Exclusive Details! Briana DeJesus Planning Massive Party to Celebrate Beating Kail Lowry in Her Lawsuit; Inviting MTV & ‘Teen Mom’ Co-Stars

Will Luis dress up like Deadbeat the Clown and juggle legal documents for the kiddies?

Briana DeJesus already sent her nemesis, Kail Lowry, a clown suit after she prevailed in the defamation lawsuit Kail filed against her, but now Bri is planning a gloat-filled gala to celebrate her big win!

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that Bri— who had Kail’s defamation lawsuit against her dismissed last month— is throwing a party next weekend to further whoop it up that she beat Kail. The Ashley’s sources tell her that Bri has extended invites to a bunch of cast members from Teen Mom 2, as well as Teen Mom OG and even Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant.

MTV cameras are also invited; however, The Ashley can’t yet confirm if producers are taking Bri up on her offer to film the shindig.

“With as bad as the ratings are right now, they will probably jump on this and film it,” one production source tells The Ashley. “If someone tips Kail off, it would make for glorious TV.”

The Ashley hears that the festivities will be in Florida.

“Um…can I just go ahead and RSVP now? I’m in!”

While Briana is thrilled to be able to rub the win in Kail’s face, the idea of the party didn’t sit well with all of the cast members and crew who were either invited or heard about it.

“Some of the [cast and crew] think it’s really low of Briana to do this,” one source tells The Ashley. “They don’t think it’s a good look to attend a ‘Bash Kail’ party, especially when they personally have nothing against Kail. It’s messy and immature.

“A lot of people think this is just Briana trying get the other cast members to pick a ‘side’ between her and Kail. Honestly, most people [in the cast] don’t care enough,” the source added.

“Anyone up for a game of Pin the Clown Nose on Kail? You know I’m getting a Kail piñata, too!”

The Ashley hears that Briana also extended an invitation to Jenelle Evans, who has been at odds with Kail for years. 

Stay tuned…The Ashley will have more info soon.

Meanwhile…Javi is probably overcome with excitement regarding all this petty drama…

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(Photos: MTV; WEtv)

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  1. I’ve been watching you girls from the very beginning. I love you all and think you are good mommies. My favorites are the original girls from OG and teen mom two. I miss Chelsey . I’m a 72yr old grandma and my friends laugh at me that I watch it. I love watching the kids growing up. I wish you all happiness and success.i

  2. Brianna is so far up kail’s ass.too bad the judge did have the footage from MTV Caz she would have lost
    From day one she sleeps with her exs talk shit and really she is just trashy

  3. Briana is “slow,” “developmentally challenged,” and has some real twisted and immature creeds she adheres to in life. Stupid girl. Very angry and vindictive, with tons of victim mentality. Take that money and instead of spending it on this ridiculous event, put it into savings or a college account for your daughters. Apply it to your mortgage and pay off your house sooner than expected. Pay off other debt, your daughter’s medical costs. Get your fat-filled, fake, diaper-full ass to school and get a damn education and develop a career. Grow up, Briana. Grow up.

    1. Its very petty and hilarious AF. I cant tell someone how to celebrate their victories as long as their celebration is legal then…whatever. We are forgetting that none of this would have happened if Kail had of let sleeping dogs lie. Kail is petry but she knows Briana is petty x 3 with Roxanne and Brittany egging her on. Kail did all that because Briana messed with Chris and Chris isnt with either of them. He has a new gf and baby and these 2 birds are spending almost half a milli fighting over him ?

  4. Brei needs to shuve it up her ass and then learned some humility life’s not always going to be about lawsuits and getting your way and whatever you want to show off, learn how to handle your situation’s without lashing out be it your baby daddy’s or whatever else Best Advice Be Mutually respectfully responsible or go to therapy and get to the root of your issues and your insecurities

  5. I’m here for it all.
    The petty. The messy. The ridiculousness of it.
    Karl started it. Let’s all just remember that.
    And have a think about how gloaty Karl would be if the shoe was on the other foot!!!
    Go bang Chris Bri. Really bring the party ?

    1. Yesss exactly. There would be no party of Kail didn’t bring this pitiful lawsuit. I hope I’m invited ???

  6. I just want to say that regardless of the drama or issues going on between anyone you are amazing women and to see how you guys all fight through your issues all the time I wish I had advice from each one of you my dream would be to meet all of you to do something together like literally that would be my dream in life and be able to experience things and get some advice from some of you and your perspectives on things make this come true…

  7. I can’t believe how pathetic Briana is. Seriously. Between this petty behavior and the fact that she goes around having unprotected s*x with randos in public bathrooms she is a disgusting example for her daughters. I feel so sorry for them, they deserve better

  8. Both of them need to grow up. Kail should never have filed the lawsuit and Brianna needs to take the “W” gracefully and move on. Both seem petty and immature in my opinion.

  9. they’re more than likely not gonna film it anyway if jenelle shows up because you damn well david won’t let her go by herself unless he can come along also

  10. Ah, I see, Briana is yet again showing her daughters exactly how to be an incredibly selfish, immature, mean, & hateful person again. Great job Briana.

  11. isn’t briana’s whole storyline about how expensive her kids are and how she doesn’t have all that money that her baby daddy’s think she has? ? use that money towards your kids and what makes her think any of the other moms besides jade and jenelle would actually show up?

  12. Kailyn Lowry, once again, was the lowest of vindictiveness, and being a “MEAN GIRL,” THIS TIME TO THE TUNE OF OVER $200,000! (Gasps incredulously)

    At least Briana has “the true sense of a dollar ?,” because, SHE WORKS A REAL 9 to 5 JOB, (unlike Kailyn.)

    Kailyn Lowry, is just a rotund chauffeur, and a lousy role model, for her kids.

    Is she REALLY THAT DUMB to not realize children listen to your every word, and watch your every action?

    She is perpetuating the meanness, the fighting, THE HATE, the bad-mouthing, the talking about others behind their backs, the negativity, the gossiping, the being evil to others and so on.

    She’s spawning a bunch of “bullys,” who are going to turn out just like her, (a “MEAN GIRL,” that never functions above a Middle School level.)

    It’s very sad to watch.

    Women should stick together, and not resort to this petty, immature, “MEAN GIRL,” vindictive behavior.

    There ARE a couple things I CAN understand:

    1.) I’d be pretty dang happy to win such a HUGE, (ridiculously stressful, I’m sure,) monetary lawsuit. (SO, I CAN UNDERSTAND how relieved, and overjoyed, Briana IS, to have won this lawsuit.)

    2.) One should NEVER date, or sleep with, a friend’s, or an aquaintance’s, ex-husband, ex-lover, ex-bf, etc. (Not that Javi I is, totally, off the hook here. He is equally to blame, BUT, Briana should NEVER have, “gone there.”)

    3.) This ridiculously expensive lawsuit, SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN STARTED in the first place! (Kailyn Lowry is in the wrong, here.)

    1. Your exact words… “Women should stick together, and not resort to this petty, immature,” MEAN GIRL”, vindictive behavior.”.

      Also you…”YOU’RE SUCH A DUMB WHORE”

      You Again….”Kailyn, NOT ONLY are you eating too much, (YOU WHALE OF A USER,) and TRYING TO blame your fat ass on PCOS, but, you’re SUCH A CONTROLLING BITCH, FROM HELL!”.


      Why so hateful? These are people who (I assume) you have never met and have no bearing on your life. I agree that the whole Bri Kail situation is ridiculous but to go as far as you did and then to say women should support each other is messed up and very contradicting. There’s nothing wrong with having an opinion but this is just rude and bully behavior.

      1. Hi Jade!

        I’m sorry, but, I have no clue WHAT you are even referring to.

        The worst thing I said about Kailyn Lowry was, she is a “rotund chauffeur.”

        I’m sorry, if I hurt your feelings. Feel free to LOVE Kail, all you want. I don’t care, in the slightest. There is a seat for every bottom!

        Listen, I’m busy, and need to run.

        Re-read my post, because, I think you, obviously, have me confused with someone else.

        Have a good day! (Sorry I can’t chat longer.)

        Best Regards!

        1. I’m not sure if you realize or not but everyone can see that you have been making comments under different names. Therefore the comments I was referring to are very obviously yours. You didn’t hurt my feelings in the slightest and I definitely do not love Mail. I was simply just calling you out on your bullshlt.

          1. Lolol I noticed that too, she used two different names to post but if you click on the avatar icon, you can see it’s the same person ?

  13. I agree, it is immature AF, to waste money, that Briana SHOULD BE spending, or saving, for her children’s College Funds, etc.



    YOU THINK you’re SO cool, showing everyone all your money, but, INSTEAD, WE ALL KNOW YOU’RE THE BIGGEST FOOL!

    YOU, Kailyn Lowry, are SO self-absorbed, that you’d rather be petty and immature, when, that’s the price of A HOUSE, you wasted!

    YOU’RE SUCH A DUMB WHORE…People are starving on the Planet, Kailyn!


    It would have be a nice gesture to donate that money to the needy, FOR INSTANCE.

    Kailyn, NOT ONLY are you eating too much, (YOU WHALE OF A USER,) and TRYING TO blame your fat ass on PCOS, but, you’re SUCH A CONTROLLING BITCH, FROM HELL!

    You’re petty beyond all belief, too!
    YOU HAVE TO WIN, NO MATTER THE COST…EVEN IF IT HURTS YOUR CHILDREN!!! YOU DISGUST ME! You’re doing it to Chris, RIGHT NOW, moving an hour away from him, ALL BECAUSE, he has a new gf, and DOESN’T WANT YOU!
    You are DEMANDING (Aka CONTROLLING) that he move his life closer, to you, so he can see his children, (AND SO YOU, SECRETLY, CAN TRY YOUR BEST TO WIN HIM BACK!!!)


    You’ll even fuck up your kids, TO WIN!


    You can’t control everything you DUMB C#@T!

    Stop being so damn petty, get in the shower and WASH YOUR DAMN HAIR, and then, focus on your four kids!!!

    Concentrate on more productive, GOOD THINGS, like feeding your kids nutritious food, instead of white flour tortillas, filled with cheese, for dinner!!

    You’re a petty, USER. You’re controlling, and disgusting.
    You’re a MEAN, fat whale and SPAWN OF DARKNESS. YOU CAN focus on the good things in life, and all of your blessings. Instead, you connive, weave wicked webs to TRY TO come out on top.


    I think the party IS a waste of money, BUT, I SURE AS HELL WOULD GO, MYSELF, AND HAVE A GRAND OLD TIME!!???LMAOROTF that Kailyn Lowry’s BAD KARMA bit her in her fat ASS.

    We are all laughing at you, because, you’re SUCH a dumb twat, wasting that money, AND YOU LOST! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

    I REALLY, REALLY hope? the Courts make/made YOU PAY for Briana’s $120,000 lawyer’s fees, too!? YOU DESERVE THAT, FOR BEING SO PETTY, AND FOR wasting The Court’s TIME!


    Again,?WASH YOUR DAMN HAIR… ESPECIALLY, the top of your head!

    Your greasy hair is grossing us ALL out!


    P.S. Do use ALL a FAVOR, too, and close your fat thunder thighs.

    P.P.S. You know, if you EVER got up and moved around (besides sitting in your chair, your car, etc.,) THAT MIGHT HELP with the weight loss.

    Look at Maci Bookout… She’s not a fat pig, like you, and she suffers WAY MORE than you do, from PCOS. Get off your fat ass, and move, MEAN GIRL!

    1. *It would have BEEN a nice gesture, to donate that OVER $200,000 to the needy people on the Planet, who are REALLY STRUGGLING. BUT, NOOOO, NOT KAILYN LOWRY!

      It’s all about HER, and what she can take, and get, and WIN.

      Karma is a Bitch!

      1. Kail is going to donate that money…..Right back to Brianna for legal fees. Both our outrageous and ridiculous. The legal fees and party $ should go in a trust for her kids since the show is coming to an end.

  14. Obviously this is petty as hell but let’s not act like Kail wouldn’t be gloating if she had won. Kail has used the court system to go after POC repeatedly and this is the first time it didn’t go her way. Kail was completely ridiculous to do this in the first place so enjoy your party Bri!

  15. You are ridiculous Brianna! Let it be…you will just get more haters
    Focus on the good deeds you do like with Jade. I started to actually love and respect you and saw the loving and caring side of you. THESE actions will keep us wanted to see you on Twen Mom2

  16. Is this petty? Yes. Was the lawsuit also petty? Yes. Was sending kail a treadmill petty Is? Yes. Is $120k, which Briana claims she spent on lawyer fees, a small amount of change? Absolutely not. Do I feel the time and money aspect is worthy of a celebration? Yes. Do I feel it is immature to put other cast and crew members in the middle of it by inviting them? Yes. It is creating more drama. If they attend, they have chosen a side and might be friendly with Kail and Briana.

  17. I can’t stand Brianna. This is too much. Save all your gloat money for your kids. You will soon need it when the show gets cancelled. You are a complete thirst whórē. You are only interesting to SOME people because you sleep around with a cast members exes and get STD’s with your own BD that doesn’t do a damn thing for your daughter. Tell me, who’s exes are you going after next year when Kail isn’t on the show anymore???

  18. Look up PETTY in the dictionary, and you’ll see a picture of Brianna.

    You won Bri, but you’re apparently the biggest LOSER by your own hand.

    Whether you like Kail or hate her, this party to rub her face in it is just plain mean girl behavior.

    You’re kind of gross Brianna, and I hope you take a time out to think about how you’d feel if one of your girls was treated like this in a public setting, even if they were wrong.

    You fucking won, the judge said so. You’re getting your fees paid, you’ve fucked her ex husband, drooled all over her loser of a baby daddy, sent gifts to publicly harass her.

    Start your day tomorrow with a bowl of mature flakes, and get over yourself. Spend the party money on your kids and MOVE THE FUCK ON.

      1. Briana won’t say no.
        MTV might but its not their production at this point

        I get the dvs. Ppl HATE David.

        He’s guaranteed to go to FL and remind everyone why he’s a dick, so let’s let him.

        Fuck it. The show is done anyways.

  19. I don’t care for kail. Think bri has taken this to far now. Just showing how immature she is, was on her side but this is just plain ass unnecessary. Don’t think any cast will show up maybe ones that don’t like kail.

    1. @Karen, Kail actually was the one who is petty and childish and took it too far. She was the one who dragged Brianna into court and wasted the courts time and has Briana spend $120,000 in legal fees to defend against this frivolous lawsuit. Briana is petty and childish but Kail has met her match. Kail is nasty and vindictive and tried to financially and legally destroy Brianna and take food out if her kids mouths. Briana is just having a little fun and mickery kail for making a fool of herself but she isnt trying to destroy her

  20. Brianna is SUPER messy! This is just ridiculous. The clown costume was immature enough…..well maybe not for this dumbo!

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