do with the tarnishing, guys…

Jenelle claims that MTV dropped her at her “lowest point” when her CPS investigation was going on. Jenelle seems shocked that MTV didn’t film her CPS investigation (even though they had fired her before it).

Jenelle says that now everyone thinks that she had her kids taken away for “the most horrible things.” 

“I mean, it’s not like the kids witnessed a tiny dog get brutally shot and beat or something. Oh, wait…”

Jenelle insists that “all of it were allegations.” 

She claims the haters are now using the pesky dog shooting and CPS hearings against her, running and telling the companies she’s trying to work with about Jenelle’s past. She says it was “literally 10 years ago or more.”

(Just FYI– the dog shooting occurred less than three years ago, as did the CPS hearings.)

Jenelle tells us that it’s not about the money; it’s about her reputation.

No, seriously…

“Christ on a Cracka, Juh-nelle! Ya reputation?!”

Jenelle says that having early ‘Teen Mom 2’ episodes airing on Netflix has really hurt her, because she’s being forced to face consequences for her awful actions and words from years ago.

She also says that Kail Lowry— her former co-star and constant nemesis— and her old producer are “begging” her to go on Kail’s podcast. (This statement is actually pretty close to the truth, though. Jenelle has been asked several times and has always turned the offer down.) 

Jenelle then confirms The Ashley’s recent report that she was invited to Bri’s “Petty Party” next week, to celebrate beating Kail in her lawsuit. Jenelle says she wants to go but she’s worried that MTV might be there and “try to weasel me into their filming.”

(There’s no word if David and his supply of party balloon-slashing knives would also be invited, but I pray to the Baby Jesus God Leah he is.) 

“Well I’d have to check my schedule. I’m supposed to belch the National Anthem at a tractor pull competition that weekend…”

Jenelle then gets angry, stating she is mad she can’t use her name in a “professional way.” That “Eason” name just doesn’t carry the way it used to, guys. (Except maybe in the possum racing community, of course…)

Naturally, the sullying of Jenelle’s pristine name and reputation goes back to MTV…and definitely not her own poor decisions and actions…or David….

“They only want to use me to their benefit if I’m on drugs or f**ked up!” Jenelle says. 

“Notice my coffee cup, MTV! Call me!”

Jenelle says that she gave it her all when she was on ‘Teen Mom 2,’ openly showing how much of a blazing dumpster fire her life has been since the beginning. She declares that people either “really love me or really hate me” and there’s no in between.

She then goes over all of the other projects that her Band ‘o’ Haters have cancelled, including her workout clothing brand. She says she wants to expand her career goals (?), as Ensley is seen stomping through the swamp weeds in the background. 

She recruits her youngin to help her peel algae out of her pool. She says it’s good to keep busy; otherwise she gets “depressed again” and will have to go back into her She Shed ‘o’ Horrors and put her shades on again. 

“I’ve got to shake my caboose on TikTok later and stuff…”

Jenelle ends the video by thanking all of the people who don’t chase down any company that hires her.

If you’d like to read more of The Ashley’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ recaps, click here

(Photos: YouTube, MTV) 



  1. Marrying the ‘dog murderer’ MIGHT have had an effect on her ‘career’. Jenelee is aging like milk, all the drugs and booze have taken their toll!

  2. Girlfriend couldn’t even be bothered to clean that damn mirror for the video. It’s wild that she thinks THAT is working hard. Yeesh.

  3. She sure does feel entitled to the “influencer” title & easy income doesn’t she!
    Buying followers / views / comments kept her afloat for a while but by doing NOTHING besides supporting every word & action out of her also unemployable racist, homophobic, animal & child abusing husband she has only expedited her irrelevancy.

    She has ZERO skills, ZERO motivation and even less likability all THROUGH HER OWN ACTIONS, or lack there of (MTV IS IRRELEVANT to this topic).

    Why is she entitled to effortless income?
    Just because she has always had it?
    Life doesn’t work that way JE.

  4. Jenelle you are NOT a famous influencer. You had a contract with MTV because you got pregnant at 16 and they needed people to make the show 16 and pregnant. You were lucky they chose you. That’s the only reason people were interested in you. Because of the show. People don’t give a f.. shit about you, your swamplife or the swamp manager. You’ve lost it all because of him and now your career is gone. Forever!!!

  5. She will never change until she loses a lot of crap, not including her kids, because we know she doesn’t care.
    What will transpire when she afford the alcohol or the coffee? The hospital trips/special dr, the cars, the home, the phones, then maybe the kids??
    Maybe then she’ll decide that was enough to lose and change. Then of course will then expect some kind of TV deal to talk about her survivor/comeback story.

    My guess.. I can’t wait for them to not be able to afford an attorney and end up in jail, finally.

  6. Just like Kail, Farrah, Cate, etc., these women will never accept responsibility for their lives or the things that happen due to their bad choices. Each of them has caused the problems they encounter.

    Tha goes the majority of their mates.

  7. One thing about Jenelle…She’s always going to play the victim and never take accountability.

  8. How do these people not do their homework before hand ….before they let an influencer endorse their product! Like you don’t know how to google?

  9. Yes you neurotic moron.. I’m soo sure MTV will bend over backwards trying to coerce you to film. You dumb #&@_@$@. More like they see you and turn their heads/faces/ backs to ignore your near presence and any acknowledgement of them knowing you would be near to none. That I’d pay to see!

  10. She’s NOT and influencer whatsoever. She needs to give it up completely. Grasping at straws that were never there to begin with. It’s absolutely infuriating that she bitches and cries about these failed deals and somehow thinks she’s worth being paid for influencing others. Madam the only thing you could possibly influence is for some people to get on BC and how NOT to have trophy babies from every relationship.
    She’s a sick and useless individual. Anything for her and perma-unemployment man to sit around doing jack all and be paid and have bills paid. How can one sit around daily and do nothing, contribute nothing to society but polluted air and think they are worth tones of money. Absolute absurd.

  11. Can someone throw these two in a tub of water and scrub them really hard.

    They look like they smell like wet dirty laundry and cat urine, if you get within 20 feet of them.


  12. When she left David and moved to TN she should have stayed the course of divorce. After everything David Eason has said and done and continues to say and do— no one will want her to have a moments peace or any influencer gigs. You have to be a good person and not married to someone proud to be ignorant, racist and cruel to animals. At some point she has to wake up and realize that HE is causing her to lose everything, not the “group of haters”. She could have rebounded and been building her bank account up if she just stayed gone and on her own.

    1. I don’t think that she ever really left David. She was trying to keep her MTV gig or hope that they would continue paying her. I feel like she pretended to leave for attention. There are pictures of her holding hands with David and hugging him in several bars in Nashville when she had supposedly left. She is just as abusive as he is, to animals, to her children. I tell you what I wish though, I wish that CPS never returned these children to this nightmare of a home life.

  13. Umm here’s an idea, go to school! Get a rewal job with a reliable bi-weekly paycheck, health insurance and maybe a 401k since they probably ran through all her MTV checks years ago! Enskey should be at least pre school aged and her older two are in school all day (at least until Summer) so other than laziness, she doesn’t have an excuse not to get abjob or go to school! Also, being on MTV didn’t hurt her! She and her husband’s behavior did! Chelsea and Cole have a ton of brand deals and even Farrah has appeared on reality shows on different networks. Ditch that loser and get a job or quit your whining woman!

  14. If she would just disappear, get a real job, focus on her “health” and her family, people would eventually let her become a has-been. But because she incessantly tries to stay relevant in the most embarrassing ways (social medial influencer, viral TikTok wanna be) while staunchly defending her swamp thing husband as a man of good moral standard who has outspoken beliefs, this is going to continue. That’s the issue of being young, stupid, and infamous-it follows you everywhere. She does zero favors though by depending on the same formula to try to stay relevant and “rich.”

  15. But she said she’s doing great and has a lot of money. Why did she need this gig to have some “security” for a couple of months? Lol get a real job, Jenelle

  16. I know this is an unpopular opinion but I kind of understand where Jenelle is coming from. She’s been off TM for years now. Honestly she seems content with her life and David. I personally can’t stand him and he should be working to provide for his family. But I don’t see the need to follow her years after she’s been on tv to purposefully throw hate at her, ruining all her opportunities. People do mature and become better than they were in their teens and early 20s. It always amazes me the amount of hate Jenelle receives but the absolute worst, Farrah, is often given a pass.

    1. ?she’s married to someone who is still to this day making homophonic comments online to people. What company is going to want to stand by and endorse/support that? What does that have to do with Farrah? Jenelles husband killed a pet, makes racist and homophonic comments and she stands by him. You think that’s acceptable and companies should want to work with people like that?

    2. I think the overall feeling is that most people just want her to go away. You are correct, she seems content with her life on the swamp with UBT. The issue that sticks for most people is that she is still clawing at relevancy and trying to re-capture fame. If she would just stop, get a real job and live her life, I think (hope) people would then leave her alone. It’s that she keeps trying to cram herself down people’s throats with her vlogs and life updates that no one has asked for. She should earn a living like the rest of us and stop trying to make bank for doing the bare minimum.

    3. I think Farrah gets a “pass” because Farrah plays UP who she is while Janelle plays DOWN who she is. Farrah gets to be an air headed, number one celebrity in our nation, egotistical jack wagon because that is who she is and that she’s going to claw at that all the way to the end.

      Janelle has tried to convince us over and over again that she’s this misaligned “good person” constantly…while doing things that contradict that at every turn, starting with the I AM A GOOD MOM scene from 16 & Pregnant when she wants to go out and party and leave Jace at home.

      They are both delusional scumbags but one knows she is and plays it up for the cameras while the other one tries desperately to convince the world she’s not and never was.

    4. I kind of agree. I personally don’t see why people care enough about her at all to spend their own time blowing up her brand deals, but that’s their life. I think she and her husband are scumbags, and I don’t think they deserve any brand deals or really anything good in life at all, but I’m not going to spend my own personal time trying to get her deals cancelled. That time is better spent on my own self or family or work. If some stupid company wants to pay her to shill their crap, I don’t care. But I don’t have to buy it.

    5. No one is ever gonna forgive or forget what he did to that little dog, in front of their children. Do you not realize that has affected those children for life? No fucking sympathy for a woman that allows this abuse to and in front of her kids. I hope her haters continue to haunt her, and ruin every opportunity that comes along. In fact, I would love to know how to join this group If anyone has a link, please post.

  17. At point is she going to realize that being a “public figure” is no longer in the cards for her, and she should probably get a real job and maybe move forward and stop trying live on social media? I don’t even understand how she’s been making money.

    1. I think that’s part of why ppl still pay attention to her, bc its hard to beleive someone could continue to be so incredibly oblivious to reality and lack a basic level of self awareness. If she were just a *little* more intelligent and could at least attempt to rehab her image and hide the racist/abusive/bigotry of her husband. Leah and Amber figured it out and they aren’t exactly bright.

  18. Why don’t these companies ever check who they’re hiring to endorse their products?! It makes them look bad.

    Also, these fools need to give it up. Go get a job! Both of them! The only influence they have on anyone is negative.

  19. I think the most shocking moment in this story is that she used the word “upon”.

    “It was another side income that was promised upon for the next six months!”

  20. “the haters are making her lose money to feed her kids! even if she got a real job the haters would ruin that too!” WRONG. when jenelle left david everyone was extremely supportive of her decision and were rooting for her, people she had problems with like nathan’s family and barbara all came together to help her leave him and even gave her money! she’s proven that she’s capable of turning her life and reputation around but she’s choosing to stay with sasquatch reminds companies and the haters every month why they can’t hold a steady job, so please jenelle and the jenelle butthole lickers, save the sob story because clearly if this was really important to jenelle she would’ve been doing something about it!

  21. Jenelle doesn’t understand that she is not owed an easy platform to make money. She also doesn’t seem to understand that child abuse/neglect, animal abuse/neglect, racism, homophobia, and every other horrific thing she and David stand for is not a good look. She has never once taken responsibility for a single terrible thing she’s done, she just keeps screeching about how it’s “in the past.”

  22. But she was mad at him for like a week Dude!
    Also I thought she makes just as much money now as she did on TM?
    Wait! Was that another lie Jennelle? 🤔

  23. I can’t 🤣😂🤣😂 Fans only seriously 😳 darn ne’er pissed myself LMAO!!!!!!
    But all jokes aside I think if Janelle just lay low for a few years she could come back and talk and no social media get rid of the monkey off her back just concentrated on her kids good things will happen until then this crap is going to happen that’s right I said what I said but we all know darn well she’s not going to do that so we come here and do what we do best we come here for the tea 🫖 Drink up y’all 🥰

  24. I hate Jenelle as much as anyone but do these companies not have access Google? It seems ridiculous to sign her and then dump her when it turns out she’s exactly who she’s always been.

  25. Jenelle. For the love of Gawd. Have you ever asked these companies how they heard about you? Why they chose you? They’re blowing sunshine up your ass, letting you think you’re marketable, and using your stupid ass for publicity. They’ll get their name out there, and look righteous for severing ties with your gullible ass. You moron. You’ve been had over and over but still don’t get the game.

    1. You got it right! Of course these dipshit companies fire up the google machine & know exactly who Jenelle & UBT are when they partner with her – and this way they look like saints by cancelling Jenelle’s deal and get their name out there dirt cheap….probably an Amazon gift card or something for Jenelle.

      I’ll never believe these crappy companies approach Jenelle based solely off her tiktok ‘dancing’ and that pristine reputation she thinks she has 🙄

  26. Lets not overlook the FACT that she herself confirmed today that NOBODY BELIEVES HER FOLLOWING IS LEGIT!
    She admitted someone did an audit and the numbers didn’t add up, as we have all been saying for YEARS,

    She sells herself and her (erroneous) platform to these companies when SHE KNOWS it won’t result in ANY sales with her “discount code” (used to easily track efficacy of influencer) and has even said she knows all companies she posts for get hate, yet she continues to drag them down with her.
    I really think that Casefy was just the company who did something about her ZERO SALES and by calling her out they also effectively called out her management company and alerted them to the fact that ZERO sales with 3M followers is a bit of a red flag. They would HAVE to dump her knowing that info bc THEY are promoting her & selling her fraud.
    JE yet again couldn’t hold down her end of the bargain.
    I’m not sure how she thinks that is haters fault when it’s more accurately fraud.

    The bottom line is that she is blaming haters when the fact of the matter is that she is NOT an influencer, HEAVILY pads all her accounts with followers, comments, views and likes and has negative equity in any social realm.

    But it’s not HER fault dude.
    It’s the person that did the audit on her heavily padded account!

  27. The companies are doing this as a marketing ploy. They have freaking Google. They know damn well what they are doing. They know if they hire then fire Jenelle they look good, pay a fraction of what they promise her, AND get promoted. It’s pretty sick. This is all these girls will have when this show finally ends. People “teaming” with them, only to drop them.

  28. It’s been like decades now. Is she ever going to ask herself WHY she has so many haters though? Maybe she could work on making changes to get people to stop hating her. Then the deals might go through.
    It’s like she can’t comprehend that it’s not about “haters” – it’s about her having sooooo many of them. And WHY she has them. Her unwillingness to take any responsibility for her situation is astounding. She just stops at “It’s the haters’ fault” and goes no further.
    I guess it’s beneath her to get a normal job. Or for David to get one. They could have a sense of peace, a solid income, security. But instead they insist on going for these get-rich-quick deals or easy money from these “deals”. And end up on a roller coaster of emotions – anger, sadness, panic, fear..constant stress, all because of “haters” of course, not themselves.
    I guess they thrive on the chaos and drama. Because deep down Jenelle knows these “deals” are never going to work b/c of her actions and words (and David’s).

    1. Also VERY much about her padded account numbers (followers, comments, likes, views, etc) that not surprisingly do not translate to any sales for the companies she is promoting.
      She finally got caught and she all but admitted it in her video today saying so!
      These companies (and her “marketing company” as a whole) hired someone who CLAIMS to have 3M followers and expect a sale % from those alleged followers. Unfortunately JEs are almost entirely fake and fake followers don’t have credit cards to purchase the junk she hocks.

      What happened right here is that Casify realized her discount code (code used to track success of “influencer” more than anything else, there are loads of exact same % codes randomly online) was not being used which defies the logic of 3M followers.
      1% is 30,000 for heck sake!
      THAT is what the company was paying her for.
      Unfortunately for them they took her at her word…silly silly people.

      IF her followers were alive humans with credit cards and were making purchases haters wouldn’t matter.
      The only way haters are to blame for this is that they didn’t buy her products!
      Regardless, we know whatever happens that JE is absolutely most definitely NOT to blame for anything except sunshine and rainbows…uh…scratch the rainbows for her 😒

  29. Don’t these companies do background checks before they offer contracts? I think they do but hire anyway so they get that initial surge of publicity.

    1. They might but probably think that if even 1% (ONE PERCENT) of her *ALLEGED followers make purchases they would have +30,000 sales!
      That’s a large number!
      All for ONE percent.

      Unfortunately what no one has “background checked” *until now* is the VALIDITY OF HER ACCOUNTS / FOLLOWERS!
      Fake followers don’t have credit cards to buy her junk.
      The only reason she can blame 🎩this time is bc they didn’t buy her junk…and NEVER WILL😎
      This firing was unquestionably because of HER choices (including HER CHOICE to stand behind DE & ALL his gross commentary) and HER lack of sales / HEAVILY padded accounts.

      In fact, she posted a vid yesterday ADMITTING someone FINALLY did and audit & found her numbers didn’t add up.
      Plus, the fact that SHE is back hunting for suckers to give her free junk & gigs ON HER OWN PROVES she was fired by the management company. Management companies HEAVILY frown upon skirting them to find one’s own gigs, in fact that is illegal bc of the contract.

      We all know SHE BUYS FOLLOWERS but now the brands are catching on too ~ FINALLY!

  30. Lost any respect when u let that Dirtbag of husband shoot that poor dog and did nothing but stayed with dog killer. Not to mention letting him hurt kaiser. U are getting what u deserve.

    1. So still won’t take accountability for their own actions. Sad. She’s so confident that she isn’t a homophobic racist that she actually argues with people about it on TikTok. How about we take a good hard look in the mirrors and figure out there’s a lot of room for more growth (not around the waist!). No one actually “likes” them…they just have a following of people who are genuinely nosey what they will kill or destroy next. Guess their careers are interesting enough for those select few.

  31. I guess a company looking into DeluJanelle’s past (and present) couldn’t possibly have ANYTHING to do with them not wanting her associated with their brand, or being associated with hers. No. That would make zero sense🤣 It’s the all powerful haters once again. Pfffftttt!

    1. SHE also said they tried to verify her accounts and found that the numbers didn’t add up…meaning they confirmed she buys followers , comments, likes and views!

      An industry that hires “influencers” based on their accounts & supposed platform would very much frown upon that!
      By erroneously reporting (buying) account interactions then accepting $ for what SHE KNOWS is inaccurate she is committing fraud.
      I cant imagine ANY company being ok with paying her for literally ZERO sales (repetitively) when they hired her expecting to reach 3M “fans” who want to support the promoter🤣

  32. She is about 5 minutes away from an OnlyFans account.
    If I’m not mistaken, Marcus Lemonis bought into Casetify. He would have a duck if he knew about Jenelle. He was going to invest in a business, but found out one of the owners had a side gig on the radio spouting racial, homophobic, misogynistic nonsense. He walked away in a hurry.

    1. She will never ever take responsibility for her actions. She has never once apologized for the horrible things she has said and/or done. Genuinely apologized. She is a huge piece of sh** and so is her swamp ass husband.

    2. You may have been proven right – just saw an article (don’t trust the source much) and waiting on The Ashley verifying it.

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