‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Cheyenne Floyd Launches Weekly YouTube Cooking & Cocktail Show With Her Father Kyle Floyd

“If this takes off, maybe I could take over for Dr. Drew hosting the Reunions?”

The Floyd family is taking on the food (and drink) world. 

Teen Mom OG star Cheyenne Floyd announced this week that she and her father, Kyle Floyd, are launching a YouTube channel, Unfiltered Kitchen, focusing on cooking, cocktails and candid conversations.

“I am so excited to tell you about my newest project with one of my favorite people.. my dad!” Cheyenne announced Thursday on Instagram. “We have been working on our new YouTube channel Unfiltered Kitchen for a few months and we are finally ready to share.” 

Cheyenne called the channel a “passion project,” (which basically means it doesn’t come with a hefty MTV paycheck like her ‘Teen Mom OG’ gig).

“Each week we will make a new dish and cocktail then sit down and have a candid and unfiltered conversation,” she continued. “We will bring on guests and learn how to make their specialty dishes or favorite cocktails, too. It has been so empowering to learn new things and have conversations with my dad.” 

Kyle, letting Cheyenne know she’ll be doing most of the work for this “passion project” of theirs…

Cheyenne added that while neither she nor her dad are chefs or mixologists, they like to believe they can hold their own in the kitchen or behind the bar.  

This is certainly not the first time Cheyenne has partnered with a family member for a business project or brand. Cheyenne also promotes Nail by Ryder K, a nail polish company named after– and “started” by– her daughter. 

(While Ryder is listed as the “mini-boss” of Nails by Ryder K, it was explained on social media last year that Ryder started the company with help from her mom and grandma.) 

She and her sister, R Kyle Lynn Floyd, host the Think Loud Crew podcast (along with one of their friends).

“R U seriously gonna leave me out of this YouTube project?”


Cheyenne has yet to partner with her fiancé, Zach Davis, on any businesses ventures (other than their family YouTube channel); however, Zach announced last month that he “just established a new company” and is excited to share it with everyone soon… so time will tell if Cheyenne has a hand in that project, too.   

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(Photos: Instagram; MTV) 

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  1. Fans: Taylor apologized. Why did she get fired? It was only a little racist! And Corey is black, so how can she be racist?

    Also fans: Cheyenne said she hates white people. I know she apologized, but she was probably forced to. Yeah, I know Ryder is part white, but she’s still racist. She should be fired!

    Ya’ll have no issue when it’s racism against other races, but as soon as somebody says they don’t like white people ya’ll lose ya’lls minds! Make it make sense!

  2. When Cheyenne turned on her sister, simply because her sister wanted to be with the father of her child, that was it for me. The control, threats, and ultimatums Cheyenne and her mother blanketed on her sister were revolting. Cheyenne is also an abuser of the men she is with. Her hair-trigger temper when she does don’t get what she wants and her verbal tirades are very reminiscent of Amber Heard.

    1. Good Lord Andress, Cheyenne snapped twice. Once at Zach, yeah that was wrong but that producer JC should have kept his mouth shut instead of automatically telling Zach “hey, I just heard the baby’s heartbeat”. He started that, no doubt to cause drama to bring up ratings.

      And all that stuff with R, she didn’t even take seriously, everyone was laughing and rolling their eyes at each other as things were being said.

      Truth be told, I thought maybe R was AI (Artificially Inseminated) because a baby daddy was NEVER mentioned until one day out of the blue he gets brought and she suddenly wanted to move to DC to be with him?

      Something about that seemed fishy from the beginning. It’s like he was just pulled out of thin air. Almost like maybe another ratings stunt, because why was he never talked about before and why has he never been mentioned again?

      If I was so in love with someone that I would shack up with them and have a kid then THREE YEARS LATER want to move to be with him, I’d be talking about him ALL THE TIME. I mean seriously, people would KNOW how IN LOVE I was.

      1. And the second time she snapped was at Cory because he had a reunion thing to go to for The Challenge and it was gonna cause a conflict with Ryder’s birthday but he changed it, he came and she APOLOGIZED, GET…OVER…IT!!!

        Come to think of it she apologized to Zach too so again, GET…OVER…IT!!!!

    1. what does that have to do with anything? and where’s this same energy with taylor or even farrah or jenelle? at least cheyenne has proven she’s changed meanwhile farrah is still saying racist things unprovoked

      1. No one here supports Taylor, Farrah or Jenelle. Its the same energy.

        How has she proven that she’s changed? She hasn’t.

        1. Has she apologized…yes, has she repeated her racist mistakes…no. Same with Taylor, she’s apologized and hasn’t repeated her mistakes either so I don’t know why people turned on her, I like Taylor.

          Farrah and Jenelle haven’t apologized and they repeatedly make the same mistakes and comments. No one should support those two.

          1. Apologized bc someone made them apologize.

            It doesn’t change who she is, or how she was brought up to think and treat anyone different than her.

            She’s still a bitter hateful angry and spiteful person.

          2. How do you know what she does in private?

            Maybe she had already apologized to the people she wronged one on one and in private as opposed to publicly so EVERY Tom, Dick, Harry and sorry no-account snark ass loser would know about her life and not let her live THE PAST down?

            Expecting a public apology makes the people commenting on these sites and sites like it think they DESERVE an apology when they don’t.

            The girl didn’t wrong me so she doesn’t need to apologize publicly in my opinion.

            I think when people started ripping her for HER PAST, she should have just told then to go to he’ll where they belong.

      2. No one was even talking about Taylor Farah or Janelle. However as you’ll see, none of them are on the show any longer. And Chanel said much worse things than they did. She was permitted to stay, her comments are inexcusable.why the double standard?

        1. Who the fuck is Chanel? Are you on something? I’m being for real because you sound fucking stupid as hell!!

          Look at @MY NAME’S first comment which states: “No one here supports Taylor, Farrah or Jenelle. It’s the same energy.”

          So while no one was “talking” about them, they were MENTIONED. So next time why don’t you READ ALL THE COMMENTS before talking shit…you no account, piece of motherfuckin trash!!!

  3. these idiots that think they are stars or that anyone wants to follow them or cook anything she is pimping out

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