Jenelle Evans Discusses Her Plans For After Her ‘Teen Mom 2’ Contract Expires Next Month: Writing a Book with Her Mom Barbara & Getting Into Modeling

“Oh, I have big plans, dude. Just wait and see…dude.”

Jenelle Evans is telling people to leave her “the f**k alone” and to let her have her privacy…while going on a public podcast.

Isn’t it ironic…don’t ya think?

The former Teen Mom 2 star recently appeared on the Dumb Blonde podcast, talking to host Bunnie about her former ‘Teen Mom 2’ co-stars, her future plans and what it’s like to not be filming with MTV, among other things. The podcast— which was released on Tuesday but filmed in late February– also touched on Jenelle’s infamous haters.

One topic that was noticeably avoided was Jenelle’s relationship with husband David Eason. Although when this podcast was taped, Jenelle was already back with David (and had been for some time), she did not mention him or their status. She did, however, use her married name of “Eason” in the podcast and was seen wearing her wedding rings in the video that was filmed during the podcast.

The Ashley took one for the team and listened to Jenelle’s entire interview, and has broken down the interview into the most-interesting (or most-ridiculous) quotes.

On her opinion on how MTV edited her segments of ‘Teen Mom 2’:

“I blame production! I mean editors! I mean haters!”

Jenelle pointed the finger at the show’s editors for how the public perceives her (and managed to throw a bit of shade at her replacement, Jade Cline.)

“I definitely think for my storyline they did [make me look like a villain],” Jenelle said. “I feel like the person they basically replaced me with, [Jade Cline], I feel like she basically fits that role now.

On whether or not she’d agree to do her own show on MTV (which is never going to happen, according to The Ashley’s sources):

Jenelle— who was fired in April 2019 from ‘Teen Mom 2’— still thinks there’s a chance she could work with MTV again. When Bunnie asked if she would sign on to do her own show, if MTV were to offer, Jenelle said she would…but only if it were on her terms.

“I’ll talk to them about boundaries and guidelines,” Jenelle said, later adding, “It’s been nice [not filming]. I’m basically doing what I want and making my own schedule, and picking and choosing if I want to do something or I don’t. I’m not forced into anything, or being forced to talk about anything I don’t want to talk about.”

She said she’d be fine accepting a job offer from MTV, but doesn’t want to be part of the ‘Teen Mom’ brand any longer.

“I don’t think ya gotta worry about, Juh-nelle!”

“I will do MTV stuff but I don’t want to do it under the ‘Teen Mom’ name anymore,” Jenelle said. “I want to be my own person, do my own thing. I want to be known as Jenelle Eason, not Jenelle Eason from ‘Teen Mom’. ‘From Teen Mom’ is always attached to my name, and that’s annoying because I’ve grown up. I’m 28. I’m almost 30.”

On her opinions on the other ‘Teen Mom’ girls:

Jenelle has had some pretty infamous fights with her co-stars, and, when asked for her feelings on the other ‘Teen Mom’ stars, Jenelle did not hold back.

“Me and Briana [DeJesus], we’re civil,” Jenelle said. (Briana was Jenelle’s only “friend” on the cast, but that friendship ended after the two had a falling out last year.)

“Chelsea [Houska], she kind of just lays back and does her own thing,” Jenelle added. “Kail [Lowry], she just talks s**t all the time, 24/7. And Leah [Messer], I think she’s just confused on what to do with herself right now.”

“Well, if that ain’t the pot callin’ the kettle black y’all!”

On what she thinks her life would have been like had she not gotten pregnant as a teen and been on the show:

(The way Bunnie asked this question was pretty hilarious. She asked Jenelle, “Do you think you wouldn’t have met some of your baby daddies?”)

Jenelle said that she would have been your typical college paaaaahrty girl had she not gotten knocked up by Andrew, the cold sore king, at age 16.

“I think I would have definitely gone to college and possibly lived the college life,” Jenelle said. “I’ve always wondered what the dorm life would be like if I had no kids.” 

On what she plans to do with her life going forward:

Jenelle told Bunnie she has big plans for her future.

“I was thinking YouTube, podcasting, producing,” she said. “I was thinking that, rather than being in the spotlight, helping out with shows. I have always like film editing.”

But that’s not all! Jenelle also wants to put her thinkin’ cap on and doing some writin’!

“I was kind of thinking about doing a book with my mom, like a mother and daughter advice book maybe,” she said.


“If mothas and daughtas need to take advice from US, they’re in BAD shape, Juh-nelle!”


“I’ve been trying to get into modeling…get a portfolio,” Jenelle said, before adding that she is tired of having her pesky kids clogging up her Instagram feed.

“[I want to] focus my Instagram on myself, not as much about the kids or my relationship,” she said. “Like, what I’m solely up to because it’s my Instagram. It’s not for my whole family. It’s to show what I’m about as a person.” 

“Sorry, kid. There ain’t no more room for you on my ‘Gram!”

On whether she made a good choice to appear on ‘Teen Mom 2’: 

“It’s always back and forth,” Jenelle said. “You can get opportunities from [being on the show], but you can get denied opportunities. It all depends on [the public’s] opinion about you.

“[MTV], they pay good but then, of course, there’s taxes you have to pay which is, like, thousands,” Jenelle added.

On still being under contract with Viacom until next month:

“Dude, it’s no fair. Dude.”

As The Ashley has previously reported, Jenelle’s contract with Viacom extends through next month, as that marks one year from when she was let go from ‘Teen Mom 2.’ All the girls sign a contract like that, which forbids them from working on other shows or with other networks without obtaining Viacom’s permission.

Jenelle is not happy about it.

“I feel like it’s really unfair to me right now because if I am still under contract [I should be getting paid] or let me go,” she said. (As The Ashley has previously told you, the girls on the show receive no residuals and do not get paid for reruns, etc. They receive payment in lump sums and are paid per episode that they appear in.)

Jenelle assured everyone that there are plenty of companies that want to work with her.

“I asked [Viacom], ‘Can I go do other opportunities?’ because I’ve been having private meetings with certain production companies, and they said we literally can’t do nothing unless they give you permission or you’re out of your contract,” she said. “So I’ve been asking them, ‘Please can you give me an answer?’ and nobody has so I’ve just been doing my own thing, waiting for it to expire.”

On how co-parenting with her baby daddies and mom is going:

Jenelle did not talk about co-parenting with David, but she did dish on how she is working with her mom (who has custody of Jenelle’s oldest son Jace) and Nathan Griffith, the father of her son Kaiser.

“It seems like me and my mom do good co-parenting, whether we’re bickering or not,” Jenelle said. “Me and my other son’s father, Nathan, we don’t get along too much…he lives in Florida with his girlfriend.”

She then stated— as she had in a previous YouTube Q&A session— that Nathan still wants her.

“He wants me so bad…dude.”

“When I was separated from David, sitting there alone in my apartment, Nathan would come pick up Kaiser and when he did he would always want to be over-flirty. Now that I’ve cut him off, it’s back to arguing. It sucks.”

On how her kids feel about not filming a reality show anymore:

“Jace is kind of sad because he had such a close relationship with the camera people and the audio people and now he’s like, ‘Well, where are they?’ It’s sad,” Jenelle said.

She added that some of the people she worked with on the show have reached out and told her they don’t think she should have been fired.

“A lot of people who work in production are sad about it,” she said. “They’ve reached out to me and told me their concerns and opinions about me being let go, but there’s nothing we can do about it.”

On how her haters keep ruining her life:

“I don’t get why people don’t like me.”

As stated about, Jenelle has a steady army of haters. She talked about that a little during the podcast.

“Sometimes it’s bad and sometimes it gets to you real bad,” Jenelle said. “You literally just have to put down your phone and focus on something else. It definitely [causes depression and anxiety], a lot lately.”

Jenelle said it’s been even worse since she got fired from the show.

“Everyone is wanting to know about my life 10 times harder,” she said. “And I’m just sitting here doing what I want to do and trying to lay low, but it’s not working out because everyone is trying to dig [into my life]. 

She then told everyone (while voluntarily being on a public podcast, mind you), that she wants her privacy

“I’m off the show now so you guys shouldn’t be digging so much into my life!” Jenelle said. “This is my time for privacy now. I’m not being filmed so I would like this time to have my privacy. Leave me the f**k alone!”

All together now.. “Leave me ALOOOONE!”

You can watch Jenelle’s full interview on the Dumb Blonde podcast below!

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(Photos: MTV)


  1. Well she better get job lmao. She’s going to be raising her kids and David because that sack of worthless shit isn’t going to work. She has thrown her career away that she has made with MTV for David???? U need to do a pole on pro and cons on David !!’


    I bet the first one stays empty. Jennell has went over the deep end giving up everything and all the Opportunities MTV has given to set up her and her kids for life. But she chose to bring in this parasite 🦠 that has brainwashed her into someone else Man I wish she would wake up before it’s to late but I believe it’s already to late.

  2. Modeling? LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. She’s not even remotely attractive, young or exotic looking. WTF is she thinking

  3. Hold on. She really thinks that her social media accounts are more about her children than herself? HAHAHAHAHAHA! This, coming from a girl who constantly poses for selfies/videos, vapidly playing with her hair, making kissy faces at herself in the mirror, and doing nothing but talking about herself. Who does she thinks she’s kidding? Also, modeling? Really, Jenelle? REALLY? The only modeling gig she’s capable of getting is a PSA that preaches about the perils of drug use.

  4. I wish they would have asked how much ( if any ) support she pays for Jace. Barbra needs to get an order in place and force Jenelle to work.
    I don’t care how young she was when she had Jace, the way she walked out in him to go party, the way Barb took him so he didn’t go into foster care, now she takes all that income away from him getting fired and the bitch has absolutely no remorse…she’s a really bad person.
    If Barb isn’t asking for anything then she’s cheating Jace too, Jenelle should face the same consequences as any dead beat dad.
    Write an advice book! That should be as beneficial as Farrah and Deb giving advice!

    1. Oh yes! I totally forgot that the kids get paid, too!
      That’s a very valid statement you made…
      Honestly, I forgot that the kids get some kind of trust fund, right?? Wow..

  5. From what I just read it’s like everyone has been saying,she is all about her self doesn’t care about her kids,she is a bipolar person that will not accept she has mental illness,an I give it 3 months an David will be putting a can of whoop ass on her because they are broke,dirty house, filthy animals an the kids running wild

  6. I feel bab for Kaiser the abuse he going never ending Nathan stop the drinking get a job and get custody of him grow the F up than put him in counseling I will tell you how to do it but you need to make changes first. I think she just as crazy as David can’t take responsibility for her actions and can not protect her kid’s Jenelle go get a 9 to 5 job because nobody going to hire him

  7. Also, you are not charismatic enough to carry your own reality tv show. I would imagine that you have done an excellent job at black listing yourself within the reality tv community. Maybe Marriage boot camp will want you, or that show about prisoners finding love, but that’s probably the best opportunity for which you can hope.

    Get a real job. I’m sure no one in the medical community will hire you but you could get a retail job. Maybe you could be the receptionist for your attorney. You like make up a lot—become a make up artist or apply eyelashes or something. You are not too good to hold a 9-to-5 job like the rest of us.

  8. Oh where to begin with this shit show…..

    First, I did not listen to the podcast, I am basing my opinions from the Ashley’s article.

    How is it that not once did you not mention wanting to be a good mom to your children? Being your children’s mom is the most important job you will ever have and you are completely failing. Being a mom is hard. We all know you bail when something gets hard but these innocent babies deserve to be loved and cared for. Put them first for once.

    I completely understand not wanting the world to know about or weigh in on your life. I would absolutely hate to have total strangers commenting about me or my family. That said, if you don’t want people to know about your life STOP PUTTING YOUR LIFE OUT FOR PUBLIC CONSUMPTION!!! You don’t have to do podcast interviews. You don’t have to post click bait articles on your social media accounts. You don’t have to actively seek out more opportunities in media. I’ve said this before and I will say it again, the very best thing you could do for your family and your mental health is to leave notoriety behind and choose to embrace a normal, simple life. Get a real job, join the PTA, volunteer for field trips, cook dinner every night, maybe find a church and attend services, take your kids to the library and museums, read to them at bedtime, work on a college degree or a trade, tell your kids every night that you love them. You will find more happiness in these simple tasks than you ever found from being on tv. The world doesn’t revolve around you. The sooner you accept this, you will find inner peace. Oh, and please get clean and sober. If not for yourself, do it for your kids. They deserve a real mom.

    There is so much more I could say but I’m actually trying to keep this positive and helpful, while doling out a bit of a reality check. You do not have to continue to be a bad mother and person. It is not too late to make a change and be better.

    1. absolutely wonderful advice. but sadly I don’t think her priorities will EVER be her kids first. I think she’s just fundamentally too selfish. I feel as though she treats her kids like her pets. but what’s going to happen when they’re not as cute to pose with on IG or they start thinking for themselves (ie Jace telling her NOT to marry David!) sooner or later they’re going to figure out she didn’t try her hardest to give them a good life. and staying with someone abusive will only end in those kids becoming resentful and confused that she chose HIM over them (mostly Jace and Kaiser but seeing how he’s treated his own flesh and blood marissa I wouldn’t be surprised if eventually it was the baby too).
      God forbid if one of them is gay or decides hunting is wrong, etc.
      my father was a lot like David and life was pretty miserable. I really hope those kids don’t end up getting hurt because of her dumb ass.

  9. So the weight gain was deliberate then? She wants to get into that plus size modelling racket.

    Also shut up about Leah. She’s messed up, but never ever sunk to your levels of scum-baggery, Juhnelle

  10. Junele who ????

    15 minutes are over.
    Hey. I will definitely be checking Glamour, and Cosmo can’t wait to see you on the cover🤣🤣

  11. Way to be private by posting how great the “co parenting” with David has been going. She’s picking up his prescriptions, letting the kids swim while it’s 70 degrees outside and laughing at the mess of bbq sauce as David is making them all dinner. It was very obvious both were under the influence of something and it serves to positive feeling considering everything she said in this interview. She made a big point that David needed to get a job for then to get back together and yet neither will. She even click baited a story about someone threatening her. No low is too low with this one.

  12. “ I’m basically doing what I want and making my own schedule, and picking and choosing if I want to do something or I don’t.”

    Like not raising her kids lol

    1. The funny thing is she was doing that while she was still filming too. Doing what she wanted, when she wanted, blowing off the schedule and the producers when she felt like it. And it played a big role in them firing her.

      It’s amazing how little self awareness she has, for someone so self absorbed

  13. So an entire podcast of her complaining! Complaining about how she was edited, complaining about how MTV won’t let her out of contract, complaining about paying taxes, complaining about the haters. Jenelle has brought every single one of these things (except taxes maybe) ON HERSELF. Your life choices and decisions- from how you treat your mother & children, to the scumbags you chose to procreate with and the abuser and dog murderer you stayed with caused all of this to happen to you. She’s never grateful for the opportunity for Teen Mom, remorseful for how she has behaved in the past or showed any accountability for happened with her being cut from Teen Mom. You want privacy? Go away & STFU.

  14. She is trying to lay low yet would jump at the opportunity to have her own show. Laying low despite posting YouTube and TikTok videos. Laying low but doing interviews for…what? Damage control? Drum up interest? Or, desperate for money? She clearly wont be able to sustain any advertising work which also defeats the purpose of her laying low. What about David getting a job?

    Realistically, I think her getting an “actual” job will be difficult. Aside from her reputation and being basically spoiled by MTV, she has a nearly decade long gap in employment. I can’t even remember the last time she actually had a job. I think Chelsea held onto a job longer than any of the other girls. Though it did take her longer to get one. And Cole still works. Or does he? I’m not including Briana since she joined late and isn’t making the bigger bucks yet.

  15. Good luck with the modeling, Jenelle. Even though as long as psycho dog murdering David is in the picture all you’ll probably be modeling is your bruises.

    In any case, stay well and happy in Delusion-ville, girl.


  16. Still thinking Nathan wants her, I see….LOL. I think someone was right, she is so salty because HE left her and not the other way around.

  17. Every comment she makes is beyond cringeworthy. So she’s going to get into modeling-I see she’s still hitting the pipe.

  18. And honestly I bet Nathan wasn’t flirting, he was being nice so you’d let him see his kid more. Now that you’re back with Lurch the Bumbling Giant Nathan’s an asshole again? That’s rich honey.

  19. “I’m off the show now so you guys shouldn’t be digging so much into my life!”

    You mean the life you just spent an entire podcast episode discussing EVERYTHING about your life? Bish PLEASE! All 38 of your fans may watch your dumbass YouTube channel or fawn over you on Instagram but the rest of us see you for how stupid you are and continue to be. What a slag.

  20. Ok first off let’s reserve the term “villain”.for actual villains. She’s just a dumbass that doesn’t make her a villain. Secondly,……. modeling?! What for? Redneck Weekly?

  21. “[MTV], they pay good but then, of course, there’s taxes you have to pay which is, like, thousands,”

    Really??? Does she not know this is how it works for everybody???

    1. U mean I gotta pay the thousands…yes dummy, you are making more then minimum wage!

  22. Is there such a thing as Chin Modeling?
    So I guess Ensley modeling isn’t working out, so J is trying to figure out another way to keep her nasty husband in the style he is a custom too.
    David’s gig of trying to be a singer and drummer isnt working out. Back to crafts with David..

  23. The only way she will shut her mouth would be to sew both sets of her lips shut. And she would still find a way.

  24. Let’s start a pool to see how long it takes her to claim she has the Corona Virus. ( with lime)
    5″2 170 Petite and Plus size modeling agents are beating on her door.

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
      Lmao…u just gave her an idea for a gofund me page..janelle has the virus, plz send money for my light bill because I now cant work … I’m self contained…

    2. You just gave her a idea for a GoFundMe page..I have the virus and cant work,plz send money for my light bill and some Pampers, oh and stuff to snort up my nose!

  25. If you want privacy, turn your Instagram to private and don’t go on a podcast. It’s very easy to be under the radar. Make social media private and live your life as a MOTHER in the countryside of wherever the heck you’re from Jenelle.

  26. Where would Jenelle be without MTV? J would be living with B. Multiple babies and multiple baby daddies. They would argue only to stop when the money rolls in. Child support, welfare check, food stamps, etc. Why would they not fight then. J would be gone to do drugs with the money or trade for drugs. J would be screaming for B Walmart employee discount card. B would be screaming for J to quit doing drugs or she will be living on the streets with her booooyyyfriend. In the end B will have to raise all the kids. J will eventually not come home. J would end up with the same kind of man she has now. Only difference is she is with a pimp.

  27. This girl will never learn. She’s such a moron. I didn’t like how she had the audacity to say Leah is lost…like Girl, shut up. Yes, Leah has her super dingy moments, but last I checked she didn’t marry and procreate with David Eason. Leah was “found” enough to have kids with men that make good fathers, unlike Jenelle….Talk about throwing stones in a glass house.

    I’ve been saying she was going to be “back” with David by April, and this interview proved just that. They probably never broke up.

    1. Could not agree more! Leah has had some bad times, but she seems to have gotten past them, and she loves her kids.
      Jenelle’s delusional as always, if she thinks anyone believes her drivel.

  28. The only way she could be a model is if she was the “before” shot for every weight loss or plastic surgery ad.

  29. Has been… Face it Jailnelle, it’s over. How about you go work at a hospital “saving lives” like you bragged to Barb?

  30. So you are complaining about paying taxes on a 6 figure salary? Ok congrats! You will now be paying no taxes on a 15K salary for the rest of your life 😂

    1. I laughed at that comment too. Does she not realize everyone has to pay taxes no matter how much income they make?

    2. Ten bucks says they still havent paid taxes on her salary from last year, and don’t have the money to do it.

      1. I bet you are so right. My husband is self employed so we have to pay quarterly taxes as well as federal and boy, does that add up. No way that Jenelle has $100,000+ in the bank to pay her taxes

    3. Modeling!! That’s funny. She is too fat and not that pretty unless she models for hillbilly, redneck slob magazine.

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