Kail Lowry Confirms She Will Not Be Part of Upcoming Combination ‘Teen Mom’ Show; Says She Wants To Do Her Own Reality Show Instead

“…that I’ve been on a ‘Teen Mom’ show as long as I have already…”

Last month, The Ashley delivered a bombshell to Teen Mom fans, revealing that the show’s higher-ups are planning to take girls from Teen Mom OG and girls from Teen Mom 2 and create a new combination show, due to the plummeting ratings of both original shows. (The new show replace both ‘Teen Mom OG’ and ‘Teen Mom 2.’)

The Ashley noted that only some of the girls will be part of the new combo show and, on Friday’s episode of her Barely Famous podcastKail Lowry confirmed that she will not be on the upcoming new show. 

The ‘Teen Mom 2’ star had hinted that she would not be continuing with the franchise, but Friday marked the first day she confirmed it and spoke about it at length.

The conversation came during an interview with blogger Perez Hilton, who was the guest on Friday’s podcast episode.

“‘Teen Mom,’ you know the ratings are really dropping for us…I feel like there does come a time where it’s run its course, and I think that goes for every reality show,” Kail said.

That makes all of us, Kail…

She then made it clear that she has no interest in doing the new show. 

“I don’t think so,” Kail said when Perez asked her is she was going to be part of the upcoming show. “Right now, the way I look at it, I just don’t want to.”

Kail confirmed that she was, indeed, asked to be on the upcoming consolidated show, though.

“They asked me, they called me and I congratulated them on being able to do that,” Kail said. 

She later admitted that she didn’t feel she was offered enough money to be on the new show was that was “part of” the reason she declined. 

“But keep throwing money at me and maybe we can talk again…”

“I understand that; if you’re used to making a certain amount per episode, you’re not going to want to take a pay cut,” Perez said. 

Kail added that another reason she said no was because she doesn’t want to be one of many girls on a single show.

“I just think I also have so much more going on; there’s 10 stories essentially,” Kail said.

The one story we actually want to know more about…

“I personally feel like I have enough going on to do my own show,” she continued. “Unless they want to offer that to me, or they want to work on something like that. I just don’t know. Why am I going to take a pay cut to do the same amount of work and also not be able to tell my story with full transparency? I want to to do that, despite what other people may say.”

(And by other people, Kail is almost certainly referring to her nemesis, Briana DeJesus, who has claimed over the last year or so that Kail doesn’t want to film about what’s actually going on in her life.)

“I’ll be on it. Which co-star do I hafta date to keep my spot?”

“I want to tell my story with the whole picture painted,” Kail said. “I don’t want parts of it to air so people can fill in their blanks. That’s how I feel. We’ll see as time goes on what that looks like but, for now, I just love podcasting. I really found something that I love to do, and I really want to focus on it and grow it.”

Kail told Perez that, between her three podcasts, she makes more money than she makes doing ‘Teen Mom 2.’

She also acknowledged that luck played a big part in her becoming famous in the first place. 

“I am lucky to have gotten that spot [on the show]. But I also think that I wouldn’t be where I am now without the hard work that I put in to further my brand.”

The Ashley have a plenty of new details about the show next week, so stay tuned!) 

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(Photos: MTV)

63 Responses

  1. I was only interested in kail because of the show but after that she is the classic bitter baby mama and teen mom shows that she has had many failed realtionships at some point she needs to sit down and ask herself if maybe she is the problem….

  2. Oh she’s got jokes! This whole thing is hilarious First of all Kail, to get your own show would imply that there is ANY interest in YOUR life, which there isn’t. You are lucky they offered you anything to be on the combined show. LOL. “I personally feel like I have enough going on to do my own show”, yeah too bad no one cares. I truly hope this is the end of Kail. Good riddance and Byeeeeeeee!

  3. Kail: I wanna be fully transparent and tell my WHOLE story.

    Also Kail: *hides multiple pregnancies* *hides s/o* *hides assaulting Chris* *hides getting arrested* (I can go on)

  4. Hooray!!! I cannot stand Kail and hope to never see her on TV again. Her own show? Never happen…if it does the ratings will be embarrassing. I have no idea why anyone would want to listen to a podcast with her either. She’s a half crazy brat!!

  5. Kail doesn’t want Chris to tell the tea. Kails crazy is really showing. All she does on the show now is put down Vee. It has to be hard sitting next to Vee then having to look in the mirror.

  6. She thinks she deserves a whole show because she wants to paint “the whole picture” however currently she refuses to tell her full story line & takes people to court when they try to, interesting.

    1. What story? Getting knocked up as a teen, then getting knocked up as an adult by multiple men. How is this a story??? She has not accomplished anything in her life worth sharing with the world.

  7. Hey lady your one of my favorite Moms on Teen Mom 2. But it wasn’t luck that got you on that show it was God and blessings there’s no such thing as luck I really do wish you would bring your children up in church and let them know the truth before the world comes to an end.

    1. My water just sprayed out my nose. I think you took a wrong turn somewhere on the internet, Renee.

  8. Kailyn Lowry you THINK you, “have so much going on,” “It’s 10 stories,” and that, “MTV should give me [you and your] my own show.”

    WHY would MTV sink so low as to give YOU your own show?

    The ONLY TOPICS you could possibly share would be:

    1.) “How To Use People”

    2.) “Backstabbing 101”

    3.) “How To Lay On Your Back For Men & Women”

    4.) “How To Be “A Taker”

    5.) “How TO Spawn A LITTER Of MANY Ethnically Diverse Kids From MANY DIFFERENT Fathers”

    These topics we can all figure out on our own, and they do nothing to improve relations between women, men or children.


    BRAVO MTV!???????


    1. Everything else may be true BUT MTV didn’t give her the boot. If you read the story then you see that she was asked to be on the new show & as of right now she is declining.

  9. Is there going to be away to see you and the boys still? I’ve been watching you grow into a wonderful young lady since you first started. I feel like you are one of my daughter’s.

  10. I remember feeling bad for her because her family sucked and she seemed alone. Now it’s no wonder no one wants to deal with her ass. She really should stop busying herself with with Dlist podcasts and decorating cookie cutter houses and work on the deeply rooted issues she has had for years.

  11. I would Love to see Kaitlyn get her own show. She see the only reason I watch Teen Mom. If she isnt on the new show,I won’t be watching it.

      1. Your always gonna have those haters !! I’ve watched from the very beginning and the only one that busted her a** ., worked , took care of her kids, went to college, and graduated.. ALL BY HERSELF, was Kail herself .

        With No help of others that’s for sure. She worked hard, I can’t say that for the rest of the crew. Kail will be fine, she will continue to make her mint , have her podcast and raise her boys, and who knows something may come her way for her own show. As far as the others idk, like Brianna if it wasn’t for Teen Mom, where would her whole family be? They can’t afford for her to stop filming, as well as the other OG girls. Kail can, she has a future ahead of her without MTV. So good luck Kail ., wish you all the best and best of luck in the journey ahead . Been wonderful watching you throughout the years.

  12. Full transparency?!? Home girl won’t even talk about anything remotely interesting. Jo is off topic, Chris is off topic, any other person she dates is off topic, Brianna is off topic. What the hell does she think we want to see from her? More wallpaper?!? She’s delusional

    1. Grace,

      GREAT point you’ve got there, on Kailyn Lowry’s “transparency” comment!

      My God, Grace, you are so right!

      What a joke on her being transparent. Ha!

      Thanks for pointing that out?????.

  13. Step out of the spotlight. Bashed in the past on her baby daddys making money because of her and her kids but she’s making money only because of her kids and can’t make legit jobs fly….. Figures she can run her own lines and shows but she herself isn’t enough to keep them going and the podcast only survives because of the other people on them…. Take some time out of the spotlight and find yourself Kail you went and did a lot of schooling, do something you love instead of trying to grasp on a dead spotlight bulb and blaming everyone else for everything wrong especially those who did nothing and have no reason to.

  14. Kail was a big part of why I stopped watching TM years ago. I could never stand her and kind of struggled through watching it because of that. Then they added Brianne and the pig factor when full-tilt overload. That’s when I stopped watching.

    1. Re ALWAYS, fast forwarded through my taped, “Teen Mom” episodes, when Kailyn Lowry (and that head of her’s that’s bigger than a blimp,) came on.

      I LOVE ALL of the other Teen Moms, though, and I’m sad they’re changing anything, (EXCEPT for, FINALLY, giving Kailyn Lowry “the axe!”)

      I CAN’T BELIEVE how HUGE her ego is. I mean, I knew it was big, but, THIS ARTICLE, and what she says about herself is BEYOND LAUGHABLE.

      “I’m ‘ALL THAT and a bag of chips’ and “I’m SOOOO GREAT and SOOOO exciting!” (AS IF, Kail! Ha!) “I make SOOOO MUCH money!” “MTV NEEDS to make a show ALL ABOUT MEEEEE!” (?ZZZzzz! Uh, NO THANK YOU, EVER EVER EVER!!!)

      ALL I can say is: Kailyn Lowry is DELUSIONAL!!!???

  15. Fun fact Kail- you aren’t as interesting or popular as you think you are.
    She is so full of herself and delusional to think she can carry a whole show- showing what? Her driving with no seatbelt, while doing IG posts?
    I can’t stand her narcissist ass. GO AWAY.

  16. Basically Kail is saying she doesnt need Teen Mom,and that they need her becauae she is bringing in the ratings??. Kail is the fake it till you make it type. Eventually their row runs out becasue their delusion turns into genuine arrogance before they even make it.

  17. Kail’s own show???! Is she for real?? What would we watch, her driving to meet jo or javi asking the kids questions about school & their sports? Her making poor Patrick the producer stand outside on her fucking porch while she berates him z8️⃣?I could go on & on. AND another stipulation would be NOPAYMENT WHILE SEASON FILMS!!! I want to see kails knocked down a peg or 20, & seem eing her even semi struggle would be so satisfying.

    1. Sorry I wrote this comment as I was dozing in and out of consciousness after I took an ambien before bed. Wish there was a way to edit. Those errors are not my norm, I’m sorry.

  18. Remember when Kail said under oath that she barely talks about her personal life on her podcasts? Was Perez Hilton interviewing her for her own show?

  19. Yeah, Kail does have a lot going on in her life, but she never wants to talk about it So her show would be just watching Issac find a new hobby, Lincoln in soccer or something.

    It would be so boring.

  20. These young girls kills me. They got a break and start making more money than they can imagine. Always want to dictate what they want people to see. She mad because her ex is on the show now. That’s the real reason. I feel they already make more money than they worth

  21. ‘I congratulated them on being able to do that.’

    Tell me you’re a pretentious fuck who thinks too highly of themselves without telling me you’re a pretentious fuck who thinks too highly of themselves.

    1. Two things:

      “I want to tell my story with the whole picture painted,” Kail said.

      Is this why SO much of this Chris stuff has been left out of her story? Or that she was with a dude that she kept secret for years?? Because she wants the whole picture painted? Come on! Does she really think everybody is that stupid?

      “But I also think that I wouldn’t be where I am now without the hard work that I put in to further my brand.”

      What brand is that exactly? Her haircare line that went out of business after she got those PPP loans? Her podcasts where her fanbase is literally the same fanebase from this show? What am I missing?

      She is delusional ?

  22. She has enough going on for her own show? What planet is she living on? We don’t want to see her buy or build and move houses or film podcasts and go to her kids sports. Her storylines are boring because she won’t film drama like Briana says. Don’t get me started on her….

  23. I love that she thinks she is interesting enough to hold her own show ?. She’s insufferable. She’s just saying she won’t do the show and makes more with podcasting because she wants to convince MTV she is worth more money. I really hope MTV tells her to “have a nice life…”

  24. i like kail and yea i’m gonna miss seeing her on tv but her story has definitely ran it’s course especially if she’s being picky on what she wants filmed and not and even then i don’t think her own reality show would hit it off but maybe a talk show?

    1. She also claimed her haircare line was raking in the ?…until it went defunct ?.After Kails colorful court testimony that was full of “her” truths we all know that Kailyn is a bonefied liar. Teen Mom is her main income source. All her pet projects revolve around her being in TM.

  25. “I don’t want to take a pay cut, so I’ll sacrifice my entire salary instead”

    Yeah, she might make a significant amount from her podcats, but she’ll still be losing the additional 300k-400k per season of TM2, which is a huge loss. Plus her “transparency” excuse is such BS because she’s literally always refusing to film or talk about certain topics

    1. My water just sprayed out my nose. I think you took a wrong turn somewhere on the internet, Renee.

  26. Is this idiot serious? Even if someone is dumb enough to give her a shot at her own show, there is no way it will be successful. Kail is a complete failure in life. Once the MTV money is gone, so is the house, the cars, and the lifestyle.

  27. I hate Kailyn. I usually hate-read TheAshley’s articles because I cannot stand this sociopathic cunt. But when I saw that she’s GIVING INTERVIEWS TO PEREZ, I’m done. No more clicking.

    Good luck girl, pretty sure nobody’s gonna tune in. There are bitches 20 yrs older on Real Housewives who are faced with this same REALITY now:

    We stopped caring about your drama.

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