Feud Continues: Kail Lowry Reveals That Her Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Co-Star Jenelle Evans Refused to Go On Her Podcast

“It’s called ‘Barely Famous.’ I just thought you’d be perfect for it, Jenelle!”

Kail Lowry says she tried to extend the olive branch to her longtime nemesis (and former Teen Mom 2 co-star) Jenelle Evans, but it appears Kail’s peace gathering offering was once again shot down.

As ‘Teen Mom 2’ know, Kail and Jenelle have battled online for years, both before and after Jenelle was fired from the show in 2019. Kail’s previous attempt to end the feud went up in flames— literally— when, in 2018, Jenelle burned hair products that Kail had sent to her when she started her Pothead hair care line.

Anyway, in a new video, Kail revealed that she once again tried to make nice with Jenelle but was again shot down. Kail stated that she invited Jenelle to be a guest on her podcast.

“Jenelle denied the request to come on the podcast,” Kail told her Coffee Convos co-host Lindsie Chrisley in a video posted on TikTok. “[My rep] Alexa just told me.”

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The Ashley hears that Kail’s rep actually reached out to Jenelle to appear on Kail’s solo podcast, Barely Famous, and not Coffee Convos.

Barely Famous— which is Kail’s newest podcast— states on its website that it strives to bring “the most real, raw, and uncomfortable conversations with guests you’d never expect! With exes, friends, celebrities, TikTokers, and everyone in between… No topic is off limits.”

How Kail really feels about not having to talk to Jenelle for an hour…probably…

This is not the first time Kail has asked Jenelle to appear on one of her podcasts. In 2019, Kail invited Jenelle to be on Coffee Convos. At the time, Jenelle was living apart from her husband David Eason. The Ashley broke the news that MTV was considering filming the podcast interview for ‘Teen Mom 2.’ Jenelle initially agreed to go on Kail’s podcast—provided that Kail was willing to apologize for mistreating her in the past.

“Jenelle only agreed once MTV got involved and wanted to film it,” The Ashley’s source said at the time. “Kail told crew members that Jenelle’s manager told her she’d have to apologize to Jenelle off-air, though, before Jenelle would come on [the podcast], and Kail refused.”

Jenelle then changed her mind and declined to go on the podcast. She spoke about that experience a few years later.

“I feel like Kail uses who she wants to to gain popularity, and I wasn’t up for that,” Jenelle said in a YouTube video posted June 2021, explaining why she turned down that request.

“This podcast wasn’t about Kail wanted to reconcile with me. It was really about ratings,” Jenelle explained. “I feel like, in the past, Kail has always used me…It’s always been using people with her and I don’t know if she’ll ever change.”

“Hey Kail! My daughta may not wanna go on ya podcaster, but I’m free! Call me!”

Jenelle has yet to reveal why she turned down Kail’s latest request to appear on her podcast.

Speaking of podcasts, Jenelle attempted to get into the podcasting world herself last year. In April 2021, she announced that she would be launching The Jenelle Evans Podcast. To date, though, she has only put out three episodes, one of which featured David as the “special” guest. (That 44-minute-long auditory nightmare basically consisted of David singing and doing racist impressions and Jenelle burping and struggling to think of things to say. You can read a recap of that dumpster fire here.) 

“Um…hello! I don’t have TIME to do your podcast anyway. We have big things happening here at The Jenelle Evans Podcast! David’s learning to fart Kesha tunes for the next episode!” 

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31 Responses

    1. *more of a better story, than Kailyn Lowry’s story. Jenelle “hit the nail on the head,” when she said, “Kailyn Lowry is a USER.” THAT is, EXACTLY, what Kailyn Lowry is. She’s been that way from the beginning of the show, and she continues, through to the present time. It’s her M.O. (modus operandi, or “how she operates.”) She’s nasty, mean, has NO redeeming qualities, as a person. (Isaac keeps TRYING TO get through to her, but, she’s NOT the brightest bulb, in the pack, and is oblivious!) Kailyn Lowry is my LEAST FAVORITE cast member OF ALL. These girls are supposed to be teaching young girls lessons. Kailyn Lowry teaches NOTHING, except, how to be a manipulative, mean, back-stabbing, TAKER.

  1. Actually agree with Janelle kail only reaches out to promote her crap she trying to sell or ratings for podcast. There both garbage.

  2. I’d like to treat David like a punching bag!

    That gorilla Kail has heat with Jeanelle and Bri! Whose next?

  3. Life is way better when you’re barely famous. Not as much pressure to be perfect. Wealth and fame has consequences…money is great but there’s always strings attached to that type of wealth, popularity and career. I wouldn’t have any part of it either, Good choice Janelle!! Too much input from strangers who don’t know you, too much opinions and judgment. Assumptions, backstabbing and drama. Living at home with your kids out of the spotlight to be more present and there for family is better than being famous. I wouldn’t want it.

  4. Meanwhile, Juhnelle and Uncle Bad Touch keep instigating arguments on Tiktok with the LBGTQ community…

    1. Yeah, he sure is one backwards, redneck, from Hell. IF ONLY he had kept his mouth shut! Instead, he has to show the World how backwoods, clueless, sheltered, and “messed up in the membrane,” he is. It makes me feel SO SORRY for those kids, they’re raising. (People like THAT, IMO, don’t belong in the gene pool.) Jenelle knows better, too. SHE WAS NEVER LIKE THAT, (BEFORE she met David Easton.) She was, ALWAYS, open-minded, and tolerant. I feel like she’s SUPER embarrassed, by the garbage that comes out of his mouth, but, doesn’t want to make him mad, by calling him out on his BS. She (Jenelle) recognizes he’s out of his MIND. I think she’s afraid of him, (when he gets mad.) He’s, probably, abusive, and violent.

  5. Janelle has nothing going for her and that’s how David likes it Kail don’t need guess she has many different people on her podcast she is trying to help Janelle and she is too dumb to know and she has the dog killer in her ear he is afraid Janelle might get some independents

    1. I disagree, totally. Kailyn Lowry doesn’t “help” anybody, (unless there is “something in it,”FOR HER.”) She is the one with NOTHING “going on,” in her life, (except spawning. Ew! Nasty !)


    1. Hi DookyFruit!

      You think Kailyn Lowry is pretty?!

      I was just wondering:

      Are you CRAZY?!?

      Are we watching the SAME SHOW?

      Kailyn Lowry looks like, “Miss Piggy,”? from “The Muppets.” Ew! That girl is just SOOOO GROSS?.


      Worse than that, she’s fugly and disgusting, ON THE INSIDE, AS WELL.

      The girl is BEYOND MEAN AF.

      They don’t come much uglier, than Kailyn Lowry. Ugh, she makes me want to vomit, (just THINKING about her?.)

      She is just like her Mother…a useless, waste of oxygen.

      I, SERIOUSLY, doubt Kailyn Lowry has EVER said ANYTHING NICE about anyone, (except, maybe, herself, in the mirror.)

      She’s FUGLY, inside AND out, and because of this, she is MY LEAST FAVORITE cast member, OF ANY of the “Teen Mom” franchise shows.

      I hate to tell you, Hon, but, you need your eyes checked. Look into an Optometrist, ASAP!

    1. Otar Beep Boop,

      You’ve got THAT right! You couldn’t PAY ME to listen to her crap!

      I’m SURE, ALL Kailyn Lowry does is bad mouth people, be mean and put down others…

      WHY WOULD ANYONE WASTE THEIR TIME? Definitely, not I! Like I said, You couldn’t PAY ME, to listen to her.

      People (IF anybody DOES LISTEN to the Podcast) must “get off” on Kailyn’s mean, backstabbing BS, and negativity. PERSONALLY, I don’t “get it.” Maybe, the name changed from “Coffee Convos,” to “Barely Famous,” because, no one was watching, and she was losing money, by paying her girlfriend to co-host? Or, better yet, she’s STARTING TO realize, people are seeing her for the piece of shit she is! Who knows? Who cares? Again, not I!

  6. Kail, leave Jenelle alone. I can’t stand Jenelle, but I don’t think she can be any clearer in regards to how she feels about Kail, and how wants absolutely nothing to do with her.

  7. Jenelle is too busy trying to get attention by going to the hospital (and doctor shopping/drug seeking) for her constant vague, made-up symptoms. She’s SO sick, but somehow gathers the strength to update everyone on social media. If she isn’t a prime example of Münchausen syndrome, I don’t know who is.

    1. Dear CB,

      My handicap is invisible, so no one can see it, either.

      YOU had better be VERY careful, you don’t have to learn this THE HARD WAY. It’s NO FUN, believe me.

      Handicapped people, also, have good days, and VERY bad ones.

      YOU shouldn’t judge someone’s illness, YOU have no idea about, calling them a “drug-seeker,” etc.

      IF YOU WERE HAPPY, you might be happy someone else, in horrible pain, has one “good day.”

      The ALMIGHTY may just decide to change YOUR LIFE, forever, in a second flat. Then, ignorant people can judge YOU.

      Karma’s a Bitch!

  8. Not that I’ve ever wanted to be on the same side as Jenelle on anything, but funny how all of Kail’s “peace offerings” involved Jenelle’s pimping one of Kail’s products.

    At least Briana didn’t send a send Kaul a treadmill from a line she was being paid to promote.

    Kail’s seriously gonna complain that she was gonna “let” someone be on one of her eleventy podcasts but they had the audacity not to accept her generous offer of their providing free labor and promotion for her?

    I think Jail has confused “olive branch” for “that cordage from which someone can weave me a crown. Oh, olive branches are from the trees that grow grapes for someone to feed me, right?”

  9. Kail, on the whole, is more famous than Jenelle ever was or could be. Using her??? No. Kail is going to continue to do her podcasts whether Jenelle wants to accept an Olive branch or not.

    If anything Jenelle might gain a follower on Kail’s behalf. I’ll give you the reason Jenelle turned it down though. She can’t walk away and storm off stage and call Kail fat (while she’s just as big anymore) or bring UBT along. She would have to deal with confrontation and not blame her own mother, that’s not Jenelle. Everyone else is always to blame. There’s no accountability with Jenelle.

    1. I believe Kail has tried many times to reach out and help Janelle she even flew there and bonded her out of jail I believe she truly feels sad for Janelle David is the reason for her not excepting any offers he knows Kail will help Janelle and he cant control her I believe now more than ever Kail know how abuse is Janelle should have took the many offers it may not be there one day

  10. These two bitches are indistinguishable to me. They’re both disgusting human beings. I wouldn’t spit on either of them if they were on fire.

  11. No doubt Kail wants this for the benefit of her ratings but Jenelle is also afraid of being called out like she was with Nessa. Jenelle can’t think fast enough for stuff like that.

  12. I don’t think they really have guests on Kails other podcasts (I don’t listen to them so can’t say for sure). Maybe it would have been seen as a better gesture if someone like Vee would have been there interviewing as well. I guess a non-involved and level headed party in the kail and jenelle drama.

    I understand this is Jenelle and Kail we are discussing though…both have more issues than Vogue and are both petty af either lack of proper traditional family support growing up. Jenelle has had substance abuse issues for awhile too.

  13. Well Jenelle isn’t wrong about Kail using her, this is purely to get people to listen to her newest podcast.

    But I get the feeling Jenelle isn’t really good with podcasts. She’d demand David be there, she doesn’t really do much in her life but probably be under the influence of something, etc.

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