Briana DeJesus Demands Her ‘Teen Mom 2’ Co-Star Kail Lowry Pay Her Back For Over $120k in Legal Fees From Kail’s Defamation Lawsuit Against Her

“Show me the money!”

Briana DeJesus already got the “win” in the defamation lawsuit filed against her by her nemesis Kail Lowry, and now the Teen Mom 2 wants the cold hard cash.

One day after a judge dismissed the defamation lawsuit, ruling in favor of Briana, she took to social media to demand that Kail pay her back over $120,000 in legal and attorney fees, which Briana racked up fighting Kail’s lawsuit. 

As The Ashley previously reported, the judge not only dismissed the lawsuit but also ruled that Briana’s Anti-SLAPP Motion for Summary Judgement had been granted. (FYI:  Anti-SLAPP– stands for “Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation,” and is defined by as lawsuits “used to silence and harass critics by forcing them to spend money to defend these baseless suits.”)

“Lemme talk to that judge!”

Generally with anti-SLAPP motions in Florida, whichever party wins is entitled to recover their attorney’s fees and costs from the lawsuit loser. (However, the judge did not specifically stipulate this in his ruling on Monday, writing that “The Court reserves jurisdiction to consider the issue of entitlement to attorneys’ fees and the amount of same.”)

Briana, who indicated that she spent $120,096.87 in attorney and court fees to fight Kail’s lawsuit, provided the clickbait site, Celebuzz, with a letter from her lawyer, Marc J. Randazza, that is addressed to Kail’s legal team. The letter informs Kail and her legal team that Bri & Co. plan to file a motion to recover the attorney’s costs and fees, unless they can come to an agreement outside of court. 

Briana, overwhelmed thinking about all the plastic surgery she can get with that $120k…

“Pursuant to Florida’s anti-SLAPP statute, the court is required to award Ms. [Briana] Soto her attorney’s fees and costs,” the letter published by Celebuzz reads. “I am writing to see if we can come to an agreement on payment of fees before we proceed to filing our motion.”

The letter also discourages Kail from trying to appeal the court’s decision, stating that, should she lose again, she will have to pay Briana even more money.

“Ms. Lowry may be tempted to appeal the court’s decision; needless to say, we do not believe that such an appeal will ultimately be successful,” the letter reads. “Worse for Ms. Lowry, when she ultimately fails to overturn the Court’s decision, she will be on the hook for a much more substantial fee award, as any fees Ms. Soto incurs in connection with an appeal in this matter will be taxable against Ms. Lowry.

“If, after reviewing our billing statements, you believe that you have a reasonable right to reduce them, we will certainly give your position due respect. However, if the reduction is unreasonable, we will have no qualms about moving forward.”

“Just go ahead and write me a big fat check right now, Kail. I’ll wait…”

It does not appear that Briana has actually filed a motion to recover the fees, and Kail has yet to speak out about it. (Kail did provide a statement on Monday in regard to losing the lawsuit.) 

Briana, however, has taken a break from gloating online (and encouraging Kail to “suck my d**k”) to tweet about her plan to recover the over $120,000 in legal fees she feels Kail should pay for.

“Y’all buggin if you think I’m dropping anything lol I want every cent back plus some if that’s what it takes,” Briana wrote on Twitter. “It may have just ended for y’all but it just started for me.”

As The Ashley previously reported, Briana celebrated her win by apparently sending Kail a clown costume (complete with wig, makeup kit and a handheld mirror!) as a “parting gift” for losing the lawsuit. 

“Just trying it on for ya, Kail!”

Kail responded by posting a statement to her Instagram.

“While today’s ruling is unfortunate, I have to respect the judge’s decision,” Kail wrote. “With that being said, I stand by my truth and the information spread about me was and still is not true. I would like to thank my legal team for fighting for me and I am looking forward to life after this lawsuit so I can refocus my energy solely on my boys and my future business endeavors.” 

Stay tuned…

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram)


  1. That gorilla Kail needs to shell out a million bucks and see if that gets her Botox to move. She deserves everything she gets! She soon will be with her 4th baby daddy, how disgusting. I’m glad Bri is hitting her where it hurts the wallet.

  2. I am hoping Bri didn’t actually spend $120. But that her lawyers are now presenting billable hours to Kail in hopes of getting that much from her since she just loss the lawsuit. And completely expect to accept a lower amount after negotiations

  3. What I get from all this is that these girls are paid far too much and have lost sight of the value of money. There are so many ways $120,000 could benefit them or their children, they could spend it on education, amazing experiences, or just save it for the future.
    But no, a petty online squabble is seemingly more important. 🙄

  4. Why on earth would a lawsuit such as this cost 120k? Serious question. I don’t go around suing people but I know people who got duis which are much more serious and dished out like 10g and won.

    Seems really excess and even more ridiculous.

  5. Kail literally stirred the shit pot & if she has to pay Bri’s lawyer fees, she’ll be licking the proverbial spoon. SERVES HER RIGHT.

  6. So Kail spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to find out if Briana and Chris slept together, and she never even found out 😂. Hilarious

  7. I do think Bri has a right to collect the legal fees. More importantly, Kail having to actually atone for her bullying will make her think twice next time. Kail has never, to my knowledge, been taught what real consequences are for the pain she seeks out and inflicts on other people. Including her children.

  8. $120k in lawyers fees?!! No wonder Farrah wants to get on this gravy train (PER law).

    Shows how petty the original Petty Betty (Kail) really is. Her ego wouldn’t let her back down so now she’ll likely have to shell out the big bucks.

    You better learn from this expensive lesson, Kail! (I doubt it…)

  9. Both girls are losers in life.

    Neither has a damn thing going for them, and no, shitty podcasts do not count.

    This was the highlight of 2022 for the 2 of them. This was it.

    I really hope Kail has to cough up that money and then some.

  10. Of Kail spent $120k on her own lawyers and now has to pay $120k for Bri’s lawyer then thats close to a quarter million Kail wasted on this case. WOMP WOMP

  11. Bri won, the lawsuit was frivolous and petty, and Kail should indeed pay her lawyers fees, etc.

    However, the clown suit once again reminds us what a childish petty asshole you are Bri, and why you will be single forever.

    It’s important to learn to be a good loser, but ALSO to be a gracious winner.

    Plus you dumb bunny, clown suits and treadmills cost MONEY! Stop throwing your money at your enemy, and stop trying to screw her castoffs. You won, move on.

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