Kail Lowry Admits She Spent Over $200,000 to Sue Her ‘Teen Mom 2’ Co-Star Briana DeJesus: “I Actually Don’t Regret It”

“So I basically spent over $200,000 and all I got was a treadmill and a Amazon clown suit.”

Kail Lowry says she didn’t just lose the defamation lawsuit she filed against her Teen Mom 2 co-star Briana DeJesus, but she also lost a bunch of money.

On Tuesday, Kail was a guest on The Viall Files podcast, which is hosted by former Bachelor star Nick Viall. Kail and Nick discussed recent pop culture events, including the ongoing defamation trial between Johnny Depp and his ex Amber Heard. The conversation caused Kail to weigh in on her own lawsuit…and reveal how much she ended up spending on it so far.

“I just got out of a defamation lawsuit,” Kail told Nick. “I lost– well, it was dismissed. I didn’t lose. It was dismissed.”

“It was a waste of $200,000. But you live and you learn,” Kail admitted.

Kail after she got the bill from her attorneys… probably…

Kail sued Briana for defamation in July 2021, claiming that an interview Bri gave to a clickbait site, as well as an Instagram Live session Briana did about ‘Teen Mom 2’ and Kail, caused Kail and her brand harm. During the interview in question— which Briana gave to Celebuzz on June 9—Briana claimed that Kail “physically beat” Chris Lopez (who is the father of Kail’s sons Lux and Creed), and broke into and entered the home of Chris’ mother. Kail was arrested for her actions, but she denied ever breaking and entering.

When Nick suggested that Kail probably regrets spending all of that cash to sue Briana, she told him she is happy she did it.

“I actually don’t regret it because I stood up for myself,” she said. “I felt like I was taking a lot [from Briana], so I stood up for myself. So, ultimately, if nothing else, that’s what I got out of it.”

“I also got this out of it…”

As The Ashley previously reported, the judge in the defamation case dismissed the case earlier this month, ruling in favor of Briana. He also ruled that Briana’s Anti-SLAPP Motion for Summary Judgement has been granted. (FYI:  Anti-SLAPP– stands for “Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation,” and is defined by anti-SLAPP.org as lawsuits “used to silence and harass critics by forcing them to spend money to defend these baseless suits.”)

The fact that the anti-SLAPP motion was granted is important because, generally with anti-SLAPP motions in Florida, the winning party is entitled to recover their attorney’s fees and costs from the losing party. Briana has already publicly stated that she plans to sue Kail if necessary to recover the over $120,000 she says she spent in attorney and legal fees for the lawsuit. 

Kail told Nick that she believes having to file the lawsuit in Florida had a lot to do with it being dismissed.

Kail to herself in the mirror…

“I personally think that, the state of Florida— I had to sue her in the state of Florida [where she lives]— and they just look at things very differently,” Kail said. “But the judge didn’t think that I proved [Briana acted in] malice [and that] she purposely spread rumors and lies.

“[My case] didn’t end up going to the jury trial, because [Briana’s lawyers] filed an anti-SLAPP motion, which is essentially [her] saying she didn’t defame me; I’m trying to silence her freedom of speech,” Kail continued. “Not all states recognize them in the same way or have that.” 

Kail later revealed that she has considered suing other people for defamation in the past, but was advised against it by her lawyers.

Not gonna lie…I’d like to read those emails to her attorney to see who else she wanted to sue…

“I have brought defamation to my attorneys multiple times and they always told me, ‘No, no, no.’ I brought this one against my castmate [Briana] and they were like, ‘Yes, we got this’ and I lost. Well, I didn’t lose, it was dismissed but it’s the same thing. It’s essentially a loss.” 

Still, Kail says she’s glad she sued Briana, even if it cost her a fortune.

“That was the takeaway from mine. It was the principle,” she said. “I’m standing up for myself, so I care less about the dollar. I care less about the amount. I’m going to stand up for what’s not true. You’re not gonna spread this about me.”

You can listen to the full episode of The Viall Files podcast featuring Kail below!

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(Photos: MTV) 


  1. If we didn’t need a reason to dislike Kail even MORE, she puts down the state of Florida for “doing things differently”? Freedom of speech, honey. You can see where her political lines are drawn. She wants to silence dissenting voices. You can’t silence people just because you don’t like what they say. But keep ripping on Florida…because free speech is icky, right Kail?

  2. $200,000? And she says she’s glad she spent it because it was about “principals”. Girl please. With as many kids as she has, and no man..she could’ve done a lot with 200k. College educations for her kids, perhaps?!
    Oh. Who am I kidding? She’d spend it on vacations and her ugly ass home.

  3. You can not stop someone from their freedom of speech she’s so f#$%& stupid haha don’t be so quick to throw money away, u will regret it

  4. She is trying SO hard to act nonchalant about the outcome of this case, but $200,000 ain’t no pocket change. We all know Kail thinks she does no wrong at all, just like this ridiculous case, so the fact that she flat out LOST it is a major blow to her ego. So now she has to put on a brave face publicly and try and spin it like “oh I may have lost in legal terms, but I gained SO MUCH. I stoop up for myself and gained so much confidence and pride in myself that it was worth a quarter of a million dollars!” Lmao. I cant stand bri AT ALL but kail has grown into something else man. I hope she really is making all that podcast money she claims bc the mtv money train is running outta gas! (Coal? Idk what trains run on lmao.)

  5. $200,000. Does this imbecile, bitter she-beast cave woman realize that would easily put at least two of her “boys” through a decent 4-year college or university?!?!? Seems to me that THAT would be a far more wise way to apply that kind of money. The result of its use would be much more satisfying and gratifying.

  6. Kailyn is so pathetic and cringe worthy. No wonder Isaac decided he didnt want to film anymore. He is smarter than her and has more ethics and morals than his own mother. Im sure her antics humilate him.

  7. The most frightening part of Kail’s existence is her ability to spin. You cannot reason or argue with an idiot. This is what makes them so harmful. The outcome, win or lose, will always be justified in her favor. As she continues through life, it’ll always be someone else’s fault. She will always be the victim or victor.

    Those poor boys.

    1. Well, I think Isaac will be fine and Lincoln seems good so far.

      But I hope at least one gets Kail’s attitude. So when all this collapses on her, she’ll understand a smidgen of how others felt when she decided it was time to go after them.

      1. @Pain+In+The+Ash

        Lincoln is a Scorpio♏. First the good:

        1.) They can be “Fighters For The Downtrodden, The Underdog.”

        2.) They can use their formidable FORCES to help others,

        3.) OR they can enjoy stinging themselves and/or others.

        ~The first is a Scorpio “Eagle🦅,” and the latter, is the “Stinging Scorpion🦂,” or “Grey Lizard.” The latter two, aren’t good.

        With a Mother like Kailyn Lowry, I think the latter, will be what will happen, unfortunately.

        He’ll be the one who inherits HER HUGE EGO and attitude, unfortunately.

        Isaac is a total doll, in my eyes. If I had to guess, I’d think he was a Pisces♓, Aka “The Oldest Soul On The Zodiacal Wheel.” They know “LOVE is the answer to everything.” They’re intuitive and psychic. They’re the “Feelers,” on the Zodiacal Wheel. (Scorpios are too, but, they always stay quiet, and never divulge the answers of the Universe. They don’t want anyone, but themselves, to have the Power.)

        I have said from the beginning, I believe Isaac chose to be Kailyn’s Son, (supposedly, we choose our parents,) in order to TEACH HER how to be a decent, loving human being. (So much for THAT!)

        That’s, obviously, out the window. LOL I, honestly, feel bad for him. Can you IMAGINE having a Mother, like her? OMG! SMH (No Hope For The Hopeless! Ewe!)

        So, yeah, unless Javi I does SOMETHING to steer Lincoln in the RIGHT direction, I doubt he’s going to contribute much that is good, to humankind, and the Planet.

        Evolved Scorpios, also, “Soar above revenge.” Tell me, what do you think the chances of THAT are, with a Mother like Kailyn Lowry? Yikes is all I have to say!

        Lux is a Leo♌. He’ll like, “the Universe to revolve around HIM.”
        I’d say, he too, has the perfect role model, for THAT.😝

        Leos can, also, be VERY selfish.

        When they’re in a good mood, they’re generous, warm and nice, but, let them NOT BE “THE BOSS,” AT WORK, (where they can boss EVERYONE around,) and the poor wife, will have to deal with the wrath of a screaming, roaring, selfish Leo, when they get home from a job where they’re NOT THE Boss.

        They have to either boss people around, at work, or they’ll come home and be bossy, bellowing assholes.

        They can, also, be super SELFISH.
        SO, Lux has THE PERFECT ROLE MODEL FOR THAT unsavory trait, TOO, unfortunately.👎🏼😝


        It’s too bad Kailyn Lowry has her head so far up her ass, that she doesn’t realize what a prize, and gift, she got, and has, in Isaac❤.

  8. Brianna needs to shut her nasty loud mouth the language she uses is nasty and uncalled for. She doesn’t need a mic she hollows

  9. The type of people who brag about losing $200k are the people who are so obsessed with drama that nothing else in life matters. Drama queens, narcissists, attention seekers. She got what she wanted out of the lawsuit. Drama. And attention.

    I wouldn’t brag about that sweetie.

    1. She sure paid for that experience, didn’t she? Foolish. She has no grounds to complain about $ at this point, not when she wastes thousands of dollars like that.

  10. I love how Kail admits to trying to sue everyone and her lawyers have discouraged her before. In Kail’s version, she says this one against Bri is the one they gave her the go ahead on. Looking from it that way, I’m sure her lawyers *may* have thought she had a shot, but I’m willing to bet they just gave into Kail knowing she’d lose and hoping that would shut her up.

    She literally paid (or will) $200k to LOSE in court. No one that is sane would be proud of that. Like most people locked up ain’t bragging about thier lawyers.

  11. I never want to hear this bitch complain about money again. 200K could of went to her kids future, or literally anything else besides this useless lawsuit.

  12. Imagine having an extra $200k to just spend on useless lawsuits? Imagine what she could have done with that money instead? She’s trying to spin that she doesn’t regret it but deep down she must feel like a clown. I can’t handle the entitlement.

    1. Humiliated.

      And this only proves that Kail will die on a hill.

      Once she has to pay Briana’s bill. Yikes. Look for houses and cars to be up for sell.

  13. What would you do if you could just blow thru 200 grand?

    Me : buy a car that I don’t need, an old Corvette

  14. Kail is the full embodiment of “everyone owes me everything!” She’s so much like Amber that it’s insane. Always reminding people SHE’S the reason that they’re even on the show, when in reality it’s because of ISAAC that they’re on a show.

  15. Hmmm.. let’s see. Briana said Kail beat Chris, which the petty cunt was ARRESTED FOR, which anyone could see on a court docket. I seriously can’t believe this silly skank spent almost a quarter mil on suing someone. I hope she gets stuck paying Briana’s legal fees. Why don’t they show shit like THIS on the show?! I’d consider watching again. But nothing will ever beat Keiffer, meth chef, shoving jenelle out of his friends car and then taking off and her running after, her $1 old navy flip flops slapping the pavement. One of the best scenes ever on TM2.

  16. She wasted 200k suing someone over things that were true just to be petty & theres people out here working their asses off like nurses & doctors struggling to make ends meet, sick.

    1. I think her mission was 100% motivated to find out if Chris and Brianna slept together. That was shot down and she still doesn’t know! Poetic justice And now she’s more than likely have to pay Brianna’s $120,000 bill all the while she is technically unemployed. I don’t think anybody in their right mind will give her a spinoff show no way.. no how.

  17. Kail you are not standing up for yourself. Bri was being truthful when she said you hit Chris and were arrested. You cannot stand the fact that you can’t control Bri so you blew a fortune to try and teach her a lesson but you’re the one that lost. Once she pays Bri’s legal bills she will have spent over a quarter of a million dollars on a wasted case. Kail is a petty, spiteful bitch that needs to go away and vaccinate her kids.

    1. $200,000. Does this imbecile, bitter she-beast cave woman realize that would easily put at least two of her “boys” through a decent 4-year college or university?!?!? Seems to me that THAT would be a far more wise way to apply that kind of money. The result of its use would be much more satisfying and gratifying.

  18. Theashley: Ya’ll have do do some Unexpected recaps. The TLC show may be lesser viewed but I enjoy it. It’s “real talk” as young folks say.

  19. Of course she doesn’t regret it, it kept her name out there. I mean this is the same person who’s butthurt she wont have her pool ready for the summer at her new house. Get back to reality Kail next you’re going to cry that you took a breath of fresh air.

  20. Lol 😂. First Kail claims that she wasn’t actually arrested, just detained, and now she claims that she didn’t lose, the case was just dismissed. Ok, girl, whatever helps you sleep at night 😆

    She definitely will care about that $200K when she fades into the distance in 2 years because no one cares to listen to a podcast from a washed up, former reality TV star. You still have 4 children to support, idiot!

  21. Kail must think everyone is as dense as she is. Kail cannot afford to waste $200k especially with teen mom phasing out due to poor ratings. There are multi million dollar corporations that settle nuiance cases to avoid paying ridiculous legal fees like $200k. She basically admitted this was a SLAPP lawsuit because she said. She didnt care that she lost. She just wanted to shut Briana up basically.🙄 We all know Kailyn cares because Kail hates to lose anything. She probably wanted to put hands on the judge but the judge aint one of her baby daddies that can she beat on so she is trying to pretend to be cool.

  22. I’m glad the gorilla lost! She is so hateful and spiteful she needs to pay up. I hope they fire her a$$

    1. I think Kail just said on her podcast that MTV didn’t want to pay her what she thought she was worth so after this current season, she has quit Teen Mom.

        1. Too bad she’s dragging her kids down with her when she makes her “power moves” that impact her family’s future financial security.

      1. She is such a delusional, dense bitch. She really thinks she will get her own show when MTV, the only network trashy enough to care about her “story” isn’t even willing to pay her what she had been making previously 😂.

        I feel like she thinks she is beloved like Chelsea so someone will want to give her a show, but she fails to realize that Chelsea is beautiful with a hot husband and a beautiful, happy family (or at least it appears that way). She lacks any of Chelsea’s charm, sweetness and talent. No one cares to watch Petty Betty get knocked up by a bunch of randos and complain all day

        1. @Beep Boop You have a point their. Chelsea has lotd of interesting friends and family to film with. Her dad Randy has his own social media following from his appearnces on the show. kail has no friends that she isnt currently sleeping with. No one likes her mom Boozie Suzie. Her baby daddies wont film with her. Her father had locks on his refrigerator and Kail even fell out with the 1 half sibling she did have. kail has no ine to film with except her kids and the warm body she is currently has sex with.

  23. Kail could have donated that money to various charitable organizations and soup kitchens instead of spending it on her ego and lawyers.

  24. “I’m standing up for myself, so I care less about the dollar. I care less about the amount.”

    Let’s see if she still feels that way five years from now when the TM gravy train is long over.

  25. She really should have kept that to herself. She doesn’t need us adding another horrible decision her list.

  26. $200,000 that could have went towards your children. Admittedly she isn’t poor or struggling but to blow $200,000 because your being petty is ridiculous. Kail and Bri’s children are more mature than they are.

    1. Shes an idiot who doesn’t realize quitting a $300K a season job will affect her badly.

      That $200K is a lot of money to have wasted when its not being replaced..

      Sure she claims the podcasting makes more than TM but.. Kail be lyin.

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