Former ‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans Now Denies Husband David Eason Abused Her Kids, Despite Filing Documents in November Stating Otherwise

When you can’t figure out how to spin the lies anymore…

Jenelle Evans is now back to denying that her “estranged” husband David Eason ever abused her kids, despite the fact that she filed legal documents in November stating otherwise.

The former Teen Mom 2 star— who, as The Ashley told you, has been back with David for several weeks— is also denying that she has reunited with David, even though she is currently on the North Carolina property (i.e. “The Land“) with him.

In a comment posted to Instagram on Friday, Jenelle clapped back at a fan who admonished her for bringing her kids back in the presence of a man whom she admitted abused her son Kaiser. In her comment, Jenelle seemed to pretend that she never filed for a restraining order against David in November and/or admitted that David tormented Kaiser.

“No one has ever abused my kids,” Jenelle wrote. “No one has ever ‘admitted’ to abuse. I’m sick of these comments. No one has ever abused my children and that’s why the CPS case was dropped to begin with.”

(She is referring to the case from the spring/summer of 2019 in which the children belonging to her and David were removed from their care. The kids were returned in July and the case against them was thrown out.) 

While Jenelle is now denying that David (or anyone else) has ever hurt her kids, those statements are completely opposite of the statements Jenelle made about David back in November, when she filed for a restraining order against him to keep him away from her and the kids. (She was granted the protective order, but dropped it herself in January…which, as The Ashley told you, was the same time she and David reunited.)

In the court documents, Jenelle told the judge, “I’m scared for my life and my children’s well-being” because of David. She also gave details of 11 times since 2017 in which she said David was allegedly physically or verbally abusive to her or the kids. 

One alleged incident involving Kaiser was particularly disturbing. In the court docs, Jenelle described in detail how, in February 2019, David allegedly locked Kaiser in a running car and tormented him. 

“While Kaiser was trying to unlock it, David continuously locked it again with my spare key, scaring both me and Kaiser,” Jenelle herself wrote.

Jenelle also wrote that she was scared of what David would do to her or the kids.

“For all of these reasons, I’m afraid that David will harm me or my children, and that he will continue to threaten me using text messages, phone calls, or on the internet,” Jenelle wrote. 

“I may have filed those in court but I didn’t MEAN it. Duh, dude!”

Anyway, those who saw Jenelle’s Instagram comment on Friday did not respond well, with some reminding the former reality star that ‘Teen Mom 2’ viewers have witnessed David getting aggressive with Kaiser on the show.

“We’ve seen the way he speaks to and treats Kaiser,” one person wrote. “Why are u lying to yourself? He friggin attacked u and killed your dog and you are going to pretend he’s not damaging your children?”

“So they just hand out emergency restraining orders for no reason in your state? Good to know,” another person responded.

“I feel SO sorry for you kids and all the trauma you have caused them,” another wrote.

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(Photos: MTV) 

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  1. Ive gotta say… I have been a silent lurker on this site for about a year and this one just begs for me to at least add …. YOU GUYS 100% CALLED THIS !!!! And I am living for the fact that no matter what Janelle *tries* to do with her life … the public knows her better than herself and how it will end. Really, if she wanted to save herself sometime, once she makes any decision (really lets just have her run any thought she has) stop and check how the public feels about it. Then, she get know how it will end for her and can properly plan. Perfect!

    Being a mother tho, let me just add it is super concerning to see/hear about the things that may or may have not happened in their house. But, seeing Janelle on TV since her mid teens has taught me shes always going to do what she wants for herself 1st and foremost, those babies will always come 2nd.

  2. I feel like if one of those kids ended up dead from abuse, she would somehow claim it was a horrible accident, change her story multiple times and lie about it over and over again to the police, and somehow still wouldn’t get in any trouble or have the remaining kids taken from her. With her luck, she’d probably end up with some new reality show called “teen mom: grief stricken” and find a way to get paid for it. She’d spend all her time crying about how mean people are for even suggesting that David touched the child and would fill up her instagram with paid ads for things like Grief Tea, the Grieving Mom’s Under Eye Circle De-puffer Facial Mask, and black funeral clothes.

  3. When a sociopath hurts and/or kills animals his next move will be human beings, probably beginning with the kids and the Jenelle. The only reason she is back with David is that she is broke and MTV finally cut her off for good and it sunk into her thick skull. Jenelle is not a good mom and it doesn’t matter if she is with David or on her own. David exhibits classic anti-social behavior which is dangerous. I think Jenelle should be arrested for wasting tax dollars filing false complaints and wasting the precious time of child protective services. I read that she was about to be evicted from her apartment in Tennessee because she owed rent, I’m sure they will be evicted from the land next for owing back taxes or something along those lines. She had every opportunity in the world to have a good and financially stable life for her and her kids and she squandered it all on the disgusting men she chose to be with.

    1. You got it all right in your comments! We all know Jenelles not a smart woman or a good mom. She’s used to bring bailed out of every situation by Barb, MTV and e en Nathan who has genuine feelings for her. She coil dnt make a good decision for her kids if she tried. It’s all about her and the latest penis owner. I don’t care who she bangs or married. My one and only concern is those children, Esp Kaiser who is screwed if they move back to the land. Im sick if Jenelle, Kailyn and Farrah saying and filing reports that are not true. Why are they so Teflon coated? You and I would have been charged with filing fake reports, lying under oath, lying to CPS about David’s abuse, etc. Get 911 call sounded like she was terrified he was gonna kill her, but the next day claimed it was a drunken fall that caused her injuries. I’m sick if hearing about her now. The press needs to back off and let them kill each other or go bankrupt. I’m done being an observer to a slowly worsening horror story. They have guns in the house with little kids and 2 ego maniacs. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see the future here, and it isn’t a bright one.

  4. How can we tell when Jenelle is lying? Oh, yes, it’s whenever her lips are moving. Feel sorry for the innocent children who are forced to live in such a toxic environment.

  5. I’ll be honest. I’m shocked child services didn’t jump on this info for the appeal they claimed to be working on. Imagine getting all this evidence and the judge throws it out only for her to claim all the abuse she had just denied in court a couple months prior. My only assumption is that sin it was filed in a different state they can’t do much on that but that at the very least should have been grounds to temporarily remove Marissa from his care. I’m also confused as to how she filed abuse allegations about her son and child services didn’t get involved in Tennessee. They would have jumped on her for bringing him around him. There is something amiss in this whole situation.

    1. I live in Nashville and DHS/CPS is a joke! They could care less about kids. I took someone to an appointment there once. We got there at 7:30 for a 8am appointment. We’re still sitting there mid afternoon. What pissed me off though was there were mother’s in there beating the shit out of their kids IN FRONT OF the workers who did NOTHING! I got pissed and snatched one of the moms up and told her if I saw her raise her hand to her child again, I would drag her ass outside and stomp her. Guess who they call security on? ME! ??‍♀️

  6. I only have one question here. Where the hell is maryssa during all this? All this back and forth from the land to Nashville, where is she?

  7. Wake up you lost everything over this peice of shit , now you are with him . He ruined your way of living . Abused you and your kids . Think about it . What are you waiting for . For someone to get hurt or killed .

  8. How do you know Janelle is lying?
    She’s talking.
    Oh and hello Janelle and lurch. You guys are very busy with your little one down vote

  9. People stepped in and demanded Amber be held accountable for her actions w punching Gary. Now we need to step in and make sure Jenelle and David are held accountable for their unfit parents actions against these children. DCFS is a joke. How many cases are there where they walk away and something tragic happens bc they didn’t do enough. These children aren’t allowed to have a voice. It is our responsibility to speak for them. Come on system- work for these kids!! Don’t fail them again!

  10. Hey TheAshley, whatever happened with CPS appealing the judge’s throwing out the case and giving the kids back to Lurch & Jenelle? Have you heard anything about that?

  11. sadly i bet he threaning her in some way that why she keeps going back he probly Threatens thare lives if she leves him and sadly paper will not stop a crazy person like this and cops will not do shit a lady in my area was killed a few months ago over this kind of stuff she had a thing aganist her man and she was picking her kids up from school with her mom and her man just shot and killed her in her car in front of the kids he also try to kill grandma but she got lucky he lead the cops on a chace then shot and killed himself the kids saw thare dad kill thare mom right in front of them

  12. The cops and CPS should just follow this bitch’s social media. I KNOW she’s lying about the no abuse thing but by posting that she makes it APPEAR as though she falsely filed a TRO which is a CRIME. Lock her ass up! If she’s in lockup, the kids will get taken. Let her continue to dig that grave that David’s gonna put her in eventually.

  13. This girl should have her children removed the reason they returned her kds is cause her and David called everyone liars then she turned around and legally stated in a request for a stay away all he did to her and the children even the Chrsytal ball woman has her screen shots of her admitting all the abuse and saying he was especially abusive towards Kieser she’s trash and doesn’t deserve these kids all she does is lie..

  14. She and her loser husband should not be allowed children, or animals.
    The system sucks. Victims have less rights than these criminal imbeciles. Period.
    Also, I wish everyone would stop reporting on them. They’re nobodies.

  15. Has Kaiser been in school through all her crap?
    Leaves school, changes school, going back to old school.
    That’s a lot of change for a kid.
    He is a Trauma kid. I hope his teachers /staff are Trauma Informed. He is one of those kids that the school system will have to be his safe place. I’m ready for this little guy to Win. ?

  16. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Everyone needs to stop giving a shit about this drama queen. As many times as she’s cried wolf to get more attention on her, she wins and she knows it. So as long as we have articles supporting her stories and keeping her name alive on social media, she will always win. This is the only way she can make a living. She can’t actually work for a living. This is all she knows. It’s sicking and she is a twisted woman. She shouldn’t have custody of the kids she does have.

  17. The abuse allegations are always to what suits this women’s immediate needs. Family court, the children were not abused, restraining order they were abused. Reconciliation they are back to not being abused. One thing that burns me, she lied to get the kids back and did a 180 filing a restraining order that protected her and her kids, leaving Maryissa behind in a possible abusive situation. Why are there no consequences

  18. Wow i used to like her but yeah shes in serious denial and really needs help.she has turned into nothing but a liar.her kids deserve better.what she alliws is her choice but her kids have no choice.its time she grows up and puts her kids 1st for once.

  19. If none of what she has allegedly accused David of doing has never happened then the state needs to press charges against her for falsely accusing him and wasting the judge’s time and anyone who has put forth any effort to keep her and the kids safe by her “false accusations”
    She is a complete train wreck. I feel absolutely HORRIBLE for all of the kids to have to live a daily life of complete chaos. Her and david deserve one another but those kids deserve sooo much better and should be removed before things get worse…way worse.
    I don’t doubt she did all of this to try and get back on teen mom and when they weren’t having it she decided to go back to the scum swamp land with the parasite known as david. ?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️

  20. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    When she left my first thought was that they were doing this for the publicity. Then when she finally said he was an abuser I thought thank God, for the sake of those children she is out of that marriage.
    But now she has put them poor kids back into that house with that disgusting excuse for a human being.
    She needs to be charged or something for lying to police and the courts..
    And please let’s hope barb doesn’t let Jace go anywhere near and Kaiser’s nan gets full custody..

    1. The abuse allegations are always to what suits this women’s immediate needs. Family court, the children were not abused, restraining order they were abused. Reconciliation they are back to not being abused. One thing that burns me, she lied to get the kids back and did a 180 filing a restraining order that protected her and her kids, leaving Maryissa behind in a possible abusive situation. Why are there no consequences

    2. Agreed. This is why women who are in legit abusive situations are rarely believed. Because of the Jenelles of the world who do this. If she wants to hurt herself by going back, then fine. But she is hurting her kids and other domestic violence victims.

    3. I have a feeling she’s going to say that David did do those things but they weren’t so bad, or she actually exaggerate the incidents, or he was just joking/playing a game with kaiser, or there was a good legitimate reason for him to do those things (like for some reason it was unsafe for kaiser to get out of the car but he kept trying to do David was forced to keep locking the doors on him) but she ran away before he could tell her his side of the story. That way she doesn’t look like a total liar and David comes off fine, too. It won’t be at all believable, but she’ll try it.

      I doubt she’s ever going to come out and say that she made all that stuff up to get him in trouble because she was mad at him, because that would put her in a tight spot legally, but maybe! She’s never gotten in trouble before for any of the many illegal things she’s done, so maybe she’ll go with that story because David has convinced her that it’s better for her to look like a liar than him to look like an abuser.

      Maybe she’ll just go with her usual gaslighting: she’ll just continue to say that none of that ever happened and she never said it did. And if she’s ever questioned heavily about it she’ll just run out of the room and/or start crying. Or she could go with her favorite: “I don’t remember doing that. I don’t remember saying that. I don’t remember if I had a protection order against him. Maybe my lawyer just filed that and the lawyer misinterpreted what I was telling him so he put down all those incidents as abuse when they weren’t. Or maybe the lawyer misheard me or made stuff up. My lawyer hates David for some reason. I didn’t even know that it was filed or what it said.”

  21. I want to say I’m surprised, but I’m not. She needs a good therapist to work through her co-dependency issues. Sasquatch broke her down so much she cane back.

  22. Shouldn’t she be getting in some kind of trouble for making “false” statements to obtain a restraining order?? This girl needs to be held accountable for her lies for once.

  23. She is such a selfish, narcissistic, sorry ass excuse of a womb donor. I say womb donor because, no MOTHER would put their kids back in a harmful potentially DEADLY situation time and time again.

  24. I think Janelle really needs to have here head examined. If she filed a “false” restraining order then she should be in trouble for it. She should not have custody of her children if she allows this man to mentally and physically abuse them. Where’s her brain?

  25. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    I should’ve known better than to think she had wished uo. Those poor, poor kids.

  26. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    She is so full of shit and a scumbag for staying with a man who kills your dog

  27. Unfortunately Kaiser’s father is no better. Well, maybe a little better but not much. He’s an alcoholic and he has mental issues as well. He drinks and drives. From what? I understand he has at least three DUIs. Of course, Anyone would be better than Jenelle. I feel like anyone who is following her. On any social media Mensa go unfollow And show her just how irrelevant She is. She still thinks she’s hot crap Because she still has those followers showing on her social medias. Sorry for the wrong punctuations. This is voice text.

  28. This girl is a total. Psychotic mentally ill piece of trash. The courts in Tennessee and in North Carolina me to hold her in contempt of court. And perjury and lock her up And after she goes a little time in jail. She needs to be committed to a psych ward. There is something seriously wrong with her Has she is totally screwing up her children. This girl is literally worse than the Devil Himself.

  29. I wonder if Nathan and his mom could use the information Jenelle swore to in the protection order about the abuse specific to Kaiser to help regain custody, require supervised visits or NO David if Jenelle has him.

  30. Shit up, shut up … it was just the way it was edited, she really didnt say those horrible things about such a great guy. The producers must have filed the restraining order. Yeah thats what happed, he loves all children & animals.

  31. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    I hope this is when the court finally let’s Nathan have Kaiser. This is not going to end well.

  32. Jenelle is setting herself up to get those kids taken away permanently…he’s destroyed every other area of her life and her children is all she has left- them and her YouTube channel. Her putting herself back in the house with him is literally dumfounding. She won’t learn until he winds up seriously injuring her of one those innocent babies- or worse- and then it will be too late.

    1. Tbh, I don’t think Jenelle gives a rats ass about her children. She’s proven that over and over again. To her, her children are her “property” pawns to make money in her sick twisted life. I’ve never seen genuine love from Jenelle to her kids. That is so heartbreaking to me. I was ecstatic when the kids were taken away and devastated when they were given back. David is a cold blooded monster for sure but so is she. Where is the motherly instinct to protect her kids? Ugh…I really hate her!

      1. She is such a fucking scumbag if mtv brought her back i was all done not for nothing but all of them are such assholes

  33. Sure, Jen. How do you still believe your lies?! It’s obvious you are only defending him now because you are together again and you’re afraid he might hurt you or worse…kill you. I hope you come to your senses before he kills Kaiser or seriously injures him…because that will happen if you don’t wake up. Jace, Maryssa and Ensley are safe for now (two are his kids, third lives with Barbara) but I think he doesn’t give a sh*t about Kaiser because he isn’t his kid.

      1. Don’t forget Nat helped her during her escape and according to Jenelle still wants her.
        David won’t forget that, and because he’s such a pussy he won’t take it out on Nate, it will be Kaiser and Dorris & his slut wife.

  34. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    I can’t believe this I feel so sad and so sorry for your kids. But you could bring them back into this situation. He must really really have something over your head to scare the shit out of you so bad that you wanna drop everything liability everything and risk your children’s life and your own life to go back to a nasty ass pig I can’t believe this I feel so sad and so sorry for your kids. But you could bring them back into this situation. He must really really have something over your head to scare the shit out of you so bad that you wanna drop everything liability everything and risk your children’s life and your own life to go back to a nasty ass pig So far we’re going to end up maybe never seeing you again you disappearing with this idiot decides to go crazy crazier than what he is now I hope to God and I pray that you and your children don’t end up disappearing hurt or worse So far we’re going to end up maybe never seeing you again you disappearing with this idiot decides to go crazy crazier than what he is now I hope to God and I pray that you and your children don’t end up disappearing hurt or worse when are you going to grow the hell up

  35. WOW!! I have to say, I agree with everyone of these comments!!
    Did we mention the fact that she has a new dog? Or the part where she had friends break into the swamp when David was gone and took stuff. Did he file for insurance? I Believe he made a police report. Also what really happened to the other dog that David said was stolen? Did she arrange that too? So where is that dog at?

  36. This was another one of her “PR stunts” . They thought if she tried to leave a make it look real MTV would take her back. MTV must have caught a vibe and decided to cut her for good. Now that their plan didn’t work David wants her back home. I knew the day she said she left. All thoes people who believed her are kicking themselves now. ?

  37. She is absolutely one of the worst mothers to ever appear on a reality show. She does not deserve to have any of her children, and it makes me sick and angry that she finally left, only to return her children to an abusive and dangerous environment. I highly doubt that locking Kaiser in the car was an isolated incident or the worst thing that David has done to that poor, sweet little boy, and now he’s back to being David’s punching bag. Jenelle deserves everything that happens to her at this point, but those children need to be taken away and placed in safe, loving homes!

  38. She is just as bad as david eaton…they both should not have these kids. For the mother to be back with david. The kids should be taken away from both of them. Both parent are piece of shit.

  39. Jenelle has cried wolf so many times and denied ever doing it. There will come a time when she’s really in harm’s way and nobody is going to come to her aid because she has lied so many times, we don’t believe her anymore. The real victims are the kids. They didn’t put themselves in that situation, their mother did.

    1. She almost had the opposite of the crying wolf problem. Every time she finally admits that one of her boyfriends abused her or the kids, people believe her and try to support her. It’s when she tries to take it all back and say it didn’t really happen, when people don’t believe her. She doesn’t have the problem of people not believing her true stories, people don’t believe her when she’s lying.

      Unless there are people who believe that Lurch didn’t abuse the kids and she was lying to get a restraining order?

  40. She’s a weak person to go back to that sociopath. It goes to show how important dads are in a daughters life. My motto is watch how he interacts with his mother and that tells you all you need to know about how he is going to be with you.

  41. She is such a piece of shit! Every time her mouth moves another dumb ass lie rolls out. I never had sympathy for her dumbass. She’s just as bad as Creepy David. Poor kids don’t have a chance.

  42. So glad she’s gone!!! She and David are a disgrace to the human race. Wish they could be exiled to Iraq and we never had to see either again. I wish they would be mistreated like that no good, sorry ass David mistreated Nugget. One day their mouths will over load their asses and they’ll get what’s coming to them. God doesn’t like ugly!!!!

    1. She’s still pretty young and emotionally immature. She picks the worst men and maybe that pattern of abuse is her normal. This man murdered an innocent animal! Gun toting hillbilly with serious issues shouldn’t be running around and scared off MTV. She’d be so much better off without him. Hope nobody gets hurt. Losing her job most likely caused severe financial strain. He may be being on his best behavior and I hope that she is only staying there for their daughter and save money. She should just be a medical assistant like she went to school for and kick David out if he doesn’t get a job.

  43. Jenelle:

    We all know that drugs have fried your brain to a crisp.

    But you simply cannot make public statements, then deny that you said them.

    By the way, nor can you make a 911 call (which is also a part of public record) that David was breaking your collar bone, then claim you were mistaken and he was only drunk and bumping into you at a bonfire.

    Again, just so you know,


    1. Do we think she knows she’s lying or do we think that she really is just so extremely stupid or brainwashed that she believes what her guys tell her? So if she sees him abuse kaiser with her own eyes but then he says he wasn’t, he was just playing a game, does she believe that? Or does she know that he’s lying but she goes along with it and lies too?

      I think she’s had such a long term habit of lying, no matter who she was with, that she knows she’s actively lying, and not just being stupid or gaslighted by all the various guys she’s with. But she is also constantly acting against her own best interests and lying about the stupidest and most provable things, that I could maybe be convinced that she’s actually just extremely stupid and easily manipulated.

  44. Jenelle is a piece of shit liar. I don’t believe a word that comes out that trashy mouth. Whatever she says I just flip it over. Why is she still in the limelight? There are so many other white trash people in this world. Enough with this crap.

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
      Ayi ya yai stop with all the bullshit! ?Make the best with what u get dealt with noones perfect the grass isn’t always greener on the other side that’s just what people want to believe everyone who’s anyone goes through shit! believe me if u didn’t I don’t think u would be human get it together people

  45. Why can’t this dumb bitch disappear?? She’s a lowlife piece of shit who doesn’t deserve to share the air we breathe!! She’s proven that she’s nothing but a lying stupid ass whore!!! Go away bitch!!!

  46. So when can we expect charges for defrauding the court system? Why do they let her get away with this shit?!

    1. I would LOVE to see her get charged for all of her bullshit. Unfortunately for us, she’ll probably get that sorry excuse for a “judge” (we remember, the one that dismissed all charges for child abuse despite the overwhelming evidence that it occurred? Yea that one) again and everything will be dropped.

    2. Would it help if we all contacted the States Attorney she filed with?
      CPS needs to have a copy of her TRO in both states. Anyone have the info where to contact them at and who they are?

      1. I think the restraining order was filed for in Tennessee. Maybe, hopefully, fingers crossed, they actually care a tiny bit more about this kind of shit than North(?) Carolina does? She’s apparently on a first name basis with all the judges and DAs in North Carolina from “basically growing up in the courthouse” since she’s spent so much time there, and for whatever reason they appear to let her get away with all her crap. Maybe she won’t be so lucky in TN.

  47. People should not care what she does..stop clicking on her posts and stop supporting her. They can get jobs like the rest of us.

  48. She is disgusting! But we all knew that already. We just need to unfollow and ignore her. She will always pick a man over her kids and her going back after filing that restraining order proves it. She shouldn’t be able to make any money the easy way and will have to get a job (David too) ! Both have done enough to vanish from society. No need to see or hear about her anymore. It’s just the same thing again and again! Best part of this whole thing is their lack of funding now. Actions do have consequences! Do you think she learned that lesson, ummmm no!

    1. Kaiser could be raised by rabid badgers and he would be better off than either of his parents right now….

      1. Where is Kaisers father???
        He should take Kaiser and ship him off, far far away.
        I would be happy to go to jail for the rest of my life if Kaiser was my child and I could get him in a safe place. David and Jenelle would NEVER see him again!
        This situation is insane.
        Free Kaiser!

        1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
          Unfortunately Kaiser’s father is no better. Well, maybe a little better but not much. He’s an alcoholic and he has mental issues as well. He drinks and drives. From what? I understand he has at least three DUIs. Of course, Anyone would be better than Jenelle. I feel like anyone who is following her. On any social media Mensa go unfollow And show her just how irrelevant She is. She still thinks she’s hot crap Because she still has those followers showing on her social medias. Sorry for the wrong punctuations. This is voice text.

      2. So that poor Kaiser has been yanked out of the Tennessee school and is he even in school? Are the child abusers, dog murderer, home schooling him? Where is Maryssa? Did she disappear also, like some of the animals? How do they keep getting more animals? Who is allowing this? No help for the innocent? This is such a messed up situation! So now, we all sit back and wait for the “I told you this was going to end badly” moment? I guess when something so bad happens, the authorities will finally get it? I am just sick about all of this!!!

  49. This pos needs to go away. I don’t understand how a mother can choose a man over her kids. Her kids deserve to be in a stable loving environment, not the hellhole they currently reside in. She makes me sick.

  50. Man I hate her for what she’s putting those kids through. Also hate her for what Nugget had to suffer as well.

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    Okay so then they need to put her in jail.

  52. I’ve tried to be supportive of Janelle and try to see her side of it but I’m done. If Mtv had given her another shot, would she still be with David on the Land? Nathan-get a lawyer and get custody of your kid.

      1. This girl has been an absolute garbage dump since she was a teenager. She was a rude entitied little brat since day one. Andrew didn’t cause it, Kieffer didnt, Courtland, Josh, Gary, Nathan and David didn’t cause it either. She has always been a miserable liar who no compassion for her kids. She lies and covers up for child abusers who abuser her own children and murders pets. If she fell off the earth I doubt anyone would care.

  53. We’ve all seen him be abusive towards Kaiser. No way she can deny it. I wonder if it ever crossed her mind to be HONEST?! Just admit you’re back with the POS, nobody will be surprised. Admit that your allegations were true, once again no surprise. Everyone already knows you’re a less than stellar parent and we expect you to choose a man over your kids. Jesus just be honest for once!!

  54. Do any of you know Martina McBride’s song, “Concrete Angel”? That song ran through my head while I was reading this whole article. In case you don’t know, it’s a song about child abuse. The little girl’s teacher suspects abuse, but never reports it. As a result, the little girl’s mother ends up getting her to death. That is probably what’s going to happen to little Kaiser.

  55. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    This is coming from someone that had to take my kids and leave a really bad situation, this girl is making a mockery of women who have had to leave abusive situations and rebuild their life. She needs to grow up.

  56. Wow. Those poor children are F÷=ed. She went to court to regain custody and lied about abuse or lack thereof. The children were returned abruptly by a judge who did a total 180 from the original judge. A few months later, files a restraining order citing multiple instances of abuse and today is retracting the allegations of abuse? Fyi..she filed a restraining order to protect herself and her children but left Marissa in the home where she was placed after Jenelles court testimony in the first place…

  57. Deny, Deflect,and Lie. Everybody knows damn well DAVID abused Kaiser. I damn well know DAVID did more than lock him in a car. Everybody saw the bruises on his behind. Nathan isn’t any better. He knows Kaiser is in danger and asks Nathan to perfect him. What does Nathan do? Nathan goes and gets another dui. Way to go Nathan. F U David. KARMA will get you. Jenelle your a selfish B. No sympathy for you. You deserve whatever he will do to you. Your supposed to perfect your children and keep them safe.

    1. According to this piece of shit, her piece of shit husband locked him in a RUNNING car. So if sweet Kaiser accidentally moved the car into gear it could have rolled further into the hellscape of a swamp these losers live in. Something serious could have happened. Jenelle needs to find a hot dose, as far as I’m concerned. Maybe Keefah can hook her up.

    2. Thee is video of Kaiser crying “feed me” while his “mother” fought with David and ignored him totally….how twisted is that?

  58. Lying f*cking b*tch. Terrible mother. You know it’s bad when you make Farrah “f*cks for fame” Abraham look like a SLIGHTLY better mother than you. Trash. Good luck trying to revive your “career”

  59. F*ck Jenelle! I was a teen mum but omg she is an absolute peice of shit! Troll me all you want but that “woman” does not deserve any children! Janelle is a disgrace to humanity!

  60. Are they just going to wait until one of these kids is dead to actually do something or at least red flag these idiots and get the numerous unsecured guns out of the house!?

    Because their mother sure as hell don’t care about their safety except when she pretends to care for attention and to use it to her advantage.

    1. Probably. North Carolina has already shown it doesn’t give a shit when a white woman with a little (very little now) coin can’t keep her baby-daddy-of-the-week from abusing her children from multiple fathers.

      Barb has her hands full with Jace and up until now Jenelle had money to fight in court. All the surrounding relatives need to collaborate and go for the kill as far as filing at the same time for Maryssa and Kaiser. They have no money to fight anymore.

      CPS isn’t going to do shit. But the fam can.

    2. She ran back because she had to take care of the roll and ensley by herself. She hates her kids and honestly wants them to be hurt because she feels they hurt her by not being perfect and capable of taking care of themselves from birth.

  61. S The next thing she’ll be saying is that she was afraid of the dog murderer child abuser and he made her retract her statement. She is such a POS!!!

  62. So when is she going to be arrested for filing false police reports? At this point I do believe that she is a legit sociopath.

    1. The application for a restraining order isn’t a police report, it’s an official court document; if she wants to say now that what she put in that paperwork was a lie, then she committed perjury back then. But I doubt the courts will go after her – they’ll just deny her another protective order the next time she applies for one, because she’s proven that she isn’t a reliable witness.

      1. Maybe, but she’s made numerous calls to 911 over the years and I know that if you call them for some bs that is not legal. Or maybe she’s just a criminal mastermind that is an expert at evading ever getting into any trouble.

    1. Please Nathan, it’s a matter of life and death, for your precious son. Please save that sweet boy! I’m a teen Mom myself, I know how hard it is, but buck up & save poor Kaiser. You & your Mom can! He is in such precarious & outright dangerous living conditions with David. You may have love for Janelle, the Mothet of your son, but set that aside to protect Kaiser. He needs someone to fight for him! You & Ashley are his only hope…

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