Newborn Daughter of ‘Little Women: LA’ Star Christy McGinity Dies After Being Born Seven Weeks Premature

Christy McGinity is mourning the loss of her newborn daughter, Violet.

The Little Women: LA star and her boyfriend Gonzo Carazo have announced that their baby girl died on Friday. Baby Violet was born on March 6, during the 33rd week of Christy’s pregnancy, according to a press release sent out by Kinetic Content.

Due to being born seven weeks premature, Baby Violet weighed in at 3 lbs., 15 oz. and measured 15 inches long at birth.

In a statement to People published on Monday, Christy and Gonzo thanked ‘Little Women: LA’ fans for their prayers.

“It is with our deepest sorrow that we send our baby girl Violet Eva Carazo to play with the angels,” the couple told the magazine in a statement. “We were able to spend two weeks with our sweet baby girl and for that we are forever thankful. Please respect our privacy during this difficult time. Your thoughts and prayers are very much appreciated.”

Both Christy and Gonzo have posted photos since Violet’s birth, including some of themselves inside the NICU with their daughter. 

Violet was Gonzo’s first child, and Christy’s third. (She has daughter Autumn and son Trenton from a previous marriage.) They announced last fall that Christy was expecting, and, over the months, Gonzo had expressed his excitement over becoming a first-time parent.

“Experiencing this entire journey has taught me a lot about life and has opened up my eyes on how magical this journey of becoming a first time parent really is. I can’t wait to meet our baby girl!” he captioned an ultrasound baby that he posted to his Instagram on March 3.

On March 13, Gonzo celebrated the baby’s first week of life by posting photos of him and Christy inside the NICU with Violet.

“Happy One Week Old Birthday to our Baby Girl Violet,” he wrote. “Thank U for making me a Dad and bringing me an entire new perspective during your first week of Life. We love you so much!”

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(Photos: Lifetime, Instagram) 

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  1. Double Dominance occurs in about 1 in 4 births with certain types of dwarfism. Christy discussed this when she and her ex were trying to get pregnant. Yet she says they never consummated their marriage?!

    1. No, double dominance isn’t about they type of dwarfism. Double dominance occurs when both parents have a dominant gene genetic disorder and the fetus picks up both copies of the defective gene. For example, I have a genetic disorder and my husband does not. That means that 50% of our offspring will pick up my defective gene and 50% will not. If we both had the disorder, there would be a 50% chance that it would pick up the gene from either one of us which would mean that they are born with the disorder. 25% would pick up both sets of normal genes and would not have the disorder. The remaining 25% would pick up the defective copies from both of us and would be double dominant. Those babies survive outside of the womb for a short period of time or not at all.

  2. To the person downvoting all these condolence messages—you are really creating some bad karma for yourself. Human beings should feel empathy for a parent who loses a child.

    Just saying…….

          1. I loved watching all the Little Women shows, and Tara talked about it. I did Google the father and they said he was a little person.

  3. This story is absolutely heartbreaking!! As a parent, I could barely finish the article, it broke my heart so bad!!! It really makes me think, why? Why would this happen to such a pure and innocent baby who had so much life ahead of her?? Just so sad. My heart breaks the most for these parents.. I could not even imagine the heart ache they are feeling. My prayers and thoughts are with them…

    1. If the baby had other health issues associated with being a LP, it could have added to her stress and made it more difficult for her.

    2. Um.. it doesn’t have to. There’s genealogist that will skim through every cell to pick the best genes to have a healthy baby. They choose not to hire one. Honest answer

  4. My heart really breaks for this family! This is a very difficult story to read!! Stories like this really make you wonder… why this sweet little baby?! This baby who did nothing wrong in the world, was as pure and innocent as can be and it ended for her before it even started. That’s just the most heartbreaking story!! It just reminds us all to kiss our children!! They’re definitely in my prayers. . .!

  5. This breaks my heart. It seemed at first she was going to be okay. I wonder what happened, but they don’t have an obligation to tell us anything. With my last pregnancy, I went into labor at 32 weeks and she was stillborn at 35 weeks. It’s a wound that never truly heals.

  6. I’m sure there were other medical issues but this is the loss of a precious innocent baby! Weight really has nothing to do with it. My daughter was born 6 weeks early. I went into labor and stayed in the hospital from 5 months pregnant until delivery. At 6 weeks premature my daughter weighed 8 1/2lbs! She almost died and was in the NICU. Premature deliveries often mean the lungs aren’t fully developed. You have to have lungs to breathe. RIP sweet Violet!

  7. A 33 weeker at almost 4 pounds is pretty low risk and a good size. She seems to be on no monitors and doing well so it must’ve been something that happened quickly, how awful. My thoughts are with them during this terrible time for them. Was the baby an LP too? That can cause issues itself.

    1. She looks like she is on a ventilator as well as heart monitors. It’s hard to see because she’s such a tiny thing. Poor baby. Poor parents. Losing a child has to be the most heartbreaking thing there is. I almost lost mine and I’m still dealing with it years later. Pretty traumatic experience for sure.

    2. She’s on a ventilator in the picture. Her face is turned away but you can see the tube and tape on her face for holding it. 7 weeks premature means underdeveloped lungs and a whole lot of other prematurity risks.

  8. I can’t stand these two, but nobody should ever suffer the loss of a child. This is truly sad. Something else had to be wrong, because given the circumstances, a healthy baby should have survived. My prayers are with them.

    1. Nobody deserves to suffer the loss of a child, but people with disabilities or health issues should think twice before procreating #sorrynotsorry

      1. You have no idea what is lurking in your DNA. You may think you are normal, but it doesn’t mean it’s true.

          1. Sure, Jan. Maybe the entire disability community should ask for your permission to procreate, Adolph.

          2. Karma is coming for you. Pray to whatever you believe in that you don’t have some hidden mutation somewhere in YOUR DNA. I had a cousin lose a baby after giving birth two months early. Perfectly healthy woman in her late twenties…but she should have seen that coming and kept her legs closed right? God doesn’t like ugly, sweetheart. You’ll get yours for your mouth one day. Or maybe you’re so bitter because life already bit you in the ass. You couldn’t even take one sentence to show empathy for a dead child before running your mouth. You’re less than human and disgusting.

  9. This is so sad. I wonder what happened? Usually with that weight and gestational age the baby would be fine.

    1. 4 lb premies still die without any complications beyond an early birth and underdeveloped lungs. Medical science has advanced but not that much. Our current pandemic should open people’s eyes to that. It’s scary to think that people think a 4 lb baby has almost the same shot at life as a 6-8 lb full-term baby. They don’t and a lot depends simply on which hospital and doctor you have as well as insurance coverage. It’s scary but people NEED to see the reality. Nothing changes if we don’t think and ask questions. We have one of the WORST health care systems in the USA for a modern, developed country. Canada, most of Europe…they can run circles around our health care system. Wake up, people. Your life could depend on it.

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