Jenelle Evans (Finally) Confirms She’s Back with David Eason & Explains Why She Moved Back to The Land: Get A Complete Breakdown of Her Recent Q&A Video

Jenelle, delivering another pile of nonsense, via YouTube video.

Former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans has plenty of free time these days (given that she doesn’t have a job), which allows her to make terrifying Tik Tok videos, as well as hop on YouTube from time to time to answer hard-hitting questions from her fans and/or haters.

In a new YouTube video, Jenelle discusses why she decided to give her marriage to David Eason another try (despite her making abuse claims against him), and why she’s living on The Land again instead of in Tennessee. She even started singing that familiar ditty that ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans have heard for years about regaining custody of her oldest son Jace!

Luckily, for those who haven’t quite reached the level of cabin fever to resort to watching videos on Jenelle’s YouTube channel, we’ve once again taken one for the team and put together some of the high (HIGH! HIGH!) points of Jenelle’s video. 

On how she’s “surviving the quarantine”:

Jenelle kicked off her video (literally, less than a minute in) with frequent use of the word “we,” suggesting her “quarantine” was happening alongside the human virus himself, her estranged husband, David Eason.

“Ain’t no virus gettin’ in here! Even the germs know to stay away from these parts!” 

“Right now, of course, we are staying home with the kids and we are not trying to go out, not trying to be around any other people and we’re social distancing … .” 

So…. business as usual? 

Later in the video, Jenelle confirmed that she and David have, in fact, reconciled.

“Yes,” Jenelle when asked the question if she was back with David. 

“Me and him are deciding to work things out right now,” Jenelle said. “We’re takin’ it slowly.”

“Don’t expect any 911 calls from us…at least for a while…”

On why she decided to move back to North Carolina: 

Jenelle’s confirmation that she and David are back together pretty much explains why she decided to move back to North Carolina; however, she said the move was actually motivated by money…just as The Ashley told you nearly a month ago.

“I cannot afford rent and a mortgage,” she said. “I have to choose one or the other and I have a house here that I own. I don’t own the apartment in Tennessee, so I decided to move back.” 

She claims that she can’t pay the $1,700 a month in rent for the Tennessee apartment and $1,000 mortgage for her home on The Land. (Again, that pesky “no job” thing is coming into play…)

“Now, I’ve been here [on The Land] for two months,” she said. “There’s no point in going back to Tennessee, unless something changes like selling this house. As of right now, I’m not planning on selling this house.”

“Would you want to give up this lil slice of heaven?!”

Jenelle added that on The Land, all of the kids are able to have their own space and lots of animals. (Umm… no comment on that last one…)

“We decided to come back here and things are going pretty smooth,” Jenelle said.

On whether or not David made any changes to convince her to get back together with him:

“A lot of things have changed,” Jenelle said. “Me and him have decided to just try to remain positive, no matter what, and if we have an issue, we really need to talk it out.”

Yeah, David definitely strikes us as a “talk it out” kind of guy…

Later in the video, Jenelle admitted that while she was living in Tennessee, she was the one who reached out to David.

“I’m not gonna lie; I contacted David first,” Jenelle said. “And I told him, I said, ‘I’m sorry’ and he contacted me back and said, ‘For what?’ And I said, ‘I think we just ended things abruptly and I think we need to try to work things out for our family and our marriage’ and he said OK.

“Once we started talking again, he did come visit two or three times before I moved back to North Carolina,” she said. “When he did come visit, I told him, ‘Things have got to change. We cannot be so unhappy. We have to start communicating with each other about our problems. And we have to sort it out; we can’t let the same thing keep happening, or the same topic for an argument keep occurring.”

Later, she revealed how she “got past” all the stuff David had done.

“I think things got so bad in our relationship that I was so unhappy that I felt like I needed to come out of it, and the only way to come out of it was if I were to distant myself. So I distant myself for a little bit.”

(And, no…that is not a typo. Jenelle literally said she was needed to “distant” herself.) 

Jenelle said she soon realized she couldn’t resist the sweet tickle of David’s beard hair on her chin.

“I realized that’s not what I wanted, that I needed to work out my marriage.”

Jenelle— who already has one divorce under her 28-year-old belt from when she married Courtland Rogers— said the idea of being twice-divorced scared her.

“I didn’t want another failed marriage,” she said. “I just wanted the kids to be happy.”

On claims that David has been abusive in the past:

Back in November, after splitting from David, Jenelle filed for and received a restraining order, barring David from coming around her or the kids. In the court docs she filed, Jenelle claimed that she and the kids had been subjected to abuse by David. After they reconciled, though, Jenelle began to deny any abuse had ever happened.

She addressed the topic during this YouTube video. 

AND…we’re back to this…

“I want to tell you guys that David has never abused the children. He’s never abused me,” Jenelle added. “I’ve always had disagreements and those would turn into big arguments and this is the reason why I decided to go back home and work out my relationship because ultimately, it’s for my family.”

Later, Jenelle talks about how “blessed” she is.

“I’m feelin’ pretty blessed,” she said. “You know, when I was gone, I wanted to come back home, and I did. And I’m happy I did.”

On how her relationship with David has impacted her income: 

Despite David being a controversial individual to associate with (to say the least), Jenelle denied that being back with him has cost her any sponsorships. 

“No, that’s not true,” she said. “I know everyone has heard lately that I’ve been losing sponsorships. No, I haven’t been losing them, I’ve been kindly taking down my post because they just asked me to. Did I have to? No. Was I fired? No.” 

“Technically, it was my choice, dude…”

In reality, Jenelle has lost numerous sponsorship deals, due to her haters contacting the companies that are working with her.

On her co-parenting relationship with Nathan:

Jenelle may be convinced that Nathan Griffith wants to wrap his no-sleeved arms around her and live happily ever after, but all of that delusion aside, she maintains that the two of them are able to somewhat function as co-parents. 

“It’s fine, I mean he hasn’t really seen Kaiser much since we moved back to North Carolina because he’s in Florida and his mom is in Tennessee so Kaiser just FaceTimes with Nathan as of right now….Nathan lives in Florida as well, so that’s on him.”

On her ongoing quest to gain custody of Jace:

Unsurprisingly, Jenelle touched on the usual topic of when (or if) she plans to regain custody of her son Jace from her mom, Barbara. As per usual, she said she has a plan in action. 

“Well Juh-nelle, I see ya lyin’ about ya kid again.”

“Right now Jace lives with my mom — of course, everyone knows that — I am slowly trying to convince her once again to just let Jace live with me so I don’t have to take her to court,” she said. “It costs a lot of money, everyone has to testify on the stand when you go to custody court and that’s not fun and I don’t want to throw dirt back and forth between  both of us and I would just like to settle. Settle it civilly.” 

On her relationship with Barbara: 

Jenelle said she and her mom were “doing pretty good” — so much in fact, that she even gives Barb a call while filming her Q&A. Unfortunately, Barb screens her calls doesn’t pick up and we miss out on what were sure to be some solid sound bites.

“If this is my bitch of a daughta, leave a message and I’ll call ya back!” 

On MTV’s decision to keep Amber Portwood on Teen Mom despite her July arrest:

Jenelle has made it no secret that she’s upset she was fired from ‘Teen Mom’ and her nemesis Amber was not.

“This has a been a question that everyone has asked me for a while and honestly, it bothers me,” Jenelle said. “I mean, I think that it’s very unfair and I didn’t really do anything wrong, so we’ll leave it at that.” 

“I’ll write a letter to MTV and tell them it’s no fair dude!”

On her non-existent future with ‘Teen Mom 2’: 

During her Q&A, Jenelle again told her “fans” that she has no offer plan to return to ‘Teen Mom 2.’ 

“No, I’m not going back to ‘Teen Mom’ but I am still gonna do YouTube no matter what I do,” she said. “I do have a project coming up, we don’t know whether it’s gonna be on TV or YouTube, we’ll see. But I’ll keep you guys updated.” 

When you know your disaster of a project is heading straight to YouTube…

Jenelle said later in the video that she plans to announce this “awesome” project as soon as her contract with MTV expires on March 27

Other things Jenelle addressed during her Q&A: 

– She’s not pregnant

– She wants to bring cows to The Land

– She’s definitely back in North Carolina permanently 

– She finds it difficult to be single (WHAT?!)

– She thinks the C0ronavirus is “just like the flu, maybe a little less…”

– She feels she’s smart for buying The Land, because she has no neighbors coughing on her currently. (No, seriously…she said that.) 

You can watch Jenelle’s full of nonsense Q&A below! 

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(Photos: YouTube; Instagram; MTV)


  1. “I’m hoping my mom will just give him back so we don’t have to go to court again.”

    Because she knows the court would NEVER give him back.

  2. Jesus, God, Leah! The photo of Lurch dressed up as Davy Crockett made me want to laugh and cry at the same time. He is seriously one creepy dude.

    News flash, Jenelle: the kids (especially Kaiser) were much happier in Tennessee. Also, you have a better chance of becoming a paid spokesperson for the ASPCA or PETA than you do getting Jace back.

  3. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Who Cares!!!!!! LOSER!!!!

  4. First of all, she looks drunk or high AF. Second, WHY did Nathan move to FL? Why be so far away from Kaiser, especially knowing his situation?

    1. @Ashley– Doris moved to TN before Jenelle did! She was living there and actually let Jenelle and the kids stay with her when she first left David! -The Ashley

  5. I HATE THIS WOMAN!!! Has the dog murderer killed the new dog? Since the state refuses to take it away from them.

  6. “I just wanted the kids to be happy” yes I’m sure the kids were begging you and David to get back together after their abrupt move cross country in the name of a restraining order.

    This is no surprise to any of us

  7. Also:

    Two divorces under your belt is a whole hell of a lot better than being a co-dependent narcissist who selfishly keeps bringing children into the world that they consistently fail on all fronts.

  8. You can probably see the flames from her 24/7 dumpster fire clear from the UK.

    Shame she brought her kids along for the ride.

  9. Jace is like what? 9? 10? At this point he has spent more time with his grandmother than his mother, I can’t see him ever living with Jenelle. Especially given the current situation. If I was Barb I would fight her tooth and nail.

    No one is buying what you’re selling Jenelle (literally and figuratively).

  10. Next time he fills you with uppercut and you call 911, don’t expect the emergency services to come to your aid. Ambulances are busy. Enjoy karma

    1. Great point. I heard on the news yesterday that domestic violence is way up with families spending so much time together in close quarters plus the external stressors such as lost income. Guaranteed these knuckleheads will get into it physically in the next week or two.

      First responder resources will be scarce and precious. No need to add more stress to their jobs because Janelle is a co-dependent idiot who couldn’t stay away. Another selfish action by her. And if she or one of the children are seriously physically harmed, hospital beds and ER docs will already be overwhelmed.

  11. Oh great, they want cows. Now David can shoot them and they have meat! (When they stop bringing them milk)

    I love how she is trying to paint him as a good guy. LOL, anyone with eyes sees this guy is a straight up psycho! But what can you do, it’s not like Jenelle knows how to function without a man. (Her reason “I don’t want two divorces under my belt” was a straight up stupid statement and Leah wants to have a word with you…)

  12. Just a short time after she admits to being back with David, she posted on Facebook a since deletes picture of her land with a caption. In the comments she talked about how the cops were called. I have screenshots.

  13. In all honesty Jenelle needs help PROFESSIONAL help along the lines of not more intense than what Catelynn from TMOG has received. Having said that her actions are deplorable to subject HER children to that environment is causing then permanent damage. Unfortunately Janelle is so damaged at this point that she finds comfort in what she’s used to & that’s this kind of abusive/ controlling situation. It’s a perpetual cycle that even if she left David she’d likely repeat with her next boyfriend and so further until she fixes herself. I believe that the families of the children should all get together and petition the courts on behalf of the children’s welfare it would be a stronger case. Especially if they were able to get ahold of all the raw footage from TM2. As far as her financial situation goes one would presume she would’ve smartly bought everything out right & been smart with her TM2 money but between the arrests,boyfriends,cars,court cases/fines, moves (rent), Lawyers, party phase,plastic surgery shopping,trips etc

    1. This is one immature person who cannot be without a man, even an abusive man and it’s pathetic. She leaves, finally works up the nerve to leave and then SHE contacts him! How much more ignorant do you have to get? I was actually proud of her for the one and only time and there she goes and blows it. What an idiot. Well, we all know she’s being selfish and thinking only of herself and not of the kids at all. Then she’s got the nerve to come on here and say publicly that he has never abused her or the kids. I think she needs to be picked up and put in the poky for perjury. This girl needs to face charges. She’s wasted so many LE resources. My heart goes out to those children.

  14. Jennelle is delusional an the state will have a lot of questions to answer,when duece bag hurts kiaser, because u can hear an see it in his voice an eyes he hates that little boy,an Nathen he is a piece of shit for not fighting for his son only show she will see will be date line,or 48hours people please don’t give her the time of day,or listen to anything she has to say, Kaiser you are in my prayers little guy

  15. Wasn’t the trawlur and land $80k total or something? Even if it was $300k…. didn’t she make MILLIONS on MTV? How on earth does this girl have a mortgage?

      1. You and David r a piece of shit. You lie all the time. You open your mouth and the only things that comes out is lies. Let somebody else take the kids and give them the love they need. Because u or the fathers do not give them the love they need. Could u put duct tape over your mouth for good

    1. Janelle thinks that because she is still under contract with MTV until April that she wasnt fired. Bless her heart she doesnt understand non compete clauses at all.

  16. Thanks for watching so I don’t have to!
    She needs to practice social distancing with David. Sounds like that’s workin’ with Babs.

    Love this line:
    “If this is my bitch of a daughta, leave a message and I’ll call ya back!”

    Poor Junelle. She is dumb as a box of rocks. Maybe David banged her head one too many times. I realize this can sometimes be how abused people act…going back time and time again, but to think she made the first move. Ugh! That’s when you know she’s too stupid for her own good.

    If they did get cows, I’m sure they’d taste better than dog after David killed them.
    I agree with her on one thing…why is Amber still on the show?

  17. When you have to even say “I’m not going to lie” your going to lie. She has shown no growth or improvement at all. Those Poor kids will grow up to resent her. Jace for always choosing men over him. You can tell he feels safe with barb but every new pregnancy you see jace’s face and it’s always disappointment. Kaiser is always trying to get attention. Probably cause Ensley is the golden child. He probably feels like the pawn between his mom and dad and can’t understand why David hates him. Marissa looks like she’d rather be anywhere else and Ensley is so pampered that they let her get away with everything. She’s obviously not worked with though since she seems to not have boundaries with animals or people and her speech seems delayed. I feel like she just couldn’t be alone and she needs all that land to let the kids run around while her and David get crap faced while they aren’t paying attention.

  18. Oh, Juhnelle. We’ve explained this to you over and over and over again. But I guess I’ll have to say it again:


    You get it? You can’t complain about having to go to court to get him back. He wasn’t taken by the state like your other children – YOU GAVE HIM AWAY.

    The Lord is testing us with this one, y’all.

    1. What’s worse is that if Jenelle stayed away from these awful men, Barb would have given Jace back years ago. But Jenelle can’t just build a stable life. This isn’t Barb keeping Jace away from Jenelle, it’s Barb keeping Jace away from Jenelle’s toxic relationships.

  19. Jenelle is seriously such a moron. Why won’t she talk about why she took out a restraining order for herself and the kids if David was never abusive?? Then said she didn’t do anything to get kicked off TM2?? Uh YES YOU DID YOU DELUSIONAL IDIOT.

    Totally called she would “go back” to that asshat of a husband by the time her MTV contract runs out. She’s not fooling anybody. I also doubt they ever broke up…She was probably trying to use Herbie to prove that she had “moved on”, so she could get back on TM2…and thats probably why Herbie said that she’s hideous in the inside, and wasn’t good for his sobriety. He saw through her bullshit. I bet this whole “reconciliation” is just another ploy to get her back in reality TV/Marriage Bootcamp because she’s basically broke.

      1. No, they didn’t refinance. They took out a mortgage on the double-wide instead of paying cash. They were too busy buying drugs, toys for David, going on vacations, etc. to save up enough money to pay for the house. They took out a 25 year mortgage (I believe) so they could “build their credit”.

    1. Most people who have a mortgage still say they “own” the house. They definitely wouldn’t say they are renting or mortgaging the place.

  20. I wish she would address why she lied about the abuse. We know she will never acknowledge it but I would love to hear her try to talk her way out of that.

    1. It sounds like Jenelle cried wolf ( again) with domestic violence as a legitimate reason to legally move to Tennessee with Ensley , a battered fearful woman is likely to be granted the move. She’s so stupid that she doesn’t realize the jeopardy she now put herself in. Jenelle has already called the police in the past on David and later changed her mind, now she has recanted DV charges that she actually filed. David really has an upper hand on her now … who’s going to believe her when he really rings her bell? The first thing to protect him is the charges she withdrew and told the world they’re false.
      They both deserve each other! The kids deserve none of this , it’s down right sad. We are coming up on a year since all hell broke loose, what is Nathan doing for Kaiser!?? What is Maryssa’s mother doing???

      1. @ME. Well, it sounds like she dropped the complaint before she wasted any of the courts time and got her way… if David got arrested or if the case already made it to court, she’d have serious problems to say it wasn’t true afterwords.
        Jenelle came up with an unbelievable story about nugget ( after she posted what really happened) “ she could have ran away , blah , blah, blah. She purposely gave the police nothing to go on, I’m sure these DV accusations was much of the same.
        All of these TM girls get away with so much shit, it’s ridiculous! The fact that Amber is free right now shows there’s some serious problems in our judicial system.

  21. Why does Jenelle have to jam her chest in everyone’s face every single time she stands in front of a camera? No one cares about her fake bolt-on boobs. They didn’t improve her personality or her ability to make good choices, so no one cares. Find a decent shirt, trick. Every time she opens her mouth she lies. We all knew her separation was fake and just an attempt to get MTV to rehire her. Also, FTR, she’s not “social disassing” at all. The day before she made the Q&A video she took the kids out to a nasty, filthy lake to go swimming and riding in the speeding boat being piloted by a drunken David. Shut the hell up, Jenelle. I do wish everyone would just stop paying attention to her. That’s the only way she’ll finally go the hell away.

    1. “I cannot afford rent and a mortgage,” she said. “I have to choose one or the other and I have a house here that I own. I don’t own the apartment in Tennessee, so I decided to move back.” Ummm-so why did you leave your house instead of kicking David out?

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