EXCLUSIVE! Jenelle Evans Claims ‘Teen Mom 2’ Producers Were Considering Bringing Her Back & Booting Jade Cline From the Show: Here’s the Truth

“I’m not going anywhere, lady!”

During a recent podcast interview, Jenelle Evans made some pretty outrageous-sounding claims, stating that her former Teen Mom 2 producers requested footage from her earlier this year and that they were contemplating kicking new girl Jade Cline off ‘Teen Mom 2’ in order to re-insert Jenelle.

The Ashley went to her behind-the-scenes sources to find out if there was any truth to what Jenelle said on the podcast. As promised earlier this week in her story about the podcast interview, The Ashley will now go into more detail about this part of Jenelle’s statements.

According to at least two different production sources, Jenelle was contacted by those associated with production of the show. (Whether or not she was asked to send cell phone footage of her life in Tennessee with the kids and without husband David Eason is unclear.)

However, both sources dispute Jenelle’s claim that Jade was going to be booted from the show in order for them to reinstate Jenelle.

What the world is missing out on…

“That’s completely ridiculous,” one source said. “Now, maybe that’s what [the producers] were telling Jenelle but that was never going to happen. Jade’s story is so dramatic and interesting, and they had already been shooting Jade’s footage for the season. There is no way they would waste budget money to send a crew and film Jade for the new season if there was any chance they would not be using her in the new season. None.”

“There has never been any talk about bumping Jade from the show,” another production source confirmed to The Ashley. 

“When [the producers] were talking to Jenelle when she was living alone in Nashville without David, they were not convinced that it was legit,” the source added. “That’s why I believe the cellphone footage story is true, as they weren’t spending the money to send a crew down to film and risk running into David.” (The source wanted The Ashley to make it clear that he/she was not able to confirm this 100 percent, though.) 

“One more for the camera, kid! And this time make it believable!”

Interestingly, though, both sources tell The Ashley that Jenelle was being considered to be filmed for Season 10— but not as a main subject of the show. Instead, both said that Jenelle was being considered to be used as part of her nemesis Kail Lowry‘s segment!

No, seriously…

“They got the idea when all of the domestic violence stuff was circulating about Chris [Lopez],” one source told The Ashley. “They had the idea that Kail could possibly call Jenelle and then visit her to squash their beef and talk about their experiences.” 

“I’ll meet up wif ya, Kail and squash the beef. ‘Member that time I threatened to kill ya? Call me!”

Last year, Kail had asked Jenelle to appear on her Coffee Convos podcast, but Jenelle had declined (via her manager/agent/person). 

“MTV was planning to fly Kail to Tennessee, where Jenelle was living [before going home to North Carolina to be with David],” one behind-the-scenes source told The Ashley. “Kail was not going alone, though; [MTV] was flying with her to film it, but she had agreed to do it.” 

From the source’s point-of-view, though, neither girl was actually interested in burying the hatchet.

“Jenelle only agreed once MTV got involved and wanted to film it,” the source said. “Kail told crew members that Jenelle’s manager told her she’d have to apologize to Jenelle off-air, though, before Jenelle would come on [the podcast], and Kail refused.”

“Sorry, MTV, but this ain’t happenin’!”

One production source tells The Ashley that soon after the idea was formed, photos surfaced online of Jenelle and David together and basically killed any chance of that segment happening, as Kail and the ‘Teen Mom 2’ crew want nothing to do with David. 

As The Ashley has reported, Jenelle and David are now back together and living with their litter ‘o’ kids on The Land in North Carolina. Jenelle’s Viacom contract (which barred her from working with or appearing on a competing network for one year) expired earlier this month.

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  1. TEEN TRAMP is more like it. Show real teenagers struggling to make a life and you won’t get young kids trying to have babies to be on tv.
    My second comment in 8 years but this is an important topic of teen pregnancy.

  2. Why is it when people are critical of losers some winner like yourself always has to say they’re “jealous”. Speaking for women I know, no one is jealous of the teen moms. What they gain in money can’t make up for what they’ve lost. I stopped watching this disgusting program years ago, when Kail was on her 4th pregnancy out of 7. Who the eff would be jealous of that? Or of Jenelles life where she has to sleep with one eye open? I hate to think what background you come from if you think there’s ANYTHING to be jealous of. Wait, a little envious of Chelsea and Coles love story and boring life. I’ll take my own life, paid for by me, with family I love and they love me over any of that shit show. I can keep up with all their stupidity through sites like this.

  3. The Ashley, sorry a certain someone is trying to belittle you because they can’t ever be as big or popular as you. Or have good sources. Thank you for your hard work!

  4. She said “I feel chewed up and spit out with Hollywood life” in the previous post…

    Hollywood life??

    Sure Jan 🤣

  5. And once again Jenelle cut off her nose to spite her face. She had an opportunity to possibly get her job back but her delusions got in the way….talkin bout Kail had to apologize to her off camera for her to film. Last I checked, Kail still has a job, so she doesn’t owe Jenelle anything lol.

    There is no way TM2 is getting rid of Jade. Her storyline has a mix of at least 3 cast members storylines from each franchise….Jades storyline consists of a little April and Butch from TMOG with her crazy parents, Matt from TM3 the drugged out baby daddy, a little bit of old school train wreck Chelsea from TM2 with the wanting to make the family work/beauty school, sprinkled (for now) with the financial hardships of the 16 and pregnant girls. MTVs not about to let that go for entitled Jenelle who hadn’t finalized her divorce from David.

  6. You nice ladies don’t seem to understand. The Teen Moms don’t need to get “real jobs”. MTV gives them a huge salary. The do have jobs and that is to show their private lives to the World. I don’t think it’s as easy as you folks think doing what they do.

    1. Well Jenelle is basically broke now and Farrah is selling her ass in Dubai, so how is that not needing to get “real jobs” thing working out for them. Also Amber is a lunatic who wallows in self pity every day of her life because she is a “public figure” and her thuggish behavior is broadcast all over the web. If she just had a “regular job” and wasn’t paid a huge salary for doing nothing, she’d just be another trashy, asshole abuser and no one would pay her any mind.

    2. No, they don’t need to get “real jobs”… yet. When this show goes away (and it will), they’ll fade into obscurity with ZERO marketable job skills because they squandered all of the “hard earned” money on houses (that they’ll lose without TM money) and so many pointless vacations. Granted, some of them DID put the money to use; some got an education and are actually *trying* to something with themselves outside of this show, most of them are 100% relying on this show to carry them forever.

      Perfect example is Jenelle! She lost her TM job, and she is STRUGGLING because her worthless dog murdering husband refuses to work, and she’s just as worthless as he is!! Farrah is out there selling her literal ass, potentially even prostituting herself, and is depriving her daughter of a normal childhood… but that’s fine, because MTV paid her sooooo much money, right?

      It doesn’t matter how hard or easy it is to act like an asshole on TV. You’re a little dense.

    3. Really? Airing all your stupidity and dirty laundry for all to see is “hard work”? Give yourself a shake. 90% of these morons would die doing a legitimate hard days work, paying their own bills and raising a family. Get over yourself.

  7. I really don’t get Janelle. I had high hopes for her that she truly left her(allegedly) abusive ,murderous,husband.However, I wasn’t completely convinced but wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt. She really has lost touch with reality . She obviously doesn’t have any respect for herself not does she think she deserves better. I wish she would “wake the hell up”

    1. I wish she would stop screwing up those kids lives and putting them in danger! I don’t give a damn what she does to herself, she’s an adult and can make her own choices. Those poor kids have no one to make sure they’re safe and looked after. Shame on anyone who thinks they belong there with those 2 morons. Jace got lucky, I wish Barb would take Kaiser too.

  8. The only fool willing to risk dealing with a domestic battering, dog murdering, child abusing, professed gun nut like David – is Jenelle. Once everyone else manages to rid themselves of this unhinged lunatic they seek to STAY rid of him, MTV included.

    Please do yourself a favor and move out of Delusion-ville, Jenelle. As you’re beginning to see, it’s a very sad and lonely place.


  9. Looks like Jelly has finally moved into Hulks weight class so the stage is set for a heavy weight battle.

    stay lit you hungry bitches

  10. Jenelle is always like “MTV wants me back, Nathan wants me back…” She is living in a delusion that somehow everyone wants her back because she’s so “memorable” and “interesting.” Must have been all that years of drugs that made her brain mush.

    You know who is only missed there?! BABS. No one else, trust me, Jenelle, no one wants to see you and lurch anymore!

    1. Also I can’t see how adding new drama to Kail (while she has problems with her litter of kids and baby daddies anyway) would have been fitting. Like…can’t they think of anything better than trying to stir up more drama?

      1. Kail, needs something interesting in her life. She’s a shit mother, shit friend and shit lover apparently. She can stay home and eat til she explodes after her 7th pregnancy or fight with Jenelle. I’ll pass on both. She’s just a shitty human being who needs in patient mental health treatment. Hey, maybe her and Jenelle could go together!

    1. They wouldn’t have a sponsor left if they ever took her back. Abused women and animal rights lovers like myself would never watch MTV again either. A lose lose situation no business would take on.

  11. The takeaway from this story is that Mtv ultimately was willing to continue paying for Jenelle and Lurch’s deviant, anti-Christ lifestyle. Whether they kicked Jade off or not, they were ok with putting more money into Jenelle’s bank account despite the lies under oath, the multiple 911 calls, the child abuse, animal abuse, criminal activity, bigoted language and likely substance abuse. Much like the false narrative that the premise of the show is to prevent teen pregnancy, so is the lie that the network disproves of hers and Lurch’s behavior, a cash cow is a cash cow to them, it’s only when sponsors start puling out that they all of the sudden “care”.

    1. BINGO!!
      I couldn’t have said it better myself. I’m sick of seeing all these people support Jenelle and saying it’s allll David too. Jenelle was a POS BEFORE UBT, she’s just met her match with him. She has always been a #NonMom & an all-round a**hole. All I’ve EVER cared about are those kids & poor innocent animals.
      As far as JE & UBT are concerned, they deserve each other & I hope they both rot in Hell. Oh, and that goes for MTV & their disgusting enabling BS too.

      1. Yes yes yes Jenelle was a POS before David and I honestly think David off of drugs may have been good for her, til the meth took over them. I think everyone thinks David corrupted Jenelle but I think Jenelle corrupted David.. I mean they are both scum but Jenelle is definitely not innocent in All of this.

    2. You and I share a lot of opinions and common sense! Thank you for typing most of what I was thinking. I’m sick in bed and can’t type much. #covidsucks

  12. JE is so incredibly clueless that she made demands without having anything to offer!
    Shoot. She should have been BEGGING them to get on tv in any way regardless of what she had to do (note: beg to get paid). JE has nothing to offer in any way yet she somehow still thinks she is in demand?!? How?!?
    More proof this POS is entirely clueless.
    Of course Kail isn’t going to compromise her ego! She has nothing to gain by including JE!
    We knew JE was dumb, this is beyond imaginable.

    Guess her new “project” that she can now “promote” (but won’t bc it doesn’t exist beyond an I
    idiotic idea, like the rest) Is going to be massive enough to make TM2 irrelevant.

    Bye JE!
    You’re done!
    You’re not wanted on any TV screen ever!
    (TM articles used to get hundreds of comments… this is #7…😂 I just read because The Ashley is hilarious and on point!)

    [Also super thankful MTV didn’t do this and stoke her ego more…shocked they even considered it actually. Somewhat makes sense why JE thought she was going to be making more $, in a JE thought process anyway]

  13. Random thought, but I wonder if in a few years when Jace is old enough to have an instagram, do you think he’ll go on live and spill all of Jenelle’s secrets? 🤔 Cause that would be amazing

    1. Hopefully that will be sooner rather than later as I saw he had a TikTok account recently (I think he’s deleted it now though) – featuring a cameo from Babs hahaha

      1. I feel like Jace lowkey can’t her like the rest of us. Like does he even think of her as his mother? Or like a fucked up older sister that just happened to give birth to him? I would just love to know what he truly thinks of her…

    2. We already know!
      Don’t forget that amazing snippet of subtitled excellence “out of the mouths of babes” –
      “Mommy and David are pieces of shit” – Jace
      I can’t WAIT for any of the kids to release “tell-all’s” but, Jace is definitely up there as number one! 😁

    3. I will just be grateful if all these kids grow up with any semblance of what a real parent is. Jace is the lucky one. Say what you want about Barb, she took on devils damaged little boy and is doing an amazing job of raising him. It’s not easy as a grandma to suddenly have to raise another child. If only she could take the other 2 or at least Kaiser. He’s the one I worry about the most. David’s hatred for him is all over his face.

  14. Jenelle needs to get a real job already. Does her husband ever work? When she left David that was all for show. She is too tirsty for fame. She is irrelevant. No one wants her and her family back on the show.

  15. I believe most of you ladies are jealous of the teen moms. You ladies are always whining and crying about how much money they make and how easy their lives are. But you continue to watch every week and comment here. I don’t think their lives are as easy as you think. MTV is not canceling the show because, although declining, still gets the ratings.

    1. Actually, I don’t watch. I used to, but I got busy. Now I just I refuse to waste my viewer rating point on this show. I catch up here. Why are you even here?

      Also, noooooobody is jealous of these hot garbage train wrecks, believe me! Hope you didn’t pull anything with that reach! With the exception of like, Chelsea, and maybe Maci, these girls aren’t doing all that great. They’re teens that got ‘famous’ for getting knocked up, got paid, and now they’re airing their emotionally stunted bs for everyone to see. The point of the show isn’t to be “jealous”, you nimrod… and anyone who could be jealous is an idiot.

      You know, the only people delusional enough to call “hatters” jealous, are the ones that are unfortunate enough to be (or close to someone) on the show.

      1. Thank you for common sense. I’m sick in bed and have bursts of comments. So good to see others like you with brains! #covidsucks

    2. Why is it when people are critical of losers some winner like yourself always has to say they’re “jealous”. Speaking for women I know, no one is jealous of the teen moms. What they gain in money can’t make up for what they’ve lost. I stopped watching this disgusting program years ago, when Kail was on her 4th pregnancy out of 7. Who the eff would be jealous of that? Or of Jenelles life where she has to sleep with one eye open? I hate to think what background you come from if you think there’s ANYTHING to be jealous of. Wait, a little envious of Chelsea and Coles love story and boring life. I’ll take my own life, paid for by me, with family I love and they love me over any of that shit show. I can keep up with all their stupidity through sites like this.

  16. So over the whole franchise. Most of these douchebags are making millions sitting not their ass and building or buying homes etc to make a story line. Their exaggerated story lines last season was cringe enough along with pushing their over priced items to sell. Where’s the struggle with these adult moms!

  17. I’m so over TM and MTV at this point. The fact they’re even considering on giving her 10 minutes of airtime is disgustingly irresponsible. A network of fucking enablers.

  18. So, is MTV planning on creating a spinoff show called Teen Mom: DV? Because they sure as heck seem to love profiting off of the multiple domestic violence situations that have happened around innocent children over the years.

    Please spare us the entitlement and limit these girls (and their overly inflated egos/salaries) to 1 or 2 special catch up episodes a year.

    1. I just cannot believe how royally JE fucked herself over. All for an abusive piece of shit. All they had to do was play nice for the camera but the piece of shit David’s ego couldn’t cope with his missus earning money and being the breadwinner. I would be sickened to lose out on that ££££€€€€.

  19. This whole franchise is pure trash! Most of these douchebags are making millions sitting on their lazy ass bitching. Cancel the show already – we don’t care!!

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