Mama June Shannon’s Sister Doe Doe Gets Full Mouth Makeover: See Her New $60,000 Teeth!

“It’s time for ME– and my teeth– to shine now! Move over, June!”

Yet another family member of Mama June‘s is flashing a new set of chompers!

Doe Doe Shannon— the sister of Mama June who’s currently starring on Mama June: Family Crisis— recently showed off her brand new teeth and mouth makeover, courtesy of Dr. Aamir Wahab of Hollywood’s Unforgettable Smile.

As fans of Mama June’s shows will remember, Doe Doe’s teeth were something out of a horror movie before the makeover, with some of her teeth decaying, while others were chipped and snaggled. In recent photos (and on the latest ‘Mama June: Family Crisis’ episodes), Doe Doe can be seen flashing her fabulous new Hollywood fangs.

Bringing Doe Doe’s mouth from ‘Not’ to ‘Hot’ (excuse the pun) was certainly no easy— or cheap– task. According to The Blast, Doe Doe’s mouth makeover cost over $60,000! Dr. Wahab was tasked with deep cleaning Doe Doe’s chompers, as well as removing the decay, performing root canals and placing 12 crowns on the top and bottom rows of teeth. 

Based on Doe Doe’s Instagram photos, it appears she received her new chompers last fall. In photos from the Summer of 2019 and earlier, Doe Doe rarely showed her teeth when smiling, but in photos taken after, is seen proudly flashing her bright white grin.

Doe Doe isn’t the only member of the Shannon clan to undergo an extensive dental makeover by Dr. Wahab. Her nieces, Anna Cardwell and Jessica Shannon, each got cosmetic dental work done by the good Doc, with Anna receiving 16 veneers and Jessica getting eight. (They also got a heap of other plastic surgeries as part of their makeovers.)

Several years ago, Mama June also underwent a dental makeover but, as evident in footage from ‘Mama June: Family Crisis,’ her teeth are once again in need of some help. 

“Hey Doc, you got time for one more mouth fix-up?”

Anyway, Doe Doe thanked Dr. Wahab for her life-changing makeover.

“My smile has literally changed my life, I absolutely love to smile now and I owe it all to @draamirwahab of,” she wrote on Instagram last month.

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(Photos: Instagram, WEtv)

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  1. Does anyone and that family ever wash or comb their hair and no wonder they’re getting dental work at 17 and 20 Sugar Bear over there looking like a snake with them fangs. And Jennifer Can work better when one leg then sugar bear can with 2. When that doctor was shooting sugar bear’s weiner up he said “dam that lil sucka numb!”

  2. I got an idea For a new show called honey boo boo ghost to fat camp and pumpkin can join her unless my 600 pound life wants to go ahead and get her. And jenuffuh need to hop on down to IHOP and see if dey can dew a lil ting wit chu.

  3. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    I’m happy for Doe Doe because she has a healthier mouth. But honestly,her teeth are way too bright and not natural looking. Unbelievable the cost was $60,000.

  4. As someone in the dental field, all of their makeovers look ridiculous. They look like chiclets….and their gums look super unhealthy. Also, guarantee that within 5-10 years their teeth will be decaying and loose because they didn’t take care of them to begin with. You have to be even more diligent with taking care of them with that kind of dental work. Waste of 60k.

    1. I love the medical perspective! I work in retina (opthalmogy) and the episodes that Chronicle June’s eye issues always frustrate me. This family is a mess in so many ways from multiple medical standpoints

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